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  1. I hope she gets some stunts this season
  2. Spoiler Discussion Thread: The Sequel

    Amazing how a couple new clips of Felicity can renew my interest in the season lol.
  3. Every time this man does an interview I am so thankful I stopped liking him during season 2. I hope Arrow comes to a natural end soon so I can be rid of him completely. This is the first time I started really liking an actor, to just heavily dislike within a year. Every year he gets worse. If Emily decided to leave Arrow (and sometimes I wish she would) I'd be out so fast lol.
  4. I'd say Barrowman for sure. I think KC was pretty much in every ep in season 1.
  5. *cries in disappointment* lol I wish I could be like most arrow fans and enjoy when they hang out together, but I dislike SA too much (and GG is there who I dislike just as much) lol.
  6. That poster is so sad. Can they not afford more than a screenshot lol. Yeah, Emily is in none of the pics and no one else tagged her. So while I usually don't play into those fandom conspiracies, after JH was called out it is suspect, but I guess the tag could've been accidental. 🙃
  7. *screaming* someone save Daveed please! Can SA with his stench and his crew stay away! Weird that EBR isn't in any of the pics of videos.. maybe she was tagged accidentally?
  8. We don't really know anything. I'm sure they're fine and they'll probably hang out again. All we know is that yesterday she wasn't at that tequila party but with her own friends, and during pride she stuck with her people, instead of the jar + JH crew. I just can't stand SA/Jar + his crew, so I find joy in her skipping those outings lol.
  9. I don't think them being together means they're filming together lol. I think they're all just as*holes that get along. I am just happy EBR is out with her friends and not in that mess, since she and David are the only Arrow regs I like lol.
  10. Small Talk: The Quiver

    I'm glad to see so many people like TATBILB. I hope get another movie. The cast was great (haven't read the books but I think I will), loved the sister bond, and how the love interest wasn't some toxic douchebag.
  11. I feel like this should be a PSA: Don't eat soap kids, or you'll think positive thinking can cure cancer & sexist racist trash bags are feminist heroes. lol I went from disliking Dinah but being apathetic about JH, to disliking her immensely. How insecure must you be to track down tweets that don't even have your initials? As for Rick, after that interview he gave where he said it was sad what happened to AJK (that's how it read to me), is when I stopped liking him. Which is a shame because he was the only one I was excited about when they cast him (I didn't know how much I'd hate Rene) but he's trash too. JH should have just ignored everything and let things pass. As it is, she probably the least liked in the cast from all sides, this isn't helping her at all.
  12. Small Talk: The Quiver

    @apinknightmare Astrid has more story in the second and third books than the first, for sure. But I wouldn't say it focuses exclusively on her. The second book is a big part of Rachel's story, but in the all the books, most of the characters get more focus. I don't know if you read the first one, but you do get POV from different characters in all the books. The story is always switching from characters & what they're going through, it's not only through Rachel & Nick's pov. The movie couldn't capture that obviously, but there is a lot of unexplored material there. I will say that the second book is my fave & I totally recommend it. But if you haven't read any of them, just know Kevin Kwan is verbose. Also, the casting for Astrid could not be any more perfect.
  13. Small Talk: The Quiver

    @apinknightmare That part was so frustrating for me while reading the book, but I was ready for it when I watched the movie lol. I'm hoping that CRA & All the boys I've loved both do well, and the rest of the books get films. I haven't read TATBILB, I don't ready much YA (nothing against it) but I may check them out now.
  14. Small Talk: The Quiver

    I did not like it all. It’s worse than those clips imo.