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  1. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Well fuck, now I am gonna need Sonny to sleep with Margaux just to see Carly's face. ... ... This is sweeps?! ...Jesus God.
  2. All Episodes Talk: You're Fired!

    This may be one of the lamest groups of contestants I've seen in a while. So far they've messed up the donuts, the shoes, the airline ads and now the urban garden. They don't seem to take these tasks that seriously. I think they know that Lord Sugar will keep around the people who's business plans he is interested in and that is what it really comes down too.
  3. Jesus God. Why will no one on the staff sit Wendy down and tell her it is the "CASH me outside" girl, not the "CATCH me outside girl." Wendy gets this wrong every Goddamn time she brings her up, and now she's even got our poor @Jeanius calling her the catch me outside girl! HA HA! ❤
  4. S11. E11. In Deep Waters

    Dave seems really checked out this season. Can't blame him, cuz so am I.
  5. S11.E09: Destructive Criticism

    Did not see Meghan quitting coming. No forshadowing there. I'm torn about Gage. In the beginning of the episode when Jenni forgot her phone, he had what looked like a smug shit-eating grin on his face, and I thought what a dick. He has had the same grin in other instances, and it seemed to me like he totally gets off on the painful drama. But then when just Jeff and Gage were at the bar alone, Gage was making some valid points about what the employees gained by working with Jeff. When Jeff was saying he was going to confront Meghan in front of everyone, Gage suddenly got the same evil grin, but this time the camera was close up enough that I saw it was clearly an anxiety response. His eyes were rolling upwards and he was swallowing really hard, so now I am thinking maybe that grin is his way or dealing with socially intense situations.
  6. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    I was stunned that Lucky was mentioned. Nashville was cancelled, so could JJ be planning a visit?!!!! Mikey and the giant pumpkin versus Finn's flop sweat was a teeny tiny bit amusing, but CD is still almost as big of a robot as Sbu.
  7. Didn't Wendy have her bra out yesterday too? ... ... I guess desperate times call for... well, you know. Alls I remember from Monday was Wendy going on about the hat, and then still talking about it after the Inside Scoop girl came out, with Wendy interrupting her several times to keep talking. So finally, Inside Scoop girl just sat there quietly and waited for Wendy to shut the fuck up. Then Wendy finally shuts up and Inside Scoop girl is like, "...should I go?" and Wendy is all seriously agitated, "YES, GO!!" Like stop wasting my time, bitch! It must be BRUTAL to be a professional and have to work with Wendy.
  8. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    So in Sonny's mind, Dante would have become a greedy mobster killer if Sonny hadn't, cuz the family would have been low income. Da fuck? Dante DID grow up in a low income family and still became a totally decent man not obsessed with money or power. And poor Michael's fate: OMG! He had to go to SINGAPORE!! I'm sure for that alone Sonny finds killing justified! Well, I knew it was gonna be "It's A Wonderful (mob)Life", but still, in todays climate, having an adult come to the realization that killing somebody was indeed his best option in life, and actually showing adults stand there and talk about how it is a kid's choice whether to shoot somebody, struck me as pretty tone deaf. I know it's just a soap, but ew. Miss DZ and he still acts rings around Mo.
  9. S01.E03: Dessert Week

    Oof, this version of Bake Off needs work. The judges are not technical or descriptive enough in their judging, and a lot of times just say that's delicious or creamy or it's nicely done or it's not your day. And they show too much of them chewing, and as @oldCJ pointed out, you can hear them chewing and breathing! ewww! And the hosts are so bad. Are there really no TV presenters in NZ that have a natural charm and sense of humor? Their scripted lines are terrible, but their ad-libbing and interactions with the contestants are downright painful! And finally, if I may complain about one more thing, if they are only going to do 2 challenges, then liminate the technical. I don't need to see 12 of the same thing. I would rather see the challenges where everyone gets to be creative and showcase their own flavors and such. To end on a positive note, I now have way more appreciation for the other versions judges and presenters, most especially the British group.
  10. S01.E01: Cake Week

    @OoogleEyes this is a hard one to find but I found it on daily motion.
  11. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Sonny wore a wire for the DA. Somebody text Brenda with that tidbit stat. Ah, he put a blanket on the woman whose father he murdered, he truly is a gentlemen killer. A whole Sonny episode on Monday? Fuck. Dude cannot even recite his normal lines with reading them straight off a cue card and he's gonna do a whole episode?! Let me guess, it will all turn out like "It's A Wonderful (mob)Life." I was FFing so can someone tell me what reason Ryan gave Ava that he can't counsel her anymore? Did he admit an attraction?
  12. Survivor in Other Countries

    @MissBluxom I didn't have much trouble with the SA accents, but you might have better luck with the Australian or New Zealand accents. Or maybe you can turn closed captioning on while you get used to the accents, which I think gets easier over time. @BK1978 To be honest, I can't even remember what happened or who won on NZ. Between SA, AU, NZ and US - it all becomes a blur. But I do love the show so pretty much will watch all of them even if the season isn't particularly great. I do like that the foreign ones do not seem to be quite so manipulated for drama.
  13. Tennis Thread

    Forgot to post that I enjoyed seeing Khachanov win his first big tournament in Paris over Dj. The Fed/Dj semi was probably the match of the tournament though, they were both on fire for that one.
  14. I was traveling, so thanks again @Jeanius. Jesus God, glad I missed it. Sometimes I think Wendy must get paid to pump certain shows cuz she CLEARLY does not actually watch them. Also, wasn't she bothered by a hornet just the other day? Is this really newsworthy? If so, BIG NEWS PEOPLE, there is a mosquito in my place right now!!
  15. S11.E08: Trimming the Fat

    I have to give props to Jeff for knowing how to de-escalate Trevor and for tolerating his aggressive obnoxiousness. I mean, I wanted to punch the guy in the face somewhere around the "you should have seen me doing donuts in the yard in my multiple luxury cars" story. The staff banter was pretty evenly dished out in this episode and more funny than mean-spirited, so I enjoyed it. ...but based on the preview it doesn't seem like it will last. Hmmm. Maybe Jeff is better person when he's not drinking!