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  1. I just started watching. Does anyone ever mention a home inspection or a home warranty? Or, does everyone buy "as is" since it's LA? We bought in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2000' and reached a sales agreement really quickly, but we even had an inspection and a warranty. The owners even had a copy of their inspection available. Do any of the buyers go into a renovation knowing that they will have to do foundation or electrical work?
  2. Has this been posted to iTunes yet? I can't seem to find it.
  3. David Tutera's CELEBration

    I wish they would show him and his team deciding on what to use for decor, and what food to serve rather than the drama. I'd like to see them show what to use at a baby shower vs birthday party vs wedding.
  4. Say Yes To The Dress

    I've been watching some early episodes on Netflix. The sales directors used to emphasize keeping appointments to 1.5 hours, which is enough for three or four dresses. Now, some brides are able to try on ten dresses. Is everyone able to make double appointments or do you think the extra time is only for SYTTD brides with large entourages?