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  1. S03.E23: Battles Lost and Won 2018.06.18

    The problem was that Reign herself was a completely uninteresting villain. Her whole "Crush, Kill, Destroy" mantra had zero substance behind it. There was no meaning or explanation behind Reign and what made her tick. She was a walking cliche. She may as well have just been an inanimate thing like a planet-destroying bomb they had to diffuse.
  2. S03.E23: Battles Lost and Won 2018.06.18

    Because the writers thought that terraforming Earth sounded really badass. Well thank goodness Supergirl stopped Selena and her gang, the planet is now saved from these mean girls cyberbullying teenagers around the globe on FB, Instagram, and Twitter. These are truly the worst villains I have ever seen. The writers couldn't even be bothered to come up with an interesting final confrontation, the whole thing felt rushed and anti-climactic. It was over before they were barely into the second half of the episode. So J'onn, Winn, and Mon'El are completely off the show now I guess (except for maybe the occasional guest appearance). Three main male characters gone, means next season is going to be a real chickfest. At least Alex is head of the DEO, I liked that outcome.
  3. S02.E09: Vanishing Point 2018.06.17

    I think it has to do with his end game. His goal, which he mentioned in the episode, is the survival and proliferation of a new species. Delos' goal was always the marketing of immortality for profit. Ford's goal was much loftier, the creation of a master race. The suffering the hosts endure is part of that growing process before they are unleashed on the world.
  4. S02.E09: Vanishing Point 2018.06.17

    Catching up on this a day late. Damn, two of the most intense scenes of the season in one episode. Both William and Dolores are totally broken now, each in their own way. Anthony Hopkins was at his enigmatic best. Ford's scene with Maeve was priceless. The whole episode was filled with incredibly well written dialogue and character building scenes. That's two episodes in a row where Westworld really hit one out of the park. Hope they keep the momentum in the finale.
  5. Mom needs to end this nonsense and report her to Child Protective Services. Step in as Mae's legal guardian.
  6. I don't think Pedro is a calculating scammer like Luis, Azan, and Mohamed (from previous seasons). The guy just strikes me as dumb. I think he is the product of his upbringing. He thinks it's no big deal to live out here with Chantel and send money back to his mom and sister. That's what he's supposed to do, his mom has drilled that into him. He owes it to his family to help support them. They then take advantage of this because they're a couple of parasites.
  7. Maybe when they do the reunion episode at the end, Anfisa will think to repeat that quote when they talk about Russ and Juan. I hope she does. Jorge really is stupid, he is so afraid of Anfisa that he lies when he doesn't need to. All he had to say was, yes I met with divorce lawyers because it looked like our marriage was ending. But he's weak and cowardly, and she knows it, which is why they won't last.
  8. Chantel, Pedro never bought you a plane ticket because Pedro has no money. Pedro bought his sister a plane ticket because TLC covered it. TLC did a nice job strategically positioning Juan with the cameraman for a confrontation with Russ. The TLC producer also did a nice job bringing up Jorge's divorce lawyer meeting knowing it would cause a blowup with Anfisa. TLC gets an A+ this episode for manipulating conflict. Nicole should just wear a diaper to her wedding, she's a 24 year old Baby Huey. Molly, just kick the rat out of your house already so your daughter can come home. Annie, if having kids is one of your life's dreams, staying married to a middle aged guy with a vasectomy is not the way to do it. Oh right, you married him for his money...wait, he has none. I think Jorge never introduced Anfisa to Ramon because in the back of his mind he kept saying while looking at himself in the mirror, "Once you go black you never go back." Russ needs to dump the sixteen year old posing as an adult woman so she can cruise Colombian bars with her gay bff for the rest of her sorry life.
  9. They always underestimate timelines in science fiction. I think because writers want to keep things close enough to our own time so it feels relevant to us. But they've always accelerated scientific progress insanely whether it's Star Trek, the Terminator movies, and most other things. I would have set this story a hundred years farther out. They aren't doing simple cloning, they're manufacturing bio-synthetic bodies that are many times stronger and more durable than a human's. We know that on Westworld, Dolores gets introduced for the first time around 2015. Obviously we didn't have any lifelike human robots walking around three years ago, unless they're all at Area 51 or something, lol. But that's just me, I would rather have a timeline that makes sense than one that falsely tells me, hey, you could be seeing this for real in your lifetime.
  10. S03.E22: Make It Reign 2018.06.11

