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  1. S15.E10: Let's Play Ball!

    lol lol lol
  2. I felt like she didn't have the heart to cut anyone that night because Sparky Polastri (sorry that's who he reminded me of - SPIRIT FINGERS) put a lot of them on blast. I feel like that it wasn't just Bridget who did badly. That choreo was just way too intricate to learn in a few hours. Unless - he really was just looking for the "gist" of the piece. It felt disjointed to me.
  3. Is there a GED version of an undergrad degree? Maybe Trump U will bestow one?
  4. The Speculation with Spoilers Saturation

    With the introduction of Tam in YS, I wondered if Steven Yuen (from TWD) was supposed to be Tam.
  5. I eye roll because Kelli says DCC are world class dancers - then why would someone like Malena make it to training camp? She tells the vets that the rookies are the "best ever" - she clarifies by saying and naming all the collegiate/professional teams they come from. Yet - this is not something new. How many times has she said that it doesn't matter if a girl comes from another professional team? DCC are "world class" and they have their own DCC "style" - I can't figure out what that style is.
  6. All Episodes Talk: Broad Lawns & Narrow Minds

    When Mr. Podolner remarked it was his "job" to help black students succeed, I winced. I just got the "white savior" feel from him - again. If he really likes Lauryn Hill, more power to him - then the eyeroll from Jada is not appreciated. But - his "schtick" is curious - genuine? Or just him playing savior? Meeting Ke-Shawn, up to know, he just reinforces the "white students want to try harder" feeling. I know he has a lot going one -but a lot of people have drama in their lives. The Stanford bound wrestler is succeeding - is he an anomaly ? But he has two parents, etc.... what about Grant? Mr. Noble - I got a genuine feeling from him - until he mentioned not wanting to force the issue with Terrence's mom. Now we know why - she's litigious. At least the counselor had the balls to ask "does Terrence want to go to college?" I didn't know what to expect - I guess I just wanted to see real lives and not contrived situations. Caroline's visit to her mom's housekeeper. Cringe worthy. It didn't feel genuine - did they just visit for camera time? They didn't even know what room she was in. Caroline's mom stuck her tongue out when talking about how she was uncomfortable about growing up wealthy. I mean that's weird - she's not wealthy now. I feel for Diane - who gets told time and time again "that she will never know how it feels... " I guess when we stop counting "who has it harder."
  7. I love how Khloe, who can't keep a man, is trying to give Kim advice. Khloe, you could give a man a bathtub full of bandaids and your ass will still get left. That "pharmacy" was fake as hell - looked like a set with weak ass props. There was a word doc stuck on a shelf that said "first aid" or something janky like that.
  8. If the boots are custom fit .... what a waste!
  9. Do you give them back if you get cut?
  10. Khloe

    I belong to the camp that believes - if you want to post you, your babies, your baubles, your booty, etc. then don't get butt hurt if any or all of the above are called ugly. I think she has no defense. lol
  11. Khloe

    Do they do it themselves or have professionals do it? She looks more like a turtle! SMH LOL - because God forbid you call True dark!
  12. All Episodes Talk: Broad Lawns & Narrow Minds

    without seeing the rest of the episodes, it's hard to say. When I watched, I thought of the quote from the first white kid "white kids seem to care more about doing well." So her scenes are either shown to prove this or not. In terms of this girl (the freshman) I want to say her name is Veronica - but that may be Jada's white friend; I think she has more of a back story. She talks about doing well - almost to the point of obsession. I don't think it's just because she's "white." Her sister was at the top of her class, got the most scholarships, etc. I think she feels she has to live up to her parents, her own, her sister's expectations. Also, her father was out of work (in his field) for a LONG time, getting good grades - would obviously grant her merit aid somewhere. Our family is not white, but not AA. When I watched this segment, I was very surprised that the sister - who had won all these scholarships, etc. attends a "non name" college and looks to be an art major. My culture (generally speaking) would have seen that as a "waste" and not practical. It's not as if this family was so financially secure that it didn't matter what the daughter majored in. I see that difference culturally anywhere - white families seem to foster, encourage, etc. their children's dreams. My culture, just seems to focus on being "successful." Granted, most of our families are immigrants and the focus stems from coming from poverty. Not American poverty - but third world, poverty. I said earlier that I got the "white girl problems" vibe from her - in the same way that Charles describes Hannah's poem.
  13. All Episodes Talk: Broad Lawns & Narrow Minds

    I think his mom was fighting putting him in the lower track - that's why Mr. Noble knew it wasn't worth fighting her on it. Terrence had to just deal with the failing grade. I feel so sad when I see his segments.
  14. All Episodes Talk: Broad Lawns & Narrow Minds

    I can't tell if the band and theater at OPRF are considered white activities. Yes? As that's why Kendale and Grant are the anomalies in these groups? The fall play seemed very diverse - the lead (Elizabeth?, the one who takes Grant under her wing) is very talented!