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  1. Spoiler Discussion Thread: The Sequel

    Now that we've had almost 2 seasons of Dinah, I think JH's flirty acting is just her acting because she's basically like it all the time. I don't even know if she's doing it intentionally, I think that's just her? It's like when she swaggers into the crime scene or down the hallway. Who does that?! She needs to read the room/scene better, IMO. There are other moments where she reacts completely differently than the scene requires. It's weird. I will laugh if this "partnership" consists of Oliver and Dinah going to crime scenes and Oliver running off to Felicity for help all the time though. Maybe he should just be working on his own with his wife, you know? The SCPD are useless! I genuinely don't really see the point of this storyline tbh. Unless, of course, that's where it's heading? Oliver realizing, again, that the Police are useless and he can't do things within the law? Otherwise I got nothing.
  2. Spoiler Discussion Thread: The Sequel

    Yeah, it was awkward. The whole thing just feels off and I can’t really explain why?
  3. Spoiler Discussion Thread: The Sequel

    Sigh. JH really needs some acting lessons. Is there any reason for her to be so smug and kinda flirty in that scene? No. And the rookie comment still annoys me, haha. I'm already over this partnership if these are the kind of scenes to expect now. Yikes.
  4. Spoiler Discussion Thread: The Sequel

    I just want to know about Felicity’s storyline outside of Olicity and the flashforwards (which she’s not even in). But nada!
  5. Spoiler Discussion Thread: The Sequel

    Well. I don’t care about a BOP episode and I don’t want to watch an all flashforward episode so I’m very much meh about all of this tbh. 😂 Really, Beth. Thinking Dinah and the rest of the flashforward crew can carry a whole episode is the dumbest thing I’ve heard. 🙄
  6. Spoiler Discussion Thread: The Sequel

    It looks like a kiss! I just hope it’s not one like the wedding reception episode where they filmed at the wrong angle and we saw nothing. I wanna see mouths touching, directors! 😂 I’m personally still not convinced she’s even Olicity’s kid but I think if they did have kids, they’d probably have a difficult upbringing. Their parents are vigilantes. They’ll probably get kidnapped by the villain at some point. Their home will likely get broken into. All those things have happened to William already and is pretty rough going compared to the average upbringing.
  7. Spoiler Discussion Thread: The Sequel

    No one can beat the Community documentary episode narrated by Keith David. The standard is too high! 😂 I’m not sure about this tbh. It’s different for Arrow, which is something, and I’m glad William is back yay. But it also could be terrible, haha. Guess we’ll see!
  8. Spoiler Discussion Thread: The Sequel

    I'm gonna hazard a guess that the Oliver and Laurel interview scene is from 711 and maybe the "past coming back to haunt them" is nothing more than them being GA and BC, even though she's only pretending to be E1 LL and I never really saw BC as making a huge impact on the public, although maybe I've just forgotten. IDK.
  9. Spoiler Discussion Thread: The Sequel

    I won’t be able to watch the next few episodes but I think I’d be skipping them anyway by the sounds of it. 😴
  10. Spoiler Discussion Thread: The Sequel

    That show would get cancelled. 😂
  11. Not surprised. There’s spoiling and then there’s teasing and Beth isn’t doing either. This hiatus has been dead because there’s been nothing to talk about.
  12. Beth is getting on my last nerve tbh. 🙄
  13. Spoiler Discussion Thread: The Sequel

    Sadly I think Oliver working for the SCPD is really his job for good now or at least the rest of the season. Kinda sucks because it means more Dinah but also because it’s just...weird. IDK. Not a fan at all.
  14. Spoiler Discussion Thread: The Sequel

    I still don’t know how Oliver and Laurel’s past could be connected enough to haunt them? I don’t really remember anything E1 Laurel has done that would affect BS now, and certainly not something also linked to Oliver. The only thing connected with Oliver and BS is Diaz but he sounds like an entirely separate plot with ARGUS. It would be great if BS does finally come across some consequences for pretending to be Laurel all this time though because it just hasn’t been realistic. She’s had it way too easy.
  15. Spoiler Discussion Thread: The Sequel

    Ohhh. Thank you! My brain is not all there at the moment, haha.