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  1. S04.E10: Suspicious Minds

    Superman and Supergirl are the heroes that wear a "mask" in their non-hero form. It's logical for people to speculate about who's behind Spider-Man or Batman's mask, but it's somehow just a given that the supers wear some disguise when they're not being super and it really isn't. If the DEO can't deal with not having total control over Supergirl then they'd better put a Kryptonite bullet in her because pissing her off could turn out incredibly bad.
  2. Schooled

    Was ABC the network that aired the R. Kelly investigation? Good to know. I was pretty sure I still wasn't interested in The Goldbergs. Empty Nest was funny because Harry was a widower and living by himself, an empty nester. Then both daughters moved in halfway through the first season and Carol stayed the entire series. The title basically made no sense. GG, EN and Nurses had connected blocks called "Moonlight Madness" a couple of times where one plot would carry through the shows. This show seems a lot like The "Bad Teacher" TV series that only had one season. Plus, it's weird that episodes occur years apart in "the 90's". I also looked up "She's all that." The girl's name was Laney.
  3. Silk Stalkings

    And over 25 since the show premiered. The show was cancelled on CBS for the "new" David Letterman Late Show.
  4. S05.E11: The Dark Year

    The year of dark meat.
  5. S04.E10: Suspicious Minds

    And Kara thought Cat drooling over her cousin was weird.
  6. S04.E10: Suspicious Minds

    She had a Brunette wig in the Supergirl movie from the 80's. This is giving me Flash flashbacks from last season. There is basically no downside and all upside to killing Haley, since the writers have made her so one-dimensionally evil. At least John (J'onn) should have wiped out most of her memories and skills so she could be removed from the DEO. It's so stupid to make someone so completely worthy of killing because you know the hero won't kill them. Of course, Supergirl can't really kill anyone, but they've done it on Arrow and Oliver used to kill people just for seeing him use his fighting skills. The dumbness was strong in this episode. Plus, how much of Alex's brain is gone? Does she remember Kara's superpowers that are entirely identical to Supergirl's? She's known Kara since she was a teenager. Maybe she'll forget coming out, too. Then we can see that all over again.
  7. I think there's a pretty big barrier to Taleya and Ed, considering her brother was one of the dead Krill from the infiltration mission.
  8. The Thirteenth Doctor: Jodie Whittaker

    "It's a TV show" is a little glib because the show is Doctor Who. Long time fans have some expectation that if the name on the tin is something they know, they should be able to recognize the contents. If you buy carrots and there are peas inside, there's some trickery going on. If you buy mixed vegetables and you get corn instead of peas in the mix, that's change. One of the problems with reboots is that the producers want to make it their own and the studio rarely cares how much or little respect they have for the source material. For me, New Doctor Who has had its ups and downs, regardless of The Doctor's gender. Some original series fans have said that Romana would have been a better template for a female Doctor and that Whittaker is acting against bad material. There's so much new and original content out there that rewriting a classic show would seem to be superfluous. Regardless, I don't think a female Doctor in and of itself is killing the franchise.
  9. The Krill were going to figure out the fake command code thing eventually, anyway. Letting her go kind of reminds me of the whole TNG thing with Hugh. First, they were going to upload a virus against the Borg, then they figured his uniqueness would infect the Borg. And it did, not that it really helped. Back in the 60's and 70's a "computer" was a singular thing with a memory bank that was a treasure trove of information. Now, everything tends to be live and cloud-based. In that way, the Krill would only have access to make specific queries until the access was turned off. Here's an interesting (to me) parallel between TNG and Orville. Picard only dated one crew member of the Enterprise, ("Lessons") who worked in Stellar Cartography. Janel Tyler was a Dark Matter Cartographer.
  10. S01.E09: Standoff

    I didn't know because I watched that part out of order. That was presidential address night and my recorder stopped early.
  11. Is there a sister ship called the Wilbur?
  12. Tachyons, the "a wizard did it" of Sci-fi.
  13. Or maybe TNG / DS9 did the alien face surgery thing twice a season.
  14. I notice Michaela McManus was listed as "uncredited" for S2E01 in IMDB. It probably would have been a giveaway (not to me, but someone) if she was in the credits because she was Teleya last season. Also, Ed brought up two scifi TV tropes. 1. Teleya somehow fit in perfectly as a human being with what must be limited and blasphemous information. 2. That aliens do not use contractions, making their speech seem alien and exotic.
  15. That episode was about 95% ST:TNG. Even the comedy stuff was very much like something you'd see on an episode of the series.