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  1. S16.E07: Carne!

    Knowing these judges, they probably would've bitched about huge portions (even though the one lady wanted a steak that she could pick up with her hands and eat off of the bone.) Some of the judges are the like the 3 bears: My portion is too big; My portion is too small; and you'll rarely hear 'my portion is just right!' You're right though. They should've put more focus on the meat and not try to fancy it up so much.
  2. I think she did. She wasn't laughing, and she had a look on her face that, to me, looked like she felt bad for Georgie in that he was being humiliated. I wouldn't be surprised if she ends up dating Georgie. As for Sheldon, I'm so glad that we got to see the story play out of him trying to make a nuclear reactor. Thanks writers for that!
  3. Say Yes To The Dress

    It's probably just knowing that you're going to the supposed best of the best in bridal stores, and you should be awed just stepping foot in the building! ;) It does appear though that the sales consultants are really good at helping brides find their perfect dress, so it's probably all about customer service with Kleinfelds - which is important when you get a super picky bride like last night! If I were shopping there, I'd at least want a glass of champagne and some fine chocolates to make my experience extra special!
  4. S16.E07: Carne!

    I can't get past the chefs who have sweat dripping off their face while cooking. That plus the raw meat made me want to puke. I had a waitress one time who had beads of sweat rolling off of her face. Needless to say, I lost my appetite.
  5. That's the way I see him. He's a grown up Sheldon. That's why I find Connie's attraction to him a little weird. Anyway, Dr. Sturgis will learn that things like building a nuclear reactor is no small science project for Sheldon. He wants to power the whole neighborhood and beyond! Dr. Sturgis is loveably naïve when it comes to Sheldon's capabilities.
  6. That's a good point! I didn't think about it that way. It would be funny if older Sheldon said that Penny is like string beans to him. That would be a cute shout out for viewers of this show.
  7. S12.E13: The Confirmation Polarization

    I agree. Penny could've been just as effective by coming in with a confident attitude rather than looking like the bull in the china shop. Bernadette is just downright rude to many of her coworkers, and I hate the way they portray her as a shrew sometimes.
  8. I found it interesting in tonight's episode when MeeMaw was explaining to her boyfriend why she didn't want to go to the dinner with him. She was nervous because she didn't go to college and she was a screw-up in high school. It made me wonder if this might be one reason that older Sheldon bonded with Penny. She is similar to his MeeMaw in several ways, especially with their street smarts. Both of them have a way of telling Sheldon the brutal truth at times. Just a thought. ;)
  9. She had a Christmas show in which she sang quite a bit without her puppets. She is very talented and I wish her much success in everything she does!
  10. Well, I'm bummed that Darci Lynne didn't go through. I'm not a fan of either of the 2 acts that went through tonight. I think I'll just wait until it gets down to the finales to tune back in.
  11. Kids Baking Championship

    I'm glad to see them ease up on them a little bit. It probably takes a couple of tapings for the kids to get used to the kitchen, the time limit, and the twist. At least with the honey, it wasn't some oddball ingredient they had to deal with. Honey seems fairly easy to incorporate into a cheesecake.
  12. Kids Baking Championship

    I wondered if any of them had time to put their finished cheesecake in the blast cooler (not sure you can do that and how it would affect it,) because the thought of a warm cheesecake doesn't sound good to me! IMO, a cheesecake needs to sit and cool so as to bring out the flavors in it. Most of them did look delicious though. I love cheesecake too, Paige!
  13. Say Yes To The Dress

    The bling they added to the straps turned out well. Sometimes it's just a few little tweaks here and there that make all the difference! I don't care for the dresses with the huge Swarovski crystals all over them. IMO, less is more in that regard. A few are nice, but sometimes the designers go overboard with the bling.
  14. S03.E10: R-O-- ROLL M-O-- MODEL

    That plotline was kind of weak to me. All they had to do was be honest about having a brother with special needs, and they would've fit right in with the group. I guess neither he or Dylan was ready to open up about their feelings in the beginning. I don't like this Ray. I get it that his hormones are probably getting the best of him, but he's been unusually horrible. I'm also disappointed that Maya has continually lied to JJ his whole life. I know she meant well, but still, it would make one wonder what else she's lied about.
  15. I think that Sheldon gave him the stink eye a few times, or I could be remembering it wrong! Sheldon did say that he made sure to remind his Dad about it for a long time after that.