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  1. S05.E15: Simply Slices 07.10.18

    I didn't get the end part. It seemed like Marcus was willing to cut Dino loose and go into business with Doug and his wife. Why wouldn't they jump at that opportunity if there is such a strained relationship trying to work with pops. Then Doug make a huge point of saying it was HIS decision to walk away and not Dino pushing him out, but it seemed OTT, like he was trying to protect Dino. I don't know, I was too drunk to figure out whatever bullshit was going on there. Then all of a sudden Marcus is saying Dino loves his kids SO MUCH that the whole deal is off. Um, really, okay that's not what I got from this.
  2. Can't believe Sashi was not even going to make bread to wipe up all those purees until the judges basically ordered him too! (Of course then they were like, um, Sashi this is all delicious and would be heaven... except for your BREAD, the BREAD kills it!) Doh! I thought Khahn's dessert would be more lovely than it turned out, but I applaud him for doing a dessert which is not his specialty and for trying something new with those pretty red things. Oh dear, usually Shannon is spot on with advice, but I think he might have led Khahn astray in the chef's challenge. It probably wouldn't have made a difference, cuz Matt smashed it with his flavors, but I think Khahn's original idea of cabbage dumplings would plated better and made for a better dish.
  3. Sheri Sheppard gave a fun interview today DESPITE Wendy, not because of her. She "kept it real" way more than Wendy ever does. Wendy just sits there throwing her cutsie looks at the camera, which I'm not sure what the fuck they are supposed to mean half the time.
  4. I've seen Billy Bush in several interviews since pussygate and he seemed reflective about it and wanting to get back to work. Nothing that suggests he would be sitting in some sad dark corner of a room watching TV all day and freaking the children out. And to suggest he had some drastic personality change that would make it necessary for his wife to take the children and move on... WTF?! And that is Wendy "being on his side?" Jesus God, with friends like her... So, I noticed they moved the "Inside Scoop" gossip segment to the end of the show. Is that to try to force us to watch the whole show? I hope they don't keep doing it that way, cuz having to fast forward through the entire show instead of just being able to turn it off immediately after Hot Topics will be really tedious.
  5. That was some serious fuckery. We saw the judges HELP Ben and HELP Jess while at their benches, basically telling them they had screwed up some flavor profiles and needed to re-read the reviews. When they go to Samira's bench they just COMPLIMENT her sorbet and her cake, but never give her any hint about the missing gelatin. Ben leaves two elements off the plate and puts another totally different element on and it's "creative". Samira's flavors were there, but it was unset. I thought it was "all about the taste." She was dead chef walking before it even started and she knew it from the totally defeated look on her face when they walked in. Okay, rant over! As far as a recipe thread, um, er, uh, as someone who regularly eats scrambled eggs or canned soup for dinner, I'm afraid I am out. But I would be happy to be a judge and make bitchy plating comments!
  6. Tennis Thread

    My thoughts during the final: Damn, this could be Dj vs. Fed right now. Why was Fed wearing a Uniqlo shirt but Nike shoes when he played Anderson? Maybe Jelena would look less severe if she had had bangs. Is that a pineapple on the top of the trophy?! Okay so yeah it was not exciting. But I do hope this means Dj is back to form and there will be more great matches to come. I agree he has a bit of a chip on his shoulder. I remember when he used to joke around on court impersonating the other players and laughing with the crowd. Where did that guy go? Who knows, but I am sure it is super freaking stressful being an elite athlete struggling to come back from an injury and whatever other shit he had going on. Anderson is clearly a super nice guy, but unfortunately, like Isner, he has to go on my list of players who matches I can skip, cuz whether they are playing well (all aces) or not well (getting crushed) it is just too boring either way. Enjoyed everyone's comments and cuz it must be said: @truthaboutluv you called it!
  7. Wow, I've seen less crying at funerals, but it doesn't bother me. It's a stressful environment and people have these things called emotions ...okay maybe not Ben. :) So Jess has a Tiger Mom. And Reece needs a new best friend, cuz who brings a duck to a dessert fight. It irritates me no end that they don't taste all the mystery box dishes. At this point, there are only 7, and I just spent 20 minutes watching them cook them, so just fucking taste them already! Chloe's raviolo looked a bit sad, so she probably made the right choice, but the look on Samira's face. She is SO OVER being in the bottom for dishes she doesn't feel should have put her there. Shannon to Jess: "Serving the crab in the shell really tells a story." Really? So Red Lobster has been telling me stories all this time? The only story I get is "Hello, you are about to eat crab." I'm guessing it was the kindest thing he could think of to say. I don't really like the pressure tests. They are not enjoyable to watch, and for me, they don't really speak to how good of a cook the person is. Why can't they come up with some challenges that allow for creativity and just have the least impressive dish leave.
  8. Tennis Thread

    You are too kind @truthaboutluv, cuz if it had gone the other way, I most probably would have gotten a flag for excessive celebration.
  9. Tennis Thread

    Kerber won that straight out. I would enjoy Kerber more if she could exude some self confidence and fire. She unfortunately seems to have this kind of "resting Eeyore face" that lacks conviction. But good on her. I was rooting for Dj. I think he needs it. And if we get matches like that, well, who can complain. What exactly has he "been through", does anyone know? Finals could still be interesting now that Dj is also worn out and he is playing a serving machine set on difficult. It could get inside his delicate mind.
  10. Just caught up. Ben was hilarious this whole week shouting detailed cooking instructions and advice at everybody like he is Gordon fucking Ramsay when he was the first one out for once again plating up 3 sad shrimp that looked they had been plopped down from a couple feet above the plate. The odd smattering of peas made me laugh out loud. I mean, love you Ben, but maybe just take a seat in the gantry!
  11. People who got more air time this episode than Will or Gunner or Avery: Jonah, Jonah's stalker ex, Twig, Alannah, Brad, Brad's receptionist, Gideon, Jesse, Darius, Darius' secretary, Emily, Glenn (not that I don't love Emily and Glenn) and all those fucking kids at that stupid fucking house party! Jesus God! AND they gave Alannah and Gideon songs! For fucks sake! Do they really have zero idea what fans want for a show that's ending!
  12. Tennis Thread

    OMG! Tennis!
  13. S05.E05: The Bowels of Hell

    I think Dave may be a serial killer in real life. ... Okay just kidding, but he has psychological issues and should have never been asked back. Are none of their feeds live? Even the body cams? Cuz how is a helicopter not landing after Larry passes out. If that had been a heart attack, he'd be dead. No shame Jesse, bowel obstruction is not a joke. And you would not have made it much longer anyways since you could not source other food.
  14. Tennis Thread

    Ah, lots of grace from Anderson. Let's hope he can make a miraculous recovery.
  15. Tennis Thread

    I am working my way through the 5 Stages of Grief. I am passed denial and anger but I have not reached acceptance yet. Totally the next match will be the final, if it even gets played today!