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  1. LOL—“Hi Kelly! Hi Judy!” That’s how I always remember her. This post has got me wondering what she’s up to now. Did she go to nursing or medical school? I can’t even remember her last name.
  2. Wow! In number 4, she really looks like Meghan Markle/Mrs Prince Harry. But I like #3 the best.
  3. General True Crime Shows

    I believed the daughter about the molestation, but I really wanted to know if Rusty was ever in trouble or arrested for any similar crimes. I could barely focus on the rest of the episode, because I was just wondering if Rusty was still out there up to no good. snipped by me I've never thought her injury was that bad. She was rushed to surgery, but only because they thought it was more serious than it was because of all the blood. The doctor only kept her in the hospital that night because he thought she might not be able to rest at home, not because of medical necessity. And in the Silly String video, which was only 8 or 9 days after the murders, her cut is not even covered and pretty healed up. Firmly on the she did it/no intruder train, although I do think that having a death penalty trial a mere 8 months after the murders was nuts. I thought it was going to be more about the punishment phase/death penalty and not a slanted Darlie is innocent piece. Being on death row for 21 years in Texas is a long freaking time.
  4. S03.E09. Only Human 2018.06.20.

    They said they had just finished their night shift. I will miss this show, flaws and all.
  5. Season 7 All Episodes Talk

    Wow—it’s Josie and Kelton! I really thought it would be Carlin and Evan since they’ve been together longer. I wonder if she’ll quit her salon job after the wedding. And if they’ll limit their kids (or at least be more careful) after what happened w/his mother.
  6. Season 7 All Episodes Talk

    I wish whichever brother had Katie’s name had given her a certificate for a pizza lunch w/just him. That would’ve been better than the 1 slice of her own pizza she got. And, yes—Josie’s face. During the couples dinner, everyone was laughing & having a good time. She had a weird smirk on her face and looked like she wasn’t enjoying herself at all. I wonder if she’s just waiting to cut & run like Alyssa, although she won’t get as far as FL. A—They probably didn’t pay for any of that. Probably comped by the restaurant or production. I don’t like seafood either, so I’m with them. B—Up was throwing shade by having ‘remember to wear helmets’ on the screen. Yes, she said it was better because she could get done faster and help her mom. They showed the littles at their desks, working on their workbook pages for the day. Carlin was supervising them all, helping Jed and Kelly would take different ones out that needed 1 on 1 help. And I’m going to assume that it’s Carlin that’s engaged w/o having to watch the promo tomorrow. Not shocking or unexpected at all. I’ll guess married by September, pregnant by Christmas. I agree. But at least Carson is somewhat derivative of Charles. Cade isn’t remotely the same.
  7. That pic of Holly in her bathing suit on the float is so much better than much of what I’ve seen previewed from the Bimini trip.
  8. I agree but we also aren’t shown every question of every interview.
  9. Any ideas on who created that intricate YNM system? 😝
  10. But probably officially ‘clocked out’ (or however they do their hours) when Kelli says ‘dismissed.’ Wonder if they can clock their early time? Like Kelli always says, in DCC world on time means early. Say practice is officially at 6:30, but you need to get there at 6 or earlier.
  11. Don’t forget Belk fashion shows! Oh, I hope it’s going to be delicious! ☕️ *Sorry for the empty quote boxes. I decided I shouldn’t (or couldn’t) talk about the lawsuit but couldn’t delete them.
  12. IMO I don’t think she’s fat at all. But her tummy doesn’t look toned. Her arms are so maybe it’s the pic. Or Go4Luca could be right about her body type. I want to be nice, but I don’t think she has a DCC face. Has anyone seen her IRL? Maybe she photographs badly? I’m very interested in how her cameo would come out Hayley’s jumpsuit hems are dragging the floor. I guess that’s the new style? All I picture is how dirty the hems must be.
  13. I find it strange that they took her. I mean why pay for her to go if they aren’t getting anything in return? The whole sitch is just odd.
  14. General True Crime Shows

    I agree w/every one except the last. I’m not sure what the police were supposed to do. Hating or yelling at your neighbor is not a crime. I wonder if they ever investigated the BB gun thing though. Like the ID show Home Alone when sometimes people weren’t actually home alone. 😛 We’re not open to the public but we’ve had a drill or two. The worst is we are supposed to stop and intercom ‘active shooter!!’ Our intercom system is the worst—dial 4 numbers then pause wait for dial tone then dial 4 more numbers very slowly lest you get a busy signal and have to start again. (Every time I page, it takes at least 3 tries.) So my plan is to scream it out (if I can safely) then quickly exit.