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  1. S07.E17 I Still Do?

    I could not stand the interviewer. I thought she was terrible. Fingernails on the chalkboard annoying. Dave/Amber, no big shock, it was a bit of a shock that SHE left without talking to him about it. Did she take lessons from Mia? She likes to leave too. Tristan is a douche. Bobby still gives me the creeps and I still don't like Danielle. This season was the worst couples ever. Why do I torture myself with this nonsense? And yes, I'm DVRing the new show. Ugh.
  2. Lauren was a cardiac floor nurse, but idk if she still is. She took time off last year for training camp. And you would be SHOCKED at how sick patients...and their families....treat nurses even to this day. (See: Hershey PA nurse was a victim of attempted rape this week). I get her thoughts from that perspective (and my employer would NOT take kindly to us posing in swimsuits for international calendars! Some hospitals still have no tattoos and "unnatural" hair policies. Give me a break!!) Aside from a ton of verbal and physical abuse, at least once a week I have my ass or boobs grabbed. I work ICU, so it's usually the family members. The comments directed at female nurses are pretty horrifying too. So if that is her logic (and I don't honestly know one way or the other) I get it. She's easily half my age and in way better shape (I want her abs! Those are my problem areas!! My boobs are very similar to Kelli's unfortunately lol) so I can't even imagine how nasty the comments would be directed towards her.
  3. Jeez Molly is gorgeous! I mean she is truly stunning and she made me laugh too, she seems like a big goofball. The Cowboys Fit, was that an infomercial? I kept waiting for someone to say "for this low introductory offer of $29.99 this can be yours!" I saw the prices someone was kind enough to post on here. No thank you, I'll stick with my $20 everything included pass for Planet Fitness, it gets both my son and I in anytime we want. I enjoyed the calendar shoot, I think Kelli looks so much better with her hair curly and natural and minimal makeup. Savannah was holding in a turd or something, her face looked uncomfortable. Christina, good Lord she looks like she's pushing 50. Not a good look and scrawny/scary skinny. The photographers were just plain creepy. Loved Abigail!!!! I really enjoyed her segment and I loved Tasha's veteran behind the scenes, showing us a peek of her life. I hope we see more of these! (And I'm really excited for Nicole Hamilton next week, she is the best!!) I could not tell you one single opinion on TCCs, Not one of them caught my eye or is unique enough that I remember who they are. Except Jalyn, and that's because of her hair. I love it, it's unique, which means they will change it to the same boring, blended, blah that all the other DCC have.
  4. Several seasons ago, they announced "five more names left". Yet in the crowd, not yet called, was at least 5 vets who all made the team. I remember seeing Melissa Kellerman for sure. That's when I realized this was all bull and done for CMT and drama with regards to announcing the TCCs. Regarding KaShara, every single straight guy I know (who do not watch the show, nor do they care about the DCC at all) think she looks the best and the hottest in uniform. They say the rest of the team looks scrawny, anorexic, and not even a little bit sexy. They look like preteen, undeveloped little girls, is what I have heard MANY times. I totally agree, the DCC needs to stop pushing the anorexic, unhealthy look. Even many modeling agencies are turning away from that look
  5. I absolutely agree! I thought Kashara made the entire group energetic and fun to watch. Jenna has always been "meh" to me, showoffish and I've never enjoyed watching her. Erica is too much of a soft dancer. Love Janelle, but Kashara and her group were by far my favorite. I think Kash is dynamic, entertaining, a fantastic dancer, great showmanship, and really stands out from the rest. Gina may be a good dancer... butter face. I think the discussion about Heather was she was second leader last year but doesn't have a leadership role this year. My understanding is that is by her own request as she has a lot going on.
  6. I've heard the same things from a LOT of different and unrelated/unconnected people about Christina. Waitress friend in DFW area said she occasionally gets some DCC in and they are always so nice and friendly, Christina was a hard-core nasty bitch in the 3 times she waited on her. Cousin's kids went to a DCC camp (I'm fairly certain that's what they were) and said Christina was bored, disinterested, and basically ignored the kids where as KaShara, Lauren, Jinelle, and Amy were kind, funny, encouraging, and made an effort to get to know the kids. The impression Christina gives off is "entitled", which is funny as that is exactly the vibe I got from her last season.
  7. Keyra: I was surprised she made the team last season. She looked thick in the uniform, the boots "swallowed her", she showed attitude at every turn, and in every picture of her (and in a lot of scenes) she looked pissed off/bored dancing. She wasn't smiling and looking like she was having fun. Yeah she was a "firecracker" WHEN she chose to be, however, that was rare. Add in being late or "cutting it close" KNOWING that is unacceptable behavior, her cut was deserving. As far as "better than most of the team"...if the team consisted of just Christina, Savannah, and Brennan...maybe. Otherwise, not even close to being even as good as most of the team.
  8. Thank you for this! I think she's a beautiful dancer, but she isn't powerful, she's soft. And she has had SO much plastic surgery she doesn't even look like the same person. She kind of just "floats" when she dances, imho. I find her forgettable and she doesn't draw my attention at all. I just have completely missed the "Lacy love" and obsession I see on here, I've even gone back and watched old seasons with a neutral eye. My eyes just never go to her.
