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  1. Season 1

    Watching Paris is Burning on re-watch and I actually really liked it. Throughout season 1 and all of the time prior to Paris/Rory becoming real friends, it was obvious to me that Paris saw Rory as someone with whom she actually had things in common, unlike the sex-starved twit Louise and the flighty Madeline. Rory was serious and driven and smart, and those were qualities Paris valued and admired. It took a loooong time for Paris to not see Rory as a constant threat to her Chilton supremacy and to get past her own half-crazed insecurity to give that friendship a chance. But, Paris is Burning is the first time we see a glimmer of that. We see her vulnerability. Rory, on her part, was a kind girl and an outsider at Chilton who simply wanted a friend at her new school. But I liked that she called Paris on her behavior and made her see how hurtful she'd been. It was a small step toward their eventual friendship and I loved it.
  2. S01.E10: Bluebeard's Castle

    Wow, I felt as if I was holding my breath for the entire episode. I've not been impressed by Elizabeth Lail until this ep but I thought she was terrific. I finally truly felt for Beck. I wanted her to get out of there alive. I felt incredibly sad for her when Paco didn't help her. Damn. Joe went full on crazy this ep, it's like he'd unveiled whatever mask he'd had up all season and was just his sad, crazy, lonely, twisted, disturbed self. He was scary and chilling but because he's so broken as an individual, there was still a part of me that felt something for him. I feel weirdly guilty about having a strange sympathy for a man who is stalking murderer, but I'm gonna go ahead and attribute that to Penn's incredible portrayal of him. I didn't want to feel anything for Joe after the finale, because I really hate that he killed Beck, but yet, there's a part of me that does. I've only watched a little bit of Dexter, but, as someone mentioned above, this is different. He killed horrible people who pretty much deserved their fate. This isn't easy. Beck could be annoying and self-absorbed, but she didn't deserve what she got. And I wanted her to live. Yet here I am. Penn should get an Emmy for this - I was blown away by how good he was on this show.
  3. S01.E09: Candace

    This was a pretty fascinating episode. As soon as Beck emerged from her cloud of self-absorption for 5 seconds, she actually began to piece together that something was off with Joe. She began to stop looking at him as someone who exists solely to adore her and prop her up, but as a separate entity with a potentially shady past. The fact that she had cheated on him makes sense - Joe in his hyper-obsession with Beck has always been aware of who she is. She's the kind who cheats. She cheated with him on Karen, she cheated on him with Dr. Nicky. Of course he was right about it all. Her explanation, btw, was weak as fuck (the actress who plays Beck was equally unconvincing). She felt trapped/smothered by Joe and, and instead of actually discussing how she felt with him, she fucked someone else as a release and a way to escape. She is wildly immature and a liar, cheater, and hypocrite. She had no problem digging around in Joe's past while continuing to hide the fact that she'd had an affair with Dr. Nicky. Smdh. I continue to love Joe and root for him. He is so damaged, so incredibly fucked up, and Penn is too awesome in this role. He was SO good in the Beck/Joe confrontation scenes. I can't believe the next ep is the season finale. I figured Beck would end up in the cage but I have no idea how things will turn out after that. This show is terrific.
  4. S01.E05: Living with the Enemy

