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  1. S11.E03: A New Edition

    Honestly, I don’t remember Black. Did they have a hit?
  2. S11.E03: A New Edition

    I don’t care for Shamari at all. Nothing. And she’s a little funny looking. Wasn’t her husband like one of the least lusted after members of New Edition? Her twins are cute. All I’ve got for her and her husband.
  3. Eva and Porsha hit the gym; Kandi reconnects with friend Shamari DeVoe who is the lead singer from the group Blaque; the ladies attend ATL Live to check out Shamari's performance; Kandi finds out potentially damaging information about Porsha's man.
  4. Widows (2018)

    Right! We knew he was tough from all the Taken films! 😂
  5. Widows (2018)

    I saw it today and loved it. Very slow, deep character development. Interesting story and the director made some nice cinematography decisions. The acting is stellar all the way around! So many familiar faces with solid roles and various emotions. Any actor would sink his or her teeth into the roles in this movie just to have opportunity to show ranges of emotion. Good movie.
  6. S02.E07: Haunted

    Exactly!! When did he move in? I didn’t see anything in their “relationship “ to indicate that was some grand love. Way overboard here. I didn’t even believe them as a couple. Buck does have chemistry with his sister - JLH.
  7. Hollywood

    Boobie is so darned cute! What happened with him and Keisha? I’m ready to get to the bottom of this Lyrica mess. I think these dudes are lying, especially Rocstar. And, their moms are a funky mess. I am sick of seeing them. Now didn’t someone say that girl in the white at the video shoot smelled bad? That’s all I could think while she was booty shaking. Why would she let people talk about her like that on reality tv?
  8. S02.E06: Dosed

    I really didn’t like that they handcuffed the team in public though. I get trying to keep them from hurting themselves but it was embarrassing.
  9. S03.E08: Ghost-Like

    Zaldo, you laugh but I My need y’all. It is that bad. It is one thing to do it for the team. It is another to do it for your own selfish motives. That’s where the issue comes in with Molly. I think she is in the latter group.
  10. S03.E08: Ghost-Like

    Hell no! And that’s who I work with right now. His ass will stab you in a second. Oh Molly acting ass!
  11. Chicago: 9Mag

    I can’t believe Ryan let Lily back in. Lily of all people!!
  12. S05.E10: When this is Over 09.09.2018

    My guess is purely witness protection. Plus Dre was going to be the witness for the agent who was killed by saying it was a hit from Alicia, right? But then the gun shots kinda mess that up. Hmm
  13. S03.E05: High-Like

    “Ol’ straw sippin’ ass...” Now that’s funny!!! 😂😂 I want to try an edible and I want hot sex on a Ferris wheel. 😳 Add- I hate autocorrect.
  14. S05.E10: When this is Over 09.09.2018

    And the note said we need to kill this bitch now. Yeah that was howl worthy!!
  15. All Episodes Talk

    I’m distracted by their really bad outfits, particularly Malaysia with the too long braids, ugly boots, and sweatshirt dress. WTF?