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  1. The one thing that concerns me about the girl with the spinal growth is that since you can't remove all of it, there's a chance it could grow again. "Side Boob" made me laugh, that was the name of Caputo's club band in Orange is the New Black. Sorry to see this is the last episode for now, I was really getting into this pimple popping palooza!
  2. Red really is the most noble character on the show. What she did for Nicky was a beautiful moment. Good job by the player of young Nicky. Alex again comes on the scene several episodes into a season, kind of the m.o. for this character. Badison is so obnoxious I think she would have had her face punched in repeatedly in a real prison. I wonder how long Pennsatucky's fugitive holiday is going to last. I was surprisingly happy to see Aleida return. The whole nutrition drink scam is pretty common and that's how they do it. "Everyone" is making thousands a month selling this stuff you never see anyone actually buying. Caputo is going to have to turn detective and uncover what really happened to Piscatella to save the women.
  3. I can understand the thinking that it is an inappropriate comparison. People aren't making it because they think he's anti-semitic but because of his jackboot domineering personality combined with the blonde haired Aryan looks. But yes, he shouldn't really be called a Nazi because of the other things that implies. But he does share many of their bad qualities.
  4. I like Michael. I was expecting another Luis or Mohammad, but this guy has a hard road to citizenship (life with Angie LOL!).
  5. That's a possibility. My guess has been that she really is a nurse, just a homely middle-aged Colombian nurse who raided this other girl's FB or Instagram for pics to send. But the hooker theory is also viable.
  6. Darcy doesn't even approach Pao in nasty behavior. Pao is a truly ugly and totally narcissistic individual. Darcy is vain and immature, but you can see she has a heart and cares about her kids. She just needs to act her age.
  7. I like in the previews where Karine takes the pregnancy test. In one clip she appears to be telling him she isn't pregnant, then in another he's asking her if it's a boy or a girl. So this dumbass a.) still doesn't understand even basic tourist-level Portuguese and b.) doesn't know that home pregnancy tests don't tell you the sex of the baby.
  8. For the sake of her daughters, Darcy needs to get over her high school crush on this abusive, misogynistic, condescending, controlling asshole. Jesse has some serious psych issues that he shouldn't be dumping onto other people. The photos Angela was sending to her Nigerian bf looked like they were taken in 2005. Tarik: "This girl I have only ever texted with would make a great mom to my daughter." Ricky...words fail me. Paul: Relationship stability through regular medical testing!
  9. S01.E01: Out of the Past

    Just started watching. Interesting enough for me to keep watching. The visual style and cinematography are great. The ridiculous vertical cities I can do without though. Why does Hollywood think this is how cities in the future will look? They watch too much Jetsons. Some other cliches, like the super wealthy living in the sky. It seems like every dystopian tale is about a society where the one percent has managed to build their own enclave shut off from the rest of civilization's squalor. Then there's the A.I. hotel that makes no sense. That whole setup at the Raven was just for a gratuitous but completely illogical action scene. Not totally thrilled about Joel Kinnaman. He has really limited range as an actor, very one note. He was much the same as Frank Underwood's Republican rival in House of Cards. As long as the show sticks to action/adventure he'll be fine. But if they are looking to touch on deep moral themes that require emotional depth, I just don't see it with this guy.
  10. S06.E02: Sh*tstorm Coming

    Caputo and Fig having fully clothed sex, why bother? I mean, who does that in real life? Let's have sex but keep all our clothes on! Cindy throwing Taystee under the bus was pretty sad. Piper's roommate had the female Norman Bates vibe. Great seeing Healy again. I wanted to hit Rapey's travel buddy myself. I also thought the bad guard looked like Matt Lauer on roids. I hope they get past the women all turning on each other to save themselves and the real culprits get brought to justice, or this season is going to be a long slog.
  11. I'm only one episode in but it already looks like they are just rehashing last season's themes of guard conspiracy and prisoner abuse in a new setting. From the comments I have read above, I guess that's what I can expect for the rest of the season. Not thrilled about that.
  12. S04.E01 Smoke

    I miss Chuck already. What Jimmy did to Howard was cold but totally in Jimmy's character. Self-preservation is his driving force, and this was an opportunity he wasn't going to skip. The cold opening was pretty intense with that cab driver. I look forward to the developments with Gus and Nacho, and Mike over at Madrigal. Glad this show is back.
  13. @Ottis I don't know, I liked how Rossi played him. And maybe I'm biased because I liked him in Sons of Anarchy. But I felt emotion from the character, it's just that he held things close to the vest. But you could see the pain and sorrow in his eyes. Even when he was mouthing off to Misty, in the next moment his eyes would betray him and you could see what he was really feeling.