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  1. The Duggalos: Jinger and the Holy Goalie

    And that’s how all the trouble started! Lol
  2. S05:E11 Beer and Trembling 2018.06.14

    I think these boutique beers are pretty easy to decelop your own-kind of like when you fill out a questionnaire asking what perfume notes you like and they design your own “special” formula which is just plugging in a “recipe”. Slow clap, Austen, you used your parents money (probably) or maybe Bravo paid (likely) to have someone create some growlers for you. I’m more impressed by home brewers who do it themselves and have a true appreciation of the art. Austen takes the easy way out and I don’t find him a catch in the least. These guys are all pretty much losers though Whitney appears to have real business interests and involvement in production. Though, let’s face it, most of these kids grew up far more privileged than I’m sure many of us here.
  3. If Dereck is getting so many offers on SM, why not pursue that. He’s such a low life, I don’t know anyone who would touch him with a ten foot pole.
  4. S14.E04: Week 4 2018.06.18

    Show of hands-does anybody do the bachelorette hug in real life? As much as I believe Jordan is a producer plant I am both relieved and astonished when he gets a rose.
  5. S14.E04: Week 4 2018.06.18

    What’s this about Lincoln being a floor-pooper? Lol
  6. S14.E04: Week 4 2018.06.18

    I wish they would have shown Jordan splitting wood or flipping a log. I can’t imagine he could do either of those. He looks pretty short for a model compared with the other guys on the show Becca is such a bore with those practiced quips and fake sounding enthusiasm. There is no way she speaks like that in real life I’m ready for Chris “who’s here for the right reasons” to get of my screen. I do not need to be looking up his monstrous nostrils anymore.
  7. S03.E05: The Blame Game

    I’d feel more sorry for Annie but she knew David’s finances were in the toilet and I’m assuming she knew he had a vasectomy before she tied herself to this guy. It’s a little late to cry now.
  8. Season 7 All Episodes Talk

    All this and a bag of chips! Perfectly stated.
  9. S03.E05: The Blame Game

    I too, get pretty annoyed by all the grammar mistakes adopted as if they are now correct, but then I remind myself who I’m dealing with on this show and don’t even bother anymore. If Chantal thinks Pedro’s sister is leaving after 4 weeks, she’s deceiving herself. I wouldn’t be surprised if she goes back to her parents and those two get her apartment as squatters. Of course, Nicole isn’t going to take pastor’s advice to test the authenticity of Azan’s feeling by not sending him money because she knows good and well he’d ditch her faster than she can say, there’s a bad connection.
  10. I wouldn’t mind getting an update with on Alexei and Loren. He was at least good looking to me.
  11. SoCharmers in the Media: The Post & Courier

    Unless Kathryn is already pregnant there won’t be another reunion baby without T-Rav.
  12. I’m sure Nicole will be taken care of in the will. Sucias.
  13. Disgusting. I’m wiping my hands of her. She doesn’t deserve those kids
  14. I’m sure Annie has lain with this type quite steadily in her line of work. Sad you don’t really get to develop sexually in a non transactional way.
  15. Yeah, Mae wouldn’t benefit from a dime of that money. I think she’s a bully and her mom is afraid of her. We’ve seen her violent outbursts and I’m sure there’s plenty more where that came from. She could steamroll over anyone. I sure hope Robalee doesn’t end up with Nicole as a caretaker should she require assistance over the years. Her husband isn’t exactly a spring chicken but bless his soul he’s the only one with a lick of common sense and the wherewithal to speak the hard truth.