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  1. Yes, the Cranes' story is done. Any attempt to bring these characters back would ruin it. So I guess season 2 would be a prequel then, but could that story be a match for this one? Obviously that story was a lot of unresolved mess and some pure evil thrown in. I was really satisfied with the ending of this one though, they really brought closure to all the characters. I liked how it was Nell who saved her siblings from themselves while her dad saved them from their lonely and overprotective dead mother. What made the story work was that this family was really haunting itself, the house was just the catalyst.
  2. S01.E08: Witness Marks

    So Steve married his wife under false pretenses, didn't tell her he'd had a vasectomy when he knew she wanted kids, continued the ruse into visits to the fertility doctor because he didn't want to "hurt her feelings." This has to be the biggest asshole d-bag I've ever seen on tv.
  3. Luke Cage in the Media

    Funny, I liked season 2 of both Iron Fist and Luke Cage better than the first. But season 2 of Jessica Jones was a pale comparison to season 1. In Iron Fist, Danny was far less annoying, Colleen kicked ass, Colleen and Misty together were a highlight, Mary Walker was interesting, and Ward was enjoyable. The only negatives for me: Davos was a horribly boring villain, and Joy was an absolute killjoy. Luke Cage season 2 shined with its villains, both Bushmaster and Mariah, and Shades was awesome. Season 1 was disjointed by switching from Cottonmouth to Diamondback midstream. The only negative to me for season 2 was the ending, Luke as Michael Corleone just doesn't work for me.
  4. S06.E01: The Clock Is Tickin'

    Just lurking now, not going to watch this one. This show has reached the saturation point for me. They should have at least done a break of a few months between the end of Before the 90 Days and this one. Just overkill. Sounds like they really did their research on the new couples to find similarities with past personalities on these shows.
  5. I'm pretty much sick and tired of the whole "angels are assholes" theme which has been going on for many many seasons now. With the exception of Castiel and the occasional good turn by someone like Gabriel of course. The demons on this show are terribly bad and evil...but usually fun. The angels on the other hand are just d-bags. They're like the evil heads of large corporations while the demons are the show's mobsters. Organized crime - fun, corporate criminals - not so much. It was okay for awhile but just getting old at this point with the new Big Bad.
  6. S11.E03: Rosa

    I agree with the comment that this really felt like a Quantum Leap episode, and a lot of Quantum Leap episodes took place in this time period including a few in the pre-civil rights south. I liked the Emmett Till reference, one of the great injustices of that era which itself contributed significantly to the civil rights cause. I didn't want the episode to become so preoccupied with stopping history from being changed that it trivialized the whole civil rights movement. Had Rosa Parks not sat on that bus, a great piece of history would have been lost, but the civil rights movement still would have happened. It wasn't born from that one event, but from generations of oppression. Martin Luther King still would have done his thing, and they would have found some other catalyzing moment as a rallying point. There were plenty of them.
  7. S14.E02: Gods and Monsters

    It's their reaction that bugged me. You find out your daughter never told you she was pregnant and had a baby, you're hurt, upset, worried, etc.
  8. S14.E02: Gods and Monsters

    This show has been really good over the years with well-written domestic scenes, usually between Sam and Dean. But this wasn't one of them. "Kelly hasn't been in touch with us in a long time, guess because of her top secret government project!" "Oh she had a baby? Well isn't that special!" "You don't know where she is now? Oh well, do you want something to drink? You look so much like her!" This, um, is not how parents react when a total stranger walks into their house unannounced to update them on their missing daughter having their grandchild.
  9. S01.E06: Two Storms

    That is one effed up family. Steve is such a whining bitch I wanted to punch him in the face every time he opened his mouth. Clever camera work with the wide angle shots revealing things amiss in the background, like bent kneck ladies and such. Very Stanley Kubrick. Very creepy and effective the way the dad rounded the corner from the funeral parlor into Hill House. Timothy Hutton was great. I really like how the episode moved fluidly between timelines, much more effective than the usual abrupt transition from the present to the past and back again. It feels more like a real supernatural power is at work now, and not just a group of people with assorted issues and mental illness.
  10. Right she got hit by a car. Nan could have been brought back though, same as Misty, Queenie and Madison. I don't mind that they gave Tate a happy ending with Violet. This show is full of murdering psychos and you kind of have to toss your moral barometer out the window when watching it. In the AHS universe, even serial killers get love. Even Twisty.
  11. So why wasn't Jamie Brewer in this? This season has featured the two seasons she was in, Murder House and Cult, but she didn't get to play either character? That's a real disappointment.
  12. It was great getting back to some real horror again after the last two episodes, which really dragged. This one made me jump several times but it wasn't just the jump scares that were good, it was the creeping dread as Nell flew back to east to return to that nightmare of a house. Being in that place all alone, and the illusions it created for her *shudders*. Great stuff, including the twist at the end, pardon the pun. In the scene at the motel he looked covered in blood, which is an ominous sign.
  13. S03.E01: Chapter Thirty-Six: Labor Day

    I give the show a gold star for the unintentionally hilarious line, "Let's bring Hot Dog home." A mom acting as her son's defense attorney in a murder trial. Uh...sure. At least they changed Molly Ringwald's hair so she looks a little more like a grownup Claire from Breakfast Club and a little less like Des Moines 4H mom. This really needs to be Hiram's last season. The whole town knows he's dirty and hates him. For a criminal gangster, he really doesn't know how to keep things under the radar. Tony Soprano would have put him in the back of a garbage truck last season. It's just a question of who is going to pop a cap in him.
  14. S04.E01: American Alien

    It's more that a dumbed down CW DC show reduces the topic to evil bigoted humans who want to kill all aliens. A more sophisticated show would tackle this incredibly complicated issue with the many valid concerns it would raise, such as aliens having powers that not only make them dangerous to humans but could give them the ability to overthrow governments, and aliens introducing all kinds of new diseases that could wipe out humanity. I'd rather Supergirl just stick with the comic superhero stuff and leave the social issues to shows better equipped to handle them.
  15. S04.E01: American Alien

    I fear the main plot this season is going to be a ham-fisted commentary on American immigration policy, as this show has a history of making ham-fisted political commentaries. Oh,, and Lynda Carter still looks great.