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  1. I don't know but next week we should probably all be prepared to see 'Where Are They Now Recently Cut TCC edition' and then a 3 minute piece on F minus minus Victoria comes on.
  2. Ideal Dental?? Those aren’t her teeth. She said in her clip she loved America! 😅
  3. She did look like she had a big bite in her cheek. I thought Colleen was going to tell her not to talk with her mouth full.
  4. I loved For The Very First Time, even though it was disappointing that they didn't end up together. There's a scene where the Catholic family goes hunting and the Jewish mom sees them w/their dead deer. In a later scene, she says something about the deer killers are here. My sister and I still occasionally say that and laugh. (I know you posted this over 3 years ago, but I just read this thread.) And I agree--we should have a retro MOTW channel.
  5. S20.E3: Zero Tolerance

    I’m feeling a ‘ripped from the headlines’ Dr Al spiked her drink w/an abortion drug. He seems very creeptastic. The child is still being ripped away from their parent and then put in a cage. I don’t think it matters if a male or female guard was there. It will still be stressful and traumatizing.
  6. Homer set the makeup gun to ‘whore’ again! http://simpsons.wikia.com/wiki/Makeup_Gun
  7. It’s not like Kelli didn’t have options. Tell Lauren not to come back for auditions if she didn’t fulfill the bikini shoot, tell Lauren fine but you can’t go on the trip or let her go like she ended up doing. Kelli decided to let her go. As director, she made a decision that she thought was best. I admire her for listening to Lauren’s reason (whatever it was) and letting her go anyway.
  8. S01.E02: Rituals

    To be fair, she did ask Dr. HCIH (How can I Help) for more nurses. Didn’t he say the wife wasn’t supposed to be dancing? That she had to give it up or something before? But we saw her dancing in the 1st episode. Did she cause this? HCIH count? I think 3 or 4. I was going to count while watching but forgot.
  9. All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    I have a pair of jeans like that and they only look right with heels. I got them somewhere on clearence for $5 and thought maybe I could roll them to Capri length but I couldn’t. I love the fit though but yeah, they are an odd length.
  10. That was before the office meeting. During that, she tells VK she’s concerned w/her communication and honesty. So I’m guessing she found the dishonest one—although they didn’t show it. Yes, edited out. Dammit! I wanted to see it all. ☕️
  11. Also Kelli told VK in the office that she was concerned about her communication and honesty. Definitely more happened than what we were shown. Kelli asked VK if she was utilizing all the resources they had and VK said yes. So that was one. If the doctor appt that never happened was true (as rumored on this board and I believe that), then that was another lie.
  12. So edited! When Kelli was in the field tower thing, she mentioned “not accusing anybody of dishonesty but there’s something that’s not adding up”. In the office, Kelli says she’s concerned about VK’s “communication and honesty”. So obviously VK was the liar. They just didn’t show what the lie was. Her immaturity shows and I’m glad Kelli seems to be getting it. I liked her office meeting because she started out very flip then seemed to get that Kelli was giving her a come to Jesus moment. I guess we’ll see if she can turn it around. No, it was 72 days since the vets had gone to the swimsuit shoot.
  13. Me too. I know a few people like that. Also that pic is awful! The back is ok but the front is an asymmetrical mess. One girl looks like she’s falling and 3 other have their heads cocked weird. Kelly looks like a cat on the prowl. Not at all like Judy Trammel’s lovely bouquet of cheerleaders arrangements.
  14. If Victoria were on the team! (I’m sorry I can’t photoshop. It would’ve been funnier.)
  15. They all look stunning. I really like Sydney’s dress. I thought it was black but the bottom is navy blue. Who is the first girl on the left?