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  1. S05.E02: Week 2, Night 1

    Oh my lord, could Colton be anymore of a titty baby? It’s ridiculous that he’s on there and I hope he is serious about taking himself out of BIP but unless he gets a promise of being the next Bachelor I see him staying on just for the exposure and attention. He looked so cocksure that he was going to be given a rose when the girl before Bibi was up (don’t remember names yet) Lol, Bibi sure knows how to bring the drama. I’m glad Nick is gone and Wills, he just didn’t make an impression on BIP. I wish Chris would have been sent home. He is a walking time bomb and a little bitch inserting himself into everyone’s business. And I’m sorry, but he is was of the ugliest contestants I’ve ever seen on this franchise. David needs to go. He didn’t learn a thing about being on the Bacherlorette. I’m liking Jordan better in this iteration though he’s not someone I find attractive, I can see how others might think so.
  2. Thank you! I bet Jessa is jealous too. I know I would be but Ben doesn’t seem to have any skills to improve properties.
  3. I hope this question isn’t coming out of left field but I am wondering why Jess and Ben still have the little house even though they have more children than Joe and Kendra. Did Joe do the work himself restoring the log cabin type home? I would think they could start out in the little house and Ben and Jess could move there but that’s not how It works I guess. When Kendra’s mom said she was surprised her pregnancy happened so soon I felt like screaming, what did you think would happen without family planning? I don’t know if she herself has ever used any method though. It sounds like Joe and kendra wanted to get starts right away anyway.
  4. S07.E06: Too Close for Comfort

    I hope now that Henry has a yard he’ll get more exercise. Danielle needs to exercise more self control and financial discipline especially and use the time she spends on her appearance to take care of her animals especially has a foster care provider. I think Tristan simply wants to be married and is willing to absolve Mia of any responsibility for her actions. Mia is a user and has warmed up to Tristan now that her past has come back to haunt her. I find her the least physically attractive woman in this franchise.
  5. S07.E06: Too Close for Comfort

    I imagine Bobby is following the Dave Ramsey plan where debt is a 4 letter word. He seemed pretty appalled at her debt. Though significant, it’s not insurmountable. Dave and Amber are already having problems on every level. This does not bode well. He has a serious case of stick in assitis.
  6. S14.E11: The Three-Hour Live Finale

    Did Becca bother to ask either of them who they voted for?
  7. S14.E11: The Three-Hour Live Finale

    Hearing Garrett read his wedding vows and his proposal speech was like listening to a first grader who’s learning to read. I think she made the wrong choice.
  8. Poor Tristan. He wants so bad to believe Mia that he’s talked himself into it.
  9. S14.E10: The Men Tell All

    Jordan was looking rather rotund for a model, excuse me, male model, in the BIP previews.
  10. S14.E09: Week 9: Overnight Dates (Thailand)

    Garrett seems like he had some kind of traumatic brain injury.
  11. S14.E09: Week 9: Overnight Dates (Thailand)

    Are the fantasy suite nights done on consecutive nights? I mean. I would kind of like a little break between guys to process the night and secondly, eww.
  12. S14.E09: Week 9: Overnight Dates (Thailand)

    When Blake said I find a reason to stay not go in a relationship it kind of won me over. He looked great when he took his shirt off. Didn’t know he had such a nice bod. Garrett would have missed out on the fantasy suite had he not declared his love for Becca. I like that she takes this so seriously and her heart is in the right place. I don’t know why she kept saying what she did to Jason is exactly what Ari did to her. It’s not. He proposed than changed his mind. Garrett has shark eyes. No warmth.
  13. S03.E12: Tell All Part 1

    Does the host even write the questions? It looked like she was handed a stack of cards. Pao having an abortion is much more believable than her having a miscarriage if she was even pregnant at all.
  14. S14.E08: Week 8: Hometown Dates 2018.07.16

    I did! Colton’s Dad look like a big, handsome teddy bear. And yeah, I was expecting Blake’s Mom to be some sort of femme fatale. That hair! Didnt Garrett’s Dad post a lot of racist shit on his Facebook? Definitely mars that family to me.
  15. S14.E08: Week 8: Hometown Dates 2018.07.16

    There was a lot Becca didn’t say about her reasoning for cutting Colton. Maybe she’s concerned for his virginity going into the fantasy suite dates and if he gave it up and she didn’t pick him he’d be more devastated. She might also want to save that honor for Tia now she’s aware of her feelings though I wonder how pissed he’s going to be when he sees Tia cockblocking him. I really thought either Jason or Blake would be sent home so I was shocked when those were the two she picked first at the rose ceremony.