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  1. I was glad they didn't cut Jamal - I mean lavender in chocolate? That couldn't have worked. I felt bad for Zac - I understand they probably had to give him a simple costume, because he was helping out during the second challenge but man, that cupcake outfit was BRUTAL. I think Lindsey is very talented but I just don't like her personally. Something not quite genuine about her. However, she's really good.
  2. S8 E3 Witch Gets a New Ride

    The motorcycle wasn't great and I am NOT a Jewel fan so I was happy to see the team go. I watched it on On Demand so I'm unsure if it was bleeped out when the show was on last night but a "shit" managed to escape their leader's lips during one of their frustrated moments. It made me laugh a bit. I don't think the Zesty Zombies did a bad job! I'm wondering if they were picked on just because they won so much and the judges wanted to knock them down a peg or two. I thought the skate-boarding witch was pretty damn fun.
  3. I actually like Michelle (pink hair) - probably because I've known people like her and even though they seem over-the-top that's just who they are. Also she's extremely happy to be here. Cicely was kind of dull and it was definitely her time to go but she made me fall in love with John so there's that. I think I want Michelle or Jamal to win.
  4. S8 E2: Clowns vs. Zombies

    I like the leader lady but that Team should NOT have stayed. And who is Jewel sleeping with that they keep her around? Ugh - the clown was well done but the rest of it was so blank. Seriously. And she did pout and throw her (not so pretty) unicycle into the trash after it was, well, trashed. That being said, serving crickets to the judges was a super-bad idea. Yuck.
  5. S8 E1: The Boogeyman’s Nightmare

    The first episode was okay - nothing spectacular. But why did they bring Jewel back. I HATED her season before because they got rid of better teams to sell contrived drama. I'm still super pissed about it. Her team leader is pretty good though. No real standouts for me this time. I was hoping for a Bling Bats (but they're never Bling Bats). :(
  6. Oh yeah, I tried watching that show but "weak sauce" guy just ruined it for me. Didn't watch after that. This season is okay and John is growing on me leaps and bounds but can we get some people who actually like Halloween stuff to be on the Halloween show? Seriously? A chainsaw and you think of sawing trees? I mean she threw blood around the second time, but it just looked messy to me. Ugh - that glasses guy. So glad he went home. I think he should have gone home the first show, you could tell he wasn't as good as the others. Also I detected some diva-ness I didn't like, like when he said Jamal chose vanilla because it was safe and boring. Dude, you can't talk.
  7. I just got rid of my cable, it was too much and I was only watching 2 or 3 shows, so I'm grateful for this forum to see what happened. I really wasn't invested in anybody this time around so I feel like I'm not missing anything. ;)
  8. Ugh - mushrooms? Seriously? And I'm not a fan of the host either. Contestant wise, Jessica irritates me as well. As for the rest, they're growing on me. I think Ruby might be a dark horse. She's young and isn't as "extroverted" as the other bakers but she seems to bake well.
  9. Jessica is a mess. I felt really bad for the other two bakers whose work she smooshed. Glad they turned out okay. I didn't mind Andrew, he was cute and took all the jabs at his 'tinyness' in stride.
  10. Too many people so I forget their names etc. I hope hipster mustache guy doesn't get on my nerves too much, as hipster mustached guys tend to do.
  11. Count me in as someone who was a little creeped out by the "Mrs. Claus" schtick. At first it was cute, but then it got realllly disturbing, like lady...are you kidnapping kids and making them your 'elves'? A couple of references would be cute, but saying over and over again that you live in the North Pole with Santa is weird.
  12. S07.E05: Beware

    Okay at least there was talent this time around. It's much better than last year when we had the whole Underbaker's drama thing going on. At least THIS time the last two standing were good artists!
  13. S07.E03: Monster Party

    Okay, Tator's gone (he should never have been there in the first place) and so Halloween Wars you've redeemed yourself a bit from the Underbaker fiasco last year BUT we need more teams like the two good teams this week. Less drama, more talent. If you ever pull the "but drama" thing again, we're through. No kidding. I won't even go to prom with you.
  14. S07.E02: Secret Creature Reveal

    Add me to the list of people who can't stand Tator Tot and past contestant sugar chick. Tator's annoying and he brags about his work when there's nothing really behind it. His team members are awesome though and they save his ass every week. Sugar girl is just cranky and her vocal fry drives me crazy.
  15. I can't stand Tator and I want him to be gone soon - also his work isn't good. But the sad part is the other two members of his team are really talented. I loved the Mary figure. Sigh. Also Brie? Bria? I couldn't stand her on Season 4 and they brought her whiny ass back again. I wish she and Tator were on the same team so I could boo them at once. The other members of their teams are so much better. If Halloween Wars pulls another Underbakers drama thing again this year, I'm SOOO out. That was terrible and good teams went home for the sake of reality show b.s.