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  1. Khloe

    Is her dad Franklin?
  2. S04.E01: Episode 1 2018.06.17

    A television show is supposed to be entertaining. I used to watch and root for Helen. Most of the characters (save for Vic) are insufferable. I still watch because I guess I need closure or comeuppance for all of these assholes.
  3. Congratulations, you've just given PMK a new business idea.
  4. S04.E01: Episode 1 2018.06.17

    she's out sleeping with someone else's husband in fairness, it's a charter school lol
  5. Kylie

    I always thought shoes like would fog up as soon as your feet warmed up...
  6. Season Two : All Episodes Talk

    You never know how the execs work - I can't see how this show will survive. I hope at least they don't leave us hanging. I'm not a Lebron fan at all, but I hated how Survivor's Remorse was yanked off of the STARS schedule.
  7. Season Two : All Episodes Talk

    I understand the need for realism - but maybe my disappointment in the show had to do with, "there is already so much to be depressed about - can't this show have a little happiness?!" Thank you, Cindy Chupak for a little bit less of the downer in the latest episode. Cassie is still not one of my favorites - especially after telling Goldie about Jessie. She just comes across as very needy. I loved that Adam stuck up for (still can't remember his name) Angarano's character - telling Cassie not to try and talk to him at that time. Saw a bit more humanity in the Nick's character - he did stand up for the young boy in Tempe and standing up to the uncle. Don't forgive, but understand why he cheated with Cassie and the drug use. Bill. Still don't like Bill, but whatever. LOL every show needs a downer, I suppose - well he did get Nick to Tempe. Still like Adam and Ralph - hope their show works out. Goldie hopefully got through to her bratty daughter. Edgar still is a character that has little development - but Al Madrigal is the reason I watch this show. (GO CATS '89) lol. Absolutely love how the episode ended in the closet.
  8. Season Two : All Episodes Talk

    This show has very unlikable characters. I like Adam and the young guy Cassie is with now, Ralph and that's it. Bill? is a downer and ugh. I guess being vested in this show would entail learning the characters' names. Cindy Chupak is a good writer but I don't know where this show can go.
  9. Khloe

    Is it messed up to say that True reminds me of Franklin the Turtle?
  10. Khloe

    what Version? I think we're up to Kim 1754.5
  11. Kris: Pimp Momager

    ...or the cast of Fraggle Rock
  12. Nah, probably one of those party ones, so she can get free drinks. lol
  13. Khloe

    nah. just checking Instagrm
  14. Other sites accusing her of photo shopping. Nice picture of Robert, Sr. with all of this children.