  9. Very true, however for MOST women, it's certainly an option. The majority of women have no issues with birth control in general. And don't forget, these women are heavy exercisers. That, in and of itself, can significantly decrease periods or eliminate them all together. Yes, Kelli said she was late for two things. One was the opening of the Star, she just barely made it. The other was an appearance at a children's hospital. We know that's the death knell for anyone. I was a Keyra fan, but when she said (rather snottily, I thought) "I want to know what I did to get cut!" she lost me.
  10. Here is the scoop on menstrual weight gain: we do not HAVE to have our periods every month. I suspect most of these women are on depo shots, which can completely eliminate them or decrease them to every three months. Personally, I have a lot of issues, my OB/GYN and I have adjusted my birth control pill regimen so that I only have a period once every 3 months, and they last about 4 days. So if I have something coming up say, August 20, and I know that's when I am scheduled to have my next period, I just adjust my pills so I have it the 13th instead (with full encouragement of my OB/GYN). Also, with my new regimen, I have minimal water retention and weight gain, as opposed to fluctuating up to 10 lbs. I would imagine this is one of the topics covered in first meeting, if these women aren't savvy enough already to know this. So they can have a period during an away game week, or not during the season at all. (my BFF adjusted her pills so she has 2 periods a year). Most younger women are very well aware of this.
  11. Jenn K? Shut up. Is that supposed to be "motivating"? It wasn't . It was first class, grade A bitch. I never could stand her, and she keeps showing up on my screen. Selina was extremely gracious and poised even while being devastated. I have a feeling she may have expected it. She was called in twice (at least, that was what we saw anyhow) last year. Jessika...painful. IDK why she is on the team. she has never stood out, she's a blender, and she's not that great. Brenda,..she doesn't look well. Maybe it was the makeup, or lighting. But she didn't look healthy during interviews. Dayton..beautiful girl, but doesn't seem to have the necessary power when compared to a vet. I'm team Victoria, I love her bubbly exuberance! (and I love Tina, I've always looked forward to her on the show. We have a similar personality) I hope they show the calendar shoot, I missed the last 2 minutes of the show, my DVR cut out.
  12. S7.E7: I Want an Equal Partner

    I hate watch this show. I dislike all of the couples. Well, no, I take that back. I do really like one of the couples, but the "experts" had nothing to do with this one. I am, of course, talking about Henry and Nellie. What the heck do you have to do to designate yourself as an "expert" in pairing strangers? Given their success rate, I think they are more beginners. I do actually wonder, how much input the experts have. I suspect that TPTB narrow it down to maybe 10 people and then the experts pop in and match them. And I am certain TPTB pick the people with the most drama. I can picture the experts "oh, this one eats pizza with mushrooms! What a perfect match to this one, who likes mushrooms too!" Why do I do this to myself, I spend the time yelling at the TV how awful everyone is. I guess if I had to pick, Amber is my least disliked, but it's a very narrow margin. Bobby and Danielle...there is something weird brewing beneath the surface. I have a feeling that right now, we are only seeing "camera face". Mia, get off my TV. Tristan is a wuss. I am willing to bet Mia is doing everything in her power to get knocked up to keep Tristan however she can. Dave is an aging frat boy. Amber, I appreciate that she goes no makeup, but she is too insecure and desperate. The hair...omg isn't their an "expert" that can adjust their looks before the show starts? Please also do something about those expensive and gross eyebrows of Danielle. They look...not good.
  13. Is it me or is this the most unlikable group MAFS ever had? We have: Dave. I question his motives for being on the show. He seems to be jealous of Ambers PAST. Nothing she can do to change that, and he seems to always want things his way. Amber. OK, i don't actively dislike her, I admire her not wearing makeup and swimming. But she is baby obsessed. And that hair. Good Lord MAFS producers, don't you at least offer a makeover before the show starts? Bobby. There is something inherently creepy about him and i can't put my finger on it. Like he has women tied up in his basement or something. And everything about him seems to be fake. Danielle. Stepford wife. She seems to be totally fake too. I fully expect either her or Bobby will crack eventually and it will be the ugliest fight in MAFS history. Tristan. He's getting walked all over. I call him "Doormat" He should have ran and ran fast when he found out Mia was arrested Mia. I think there will be yet more coming out. I fully expect her to be doing whatever she can to get knocked up so Tristan won't leave her. These "experts" suck.
  14. I seriously wonder if it's something personal or health related. She looks amazing, it's not weight (at least by these pics). She worked too hard to get on the team (and has NFL cheer experience) so I HIGHLY doubt she would be breaking rules and risking her place....ESPECIALLY as her rookie year she watched 2 vets get removed from the team and another vet faced with punitive actions. She struck me as being sweet, humbled, and well liked by her teammates. Now I don't know her, I'm only going by her edit and speculation based on her history. I just feel there is something more to the story. That's an episode I don't want to miss.
  15. Melissa Kellerman comes to mind. When I rewatch her rookie season, she looks pretty but very young. By her final season, she is a stunning woman.