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  1. But Berlanti is still at the helm of it all. I simply do not trust CW, Berlanti & company, to not do the same to Jefferson that they have done to Supergirl (and I don't even like that show). People said the same thing, that they'd treat the first female hero better but we've seen that's not the case.
  2. Please, Flash, Arrow, and Legends would write him that way. Sure, BL writers would do him justice but the rest of the crossovers would treat him like they treat everyone else who's not Oliver or Barry. As much as I'd love to see some of my faves interact with this great cast, I'd prefer the Akils protect BL and keep him away.
  3. I loved Black Lightning! I hope it does good ratings. What a strong pilot, I hope they keep this level of storytelling, and I hope they keep it separate. I don't ever want to see Jefferson playing second fiddle to Oliver and Barry.
  4. I hate Berlanti and told myself I'd never watch another one of his shows, but I will be tuning into Black Lightning. Not only does it look good, it has a solid cast, and it'll be the first show on this network that centers on a Black superhero & his family. I think it's definitely something to at least give a chance. I'd never say watch something you don't enjoy, but I do trust these showrunners more than any other showrunner this network has ever had. At this point Berlanti gonna make money no matter what... but I think he has his fingers in too many things to really be a hinderance to BL.
  5. Oh my god, I couldn’t stand Roy when he was on the show (mostly bc I think CH is an awful actor), but the terrible newbies make me miss him so much. Why can’t we have this team back and get rid of the others? 😭
  6. I'm gonna be odd man out here, but I can tolerate Curtis more than Dinah, and WAY more than Rene. I think it's because I liked him when he was introduced in season 4, and had time to get used to him before he was full force on the team. Don't get me wrong, I still can't stand him, but he doesn't annoy me as much as those two. I really hope they are setting up Rene to leave at the end of the season with his kid. This new team has made me miss the old team that I didn't even like lol. I, a Roy hater, would gladly take him back if it means the newbies go away. I really hope MG's words mean something and some of the newbies actually leave. If Rene goes away to be a dad (lol something he never cared about on his own), they could keep DD as their police connection but someone who works w/the team on and off (they can say she does vigilante stuff on her own and only helps when needed), as for Curtis I don't know. Honestly, I just want him out of Felicity's company. EBR said she thinks the Smoak Tech name will eventually happen, hopefully she said that because there's a plan for it. Also, I hope that cheap liquor gives them diarrhea.
  7. Oh I'm sure they don't care about being gender balanced lol. This is CW they love their dudes.
  8. LMAO that promo was so sad, even for CW. I like how they only showed the suits of some of the characters instead of their faces, to make it seem like less of a sausage fest.
  9. Happy New Year! I hope 2018 turns out to be a great year for everyone.
  10. I didn’t preorder this one because I’m concerned over how much the newbies (which I have zero interest in) will be in it. I love the last two books, but this is written by MG 💀... Hope it’s good.
  11. Yep. I should have been more clear, but I did mean to have the crossovers take place on a different earth. With the same actors, obviously the main 3 will still be the main 3 (because these writers would never do anything different) but they’d be different versions. Also, no need for our earth 1 versions. I think it’d be fun and it wouldn’t mess up the main storyline on the shows.
  12. Yep Watson was my first thought too lol.
  13. The last thing I want is Iris pregnant. She gets no story as it is, and that would be the best way to sideline her further. Leave preganancies for series finales, I feel the same about Felicity. Imagine a pregnant Iris. The only story leading up to the birth will be being pregnant and most likely kidnapped. Then after she delivers, forget team leader or anything tbh, she’ll be mom while Barry is allowed to be dad and hero. These writers do not care about her enough to do it justice.
  14. I think juggling two versions of Oliver, Kara, Wells, etc.. was just too much for them to handle. I was upset Diggle was left out of the crossover, but imo Cisco is a safer bet than he is.
  15. I don't watch SG so I was expecting to be confused with her story, but there was no story. Other than a couple cool fight scenes, she was needed for her heart & Overgirl's whole purpose was getting that heart. I don't think they'll do exactly what Arrow did but I can see them going in a similar route. I can't see them missing a chance to bring back Barry's parents, and I just don't know how'd they do it unless it's an AU or coma/dreamlike state. Also, Berlanti tends to reuse stories throughout his shows, and this is not limited to arrowverse, Blindspot has had quite a few similar arcs. IMO, Felicity will definitely crossover regardless of the earth they're on, and it's my hope that Iris would too but I am less sure about her. I think Cisco is a given. What if instead of doing Barry's ideal world, they gave him a nightmare version of that world. Say his parents are alive, he's married to Iris, he's the Flash etc... but everything is horrible. Maybe his parents are criminals, the Flash is hated, Iris hates him and has a side piece. Could be interesting to have Barry in a world where everything is awful for him... I know I'd enjoy it because I can't stand him lol.