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  1. Spoiler Discussion Thread

    Oliver better not be going to Rene’s to apologize or ask for help. 😠
  2. Spoiler Discussion Thread

    I don’t actually see this as Olicity relationship drama because it’s not really about them or their relationship? It’s more Oliver lashing out at the ones he loves the most because he’s angry and frustrated. That’s nothing to do with Olicity at all, it’s just that Felicity is there to get the brunt of his anger. That being said, I just hope it doesn’t cause Olicity drama, haha. But I don’t think it will. I feel like they want to avoid that tbh.
  3. Spoiler Discussion Thread

    Me too. I always liked Anatoly tbh.
  4. Spoiler Discussion Thread

    Unless "old friend" is Anatoly which leads in to the shifting allegiances in 620?
  5. Spoiler Discussion Thread

    At first I assumed it was Chase but the "old friend" has thrown me a bit. This is true. Catch 22 of not wanting them in the episodes but also wanting Oliver & Co to punch them all in the face. It's a conundrum. 😂
  6. Spoiler Discussion Thread

    I wonder what happens in 617 for Oliver to be in his darkest place yet? Also I'm all for a little bit of Olicity angst because it's the kind of angst I don't mind but I wish he'd lash out at the 3 assholes who've treated him (and his team) like crap for weeks now. That would be nice too.
  7. Spoiler Discussion Thread

    I don’t know if it is but it kinda reminds me of the set from the S4 or maybe even S5 flashbacks? I can’t remember exactly but there was a prison set. IDK. But I’m wondering if Oliver is being kept somewhere.
  8. Spoiler Discussion Thread

    That pic of Anatoly...is that the same set SA was on when he posted pics of his kid? Maybe Oliver and Anatoly are in scenes together?
  9. Spoiler Discussion Thread

    No offense to EK but I see Curtis now (and any of the newbies really) and in my head I instantly go NO! GTFO. Oh dear. 😂 I had a theory a while back that Anatoly might switch allegiances but who knows what this means. His chair might just be on that set for whatever reason. Though they really should have focused more on Anatoly than this lame ass Dragon dude with his little 3D printer. 😔
  10. But I thought he said FB was the best place ever? 🤔😂
  11. Spoiler Discussion Thread

    If only Felicity had a storyline that matched her screentime! Maybe next season? So she hasn't filmed at all? They really just dropped that whole thing.
  12. Visually the DC movies are great. Everything else about them is a mess, IMO (Wonder Woman aside, which I loved). IDK how to explain it but they feel kind of shallow, like they're only made for comic book fans and viewers are just supposed to know what's going on and who the characters are. I also feel like a lot of the movies have been rushed and the order of their release makes little sense. I feel like there's a whole movie or two missing in between Man of Steel and Batman vs Superman where they could have set up a lot of characters and conflicts, like Lex Luthor. And the Justice League movie probably should have come later, once all the characters had their own movies released first. Basically they've failed in the world/universe building whereas Marvel, for example, has taken the time to build up each character individually and so the Infinity War movies feel earned. That's not to say Marvel are perfect, far from it. But on the whole I respect and enjoy the universe they've created and I feel like they're made for ALL viewers, not just comic fans.
  13. Spoiler Discussion Thread

    I always assumed this season would end with Oliver coming out as GA so maybe having it happen a couple of episodes earlier would be a twist, I guess? Do we know if the FBI lady has filmed at all? I find it really strange how she went nowhere. There was potential there.
  14. Ah. So just another one of his failed decisions then. There's been a few, IMO.