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  1. Chicago: 9Mag

    I can’t believe Ryan let Lily back in. Lily of all people!!
  2. S05.E10: When this is Over 09.09.2018

    My guess is purely witness protection. Plus Dre was going to be the witness for the agent who was killed by saying it was a hit from Alicia, right? But then the gun shots kinda mess that up. Hmm
  3. S03.E05: High-Like

    “Ol’ straw sippin’ ass...” Now that’s funny!!! 😂😂 I want to try an edible and I want hot sex on a Ferris wheel. 😳 Add- I hate autocorrect.
  4. S05.E10: When this is Over 09.09.2018

    And the note said we need to kill this bitch now. Yeah that was howl worthy!!
  5. All Episodes Talk

    I’m distracted by their really bad outfits, particularly Malaysia with the too long braids, ugly boots, and sweatshirt dress. WTF?
  6. S05.E10: When this is Over 09.09.2018

    Well that was eventful! So, who thinks she’s not dead? Plus too many loose ends, like Tate. But now Ghost and Tommy have to hate each other. I wonder if Tasha will hate Ghost when she figures out about Silver. Dre is like tephlon(sp?) How many guys was it going to take to kill him? And we got to see he’s not gay. Oooo weeee the way he was putting in that work! The younger me would have had somebody on the hotline. This me is boring as hell. I digress...
  7. S03.E04: Fresh-Like

    Girl, you missed your calling. This should be your job!
  8. S03.E04: Fresh-Like

    Dro told her what it was up front. She went with it. Why are we mad with Dro?
  9. All Episodes Talk

    Exactly! I was coming here to say something similar. She can’t say the real reason she doesn’t like CeCe, probably can’t admit it to herself, so she has to make up something! Now I am on CeCe’s side and I can’t stand Kristen BUT, can we agree that CeCe says sly little shit and then backtracks?
  10. S05.E09: There's a Snitch Among Us 09.02.2018

    This episode was whoa. Tommy, my Tommy. He is a good actor. The way James looked when Proctor left was sinister! I’m so glad Proctor told him he was wired. I can’t stand Tariq. Got all that and wants to be a thug. Dumb kid. I am so glad James is finally calling shots with Tate. I couldn’t take him being submissive. Now Dre and calling the cops on Cristobal? This is going to be interesting because I don’t see how this connects. Can someone explain the arrest?
  11. S03.E04: Fresh-Like

    I just watched- no spoilers. I love, love, love party Lufthansa dude Nathan. This episode struck a chord with me. I need newness. Random thought but I’m going to connect it to the episode: I watched Outcast’s movie Idlewild again today. I love that movie, so creative AND that movie is the first time I heard Janelle Monae. When you watch this episode you’ll get the connection.
  12. S05.E08: A Friend of the Family 08.26.2018

    For me it was the look Ghost gave Proctor!!! He’s bought to get gone.
  13. S05.E08: A Friend of the Family 08.26.2018

    I do want them to fix it though.
  14. Chicago: 9Mag

    What gets me is that they act like the only reason he left is because of the Kay thing? They have been going in on Ryan and acting like they run the shop. I don’t blame him for protecting his dream.
  15. All Episodes Talk

    And Jen with the crude talk. You can tell who she is though . She led with “oh you’re an attorney?” $$$