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  1. The show is simply recycling the tired trope of Sam's philosophy that you have to look at each individual on their own merits versus Dean's philosophy that a monster is a monster is a monster. All this show has ever done is use Judeo-Christian based themes/symbols/imagery, not actually delved into the religions themselves. The Supernatural universe is a Judeo-Christian one because they wanted the overarching story to be about Heaven versus Hell. But the actual depictions of this ongoing battle are completely made up and most of the time are about as deep as an action movie or cartoon.
  2. I kept waiting for the new Colonel Sanders demon to pull out a bucket of extra crispy.
  3. Fun to see Solomon Grundy make his first appearance. I still want to see Nygma become the Riddler again, though. I can't believe that's it for Ras, not canon if he's killed by Bruce and stays dead. I wonder if Babs is going to use her new power to bring him back. Pyg in the previews for next week, omg. I just fought him in Arkham Knight (game) and here he is showing up in Gotham. What timing. Guy is creepy as hell, actually genuinely scary.
  4. She did seem to have a Rachel Dratch vibe going. I kept waiting for the camera to zoom in on her face after every key line for a Debbie Downer-type mug shot.
  5. I would have to rewind and watch some scenes again, but it caught my attention what sounded like her or one of them saying that she "killed" Andy Warhol.
  6. Valerie Solanas, the most annoying and obnoxious character in tv history. And this was the most annoying and obnoxious episode in AHS history, it was a chore to get through it.
  7. "What happens in Urgent Care stays in Urgent Care". Line of the night. So Bridget is going to the big house for a few years for assault with a deadly weapon. She's finally a true Donovan. How is it that raving Texas Chainsaw Massacre lunatic kept catching people by surprise, including Ray? The guy had the stealth skills of a rabid dog for crying out loud. Every time Ray kept watching that stupid shopping channel, I was screaming at him to change the channel to Animal Planet or something.
  8. You can tell by her body language in that one scene that she doesn't want to be physically close to Patrick, not because "...but I have a boyfriend, Patrick, we cannot give in to our passion!", but because "Ewwwww Cooties!!". This is clearly a television relationship of convenience, and she has to put up with Patrick to get this one on her resume so she can try to get on her next reality show.
  9. I want to punch Larry every time I hear him whine about "cultural differences". It was a PIG, idiot, STFU next time and eat it. I did have to laugh over Jenny's "men cry for me" line. It's great to see Abby show her true self in her side interviews, the sarcasm over what she is willing to do for "love". Yes, everyone except Sean knows that you love Chris but he just wants to play with you not marry you, you barely even like Sean, and you just want a ticket to America. Patrick needs to stop pushing himself on a woman who was clearly playing games with him from the start and go home. Myriam needs to stop manipulating men online and grow up. Getting down on one knee to propose...your appreciation for someone. That's a new one. Reality tv doesn't get any more fake than this. Karine and Paul also smells of BS. Cortney needs to go back home and find a guy dumb like her. There is just zero chemistry or connection between her and playboy Antonio.
  10. That fast food joint was a total takeoff of Captain Hook Fish and Chips, where Brad from Fast Times at Ridgemont High worked for a very brief time before quitting hilariously. I was kind of meh the whole hour. Spawn of Lucifer being a sort of Forrest Gump character was okay to a point. The bitchy angel wasn't anything new, just another retread of the same asshole angel caricature the series has been throwing at the audience for years. There wasn't really anything wrong with the episode, it follows the standard Supernatural formula. I guess that's the thing, after twelve seasons the formula is getting old and it's getting time for this show to wrap it up.
  11. Glad to see Bruce didn't violate his soon to become famous no-kill policy...albeit on a technicality. I mean, it wasn't his fault but he pretty much signed Alex's death warrant lol. And he got away with a technicality when he brought Alfred back to life after running him through. Good to know about all those no-kill loopholes early on in your bat career! I'm very forgiving of Ra's, because he's Dr. Bashir, and I have a soft spot for the good doctor, no matter how evil his character is. I want the Riddler back at full riddling strength dammit!
  12. They revealed that previously when she was in her clown clothes with her mask off. First time I saw the back with the donkey, so you can be a Republican or Democrat by flipping the mask around. Good to see Mare Winningham...albeit briefly. So no one witnessed Meadow doing the actual shooting and not Ally. Not buying it. Someone would have seen it, even with all the chaos.
  13. Yay my favorite show about twenty-somethings teens is back! They sure wasted no time getting Veronica in the shower with Archie. Cheryl's mom was taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation, but she was basically in a body cast like a burn victim. I have to guess once the bandages come off her skin will be smooth and supple like a moisturizer ad though, because this is magcal Riverdale fire! Veronica's dad brings yet another creepy parent into the show. Liked Fred's dream sequences.
  14. It was great seeing Terry put Ray in his place. The Mr. Lucky trailer was hilarious. Same with Bridget walking in on gramps playing butt bongo. Okay so when Bunchy and his stupid friend see a freshly shot body on the floor and all that money laying there, wouldn't the first thing to cross their minds be, somebody must still be in this house? There have been more boat trips this season than in a season of the Sopranos. Hey Mickey, your script sucks, so shut up and take the money for the new-and-improved shitty script. Sheesh. So long, Jay Thomas.
  15. I went to one this summer and the outdoor facility had a curved staircase on either side of the rostrum, they each walked down their staircase and met in front of the minister.