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  1. Please no. Just no. No. No no no. I am not a Maddie fan in any way, shape, or form. And I HATE when they focus on one or two women throughout the season, and we don't get to "know" the rest (see: Morgan, Breelan, Kat et all. BARF, I fast forwarded through all their scenes, I rooted for them to get cut.)
  2. In regards to the @ShellyB commenting on here, I personally appreciate her "behind the scenes" sort of peek. If you go back and read everything she has said, she has ONLY commented on her personal opinion of the DCC and she has restated well-known and highly public facts. She has not bashed Erica, nor has she given ANY perspective of what it's like at DCC headquarters since the lawsuit was announced. And I'm sure that while this is all still breaking news to us, the DCC had a bit more head's up when her attorney contacted DCC corporate attorneys. As far as what Shelly says publicly, yes, there is a discoverability factor. I have been a nurse expert witness many times, and anything I wrote regarding the case had to be showed to my attorney and was discoverable. (I on RARE occasion would make a note to myself in the margins to look up the literature on a procedure, for example). However, the attorneys told me well in advance what I could or could not do. I am quite certain that everyone on the DCC payroll knows exactly what can and what cannot be said. So far (and I know I'll be corrected if I'm wrong) the only things I've seen by anyone connected with the DCC has been THEIR OWN perspective of what it's like to be a DCC.
  3. Will he have to testify in costume as Rowdy? I mean, she specifically mentioned Rowdy, not the dude's real name. ;)
  4. I've been mulling over the whole Erica thing and I'm sticking with my usual mantra: There is always 3 sides to every story, her side, their side, and the truth. What I have often wondered is what (if anything) CMT pays these women. If they do NOT pay them, that raises HUGE flags to me. They ARE the show. Yeah, we can say Erica got lovely perks that the rest of us don't (well, if I get a gross body fluid on my scrubs, I can borrow a pair, usuing my name badge so they know who took one, and I have to return it. Top that one, DCC!) But none of these perks translate to cash, the ability to pay bills, and the ability to live. In fact, I could argue that these perks are necessary parts of the job requirement, so they should be paid for by DCC (looking good in and out of uniform at all times). As far as "they pay for travel!", again, one could say that traveling on behalf of the DCC is part of their job and should be paid for by the company. They are going on SG tours (on behalf of the DCC) and calendar shoots (on behalf of, and at great profit, to the DCC). We can argue "but they have wealthy families!" , Maybe, but certainly not in all cases (I remember Carisa Rose of the stunningly gorgeous eyes, crying that she couldn't do SG because she had to work, as her parents couldn't support her). Is that any excuse though, to NOT pay because of potentially wealthy parents? These women have been training their entire lives in the dance world, can you imagine the costs the parents already paid? Minimum wage I could see being paid during practices. But gamedays, appearances, and whatever else they do should be paid at a significantly higher rate. I do know that mascots make a fairly decent living, why are the cheerleaders NOT? Bottom line, the NFL is a multi-billion dollar profitable industry. ANYONE who represents them should be able to make a liveable wage. I honestly have no feelings one way or the other about Erica, or her lawsuit. I thought she was a good dancers that I enjoyed, WHEN I remembered her. Like I said in my opening statement, it's really not my place to judge. I haven't seen their contracts, I haven't heard the "brand's" side of the story. We haven't heard from anyone other than Erica and those that have a stake in the DCC in some way. I think, with these cheerleader lawsuits coming more and more, we are just seeing the tip of the iceberg. I am eternally grateful that MY team (the Packers!) do not have cheerleaders and can go about business as usual. I actually can't stand the Cowboys, but I am a sucker for any reality show. I like to watch and "critique" and I have been watching DCC since Season 1.
  5. This seriously cracked me up! She is so stressed right now, the Botox is allowing a wrinkle to appear.
  6. If I have to listen to one more season of Brennan whining "I'm working SO hard"....ugh. Vomit bag please. I mentally inserted Kitty every time saying "yeah, and you think the others aren't? What makes you so special?" Definitely will be fast forwarding through that Brennan nonsense. At least (hopefully) this year, we won't have to listen to Christina whine also. I sure hope they don't just focus on one woman all through TC and we get to know all the rookies (and see more of the vets too). The years they focused on Morgan, Breelan, Kat...yuck. And good Lord Christina! Find a seamstress before you show up in pants way too long! As I am on Team SuperShort Girl, I am very familiar with that need lol. I'm actually very interested to see Victoria and Dayton. I don't understand the vitriol directed to Victoria from many on here.