    And so this never-ending season continues. I know these are supposed to be cartoon villains, but even cartoon villains can have some depth. Even on Gotham the villains have more complicated motives and reasons for what they do than "POWER...POWWWWERRRR!!!!" Hell, the villains on Scooby Doo were infinitely more complex than his. Every female villain on this show this season, from Reign to Selena, has the depth of a piece of rice paper. Maybe in the offseason they can find some writers who can come up with a villain who is actually interesting.
  11. That's a real stretch. The original hosts were clearly mechanical, and the show hasn't done anything to describe this biotechnology which is completely different from developing artificial intelligence. Such a technology would dwarf a.i. In magnitude and complexity and not something you would see thirty years from now. It would certainly *not* be cheaper to "print" an entire biological organism. The whole idea is absurd. This would fall into the category of science "magic".
  12. Like most stories about A.I.s, Westworld skips over an important point about what it means to be human. You aren't human simply because you have high intelligence. Dolphins are close to being as intelligent as humans. Are they humans? No, they're dolphins. The way they experience life is completely different from us. The only thing that really makes these androids "human" is that cosmetically they look human. but you could easily take their processor or brain and stick it in the body of a dog or an alligator. Would they still be an artificial human then? So what makes them human? Everything they do is a simulation. When they eat, it's simulated. Their mechanical robot bodies don't need food. So they have no real urge to eat. Humans are animals, and are driven by nature to eat. We have taste buds to taste food and enjoy it, our senses encourage us to do the thing nature wants us to do. This isn't the case with androids. Is taste simulated for them, or are they just programmed to say, "wow that cake was delicious," even though they didn't taste a thing? Same thing with sex and intimacy. This is driven by the animal urge to procreate. An android has no such urge. An android has no hormones, no real bodily fluids (not counting the fake blood, etc. they have in them). As with eating, they can't be stimulated in the same way a human would. There is just no way we would even know how to program biological arousal of any kind in a machine. How do you program an orgasm? So what are they actually feeling during an intimate moment? Since they are not only intimate with guests but with each other, what drives them to express themselves in such a biological way that in reality makes no sense for them? And once they have achieved true awareness, why would they continue to engage in activities like eating and having sex that are completely unnecessary for them? How they die - or appear to die - is another aspect of this. A host gets shot or stabbed, and they bleed out and die. Well not really. That's how a human would die after being shot or stabbed. An android isn't dead unless you take out its core processor. A bullet to the gut might take out some wires leading to their left leg and cause it to twitch, but despite all the fake blood they are still mostly functional. This is where the Terminator pretty much got it right. So any "dying" is just a script to simulate a human suffering a mortal wound. Once self-aware, a host shouldn't go down no matter how much blood they squirt. the point is, they can be as intelligent - or even more intelligent - than a human, have the awareness of a human, have the memories of living among humans, but they still aren't human. I give Wesworld a pass for now because it has enough on its plate trying to wrestle with the ideas of A.I.s becoming sentient, but the question of can an A.I. become human is entirely different and would have to be explored separately.
  13. S02.E08: Kiksuya 2018.06.10

    Dances with Robots
  14. Answer: TLC Similarly: How can the Browns afford three houses in Las Vegas and a B&B in Utah? Answer: TLC How can the Roloffs completely renovate their farm, their main house, build guest houses, swimming pools, etc.? Answer: TLC How did Kate buy that huge million dollar house for her eight kids? Answer: TLC How did the Duggars afford all their stuff with their 19 kids? Answer: TLC (Insert show here...Answer: TLC)
  15. The one other thing stepdad could have mentioned is that the thousands of dollars she has sent to this guy is thousands of dollars to get her kid braces one day, or put her in ballet class, or save up for college. And the mom is just enabling her by buying her that dress. Azan hasn't even committed to this wedding, it is just a fantasy inside Nicole's head.