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  1. I'm curious about what people actually want with this show. If it's low key drama or couples that more or less get along, the season sucks. It's boring. If they put people together that shouldn't be together which causes drama or just get dramatic people, the show is trash. It's a fraud show that casts for drama and for success. For me, ideally, this is what the show is. If they did their job right, you have marriages that just work. Not that much to see drama wise because they match well. While learning about each other and shifting their life along the way. It's kind of like how some people use to complain about real world in the later years. These people aren't real! They are famewhores. Get some real people. When that happens, the show is deemed boring. You will just get even keel tv. It's often a lose/lose situation. Be happy for sneaky Mia and the fact that Tristan stayed with her. Otherwise, this would have been some really low drama tv. Mia supplies the snark at the very least.
  2. I've been saying this for weeks. Its mind boggling to me how someone being more close to their friends than their family is just red flags! Red flags! I hardly talk to my family except for my parents. My family sucks. There are no red flags there. I'm super close with my dad either. It's only because we both have never been the call you all the time, sharing emotions with each other type with each others. But, he's always been there for me. My friends are my family. I would never consider someone an actual friend if they weren't. Either way, it means nothing. Doesn't seem to mean anything with him either. He seems to be surrounded by good people. Made a good life for himself. He is flawed personally of course. But, I don't know. I feel like this show brings out the inner psychologist in people. Breaking down everything they do and say. Some things are just non issues. Everyone lives their life differently but just because you wouldn't live your life that way or it's a foreign concept to you doesn't mean it equates to anything negative And fuck that cat. I just felt like saying that.
  3. Where the fuck do they find these people? And there are absolutely people that get that attached that quick. People that need help. But, they exist. There is also maybe two people on the show that seem to be trying to change their shitty ways. No one else is. Let the shitshow begin.
  4. If there was ever anyone worried about their brand on a reality show, its Jerimiah. Not that he doesn't care at all but he loves looking like the smartest person in the room and the shining knight. Kortni just sets him up to look like that all the time. And his family I don't think would ever approve of Kortni so he wouldn't go there.
  5. S08.E33: Reunion: Part 1

    Expanded the booty. Lol.
  6. Boy, these girls sure know how to pick them!
  7. Man, get the fuck out here. Getting all mad because people don't want to call him by that dumb ass name. Nilsa and her instigating ass. This is the shit they get hyped about nowadays. Like it has been said. Just rerun real world and road rules. I would watch all that shit. Bring back the good times.
  8. Kayfabe: The "Real" and Reel of the WWE

    Aww. Natalya's father, Jim the anvil Neidhart passed away today. She's a daddy's girl all the way. This will be really rough for her. I'm sorry for her loss. One of the best tag partners of all time too.
  9. S05.E07: The Devil Inside 08.12.2018

    Tasha can't keep a man for shit. Mostly always Ghost fault but still. Tommy is just trolling Angela at this point. It's hilarious. Tommy's family dinner was everything. I love how there is no pushover to be found with those people. I hope whenever Kanan dies it's a sneak attack since that's all he does to people these days.
  10. S20. E21: Nominations #7. Hacker #2