  7. I agree, I would also add Yuko. The rest all look constipated or overly posed. I absolutely think Savannah's pics would win "worst pics on the trip". There isn't a single one I like. Her face looks like she's taking a dump, or the pose looks awkward, or both.
  8. She looks like she's constipated or in a lot of pain. That facial expression is horrible. I just don't see the "pretty" in her that they were telling us about all last season. This picture really does her no favors.
  9. I absolutely agree! I've always found Yuko to be eye-catching and adorable, but this photo shoot makes her look gorgeous. And I did not realize how stunning Alexis is.
  10. I hope this season introduces us to all the rookie candidates early on. I feel like several of the past seasons (not so much season 12) was "the Morgan Show", "The Breelan Show", "The Kat Show", "The Vivian Show" and I found myself fast -forwarding through 70% of each episode. I really like seeing the veterans more, seeing them practicing for finals and meeting with K&J, seeing them working with the rookie candidates. And I greatly enjoyed seeing the former DCC's come back and opine on the rookie candidates. I really, really like the etiquette classes too, it's nice to see the women outside the studio (and I've learned a lot too). There were previous seasons (I believe Season 9 was one) where they show a camping/hog hunting trip with the new squad, I enjoyed that, and there was another episode (I don't remember which season) where the veterans went bowling. I LOVE showgroup auditions, I liked the calendar shoots. I sure hope they also show the group leaders being named again, so many of the seasons didn't show that and I honestly had no clue who they were. I HATE the staged meetings "Is it going to be a cut night?" (while the rookie candidates are stretching, then a look of fake horror on the others), "did anyone else feel like they taught the choreography too fast", that sort of thing. And I know this is a hugely unpopular opinion, but I always enjoyed the Power Squad evaluations and the women who work with Jay when they are deemed "too large". I like Jay.
  11. My dad was a photographer and the biggest pet peeve of his was the overly posed photos. That's what I see in these DCC shots: overly posed. They are in a beautiful location, why aren't they using that as a background instead of a bathroom? (tacky!!) Why are they using weird angles which make the women look larger than they are? I would love to see some candid shots. The pics I've seen look, to me, like a high school student in a basic photography class took them. Look at other professional calendars, they are eye catching. And the pic with some of the women (Kashara, Savannah, Rachel, Tasha, and someone else) all together is really, really bad. It's SO posed, the poses are stiff and awkward, the angle of the pic is all wrong.
  12. A-FREAKING-MEN!! If that is "fat" man, I can see how anorexia runs rampant. I think there is a lot of jealousy here, in all honesty. Victoria is gorgeous and a great dancer, her body is very sexy.
  13. I want to address your second point. We have no idea why Victoria and Dayton made it, and I don't think it's fair to either one of them to say they didn't make it on merit. Dayton didn't make it last year, if you recall. From what I've seen posted, BOTH are talented dancers and beautiful young women. No one here (that I know of) is a judge, so we can't say the other judges objected. I don't buy any of that. If you recall, there was a big discussion on Cassie...without Judy in the room...as several of the judges had concerns about her. I suspect Kelli knows a LOT of the dancers that come through, from her daughter being in the dance world. I also disagree respectfully with race discrimination. Keyra AND Selina both had weight issues. It was brought up several times in Selina's case last season, and neither looked to be in good shape for finals based on the pics I've seen. We don't know how they performed in interviews either. We've seen vets get cut for weight many times, both Kelli and Judy have said they don't want to take a vet into TC and then address weight. It would be suspicious to me if they both came in heavier and out of shape AND made it back. But I do agree that neither Christina or Brennan should be in camp. Neither impress me.
  14. One of my favorite cut scenes of all time! I was highly amused with her clap back. And she was right.
  15. At least Barf x 100. Between her and Brennan, I will need a barf bucket on standby. I'm thinking of doing a shot every time one of them whines "I'm working SO hard!" "I just want this SO bad!" Blech. And I was a big fan of Keyra, I thought she was funny and a good dancer. I am actually very interested to see VK. I make my own judgements on people and I'm wondering if I will enjoy her. I ADORE her mom, I think Tina and I would get along great. I would love to go out with Tina and Kitty #dreamdate