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  1. General True Crime Shows

    Re: Breaking Homicide These two guys did a 2 or 3 parter OJ show last year (when the OJ thing was real big again) called Hard Evidence: Is OJ Innocent. They were going to re-examine the OJ evidence & they worked w/an OJ supporter (and it was produce by OJ supporter Marin Sheen). I didn’t like them on that, especially Derek so I didn’t even bother with this. Also the promo ran too many times until I just got sick of it. (Singing ‘I will leave the light on...’)
  2. S31.E34: The Lost Boy (Etan Patz)

    IIRC, they said that he had confessed years ago to his now ex-wife and someone else that I can’t remember—friend maybe?
  3. Former DCC & current Dolphins Cheerleader Director Dorie Grogan named in that article.
  4. S01.E06: A View From the Top

    Beth has a 6-month plan! (That will totally work and not have a zillion things go wrong.)
  5. S36.E07: Gotta Risk It for the Biscuit

    So glad that Bradley was the boot. He’s seemed like a bossy know-it-all for a few weeks now. But I couldn’t believe that he actually clapped at Donathan when Don didn’t do what he said right away (after the reward challenge). That made me 🤬!
  6. S09.E12: Tell All- Part 2

    Until she admits that she was actively looking for another man and wanted out, they cannot even begin to heal. Maybe she has in private, but on the show she gives out the vibe that she was catfished by this awful person while doing nothing wrong. And that’s not the case. That’s the problem Mariah had with her and I suspect w/Cody too (but also the ego thing too).
  7. I guess they’re free to not watch. Some should have—I thought it was handled well and pretty even. But people need to grow up and figure out how to live in a world where people have different opinions. It’s fine to disagree but people should know how to do it in a mature way w/o devolving into the rabid meanness I’ve seen in the world in the last decade or so. I think this is such an important life lesson—I drill it into my kids’ heads frequently. (“She likes skittles. Only dummies like skittles.” “She can like a different candy than you. That doesn’t make her dumb. If everyone liked the same candy, there would only be one candy & the world would be boring. You can just say that you don’t like them.”) *I think Skittles are awful garbage candy. But I support anyone’s right to like them.
  8. YES! On FB, I’ve been called names, defriended and blocked, and reported to my employer—all by aunts or uncles and all for having a different political opinion (and I only ever posted on my own FB wall). It still kind of shocks me and was/is hurtful. I thought the political stuff was pretty even, although it did make me wonder how Dan voted. I loved the rest of the show and was surprised how seamless it all was. I can’t wait to see the rest BTW more than a few posters has mentioned that Sara has been actively "acting" what has she appeared in? I have only seen her on The Talk. Thanks Oops forgot about Leslie Winkle on the BBT. She’s also on CBS’ Living Biblically, as Cheryl, the annoying office mate.
  9. General True Crime Shows

    I wasn’t going to watch the 4 parter on EARS/ONS/GSK (man, he’s got a lot of nicknames) for this very reason. But I did after tricking myself into thinking he won’t come east and he’s got to be old (if still alive). I would love for them to solve it after all this time. All of his victims need justice. That’s also why I dislike the show Diappeared. No resolutions and no justice.
  10. General True Crime Shows

    Co-defendant Carlos Ortiz said (after Aaron’s trial but before his own) that Aaron and Odin were the only two that got out of the car at the industrial park and only Aaron came back. Prior to Odins murder, Aaron also shot another ‘friend’ in the eye at an industrial park in FL. But Alex Bradley refused to press charges or cooperate with the police, although I think he tried later to sue Aaron. I thought the 2 episode show was really good. Much better than James Patterson’s book on the case, which I didn’t like at all. I still don’t like Baez, although I did agree with him about the gay thing and the talk show hosts and reporter. And I didn’t like the inference that just because he may have had CTE, he could just go around killing people. And he was allegedly trouble w/the law in Florida during his college years so I don’t know why the NFL would get all the CTE blame anyways. I guess the NFL just has the deeper pockets. I do wonder what the fiancé is doing now. Just living on the rest of his money? Still fighting w/the Patriots for all his back money? Still living in that house? Oh I also really liked the college girlfriend who said she wasn’t going to sit around being an NFL wife. Unlike Shayanna, who may have loved him, but let him running around doing whatever he wanted with whatever woman.
  11. S01.E04: Atom Bomb

    That’s what I think too. If she was identifying as a boy, I think the parents, especially the mom, would refer to her as a he and they don’t.
  12. S01.E03: Borderline

    According to Tune Find, it's Written In The Water by Gin Wigmore.
  13. General True Crime Shows

    They shot a few scenes at my sisters house 2 summers ago (for the Charles Starkwarther case) and the production team was very careful about every detail. Their script binder was huge, with pages and pages about the cars, dress, etc of the era. Also, everyone was really nice and let me ask a ton of questions.
  14. Figure Skating

    I think NBC did. I taped the 2am replay and they cut to a very wide shot (like camera at the top of the stadium) right before the lift. I saw no nip!
  15. Figure Skating

    That pic looks like a mugshot! Thanks for the scores. Interesting to see them all broken down like that.