    When it comes down to it, the game is being played. That's all I care about. The power shifts all the time. It's not to anyone's advantage. It's how you play it. Tyler could be out the door easy. He fights his way out. He's not just being given anything. Other people have had power and squandered it. Far less people standing in background, far less alliances break ups. The alliances are pretty strong minus a few people trying to play both sides. It's a actual battle in the house. It's anyone's game and people came to play. Don't know what else you could want here. Sam has one of the worst social games I have ever seen. equal parts whiny, rude, bizarre and phony. She stands zero chance to win this game. Even if you made it to the end, she will have picked too many people off by then. She can't help herself.
  11. Oh I know it's not easy. It's more about certain things not being as important as it once was. Less childish/superficial hang ups.
  12. And everyone has preferences. I don't knock anyone for it. My problem is knocking down a certain group of people while propping up said preference. I don't care if Tristan is generally just attracted to light skinned women and I don't have any curiosity about how he came to that conclusion. It means nothing about how he raised either. But, I would have a problem with him saying he only dates light skin women because dark skin women are ugly with bad attitudes. Like what you like but don't tear down other people in the process. He hasn't so i don't care. I think some people don't think about how much certain things might bother them until it's in their face. I never truly thought about how much someone in unnecessary debt might bother me until episode. I might not if even brought it up beforehand. I realize that I would have a problem with it now. It's not something we couldn't work through. Just not something I prefer to deal with. But, humans are human. Meaning we all have flaws. There will be some that bother you but it's all about what you are willing to work through. I have some preferences that aren't super important and some that are. I try to be more flexible as I older. It's nothing reason why this whole thing can be difficult to take. I dont think a lot of these people that sign up for this think beyond the basic level of their issues and preferences. They just want to be married. But, if it's going to work, you need to take a good long look at yourself first. Work on yourself. Not just jump in and hope things will fix themselves. I have my issues with enjoying my own spaces but I wouldn't jump into a relationship unless I was ready to let someone into that space fully.
  13. Yep. If he didn't find her hot, he would have cut and run at the airport. But, a lot of people are willing to ignore a lot for the physical. Those people probably shouldn't be getting married but what do I know. He seems happier than a lot of people out the gate on this show. More power to him.
  14. It's always funny to me how people on this show have their personality and way of being broken down over so little info. Not to say you are wrong. I just dont project things on to them. I go by what I see on these shows. You could pick up a bit about Dave just by watching so far. I just dont have a whole profile laid out for him. At the end of the day, it's still a cat. Not a kid. It's his choice to have kid. He didn't choose this thing to be all over his stuff. He's proven himself to be maybe too rigid period. Whether or not he can handle the cat doesn't mean anything to me. I also don't think he's a pet person in general but always thought, well it's what comes with a family! If he really thought about, I think he would have said no pets. I feel like they didn't dig enough with him or he wasn't open enough based on what we've seen. He's been alone too long to take to this experiment as quickly as one could. Probably not a good fit for this show. Then again, people spending beyond their means with no plans to change isn't ready for marriage either. Neither are stalkers. Many questionable choices this year. More than ever. On the credit card thing, I've charged anything on my credit card I wasn't going to pay off in at least a couple of months. I just don't live like that. I don't create unnecessary debt or live outside of my means. I can't really get down with making more future more difficult in order to live a way you want in present but shouldn't be. I'm always thinking about the future. To me people out here struggling, homeless, jobless for me not to worry about what may come. Not to the point where it overtakes my life, I just way things out logically if need be. They talk about all these important factors in marriage but don't seem to be weeding out people that clearly cause such factors to erupt. Entertainment trumps all.
  15. This is the way I see Dave. He's has his life way for a long time. Never truly had a woman come in and disrupt it. So, this is like going from 0 to 100 real quick. Of course, why be on the show if that's a problem? But, it's a process if you haven't dealt with it before. I've never had to share any space with anyone but my parents and I like it. As much as wish to find love one day the thought of having so much of my life and routine changed is not the most appealing thing. I enjoy my space. Doesn't make him a bad guy. Doesn't mean he doesn't like people. I love people. I also love my space. It doesn't always connect. And I dont understand all the analysis over his wall of friends or seemingly not that close to his family. I'm not either. That's because most of my family sucks. There is no grand mystery. Not with me. I'm also not super close with my dad. Not for any reason. That's just our relationship. If we had a get together after the wedding it would have been my mom, maybe my dad and friends. My friends are more my family than my family at the age of 35. I'm not obsessed with them or spend a super amount of time with them. But, they are still my family. I don't call people my friends unless i love them like family. I dont have a shrine or anything but if his bros are his family than that's great. Family is what you make it. ETA: I wish there wasn't repeated question of how will Dave handle kids if the cat annoys him. Not everyone views pets like children. How someone treats or likes pets does not have to mean anything in terms how one likes or treats children. Ugh. This is season of pets. Will be my least favorite by far. The bride and doom podcast would be having a field day with this.