    Holy crap this show is off the hook. Beck's best friend is a manipulative stalker and her boyfriend is a stalking sociopath. I don't know what from what, except that I'm seriously engaged in this craziness. WAKE UP, BECK. I'm between cheering for Joe, being aww'd by sweet Joe/Beck scenes, and rooting for Joe and Peach to be together, because they are damn near the same person (minus the killing, of course). The show has me sideways!
  5. Is it sad that I miss how pretty Kristin used to be? Especially on Laguna. She's always been tiny but the 10-15 pounds she's dropped since then have made a real difference. Her face, in particular, was so much more full. Now she's borderline gaunt. Her neck and arms :/ I just want her to lock her in a room with burgers, ribs, corn on the cob, potato salad, and let home girl go to town. As for the show, I'm struggling to stay engaged. Jay is eh and I can't tell any of the women apart except the redhead. I miss LC, Lo, Stephen, and the gang. Hell, I even miss Heidi at this point. Can they just bring the old crew back and get rid of these chicks?
  6. Rewatch update (I'm in the middle of S4): At the beginning of S4, there's a scene where Dan is taking care of Milo and believes Georgina is at a spa. He reads Gossip Girl and is genuinely shocked to find that she's at St. Bart's. What-the-fucking-fuckery show? Does Dan have blackouts? Does he have a mental illness? Fuckyoushowthatmakesnodamnsense!! Chuck living in Paris and later NYC with Fleur Delacour was so, so bad. I watched GH back in the day and it legit reminded me of when Sonny got shot and was "rescued" and nursed back to health by Angel Boris. Angel and Fleur had nearly the same sugary/insipid personality. I laughed during the scene in which Blair was "mean" to her at the boutique. So hilariously dumb and heavy-handed. Blair in the red dress. In the Oscar de la Renta red fucking dress. Running to stop Chuck from getting on the train. I'm not sure I've ever seen her look more stunning. Speaking of that scene - there's a reason why so many people adored that pairing and it's written all over that moment. Blair tells Chuck, "I don't love you anymore" but her eyes and his both say how deeply and achingly they're still so connected and drawn to each other, and so very, very much in love. Leighton and Ed played all-consuming love so well. I loved Serena, but holy crap, the three-guys-in-love-with-Serena story was just awful. She looked and was horribly fickle throughout that story. She would be confronted by Dan, Nate, and the professor multiple times on who she was "choosing" and she'd stand around gaping. Oh, what shall I do, all the mens want me?! Why, why, why? This was breezed through in the series, but what Georgina did to Dan was beyond fucked up. As critical as I was of Dan throughout, due to his seemingly endless self-righteousness and hypocrisy, he didn't deserve that shit. He believed Milo was his, loved him, helped raise him, Georgina rolls out to "a spa" (messaged via post-it and actually a LIE as she was at St. Bart's as aforementioned) and returns and tells him the kid isn't his? I know most people felt Georgina was a "fun bad girl" but I couldn't stand her after that. This is at the end of S2 but there's a moment where Blair is voted prom queen (due to Chuck's machinations) in which Serena is so genuinely happy for her in the crowd and it's just so beautiful. Serena's unconditional love and support for Blair despite her schemes, jealousy, their fights, etc, was a huge, huge reason why I continued to love her despite her nonsensical stories. The GANG GETS TOGETHER TO TAKE DOWN JULIET at the opening night of the ballet. YES YES YES. This is why I loved this show. No matter what was going on with Nate, Blair, Serena, & Chuck, they would always unite to fight a common enemy. Because they are family. LOVE IT!
  7. I think fans were into Dair for a multitude of reasons. Some of it was due to indifference/dislike of Serena and love of Blair, and all of the justifications you stated. I think a lot of it was due to being way, way over the rigmarole of Dan/Serena (who had lost the charm and appeal they had seasons before) and Chuck/Blair, who had become infuriating and toxic to some. People were tired of Blair begging to be with Chuck and his being an asshole to her in return. I got that. Also, it's always intriguing when two people who find each other despicable find a common ground, become friends, and eventually fall for one another. Dair had good chemistry and common interests, and their scenes were engaging. I enjoyed their friendship. If Dan was a character who had been on the edge of the crowd like Carter or Vanessa and had no involvement with Serena, I wouldn't have had a problem with them. I would have continued to want Chuck and Blair, but I could have dealt with them. My overriding issue with them was the Dan/Serena relationship, and that Serena was still in love with Dan. I could not get past that. I didn't care what happened on Dawson's or 90210; I loved Serena and Blair as best friends and I could NOT see Blair doing that to her. If the tables were turned, and Serena and Chuck fell for one another, Blair would be tearing them to shreds and I'd be right with her. Because HELL NO. No, no, no, no, NO.
  8. S06.E10: Two Sparrows in a Hurricane

