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  1. Loved it until the last episode. Sam was so close when he asked if Christa was faking her broken leg. YES! They showed two different pics with her cast on different legs. This was driving me nuts. I noticed in an earlier episode and kept waiting for this reveal. (The girl who played Christa was one of the only people I recognized in this.) So it summed it all up but kind of disappointingly. I guess she was just mad at the school admin and enlisted her boyfriend to help.
  2. I’m liking these holiday themed shows ID is doing. I can’t wait for some Arbor Day murder! Why is Candace DeLong wearing a god-awful wig? It looks so fake. I hope she’s not sick or something but it looks bad In An Instant—I’m glad the girl survived and she’s trying to educate teens on domestic violence. She said she didn’t know what to do, was afraid he’d kill her mom and she didn’t want to ruin his future. I always tell my kids about the red flags and trusting your gut. Happy New Year fellow murder buffs! I’m right were I want to be: in my pjs, kids in bed, watching ID and working a jiggy puzz! Overall, life is good.
  3. If his friend hasn’t told them about the secret tracphone, the police might not have ever known. Seth didn’t tell them until they said they knew. Also I felt bad for the neighbor who knew he had problems and was open about them. Seth continued to torment him by blaming him for murder. I know the police had to look at him but Seth created that whole situation. And I don’t understand why the police aren’t printing eveythinging sight. There was an episode a few weeks ago (Keith Bryan murder) where they found the weapon and shell casings in the clothes dryer yet they didn’t print them. I understand they didn’t originally because the eyewitness/murderer said the ‘perp’ didn’t go into the laundry room but when they found the items in there they should have. It’s only helping defense attorneys have some reasonable doubt when they can argue police incompetence.
  4. Any guess about who sang the song at the end when Marissa is using TAC? I know the song is called Hard Card Christmas written by Dolly Parton but it definitely wasn't her singing.
  5. 'Caught on a Walmart security camera' is definitely a square on a crime story bingo card!
  6. Retail music: I worked in a now-defunct pharmacy (was like a CVS or Walgreens) and we had about 6 general mix cassette tapes to rotate. We'd usually make it about 2 weeks before we asked for it to be switched. But come early November came our one Xmas mix. After three weeks, we would beg our manager to change it. He give us the 'corporate says we have to run the Xmas tape' speech. One year, he did relent for an hour. We were so happy even though it was one of the other mixes we'd heard a gazillion times. Bunch of 'character' customers but here's two: the bag lady--always requested each item to be in a separate bag so they wouldn't get heavy. But then she'd gather them all around one wrist and tote them out. The roach lady--always bought a lot of stuff including a can of bug spray. A few days later, she'd return it saying the sprayer didn't work (aka she used it all and it was empty) Boss would always refund her $4. After seeing this a bunch of times, I asked him why he didn't tell her no. He said she always bought a lot of stuff and it wasn't worth losing the customer.
  7. Curious about why Lauren and Lexie have their last initial there.
  8. He will lie in state while mourners file pass and touch his coffin, then the star. Bonus points if you do both at the same time. Also little buckets of dirt will be available at the cemetery so one know.
  9. I thought he was the ring rappeler (joes friend from Alert) but I'm not watching again to double check.
  10. I'm just counting the minutes until the other Lawrence brother shows up! Matthew, where are you?
  11. This lady cheered 28 years ago and still looks amazing! You go girl!
  12. I do this as well. I'm just too impatient. Plus the shows usually leave something out so I like to have a fuller picture. But if I'm ever accused of something, my search histories (phone, laptop, & iPad) are a big murder-y mess!
  13. I read that in Kelli's voice, describing her invention of the world's most difficult scoring system. 😜 I did LOL about the giant sticker/window cling of her face still being displayed.
  14. I too was so annoyed by them not actually being alone. Next week's episode is about a family of women who get taken hostage. Again--they are not alone. Producers of this show should've found a different name. This now seems to be about murder taking place in a home (which is probably at least 75% of all murders.) @Lizzing...thanks for digging up the real names.
  15. The empty buckets were back! Twice! Sorry for Taryn. She seems like a nice girl. I bet the bottom between Christina, Savannah & Taryn was only shaved thin ice. Boo--no Erica story. She just went poof!