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  1. Tennis Thread

    Questions: What significance does the Laver Cup have? Why is it just men? What is this "match tie break"? It seems mostly an opportunity for the players to mug for the camera.
  2. Tennis Thread

    Tennis Channel pisses me off so much. They cut away from the 3rd set of a great match between Thiem and Mevedev in the St. Petesburg quarter finals (after we have been watching it for 2+ freaking hours) to show people sitting around a desk and talking about the upcoming Laver Cup. Oh, but you can buy Tennis Channel Plus if you want to see the end of your match. No thanks, assclowns. You would think a channel called Tennis Channel might put tennis first.
  3. The tiny denim skirt with the doily on top looked like it belonged on a teenager. So, today Wendy was saying how when she eats meat she keeps it "hidden" and doesn't eat it in front of the Kevs. This implies that they are vegetarian and perhaps the only reason she went vegetarian was cuz of them. She also said that the doctor told her she needed to eat meat for her health and she made sure he told her this in front of them (cuz, what, they would not believe her otherwise?). I just found it all very odd.
  4. S09.E04: Dessert Week

    I loved the space turtles too. And I've seen a LOT of those domes on Masterchef Australia! This is my favorite blancmange. :)
  5. S11. E04. No Wrist, No Reward

    I cannot believe people still volunteer to be tatted on this show. I would love to see the waiver.
  6. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Maxie saying Peter's abs had abs... um, no they didn't, and I do not want to see Maxie crushing on Peter. Please no.
  7. S11.E2: Furniture Porn

    Having read in the epi 1 thread about Jeff and Jenni having a huge falling out, you can now see how he minimalizes and makes fun of her. It's subtle now, but building, and I wouldn't have noticed it without knowing what was coming. And Megan eggs it on, but she has always been sketchy. Megan was like a shark circling when Vanina was struggling.
  8. The other players have taken to calling Brian "Grub" cuz he is kind of nasty regarding his hygiene. And in this episode, he literally took a leak ON one of the challenge platforms. Hence, I dubbed him Peeing Grub.
  9. @cousin oliver I was going to say, apparently Steve does silent meditation all day. :) But seriously, he must really be a man of few words, cuz they almost never show him talking. I know all of them better than Steve. Peeing Grub is smarter than I gave him credit for. I was prepared to say how stupid he was for thinking the Contenders would ever take a Champion with them to the end if they got the majority. For all his Sharn hate, he did realize that. And I'm sure he convinced Monica, cuz, um, let's just say I haven't heard her talking any strategy. He also played finding that idol well. Right now I'd say Grub and Shane are most worthy. I still root for Fanella, but girl is not really playing. Glad 3 idols went this week cuz there was WAY too many. Just 8-9 people left and Mat, Benji, Sharn, and Grub had/have idols plus Shonee's advantage. I hope they all don't get put back into play.
  10. S09.E03: Bread Week

    I eat naan with curry every day for lunch! I always wondered my it wasn't just round. PS. The frozen naan from Trader Joe's is actually quite good!
  11. That was super weird. I've never seen anything like when Benji totally bullied Sharn into how to play her idol. I didn't know that was allowed. I mean, she did decide to listen to him but he was all over her. And why in God's name would Mat not realize that some shit was going down and play his idol?! Crazy. Oh well, I wanted Mat gone anyway cuz he was a bit much. Benji can go next. I will have to watch the Pondersa clip to see what Mat really thinks about his ouster. Somehow I don't think Sam and Rob will have too much sympathy for him. PS. If Benji doesn't want his Australian accent, I will take it. :)
  12. Tennis Thread

    Ah, why would he take flack. I found it touching. Maybe it's because he is SO composed now, but for him to not be able to contain his emotion and actually show how much it means to him was moving. He was not taking anything away from Nadal. So I was watching a random episode of Chopped the other night and Serena's personal chef was on. When she got chopped in the second round, she had a bit of an outburst where she not only argued with the judges about how their reasons for chopping her were wrong, but also that another contestant made bigger mistakes and should have been chopped instead of her. In all the seasons of Chopped I've seen, I have never seen anything like that. I had to chuckle. I bet they get along famously!
  13. Tennis Thread

    I am finding Davis Cup hard to watch because of the way it is filmed. It makes the court look pinched. And plus also, I have no idea how it works! Glad to see the forum is back to being a Ghost Town after the Serena dust up! Finally watched Strokes of Genius (which much fast-forwarding). Was interesting to see baby Nadal and Fed. I had forgotten about Federer's period of racquet smashing and poor attitude on the court. He really matured. Also forgot him bursting out crying when he spoke as runner up at the AO after losing to Nadal in a grueling match for a second championship in a row. .."This is really killing me!" And then Nadal reached over to hug him. Ahhh. Quality humans.
  14. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    I hope they don't try to make Oscar/Joss into some poignant Stone/Robin 2.0. Needless to say, neither of those actors could remotely pull it off. Maxie going on about Peter's muscles. Um, I really couldn't see any muscles. I mean, he has a perfectly fine body, but not one they need to go out of their way to have him tear his shirt off. Franco was looking pretty cute this week, like he shampooed or something. I am trying to look for positives here, people! :)
  15. I'm sure Wendy had Tamar on the show cuz that's one of the only people they could get to BE on the show, despite Wendy protesting that she doesn't want to be in the middle of it. Um, no Wendy you did not look like a new girl on campus, today. Hot Topics panel was a mess. But I am glad they did not get to the spanking story, whatever that was.