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  1. S01.E01: Pilot

    I think that's true for a lot of these cases. Older people, people with advanced degrees, think they want to be in law enforcement but they don't have the follow-through. I can see why the police don't really want to waste time and money on training rookies who will either quit early or endanger the public as loose cannons. Mostly, I just look at it as a decent cop show and Fillion's character as a police officer who never got promoted.
  2. I think that guy West was portrayed worse. He totally froze when the bullets started to fly. I'll be okay with a one and done season. How long can he be a rookie, anyway? I just wish networks would plan for more limited run program rather than this Hunger Games schedule where producers try to retool mid-season to hang on for a renewal.
  3. I keep wondering what the real story is. Was there actually a 40 y.o. rookie in the LAPD? Did it work out?
  4. S01.E01: Pilot

    That was not terrible. It's also not a total Fillion vehicle, which is good.
  5. At one point I was thinking about how I wanted this show to be like MANTIS and it's becoming "Lean on Me."
  6. Comet TV just picked up Babylon 5 and is currently airing it at 9pm ET and noon ET the next day. It's available on some broadcast stations, but it also steams live (at least in the US) on comettv.com. The main drawback for me is that they're showing it in widescreen format, and the top and bottom of the original picture is cut off.
  7. The whole thing with Mel was handled badly. She went from simply rubbing everyone the wrong way to torturing Niles and alienating everyone else.
  8. Small Talk: Cafe Nervosa

    It looks like it's still on COZI TV from 8-10. Sometimes the channels change networks or the main channel preempts it.
  9. He wasn't actually raped, mostly tied to a chair.
  10. S03.E06: The Source

    We get a very good idea of who likely did it and why.
  11. S05.E13: Damocles. Part Two 2018.08.07

    It's a matter of resources. If they had something like a 3-D printer, it could make the replacement parts given enough raw materials. If food were plentiful and they could create enough energy for heat and light and communication, I don't see why they couldn't create small scale factories. Of course, technological innovation on Earth is largely driven by financial motives, and that may not be in play on Earth 2.
  12. S05.E13: Damocles. Part Two 2018.08.07

    Or they cannibalized the Eligius 3 ship to build Earth 2. So far, we've had regressed civilization (Grounders) attacking the 100 as a fearsome enemy. We've had an advanced society (Mt. Weather) using the 100 as biological specimens to solve a medical crisis. We had Alie trying to save humanity by downloading them into an AI a la "The Matrix." Finally, the remainder of civilization had to struggle to survive, yet ending up destroying any chance they had with petty squabbles. Obviously, they can't land on some kind of utopia with resources and a social structure that works well. The viewers would be bored and the show would be cancelled. My bet is that Earth 2 will have advanced technology, but strict laws that will turn Wonkru and company into criminals almost immediately.
  13. S05.E13: Damocles. Part Two 2018.08.07

    It's not clear if any of the crew had access to those files. The missile system was locked out mostly to keep someone from launching the missiles at the ground. I couldn't keep track. Is Eligius 3 the ship they're on or another ship that went to Earth 2? Otherwise, they'll be some sort of civilization there and another dumbass fight for resouces.
  14. S05.E13: Damocles. Part Two 2018.08.07

    I thought Monty said he could grow plants using the algae as nutrient, then plant them in the barren ground. Then again, if that were possible, he could do it somewhere outside of the Damocles zone and restart the Earth in a couple decades.
  15. S02.E09: The General / S02.E10: Chinatown

    It reminds me of the gnomes from South Park 1. Do evil stuff 2. ??????????? 3. Rule the world