    I still like the show (I think) or I could be hanging on for the characters I love. I'm not even sure at this point. I've loved every incarnation of Avery - from the snarky, fame-crazed dude who shit on his band to lost-it-all/self-aware Avery to Juliette's roadie and best friend (I LOVED THAT PERIOD SO MUCH) to Juliette/Avery as a pairing. I shipped that couple so hard but I'm not sure there's anything left of them to ship. Last season was blah in general but I sooo loved seeing them together and happy as a pairing (rando ep of Juliette being jealous of gospel singer chick notwithstanding). But the shit this season? With Juliette rolling out on her family to Bolivia for that cult? I just feel wiped out. What I'm saying is that I actually kinda like Avery with Alannah. They have some chemistry and it's nice to see Avery smile and laugh a little. I think the Gunnar aspect is fucked up but I chalk it up to Avery being vulnerable and sad and lonely. It's not right, but it's understandable. He's been left by Juliette so many times; I'm legit shocked that poor Cadence doesn't think Emily and Avery are her parents at this point. I really can't blame him for reaching out to someone who is there for him right now. I wish I could drum up more of an interest in the other stories. Scarlett and the PTSD singer barely register for me. Will's steroid story is a blip. Maddie Kardashian is blech and I'm just tapping my foot, waiting for her to dump CountryBieber for the best friend. Daphne is a sweetie and I love her voice, so that's something. The family stuff with Deacon, I like. Jessie and Deacon should split so she can keep her kid. But I just don't care. I watched this show largely for Avery/Juliette, Avery/Gunnar/Will bromance, Jeff's craziness (RIP Jeff), and Rayna with Deacon and the girls. I feel like I'm barely hanging on at this point.
  9. I watched GG in real time but I've lately started to re-watch the series. High points: Chuck & Blair, with a particular emphasis on S1-3. I spent a lot of time cursing Chuck on Blair's behalf, but I loved them as a pairing and never truly stopped wanting them together. Carter Baizen, i.e., the guy Serena had the most chemistry with by far. If only the show had kept him around longer, he was so pretty to look at and I really enjoyed his (unfortunately) brief pairing with Serena. Serena/Blair - loved their friendship, especially early on in the series Dan/Serena - S1 & the very beginning of S2, only. Whatever made them appealing evaporated after that, mostly due to Dan becoming more and more self-righteous and judgmental, as well as hypocritical (not to mention, falling for her best friend and being mean asf.) Juliet/Nate - this was pretty much the only Nate pairing I liked, sad to say. He actually had good chemistry with Jenny but I couldn't get into that pairing. Nate just looked way too old for her back then (I think CC was 21 at the time and TM was 14, and it showed.) Nate as a friend to all. Again, Nate in a romance never did much for me, but I loved him as a friend to everyone, especially to Chuck and Dan. Lily's relationship with Chuck - I thought she was actually more maternal to him than she was toward Serena at times Chuck/Blair feuding during S4 (I actually really loved this period, felt very much in character for both and was fun to watch) The UES (+ sometimes Dan) crew's annual "Let's all get together to save [insert character/usually Serena]" couple of episodes. I just generally loved how they all had each other's backs regardless. It was always so much better when they would unite against a common enemy rather than sniping at each other. The friendships of the series were perhaps the best thing about the show, aside from Chuck & Blair as a pairing. Low points: Jenny, disliked her almost from the start and was incredibly happy to see her go. She was a whiny, power-hungry bitch of a wannabe, and was enormously full of shit in S3 when she became "queen". She fucked over everybody who was nice to her (usually Eric), and always made excuses for her behavior. Someone "forced" her to be the way she was (usually Blair). She never owned her shit and was just as awful as Blair (who ALWAYS got her comeuppance when she went too far), as opposed to Jenny, who always got saved, usually by Dan or Nate. The good girl act with her was bullshit - she wasn't good, she was a raging bitch and I was always, ALWAYS happy whenever Blair smacked her down. IVY and everything about that horrible story Vanessa - other than being very, very pretty, she brought nothing to the table to me. Was basically a female Dan - sanctimonious and judgmental. They were actually perfect for each other. Rufus/Lily - ALWAYS found them to be a dull, drippy snoozefest. They were fine when they were strictly supporting/side characters but I never really cared for any of their drama as a pairing. Bart back from the grave/Chuck's mom story Chuck/Blair/Jack/hotel Dan/Blair becoming romantic - liked their friendship but hated, hated when it went romantic and found it to be such a betrayal of Serena. Actually tuned out for a while because of this pairing. Dan/Serena reuniting. Hated this after Dan/Blair. Derena were absolutely destroyed by then, I saw no chemistry, no desire from Dan to be with Serena, nothing. Awful, awful reunion, should have never happened. But, #1 with a bullet was Dan as Gossip Girl. Unless Dan had serious mental problems, including some sort of dissociative disorder, this made zero sense whatsoever. Many times, Dan would sit in front of his computer, shocked over a GG post. Again, unless Dan has blackouts or some sort of mental issue, that shit is not explainable.
  10. S07.E06: Beyond the Wall

