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  1. I would think they were still receiving some government benefits during this time but can't be sure.
  2. They've rode the TLC gravy train long enough with this polygamy scam. Now it will just be government handouts to support all those kids, to the burden of taxpayers.
  3. We live in a culture that puts kids in bubble wrap and it shows. All the coddling, minimizing competition because it's too "stressful", preoccupation with self-esteem. My daughter had a class where the teacher allowed them to do their presentation to the teacher in private if requested because speaking to the class might cause anxiety. Great way to prepare them for when they will be required to give a presentation in their job one day. This generation is poorly equipped to deal with the harsh realities of the real world.
  4. The car wash confrontation felt staged, but who knows. The brothers should just lay off on the weight loss thing, she's either going to do it on her own or not going to do it. The parents need to stop giving into her demands and put their foot down about school. Finishing high school online is not the way to grow and move forward. And what about college?
  5. I was 14 and in eighth grade when I was confirmed. And no there were no hot girls singing pop hits at the altar during the ceremony.
  6. Alice, Betty, and Cheryl are the only indispensable characters on the show. Alice because she's campy great, Betty because she's smoking hot and just crazy enough to be fun, and Cheryl because she is just plain crazy.
  7. Yeah Jugs of Anarchy. Even Tig couldn't save this wretched storyline.
  8. One of the biggest problems I have with Hiram Lodge is the way the show makes him out to be J.R. Ewing with his mansion and cars and high society connections. So let's analyze Lodge "Industries" various holdings. Well, there's a drive-in movie, a diner, and a high school. The drive-in and the high school are going to provide the land to build stuff, but the diner is a really big income generator I guess. McDonald's has nothing on Pops! And what's the real estate value in this shit-hole town anyway? I'm pretty sure I could have bought up the diner and the drive-in lol. Of course he's a mobster, duh, with connections to other big-time mobsters. Like the guy with the Canadian (?) hotdog chain. Huh? Tony Soprano wouldn't hire this guy to deliver the liquor to the Bada Bing lol.
  9. S04.E05: Trans Girl Meets Girl

    Boring episode. The segment with her therapist was a snore, and it kept going and going and going. I guess they were having trouble filling out the episode. As for the weight loss, just speaking generally, the WORST thing you can do is set numerical goals. It's the biggest mistake people make because it makes it about reaching some arbitrary number and not eating better to be healthy. So two things happen. First, when someone slips up a little and they gain some weight back they get despondent like Jazz last night and that often leads to them going back in the other direction. And second, if they do reach their goal, what happens next? They go back to their old eating habits because they reached their goal! If I was Jazz's parent, I would do the exact opposite of what her mom does, and tell her to never get on that scale. When you make it about eating to just be healthy the weight comes off on its own and there is no pressure because it's not about a number anymore.
  10. Betty about to become an internet porn star was the only positive development this week.
  11. S04.E04: Big Trouble in the Big Apple

    A lot of people do the Grand Canyon experience by going to Las Vegas and setting aside one day to take the tour bus to the Grand Canyon, take pics, then back to the strip for dinner and a show. ;-)
  12. This will be my last season of this show. I thought Riverdale was fresh and different in its first season, but it's gone downhill and simply recycles drama from every bad soap opera ever made. The whole Lodge family is like something out of a bad episode of Dynasty, and there's never a single moment where you believe Hiram and Hermione are Veronica's parents. The acting and character depth is so wooden they might as well be a couple of extra chairs in the dining room Jughead is now a cliché Rebel Without a Cause with his whole "a Serpent never sheds its skin" and "we're going to lie low in the tall grass" crap., and the Serpents themselves are like a gang out of a Frankie and Annette movie from the 60's. The high school bears no resemblance to any high school that has ever existed. the only non-students you ever see are the principal and the janitor (who turned out to be a serial killer before being replaced by another creep). The one teacher I saw was only there so she could have an affair with Archie in season 1. Polly has run off and apparently joined a cult, and now we have a long-lost brother pop up out of nowhere in a reverse Chuck from Happy Days, with some implied incest vibe going on with Betty. What an ugly mess this show has become. I'm stubborn so I will tough it out to the end before bidding farewell in May.
  13. S04.E04: Big Trouble in the Big Apple

    Setting aside all the medical issues for a moment, this episode was typical TLC fake reality. The whole Grand Canyon - NYC switcheroo was totally scripted. Even the twins' confessional where they complained about how unfair it was looked rehearsed. The whole whitewater rafting trip was like a hundred other family outings I've seen on Kate Plus Eight, LPBW, and those other family shows. They send the family to some rinky-dink out of the way operation for a group activity because it's semi-private and they can record them isolated from other people. Jeneatte didn't come up with that trip, TLC did. They're going to NYC... she would have said, let's go to the Statue of Liberty, the natural history museum, the World Trade Center Memorial, Times Square. But in those places they're just another family in a sea of tourists and that makes for poor or impossible filming opportunities.
  14. I just started watching, I couldn't pass up with Eugene Levy and Catherin O'Hara. SCTV FTW! Chris Elliot plays his usual obnoxious parasitic character. Looks like a lot of laughs ahead, with the emphasis on zany like Kimmy Schmidt.
  15. S04.E02: Weighty Issues

    The problem with this show was evident again in the podcast. They implied that this doctor was somehow bigoted because she isn't convinced transgenderism is determined by birth. Well, that's her opinion and she has done enough work in this field to be entitled to have one. It's not like she's some yahoo running their mouth off online. But there is an even bigger thing that was again skipped over. The issue isn't about what makes a person transgender, it's about parents making a life-altering decision for a 3-5 child based simply on what they have told them and doctors who make this life-altering alteration based on purely anecdotal evidence. It is life-altering because stopping puberty not only stunts a person's physical, mental, and emotional growth, but makes it impossible for them to ever bare or sire children. No 3-5 year is equipped to make that decision and no parent should have the right to make that kind of decision for them. The critical and I would say mandatory conversation about all of these ramifications of altering someone's hormones is simply a conversation that a parent cannot have with a 3-5 year old. I am sure, being that this is kind of the first generation where we are seeing this being done to young children, that in another ten to twenty years we are going to start reading stories about transgender adults who regret this having been don to them when they were young and even resenting their parents who green lighted it. A child's biology should never be messed with like that. Get them therapy, counseling. If they want to transition when they are eighteen, that's their choice. This show goes out of it's way to be all feel good family time, but it promotes something I consider to be very disturbing.