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  1. " ... And her parents have agreed to be more involved in her life." Neat! That seems like exactly what every teenager wants.
  2. Getting Into A Pickle With Kidding

    Wait!--There are RFK conspiracies?
  3. Val's exasperated "Of course!" as Kelly beats her to the back door was laugh outloud funny.
  4. Last week A Civil Action, this week, Atlas Shrugged. Ha ha show. Not in a million years. Val's side ponytail/striped top look is aces. Way to go out on top, TAT.
  5. I thought for sure we'd get a shot/comment on Noah's completely rude and gross swigging from the mouth of the brand new orange juice jar. Dude. That doorman at the PPAD/rave is a Busey cousin right? I mean, he is so Busey adjacent, genetically.
  6. Will You Be Enchanted By Disenchantment?

    I've said it before, but the best htng about the Nonac is that Sars can't not laugh at the triumph music. It delights me everytime.
  7. I cannot believe Executive Producer Jason Priestly allowed this to be a multiple storyline episode.
  8. Heh. He gets a haircut for his final episode. "Gotta make me look good for my hero shots."
  9. "He took his with him, and I can't find mine." The key is the GUN, Noah. THE GUN! You still have it. I am sure it still works "in the lock." (hint, hint.)
  10. All that effort to save the ClinicClinic and Kelly's like, " Well that's it for me. Thanks friends for saving a place I couldn't care less about now." Classic late-stage Taylor. Although, "Or God forbid anything legally binding" was a nice, albeit brief, return of earlier, cooler Kelly.
  11. Good father and son hairline matching on Noah and Mr. Hunter. ETA: Donna Martin, kinetic model.
  12. I love that Noah's mom is in the same pajama set the next day when Donna calls the house again. Garth's hair is actually not bad in this episode. That wedding dress may not be great, but she looks great in it.
  13. Scaling The Walls Of Castle Rock

    It's a real insight into pre-Internet advertising that the American Express commercial was all, "To sign up, find an application [somewhere] and fill it out." Perhaps the first filter for AMEX when evaluating membership (which has its privileges) was that you were the type of person with the gumption and wherewithal to track down an application? I listened to last week and this week back to back and when I heard the Hello Fresh ad I was all, "What kind of meal service whores is the Cole/Ariano household?" So I was glad (? relieved?) to get Dave's bit of editorial update at the end of the ad.
  14. Kelly is so fucking smug in her opening scene with Donna post-reception that I have ZERO* sympathy for her for the rest of the episode. *Never had sympathy for her to start. Also, what filter do the have on Nat in the opening credits because his face is smooooooooth. ETA: Brandon: "I don't know, it just seemed like were more like brother and sister." Cut to 7 minutes later and Brando is boning down with said 'sister.'
  15. As insufferable as Brandon and Kelly have been to this point, I have memories of their post-wedding break-up episodes being just excruciating.