    That was seriously intense. Of course the dragon Daenerys named after her abusive, dickwad brother was the first to go. Poor thing, tho. Now the NK has an ice-fucking-dragon. What a horribly stupid plan with disastrous results. I did really, really love Jon and Daenerys at the end. His refusal to let go of her hand was adorable. Wtf are they doing to Arya? Why did she hand that dagger to Sansa at the end, is she expecting her to cut off her face? I don't get this Winterfell story AT ALL. Seems completely out of place in the midst of the real dangers beyond the Wall. I'm hoping it's a fakeout, intended to draw in LF to his demise. If not, Arya looks like a complete psycho.
  11. Favorite Episodes?

    I loved the Mallory/Jeff arc. From his being her shy French tutor to their breakup at Princeton with Mallory in hysterics and Alex walking out on his interview to take care of her. SOMUCHLOVE for all of those episodes. Loved the Alex/Ellen 2 parter; the early Nick/Mallory eps in S4, including the one in which he transforms himself into an Alex-clone; the ep where River Phoenix is a child genius who crushes on Jennifer; Jennifer-as-Valley-girl; and the ep in which Alex won't let the Russian Chess player throw their chess match. "There was a kangaroo in my living room," is one of the funniest lines ever. Michael Gross rocked that ep.
  12. S03.E04: Episode 4

    I, too, come to this thread to begrudgingly admit how tender, sexy, and smoking hot I found the Cole/Allison love scene. Allison is an absolute shit show - wtf was that with the peanut butter?? - but I find her scenes with Cole compelling and interesting. They truly do have awesome chemistry. That said, the chick AT BEST seriously contemplated hurting his wife with the peanut butter (at worst, she went ahead and put it in the frosting - who knows??), and is still really fucking messed up. Not to mention the fact that she cheated on him with the biggest douchebag in the world and married him, passing off Cole's child as his for two years. She is a truly horrifying mess and I feel badly for Luisa that she has been pulled into all of this crap, and that Cole just fucked her over. (Still love Cole, tho. But I have a huge JJ bias.)
  13. The Awards Thread: The Golden Throne

    Peter is Peter so his nom does not surprise me. What I don't get is what Emilia is doing to get noms every year. I don't think she's terrible, but I've not seen anything noteworthy that she's done dramatically. Meanwhile Sophie continues to be overlooked. Ah well. Congrats to everyone else, especially Kit, who is often seen as a pretty face/sex symbol, and not given credit for the work he does.
  14. S01.E02: What Would Phil Do?

    I find Rafe Spall pretty charming and I rather like his chemistry with the actress who plays Kelly Ann. That's...about it. Would be surprised if this show lasted long. It's not very good and I think I'm only watching it to fill the Game of Thrones Sunday void.
  15. S06.E09: Battle Of The Bastards

    *sits next to you* Love, LOVE their scenes and the actors have a ridiculous amount of chemistry together.