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  1. The Awards Thread: The Golden Throne

    He looked so familiar to me! It was driving me crazy. Turns out I was delusional, lol. He's the son of EP Carolyn Strauss. She's the woman standing between D&D.
  2. S01E08 Prague 07.22.2018

    Agree, and his biggest lack is in the people-skills department. He may have good ideas on paper, but he's no salesman. He comes off as desperate/try-hard. He lacks charisma, which for all his assholishness, Papa Logan does not. Poor Kendall not only can't convince new prospects to come on board, he can't even get his supposed allies to stay loyal. I know -- I'm afraid that even if the hostile takeover is successful, what's-his-name and Stewy will end up screwing Kendall over. Although I guess for plot purposes, Kendall has to have some victories along the way. Otherwise he'll just end up dead in an alley somewhere.
  3. I miss Sami so much. I left Days when she did and I only started watching again this past November after I found out she was back, along with Chandler Massey. I didn't realize she just shows up once in awhile for short stints. That's hardly satisfying. And now I have my soap habit back and I'm stuck with it, lol. She absolutely does! Whatever happened to Ann Milbauer? Her hatred of Jennifer and Jennifer's spawn was a beautiful thing. She would be all over helping Gabi change that paternity test.
  4. Agreed. The way Kim and Shane have been thrown under the bus (while they're offscreen just trying to live their lives and mind their own business, lol) in this whole ludicrous story is a real slap in the face to their fans.
  5. I've felt like Eve has been skeptical of Theresa's account of events ever since she returned. Maggie too, for that matter. Even Justin yesterday was quick to blame the victim. This story is so weird to me, I can't figure out who the writers think we should be rooting for. On the one hand there's Jen Lilley on Twitter talking about Theresa being a sex slave (and it's pretty clear to any viewer over the age of 12 that Theresa wasn't forcibly kidnapped and held prisoner just so she could clean house) but on the show, it seems the writers are very careful to never let Theresa or anyone else utter the "R" word or mention sex at all. Why is that? And literally no one on the show shows the slightest bit of sympathy for Theresa except JJ. Everyone else treats her like she has a big old scarlet letter on her chest. But on the other hand, if the writers think we should be on Eve & Brady's side, why are they making Eve so shrewish and hateful and smug? KdP sitting in the gallery rolling her eyes and scoffing was so over the top and offensive. Gah, I hate this story. I hate all child custody stories, they end up making everyone look bad. I just wish Theresa would forget about awful, awful Brady (and what was up with his beard yesterday, yuck) and take advantage of the dreamboat she's currently rooming with.
  6. My take was it didn't take her but a minute to realize it's to her benefit if Tripp thinks Ciara dumped him because she's capricious and bitchy as opposed to triggered and traumatized.
  7. This Is Our Speculation Without Spoilers Topic

    I bet you're exactly right, if the kids are in the final episode they'd have to film those parts now or very soon. Fogelman says he has a "path for each season", as well as how the series itself will end, right down to the final scene. I hope he's strong enough to end it according to his pre-planned timeline and not cave to NBC. You know they'll be putting heavy-duty pressure on him when that day comes around. LOL!
  8. S16.E19: Grand Finale

    When you say double letter, to me that's LL, NN, etc, not a letter repeated in the name but not adjacent to it. I think there are too many names (and words in general) that fit into that category for it to be significant. However I DO think it's trippy that the majority of AI winners have actual double letters in their names. Interesting also that all the winners that don't have double letters were in the last four seasons of Fox AI, with the exception of Taylor. I guess they weren't true winners! Lol
  9. S38 spoilers

    It'd be cool if they let fans vote, but my preference would be first-time returnees only and have voters choose among women candidates for two of the captains and men for the other two.
  10. Questions and Speculations

    I'm wondering about Maeve's daughter, now that she's found her. Maeve has the ability to awaken her, allow her access to all her memories, make her self-aware (I think) so will she? If so, would this child with years and years of memories and new-found self-awareness become a virtual adult trapped in a child's body, like Claudia from Interview with a Vampire? If not now then surely eventually as her personality/mind ages but her body doesn't. Will the daughter be OK with that or will she want to be uploaded into a new, mature body? Can the hosts do that with the park all dismantled and most of the human workers dead? I guess it remains to be seen what Maeve and company plan to do now that her quest has been achieved.
  11. S36.E15: Live Reunion Show

    I don't think whether or not you played a good social game is something you can convince a jury of by the time FTC rolls around. Good social game is in the eye of the beholder, whether or not they feel a connection to you is up to them to decide, not for you to convince them of. It's based on emotion, not really subject to logical arguments. Chrissy tried the same thing and it didn't go over well for her either. If jurors felt snubbed by her, her reminding them of "that one time we totally bonded" wasn't going to change their minds. I mean clearly Wendell did play a very decent social game, both as a provider and a nice guy, but if the five who didn't vote for him liked Dom better, there wasn't much Wendell could have done at that point. It's one reason I don't like the new jury format with it's forced constructs of "outwit, outplay, outlast".
  12. Season 36 Rumors and Spoilers

    Quoting myself to say that wouldn't really work. The 4th place person would end up getting to vote twice, presumably for the same person they voted for the first time. They'd have to have some other tie-breaker and what would that be? Fire again? Boring. Whoever predicted we won't be seeing any more 9-person juries as long as there's an F3 in order to avoid a 3-way tie is most likely exactly right.
  13. S36.E15: Live Reunion Show

    I don't think you should have had your hand slapped for that, especially last season (or any of the recent newbie seasons) when the speculation and spoiler threads were virtually identical. The returnee seasons have been spoiled like crazy but this is the first time in a long time there's been an accurate bootlist in a newbie season. JMO but if someone reads the spoiler thread I think it's OK to post in the speculation thread as long as they're making general comments and not "speculating" about known spoilers. This season there was a boot list (that turned out to be wrong in the order of bootees from merge up to F5), but no spoilers about any other details like idol play, challenge wins, etc, like there have been in seasons past, so I don't see anything wrong with speculating about stuff like that. But if anyone feels strongly about it, they should PM the mod with a suggestion that they impose a rule that spoiler posters not post in the spec thread at all. That's what they had to do in the GoT forum when the fake "speculating" got out of control by certain book readers. I don't blame anyone for being annoyed by that.
  14. S36.E15: Live Reunion Show

    Cleaned up, she kind of reminded me of Mary Beth Evans (Kayla on Days/formerly Katherine on GH). She looked gorgeous.
  15. S36.E15: Live Reunion Show

    Nope, not a word.