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  1. Small Talk: The Quiver

    I'm sorry for those fans. I couldn't make it past ep 4 of the first season, but I do know they have a dedicated fandom. It would be nice if NBC gave them a movie, especially since they already saved it once. That said, I read how the writers ended the finale, and it seems kinda messed up on their part. Once they saw that season 2 was was flopping ratings wise, they must've know renewal was unlikely, and should have at least given fans a better finale without a cliffhanger or death. They didn't need to write a series finale but something more satisfying.
  2. I really enjoyed that interview. I'm glad that he didn't try to spend most of the time just talking about Arrow and she actually got to talk about several things.
  3. Arrow Stars in Other Roles

    Not surprising, since she's been open about her dissatisfaction involving her lack of story on Arrow. I'm glad that this show has seemed to reignite her passion. Let's hope these bts changes pay off in her character's favor.
  4. It’s not bad if the fan is happy to do it. However, I look it it this way, a lot of their audience (going by what I’ve seen) is younger and don’t think to place monetary value on their work. It would cost the celeb nothing to offer some sort of compensation for creating something as important as a logo. In my world money is best, but doing something like a FaceTime call, sending them some swag, or at the very least offering to feature them on their site, is something that costs them almost nothing. The idea of building your brand on free labor, even if fans are ok with it, does not sit right with me. I don’t think anyone has to agree with me it’s just how I feel. I think it also goes with the fact I’ve been involved in pr and marketing for years, so I know how much work goes into these things. And that work should be rewarded (with money lol ).
  5. Yes Stephen does it too. One of the many reason I can’t stand him lol. Plus it’s so easy to donate directly to charities. I haven’t ever bought a shirt because I know out of my $30 only about 15 makes it to charity, after production cost... So I’ve always just given straight to the charity. I won’t deny the shirts are good way to raise $ in fan spaces tho, and I’m not against them as long as 100% goes to the org.
  6. Last thing I saw was them asking fans to create a logo for them. The most important part of branding. They said just tag them and they’d pick, no offer of compensation, as if those things didn’t take time. But I understand fans are excited to be included and aren’t thinking of valuing their own work.
  7. Even though Candice is co-creator of shethority, and EBR is somewhat (to a much lesser extent) involved, I don’t find them to be inclusive. So far, women of color have been mostly ignored and it’s probably because their members are mostly white. I personally have no interest, also I feel like it may be a space more inviting for younger women (I’m in my 30s not old, but entirely comfortable with myself). I however do have an issue with them seeking $ from fans to run it. The group is made up of several actresses making better wages than most of their audience. Those women should get together and put their own money up for the site. Caity, Candice, Maisie, & Emily these four alone could launch the site. I’ve undertaken larger projects for clients who are not famous and have used their funds. Also, I hate that they ask fans for designs and art, without offering compensation. So I’m not into the shethority thing. I wish CP and EBR weren’t involved but whatever. I do hope they do something good, and bring people some positivity.
  8. The ep said (when he was brought back from death), that they planned on him coming back from the start. He said they wanted to explore him being a private investigator... so I think he’s gonna probably have more story than he deserves, and story that imo should go to Iris. So I am not happy at all. I hate Ralph lol.
  9. Terrible news. Ralph was easily the worst part of Flash this season. https://tvline.com/2018/06/15/flash-season-5-hartley-sawyer-series-regular-ralph-elongated-man/
  10. Spoiler Discussion Thread

    LOL I can imagine SA and DR getting blackout scripts, while Emily’s isn’t (because she never gives spoilers) 😂. I do wonder what the end could be... maybe a flash forward?
  11. So I came across these flash spoilers on twitter. Now, my guess is this is more of a wishlist than legit spoilers, they seem way too in depth to be legit at this moment. That said, since twitter has been talking about them I figured I'd bring them over here in case anyone was interested.
  12. I did too. I had to listen to it on my mobile, it’s the only way it worked.
  13. It'd be nice if the show would allow her to be sex positive. I'd prefer Sara to be single and sex positive than stuck with Ava. But the show has had other characters make snide comments about her sleeping around, and that's bullshit. Same with Constantine, I wouldn't mind them exploring those two even if it's just a casual fling... it's MG saying that they had to have those two sleep together, because of course they would have sex, that pisses me off. Both characters are bisexual, well, I hate to break it to him but we don't automatically jump each other when we bi people meet up. I think the CW trying to make Sara a lesbian was really obvious, to the point of having her state she prefers women in the crossover (which preference is normal for some bi ppl but they made it sound like she only liked women). The biggest issue imo, is that she lost those connections on the ship. Everyone had a someone except for her. Amaya had Zari & Nate, Ray has Zari & Nate, Stein & Jax, Zari had Ray, Amaya, and Mick, Mick had a rotation of about everyone. Sara was alone on Ava island and I'm concerned next season will be more of the same.
  14. I admit to not loving any single character on LOT, so I can watch it without too much care. Ray is probably my fave and they've done him dirty, but if there was a character that I was invested in, the way I am with Diggle, Felicity, and Iris then I'd hate this show too. I like LOT because I can watch the show for laughs and not care too much about them treating their characters like trash, the only thing that has always bothered me is their treatment of bisexuality. The problem is that they totally ignore the fact that characters like Sara & Ray came on full formed, with history, and plenty to build off of. Instead, they rebooted each character in a way that they have little connection to their past selves. Phone home was my fave ep because it gave Ray a little more depth, we got to see his childhood and some of his insecurities. Imagine that episode with the Ray we knew on Arrow... the one that was motivated, confident (boarding on annoyingly cock), that Ray who had to be humbled by someone else... that episode would have been that much more effective. But Legends took Ray and turned him into a genius idiot, and I still like him, but his character is flat to me most of the time. They have made him so goofy, I don't know if that Ray from Arrow really existed or it flashpoint erased him. Now he's around for hijinks and bro hugs most of the time and if I were invested in him, I would be pissed. Same with Sara. She was resurrected & soulless until Constantine returned her soul, she has history with the League, Nyssa, and Oliver, history with her family (even if it's bad). Sara on Arrow was tortured because of the things she did, she felt undeserving of happiness and she was protective of people (Sin never to be remembered). Legends has made light of her past imo, sure she's still angry & feels undeserving of love but, 3 seasons in and they won't let her move past it (maybe that's why she likes that trash bucket Ava), and pretty much ignored anything good she had before LOT. They love saying she's an assassin/ killer but they don't like explaining why she had to become those things, if you didn't watch Arrow I guess you assume she was just an awful human. On top of that they treat her like Kenny, with killing her off or almost killing her periodically. She's not sex positive (which would be something I like), no her sexuality and bed hopping has been used to shame her (characters on the show shaming her), titillation, and a general joke (This is the most offensive to me). I remember parts of season 1 and she actually had relationships with Ray & Hawkgirl, this season felt like she was a captain but she lost any real connection with the rest of her team, in favor of this Ava story. Again, I say this as someone who doesn't have much invested in these characters because otherwise I would not be able to watch. Legends was my fave of all the shows this season because it was fun, but it really did not do any of its characters justice. Also, Klemmer is an ass and as long as he's around I don't see it changing.