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  1. I described myself as a low level dance mom because my daughter went to a comp school - but because of funds - did not always compete. She did the musicals at school and the director told the cast on day one: "arriving early is on time, on time is late, and late is fired." That has always stuck with her.
  2. Kylie

    Why does it look like her backside was photoshopped to her front?
  3. For shows, my daughter's former teachers would always recommend Bloch flesh colored jazz shoes over Capezio. Having grown up myself dancing with Capezio shoes, I always wondered why. The explanation was the Capezio shoes were an "off" color and the Bloch a better match to "light suntan" tights. This being said - do they give have a sponsorship with a certain company for tights? Half of them wear these too dark tights that totally spoil the lines of their dancing! Sorry nitpicking rant!
  4. Did I miss what happened to Lacey(?) - the 50 yard line/slow choreo learner? Did she leave? Or am I mixing up her name?
  5. So when we watch week to week, the viewers know that the show team has no chance of being cut? I wonder if anyone has tried out for show team and not made it? That's kind of knowing your chances of making the team kinda slim. Thank you!
  6. Kylie

    I just started watching and don't really see pictures of them, except maybe on here. Maybe all I've seen are the photoshopped versions. Conception is a frame of time that really is not what most people believe it is. For me, to believe that Travis is the baby's father - has to be some sort of kismet. The window of their relationship, at least what's been revealed, is such a short timeline. I mean "Asian" by what standards? Almond shaped eyes? If that were the case - then True, even looks Asian.
  7. S15.E02: The Art of the Prank

    Ok, I think they are all insipid - but Kris... really? She runs an empire, but doesn't Google? or has heard of Art Vandelay? Kim, I don't understand how she can offer for Kendall to stay with her - but neglect to tell her that her house was sold? She lies, so much or deflects or whatever.
  8. Sorry another newbie question - can you make "show team" without making the squad squad? Just using Lauren as an example - but the viewers knew weeks ahead that she had made show team.
  9. Kylie

    I'm Asian and I don't see the Asian in Stormi, but I just think that baby is Tyga's; Maybe someone else's (not feeling the bodyguard) but not Travis' either.
  10. Kylie

    Well, Tyga = half black/half Vietnamese + Kylie = white, therefore Stormi = 1/4 black, 1/4 Asian, 1/2 white. Mystery solved.
  11. Whenever I hear this - I think of Chris Rock's assessment. Bobby Brown is the King of R&B - ribs and barbeque. Ralph T will always have a place in my heart. His loyalty hurt him - but he can at least say, he did the right thing for the whole. Was never a Bobby fan - but "Every Little Step" is a an OG jam. I hope the new bio piece still has some NE parts.
  12. Is this so the judges and the viewers remember who they are?
  13. Sorry - newbie here. Do they really not show "day 2?" Because when they are on the field - they are wearing the same outfits from "day 1."
  14. I so agree. Ballet is the foundation of dance. Without technique - you're really just doing tricks. For example Maddie on Dance Moms was considered the bomb - but when push came to shove, could barely hold her releve'. I shake my head when I watch the auditions and see how long it takes most of them to go into a pirouette and they end up falling out of it anyway.
  15. Top Chef Junior Anticipation

    Maybe too many scallops. I was commercial skipping and I thought I had fast forwarded too much. I like how they were fan-boying over last year's contestants. Yet, I couldn't help comparing the contestants. IE the fan-boying contestant is this year's Milo, etc.