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  1. Hey Luis, how many times did you go to church on your visit since you're suddenly so super religious? Luis is a total asshole, but Molly is a bigger asshole if she marries this chump and forces him onto her kids' lives...until he takes her to the cleaners in a divorce. All so she can get her face on television and live out her fantasy of marrying a Caribbean bartender. What an idiot. Hey Josh, how about you just shut up and reverse the vasectomy and get Aika pregnant while she's still in her 30s? A lot of women get pregnant naturally in their late 30s and her lower egg count just means she'll be running out when she's 40 not when she's 44. David's daughter might be totally right about him but she is one obnoxious woman. Azan, is there no one in Morocco for you? Elizabeth better nip this control issue with Andrei in the bud right now or she is in for marriage hell. Evelyn and David were the least annoying pair this week, who'd have thought.
  2. Except for the boys landing in Jurassic Park (will have to wait for the second half of the season to see where that leads), I liked the mid-season finale. And I liked the first half season. Jack has turned into a surprisingly welcome addition, and the writers have gotten mostly away from the cheesiness that has dragged down the show in the past. I hate to say it, but not having Crowley and Rowena around helps a lot with that, as well as a much less powerful Lucifer. I also like the focus on a couple of female characters, Patience and Kaia, on a show known for its sometimes shoddy treatment of female characters. Supernatural might be old, but it has my interest again so good job.
  3. I thought it was a good ending to the first season of my favorite new show. Lots of laughs, like when Ed was mimicking the admiral when she was still on. Gordon on how the alien world was able to advance so incredibly fast...drugs? A good Trekkie kind of story but with the Orville humor. Looking forward to next year.
  4. The mystery janitor was like a character out of Scooby Doo.
  5. Uh show, I know these actors are in their early 20s but they're playing 16 years olds...who have wild sex in showers and in front of fireplaces, and sing in clubs in their lingerie. Has Hollywood completely lost its mind?
  6. I set the bar pretty low for these kind of shows, they're just popcorn entertainment to me. I don't care that the world these people inhabit makes no sense, just give me some fun villains and exciting plots. The problem this show has, for me anyway, is it gets way to soapy. I really don't care about Kara's love triangle with Mon-El. Leave that stuff to General Hospital and just give me some good superhero action.
  7. The fight in the office while Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree was playing was probably the coolest thing I've seen on this show.
  8. I wouldn't include Lincoln in the "good actor " list either, he's terrible. Melissa McBride is good.
  9. The Church of Scientology must be paying off Gimple lol. What the writers fail to grasp is this is NOT a strong ensemble show. MASH was a strong ensemble show. Game of Thrones is a strong ensemble show. TWD is a show with a few good characters and actors with a lot of second and third rate filler.
  10. Yay another episode built around Eugene, a character we all love. With an extra dose of Tara thrown in. Great job, show. Please make the mid season finale a day in the life of Gregory. "Okay Jadis, you betrayed me and then shot me, then you threw me naked into a shipping container, then you tried to feed me to a walker, then you tried to shoot me again. For the last time, do we or do we not have a deal?" This show's logic completely baffles me. If Dwight wants Negan dead so much, he has a gun, go walk into his office and shoot him. What does that have to do with stopping Eugene from TRYING TO SAVE ALL YOUR LIVES?
  11. This episode was so full of dumb. Rosita, a trained combatant, dropping her gun as soon as she is fired at. Then shooting a guy with an rpg at close range, which should have killed her as well as him, and she didn't even have her ears rung. Carl and the Indian guy getting surprised and overwhelmed out in the open by a handful of mindless walkers. Really? Carl all by himself should have spotted them coming and taken them out before they closed within 30 feet. The writers literally mail it in with this show, with no thought to whether things make sense or not. The garbage dump that the garbage pail kids live in is symbolic of this show this season.
  12. "Hey you betrayed us once before and you shot me to boot, not to mention you're all freaky weird and talk like you're from Mars, but I'm here alone and unarmed in your camp to make another deal!" If he hadn't done so already, Rick has finally cemented himself as the dumbest leader in the ZA. I would forgive Negan for guffawing over this one.
  13. Yeah he was way out of line. He had a right to jump on David for what he said but no right to talk his fiance like that, it's none of his damn business. He's not her family or friend so he needs to stfu. Similarly, Josh's friend needed to stfu to Aika. The guy acts more like Josh's jealous girlfriend than his friend. Same with Elizabeth's sisters. I don't get friends and family who think they can stick their nose into other people's business like that, it's weird.
  14. Actually, way back in season 1 the judges criticized Kelly Monaco for her freestyle in the final, breaking form and too much separation for the tango or whatever dance they were doing, I forget. It was later that they started loosening it up and letting people do whatever the hell they want, which I don't think is necessarily a good thing. It gives a total advantage to the professional dancers who can tap or whatever versus the legit amateurs, when again this isn't about tap dancing or Broadway or Vegas, but pairs ballroom dancing.
  15. I liked the unlikely alliances and bringing back dead characters Ketch and Kevin. Dean got to make a Colonel Sanders crack about Asmodeus and the main plot this year is off to a pretty good start I think. I'm hoping for a showdown later this season where Dean asks Asmodeus to say "It's finger lickin' good." Please write that into the scene, writers. Just don't bring back Rowena, I've had plenty of her.