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  1. S7.E7: I Want an Equal Partner

    I hate watch this show. I dislike all of the couples. Well, no, I take that back. I do really like one of the couples, but the "experts" had nothing to do with this one. I am, of course, talking about Henry and Nellie. What the heck do you have to do to designate yourself as an "expert" in pairing strangers? Given their success rate, I think they are more beginners. I do actually wonder, how much input the experts have. I suspect that TPTB narrow it down to maybe 10 people and then the experts pop in and match them. And I am certain TPTB pick the people with the most drama. I can picture the experts "oh, this one eats pizza with mushrooms! What a perfect match to this one, who likes mushrooms too!" Why do I do this to myself, I spend the time yelling at the TV how awful everyone is. I guess if I had to pick, Amber is my least disliked, but it's a very narrow margin. Bobby and Danielle...there is something weird brewing beneath the surface. I have a feeling that right now, we are only seeing "camera face". Mia, get off my TV. Tristan is a wuss. I am willing to bet Mia is doing everything in her power to get knocked up to keep Tristan however she can. Dave is an aging frat boy. Amber, I appreciate that she goes no makeup, but she is too insecure and desperate. The hair...omg isn't their an "expert" that can adjust their looks before the show starts? Please also do something about those expensive and gross eyebrows of Danielle. They look...not good.
  2. Is it me or is this the most unlikable group MAFS ever had? We have: Dave. I question his motives for being on the show. He seems to be jealous of Ambers PAST. Nothing she can do to change that, and he seems to always want things his way. Amber. OK, i don't actively dislike her, I admire her not wearing makeup and swimming. But she is baby obsessed. And that hair. Good Lord MAFS producers, don't you at least offer a makeover before the show starts? Bobby. There is something inherently creepy about him and i can't put my finger on it. Like he has women tied up in his basement or something. And everything about him seems to be fake. Danielle. Stepford wife. She seems to be totally fake too. I fully expect either her or Bobby will crack eventually and it will be the ugliest fight in MAFS history. Tristan. He's getting walked all over. I call him "Doormat" He should have ran and ran fast when he found out Mia was arrested Mia. I think there will be yet more coming out. I fully expect her to be doing whatever she can to get knocked up so Tristan won't leave her. These "experts" suck.
  3. I seriously wonder if it's something personal or health related. She looks amazing, it's not weight (at least by these pics). She worked too hard to get on the team (and has NFL cheer experience) so I HIGHLY doubt she would be breaking rules and risking her place....ESPECIALLY as her rookie year she watched 2 vets get removed from the team and another vet faced with punitive actions. She struck me as being sweet, humbled, and well liked by her teammates. Now I don't know her, I'm only going by her edit and speculation based on her history. I just feel there is something more to the story. That's an episode I don't want to miss.
  4. Melissa Kellerman comes to mind. When I rewatch her rookie season, she looks pretty but very young. By her final season, she is a stunning woman.
  5. I'm still recovering from the last drink session!
  6. And she's 18!! My son is 16 and he (and all his friends) refer to their friends group as "my people". I've heard the same from many, many friends who have teenage kids. That's what you call friends: my people.
  7. Still one of my favorite office visits ever! I was having a really, really rotten spell. I put that episode on and I put Vivian's poetry on, and heck yes I was in good mood after. They both make me laugh too hard.
  8. My thoughts: 1) They could have and should have used half the episode devoted to the vets leaving. I would have loved to hear all of them, what their plans are when they retire. 2) The semi-finals show is way too long. Yeah yeah, they practice on the field a billion times, we hear from Judy some look scared and some look confident. Then we see them perform for the judges. And then the judges deliberating. OK, I could do with more of that, but the dancing part...nope. I don't know these women and until they get to training camp, I'm not invested in any of them. I truly don't care if Susan broke her nail before the big dance boohoo in her little story lol. 3) I cry...never. But I did get teary about Jinelle. I've always liked her, she is gracious, kind, and friendly to all. Plus she is an amazing dancer. 4) I like VK and don't understand the vitriol directed about her on here. I can only surmise it's a whole lot of keyboard jealousy. She is bubbly and happy, beautiful and an excellent dancer. 5) Marshall and Phil. They MADE the show. They were the best parts behind the vets saying good by. (or select vets, I should say lol) 6) I miss the previews for next week.
  9. I'm so sorry to hear that! Is there a way you could meet with your director/manager/supervisor (I'm sorry I don't know much outside of healthcare!) and ask for some feedback? It may be a simple fix or you may get valid reasons. That could give you the opportunity to make changes and get the promotion.
  10. OMG thank you! I thought it was just me. Now, to be perfectly clear, I have never danced (outside of a bit of drunk dancing). But to me, a dance floor is similar to a gym floor. And tptb would have a serious stroke if anyone walked on it in shoes like that. It's not a good look either. If you go back and watch the first few seasons, K&J dressed much more casually, and it looked so much more appropriate for a dance studio. I did laugh really hard last season when they were practicing outside for Canton and Judi had to take her shoes off and go barefoot because her feet were swelling. That was such a down to earth moment, and much more real than what they usually show. I like it best when Kelli wears flip flops outside.
  11. Oh please no! I could not stand her! She seems to be totally living in the past, and what in the actual F was with all those anorexic-inducing signs on Meredith's mirror? I couldn't stand either her or her mom. Nope, and double nope. Meredith always seemed entitled and arrogant to me.
  12. I totally get your humor! This is hilarious! (Apparently everyone else missed that Chik Fil A is CLOSED ON SUNDAYS!) Bravo!!
  13. Oh, it is. I'm nearly 50 and I eat really healthy and work out. Due to an injury, I had to quit my workouts for a month, of course that's the month with 4 birthdays, a work party, Memorial Day cookout, etc. I gained 25 lbs in 4 weeks. I've since lost most of it, but it's shocking how quick it goes back on. Especially when you are older (like me) or younger, like Victoria, when your body is still trying to figure itself out.
  14. She just got engaged about a week or so ago, I believe he is connected to the Cowboys. She works for Showstoppers and Peloton which is a new fitness company. She's lovely!
  15. I just scoped his facebook page. He has "Sleeping with the Pastor's Side Chick" coming out soon! I can't wait! (sarcasm font on)