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  1. Mr. Chat has said that men tend to see illness as a weakness (I don't see it that way, but that's a man's perspective on it.) I would guess that in addition to Eddie feeling bad physically, the mental stress of not being able to do what you love to do and what makes a living for you has got to be tough, then add on to that if he feels somehow less than a man for not being able to provide for his family (again, I don't see it that way, but some men do,) I can understand his anger coming out. On the car ride home, it would've been better if Tamra would've just stopped talking. I have found that where women need to unload all of their emotional turmoil, men tend to clam up. That's just from my humble experience on the matter. They'll talk about "stuff" when they're ready. YMMV. I just hope that Eddie gets better. I was impressed to see Ryan taking an interest in Eddie's health and driving them to and from the procedure.
  2. Apparently Emily's husband had never watched an episode of the show prior to signing on. A dinner combined with alcohol and poker = Whoop It Up, naked wasted and the occasional cat fight. He'd be better off taking the kids to a hotel next time Emily hosts these women in their home!
  3. Emily's MIL reminds me of Cheri Oteri.
  4. I thought it was pretty funny when you first wrote it. :)
  5. It's too bad we didn't get to see more of him on the show. As I said earlier, I was always confused about his and Bethenny's relationship, mainly because we never really got to see them as a couple and doing things together. It seems like they were all kind of mum on the subject.
  6. I understand what you're saying. I guess his death (just like when Russell died) makes me think about how stupid these housewives shows can be with all of the petty squabbling. A death always puts things into perspective.
  7. If they air it, then I want to see it as it was filmed, but since Dennis died, the idea of the reunion just seems so unimportant in the grand scheme of things, IMO. I'd be fine with no reunion at all. Andy can shelve it.
  8. In light of what has transpired over the past 24 hours, I wouldn't mind if they just scrapped the reunion footage altogether. I can live without hearing them all bitch at each other. I'm sure that some of their grievances with Bethenny have to do with hearing her THs throughout the season, but like you said, it's just going to look really bad at this point.
  9. I don't follow her on social media. What did she say? I checked to see if Kyle Richards had posted anything on FB, but she doesn't have anything current there. She may have tweeted something. Again, I don't follow any of these ladies on a regular basis on any of the social media sites. I'm wondering if Kyle might go to NYC to see Bethenny since they are good friends. I'm sure we'll hear more about all of this in the coming days. I have no doubt that the wagons will circle around Bethenny as her friends come to her aid.
  10. She has lots of friends. One doesn't have to be a relative in order to help someone else through the grieving process. Ramona may have her faults, but recalling how she was always checking on Bethenny when she had to have surgery because she was practically hemorrhaging, I really do believe that some of the ladies will step up and help her, among the countless friends we've seen her associate with over the course of her TV career.
  11. I'm pretty sure that Bethenny has an army of friends that she can lean on. I do not believe for one minute that she walks alone on this planet. Condolences to her during this very difficult time.
  12. Since he hasn't been on the show very much, and people didn't say anything about him on camera, I was always confused about his marital status and why he wasn't already divorced. There must be a good reason in there somewhere, but hearing his wife say that he was the love of her life just confuses me more.
  13. I don't think so. He asked his assistant to give him Narcan. He knew he was in trouble by his own hand. Sad.
  14. For some reason, that sounds like something Sonja would proudly hawk. She could pair that with a product called 'The Jitney Jumpsuit.' It comes complete with a built-in diaper for those long rides out to the Hamptons. The shit-and-go product of the year. ETA: I'm not making fun of people who need adult diapers. Sonja lives in shit at home, but yet she won't use the toilet on the bus. Go figure.
  15. I thought the same thing. Forget the new homes, I'd take that one! I loved the outdoor dining and courtyard area.