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  1. I would love to have been in the 30 Rock writers room when they came up with "A parody of Amadeus, but it's Tracy inventing a porn video game."
  2. Gina is finally the villain this show has lacked, and I am here for it. Vanessa Marcil is such a good actress that she makes her character actually interesting, rather than just dull and one note. Looking at IMDB, I see that teen Marianne's last name was Plague, like, settle down, TryHard. T-Bone's exhausted "man" at the end of the Luke Perry, Teen Heartthrob selection made me guffaw outloud.
  3. S04.E03: Dancing Queen

    A good Ray episode. I love how we learn the title, Dancing Queen, is not about QEII, but rather more a call back to disco and ABBA. I have to say, I am impressed with the show's writers for their deft use of continuity. Given how much goes on, and how much changes, they are still able to track it all and use it when needed, and not trip themselves up. Tala Ashe is the mistress of deadpan and reactions. I like watching her, even when she is not the focus of the scene, as she is always doing something interesting in the background. Nick Zano does this as well.
  4. S07.E04: Level Two

    I'm sorry, but last season Dinah quit one vigilante team and started another because the first was not on-board with her plan to commit extra-judicial murder against her boyfriend's killer, but now she is all law-and-order and unable AND unwilling to see the benefit of New Green Arrow? Mmm-hmm. Question: When was Rene tortured by Tobias Whale and was it the same Tobias Whale from Black Lightning? Because that I don't remember at all.
  5. S04.E02: Witch Hunt

    I assumed Zari's red outfit was both a nod to, and an effort to draw a direct line to, The Handmaid's Tale.
  6. Downloaded from iTunes on Monday morning, listened to it on my iPhone with the same headphones I've always used.
  7. How was Mother May I Sleep With Danger not the #1 BevNiner movie? Surely it wins on title alone?
  8. This Lauren plotline is so dumb, as is her behavior. The running of red lights, the dumb balloon hats. I have to think she was the inspiration of Charlize Theron's MRF character on Arrested Development.
  9. FYI on a technical note, the sound clips sounded tinny and echo-y, like they were recorded off a tv playing in a room with bare walls and floors.
  10. S04.E01: The Virgin Gary

    Great start to the season, but I am dreading a season of Constantine. I cannot stand his constant "I'm a tough scary man, wooo--watch out for me" schtick. If you have to run around and tell everyone that, you are not that much of a badass. And his "costume" is ridiculous. I know that it is based on his look from the comics, but this is one instance where what works as a static image does not work live action. (This could be true about the whole character.) I mean, does he just keep the tie at half undone ALL the time and put it on and take it off like a necklace? Why even bother?? I will forgive them if at some point they reveal the stupid tie is actually some kind of disguised amulet or charm.
  11. I think that beach/rocks setting is the Passion Cove, site of the doings of the Summer of Deception? (Look, Dylan IS returning to Season 2 form.)
  12. I don't understand Kelly's frustration with Matt at the start of the Dylan storyline this episode. She is mad at him because ?? I mean, the charges against him are public, B&E and possession of heroin. Are we to believe, that only Matt and Gina knew Dylan was using? Is that why she is mad? Re: the cold open slam into the inappropriate theme. LA Law solved this problem years ago. They had two openings to their theme: If the cold open was "wacky" then the theme started with the trunk slam scored to the saxophone toodleing intro, if the cold open was dramatic, the trunk slam was accompanied by a menacing low bass note.
  13. S07.E01: Inmate 4587

    How is it possible that SA has gotten even bigger? There were some prisons scenes where he seemed to be looming over some of the other inmates, none of whom were small. Good on him for his off-season training.
  14. The bear's name is Honeytongue? I have to assume that Donna's concern is that the bear will be jealous, as with that name, he was the thing that pleasured her throughout her perpetual virginity. "We can't do it in front of Honeytongue, that was his job. He'll be mad!"
  15. That's two weeks in a row of a great (question mark?) picture of Donna in the article header.