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  1. Small Talk: The Quiver

    I figured it could only get worse. Ugh. I won't be watching the show & I gave away the book.
  2. Small Talk: The Quiver

    Thank god! I only read it because so many people pushed it on me, and I hated it. Everyone I know loves the book.
  3. Iris leaving would mean I wouldn't need to DVR flash anymore. She's the only reason I even bother watching some of the episodes.
  4. Spoiler Discussion Thread

    Well, at least Diggle made it into the description of the episode that's supposedly his lol. The only way I care about Curtis having a new bf, is if he leaves with him.
  5. Spoiler Discussion Thread

    Listen, I know the worst will happen and noobs will be forgiven... but I'd prefer if that bloody face is from a beatdown from Dragon, BS, and NTA (who've gone to the evil side).
  6. For comparison. I'm sure the mask was made for her, because they're molded to fit the actors faces but they could've given her something better. There's no reason why Cisco couldn't say something like: thank god I have all these masks, and pulled out a drawer with a bunch. Hell, that would've been a fun montage, her trying them on.
  7. There was no reason not to make her a mask to go with her outfit better. One offs get a mask all the time.
  8. I hope CW does what they did with Riverdale, and promote the shit out of it during hiatus. I always wondered if BL would've done better had it taken that Arrow Wed 8pm spot, maybe it would've flopped on its own, but I think it deserved a better slot. I know the perception is that Flash is a good lead it, and maybe it is, but the shows are so tonally different that they just don't pair well imo . Legends definitely fit better with Flash. If they managed to get Riverdale up this season (and I know it's dropped dramatically), then I don't see why they can't put similar effort into BL. I feel like BL didn't get good promotion before its premier, other than that DC event, everything leading up to it was lackluster.
  9. So I just watched the Flash ep, and while I really enjoyed the Iris stuff, there was way too much Ralph. I feel like Iris/Flash should have taken up most of the ep, instead we had some dumb shit with Wells/Cisco, and so much Ralph I wanted to burn my eyes. He's such an awful character. Candice deserved more focus, but she did really well with what she had. Loved that they put her on a path again.
  10. I haven't watched Flash since the midseason premier (I think), but I will be checking this ep out after Black Lightning for Iris.
  11. I'm still enjoying Lucifer, but I do think that this Cain/missing devil face storyline is dragging the show a bit. Sara looks like a mix of Killer Frost and Livewire in that photo. Looks cool though.
  12. Spoiler Discussion Thread

    You guys are probably right and he isn't dying. He's just such a lame villain.
  13. Ratings and Scheduling: Hail to the Gods

    @Morrigan2575 I never said I wanted Arrow canceled, or that I thought it was in danger. It's not that serious tbh. I don't think any of those ratings are good, the fact that not a single CW show is at least pulling a 1.0 isn't a good look. IMO, all of them are doing poorly cw or not. I'm glad the network isn't solely driven by ratings because I still enjoy some of them, but it's still pretty sad.
  14. Spoiler Discussion Thread

    So they're gonna kill the "big bad" in ep 19? LOL So there's gonna be a swerve and the real master mind will be unveiled. So who's taking over? If ep 20 is really called Shifting Allegiances, could be Anatoli and BS bowing down to their new master. Although, I wish Anatoli would swerve to Oliver's team.
  15. @Starfish35 Hmm, I don't watch Bachelor but twitter was going insane over it before it even aired, so it may be possible that the finale had an affect.