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  1. I feel the same way. There were a couple of times that Adam almost did himself in by doing too much with his presentation. I think he was just so eager to impress the judges that he went a little over the top at times. I'm happy that they acknowledged Lasheeda's skill with combining flavors. What she lacked in presentation, she made up for in tastiness! I would happily try any of their creations.
  2. Even though I like Steve, I still think he was being a bit of an ass at the Q&A when he mentioned Ryan's team members leaving him. Even though the info was supposedly well-known, one doesn't have to bring up a touchy subject like that in that particular setting, IMO. Then he called Ryan a baby for being upset about it. Things might get ugly between these two. I've never seen Ryan look that pissed off! Steve's line about Fredrik arriving too early to the showing was funny though. "Dude came early, and trust me, nobody appreciates that!"
  3. Thanks for clearing that up for me, RHJunkie! I remembered that Fredrik was upset about it, but I couldn't quite remember the details. With Steve apologizing though, I think he realized that it probably wasn't the right thing to do. I wouldn't want to step on Fredrik's toes! I can't figure out if he's playing dumb, or if he really doesn't realize how biting his remarks were about Ryan's associates leaving his brokerage. That was uncool. That was not the right venue in which to bring that up. I wouldn't want to piss off Ryan either!
  4. In fairness to Scott, it takes time to get to know the family dynamics of the person you're dating. New couples are usually forgiving of the other's faults and of their family members, then as time goes by and they get to know their S.O. and their family, that's when you figure out if you can live with certain issues or not. I don't fault him for putting up with her antics if he truly loves her. There's a certain amount of craziness in every relationship, and if you're alright with that, then it doesn't matter what others think about it. FWIW, I think Scott is a handsome young man.
  5. We bless a lot of hearts here in the South! "Bless your heart" is usually said when we're actually thinking, "what a dumb ass thing you did," or any other insult that comes to mind! ;)
  6. Respectfully, it's not a matter of being overly sensitive about Bethenny. We all have our likes and dislikes within this show. I don't hate Bethenny, but after having watched her for years now, her constant criticism of others, along with other things, has worn thin with me. Sometimes I find her funny, other times, not so much.
  7. If Sonja had her way, they would've been laid, rather than paid.
  8. S05.E01 Redemption

    I was so disappointed for Carly that I couldn't even watch the episode! (I checked here after the episode was over to see if it was her in the previews that had to tap out.) Damn. It was. I'll catch up on the next one. Thing is, I've been following her somewhat on her FB page since last year, and not knowing that she was back on the show, I'd seen pictures of her at a normal weight over that time. Once I found out that she was back on Alone, I kind of figured that she had to tap out early since she did not appear to have lost a lot of weight like her initial time on Alone. Even if one was catching fish, I'd imagine that there would still be a significant drop in weight. I was hoping to be wrong, but alas, my instincts were sadly correct. I wish her much success in everything she does. She's one tough woman, and one that I admire a lot.
  9. S05.E01 Redemption

    Oh no. Did she get bit? I haven't watched it yet, but need to know what happened. We were rooting for her.
  10. I remember when he used to shop for baby clothes for his future Milla. I am very happy for him and Derek after all of the disappointment they went through in order to have children. I wish them much happiness! I hope that Ryan and Steve can get past this little hurdle in their relationship. It used to be Ryan and Fredrik having a lot of friction (Ryan did do some stupid things early on!), but it was nice to see them find common ground and become friends. I hope the whole season won't be Steve vs. Ryan. A reality show doesn't necessarily need a lot of drama. YMMV. I want to see some great real estate, and our three guys getting along!
  11. She seems to be a typical helicopter parent. She's not doing Tinsley any favors by acting this way. As far as fax machines are concerned, why does Bethenny feel the need to constantly criticize everybody and everything? So what if someone still uses a fax machine? They're in just about every office I go into it. If Sonja's more comfortable with that mode of communication, then why does Bethenny feel the need to make a big effing deal about it? Live and let live, Bethenny. Your opinion is not needed or wanted on every detail of people's lives. She grates on my nerves with the endless criticism.
  12. That was the line that struck me. I didn't know that Bobby had been so sick for the past year. I've read very little about Jill since her time on the RH, so I wasn't aware that he'd been in and out of the hospital so much. I figured Bethenny would find a way to make his death about her, and she certainly did. Sheesh.
  13. I figured she was just an excuse for us to see a high-end apartment. I doubt that she was looking in that price range, but went along with it in order for Fredrik to showcase this particular property. She probably bought something much less expensive, so they couldn't tell us what she spend so as not to spoil the ruse. I don't mind that so much since I got to see that beautiful apartment. I didn't like that the terrace was basically a stage for the other buildings though. Talk about no privacy!
  14. I saw a young guy driving a van over the weekend with a sticker that read "I used to be cool!" I thought it was funny. (Not that there's anything wrong with a van!!) IIRC, she quit her previous job and went to work with Ryan a couple of seasons ago. I think she's doing something in the Title department. I'm not 100% sure on that, but she wasn't going in as a Realtor at that time. It was some other behind-the-scenes job with his firm. This isn't the first time that Steve said something in which he was seemingly clueless as to his words/actions. Didn't he set up a meeting with one of Fredrik's clients (a builder or owner of a building) in order to become his primary Broker? Again, help me out if I'm remembering this incorrectly! Steve finally realized that he was wrong and apologized to Fredrik at the of the season at a dinner Fredrik & Derek had. Anyway, I'm glad the show is back! Fredrik and his hard on for marble. Too funny.
  15. I liked the cap sleeves too, but the dress just didn't seem to look quite right on her to me, but I liked it much better than the first low-cut one! Some of those strapless dresses are cut so low that I don't know how they stay up! I think that a more modest look in a church setting is the appropriate thing to wear. YMMV.