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  1. I just got rid of my cable, it was too much and I was only watching 2 or 3 shows, so I'm grateful for this forum to see what happened. I really wasn't invested in anybody this time around so I feel like I'm not missing anything. ;)
  2. Ugh - mushrooms? Seriously? And I'm not a fan of the host either. Contestant wise, Jessica irritates me as well. As for the rest, they're growing on me. I think Ruby might be a dark horse. She's young and isn't as "extroverted" as the other bakers but she seems to bake well.
  3. Jessica is a mess. I felt really bad for the other two bakers whose work she smooshed. Glad they turned out okay. I didn't mind Andrew, he was cute and took all the jabs at his 'tinyness' in stride.
  4. Too many people so I forget their names etc. I hope hipster mustache guy doesn't get on my nerves too much, as hipster mustached guys tend to do.
  5. Count me in as someone who was a little creeped out by the "Mrs. Claus" schtick. At first it was cute, but then it got realllly disturbing, like lady...are you kidnapping kids and making them your 'elves'? A couple of references would be cute, but saying over and over again that you live in the North Pole with Santa is weird.
  6. S07.E05: Beware

    Okay at least there was talent this time around. It's much better than last year when we had the whole Underbaker's drama thing going on. At least THIS time the last two standing were good artists!
  7. S07.E03: Monster Party

    Okay, Tator's gone (he should never have been there in the first place) and so Halloween Wars you've redeemed yourself a bit from the Underbaker fiasco last year BUT we need more teams like the two good teams this week. Less drama, more talent. If you ever pull the "but drama" thing again, we're through. No kidding. I won't even go to prom with you.
  8. S07.E02: Secret Creature Reveal

    Add me to the list of people who can't stand Tator Tot and past contestant sugar chick. Tator's annoying and he brags about his work when there's nothing really behind it. His team members are awesome though and they save his ass every week. Sugar girl is just cranky and her vocal fry drives me crazy.
  9. I can't stand Tator and I want him to be gone soon - also his work isn't good. But the sad part is the other two members of his team are really talented. I loved the Mary figure. Sigh. Also Brie? Bria? I couldn't stand her on Season 4 and they brought her whiny ass back again. I wish she and Tator were on the same team so I could boo them at once. The other members of their teams are so much better. If Halloween Wars pulls another Underbakers drama thing again this year, I'm SOOO out. That was terrible and good teams went home for the sake of reality show b.s.
  10. Okay so it wasn't just me. All of them looked so similar! I miss Ron Ben Israel - I stopped watching Cake Wars when they threw him off Food Network and he's sorely missed here. New male judge is way too obnoxious and over the top. All in all this was just okay, but no wow factor for me.
  11. S12.E01: Pack Leaders

    I lasted half the episode, realized I wasn't enjoying it and turned it off. Damn you Face Off - you've ruined a brilliant concept. And from what I can see they might be going for drama instead of talent. That would be the "ahem" silver bullet for them. I'm not interested in this.
  12. The host is far too "pretty" without any talent. He's the new Damiano with a more discernible speech pattern. Unlike everybody else, I like the blonde. She's a bit overbearing but seems nice. Samirah cheesed me off. I wanted to like her but she had issues. Bunnies are creepy? She can't work with other people? And those mountain view donuts? It's just okay, no real crazy talent this season but I'll probably still watch.
  13. Welp, they ruined Halloween Wars for me with producers picking the winners rather than the judges and it looks like they ruined the Christmas Cake Wars for me too. Congrats Food Network, I won't be watching anymore. You broke me.
  14. I was fine with Jason's win, I liked all 3 so it was cool. I just think he over does the down home Southern schtick. I know everybody picks on Lorraine and Nancy but can we talk about Duff and his "I don't like it...I LOVE it"? Every. single. time. And if he doesn't say it, he does a fake concerned look then says how great it is which is pretty much the same tired joke.
  15. True, my fasting blood sugar was in that range (105) and diabetes runs in my family like wild. I'm not overweight and I eat healthy so heredity plays a big part. Not so much with Whitney though, she's on her way to a whole lot of health problems if she doesn't do something soon.