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  1. S05.E08: Christmas in Theater Eight

    I almost always walk away from Black ish enjoying myself and seems to be almost the exact opposite here all the time. I dont even think about last seasons last arc and I didn't actually hate it anyway. I dont care what there kitchen looks like I enjoyed this episode because it's real. My mom is the type that's like all black everything. It's a struggle to get her to try a movie or show where white people are front and center. I know plenty of people that feel it's important to support black led or black made films no matter how shitty they are. I just want a good experience. If its starring black folk, that's awesome. If it isn't that's fine too. Dre was coming from a real and honest place. The way he goes about it is often the problem. I would also imagine a large black family representing different generations would have a difficult time choosing one movie unless it's like creed 2 or something. Something that hits different demos.
  2. A lot of people try to force relationships to happen for various reasons even if the verbiage is different. It just comes down to trying to say something harsh in the kindest way possible. I'm just not that into you. I dont see you that way etc. All the same.
  3. Love you but not in love with is a term that is pretty simple imo (and it's not gender specific). It's really just a kinder he's just not that into you. He cares about her but doesn't love her beyond a certain level. I love my friend but I'm not in love with them. That's all it means. He's not into her romantically. She's not on his mind the way one is when you totally in love with someone. Something most of us saw from minute one.
  4. S01.E08: O Sister, Where Art Thou?

    Dont agree with your assessment at all. I mean, 8 Simple Rules was just Ritter doing his thing. Not Tripper. There wasn't a trace of that character in his dad's role. Ritter also literally died. The premise of the show died with him. The Conners got rid of someone that a large chunk of the audience did not want to see anymore and creatively its striving with positives comments week in and week out. Missing a lot of Mark's here because you personally aren't feeling the show. It's not in the shadow of Roseanne at all IMO. The core four are killing it.
  5. Yes, I do know humor is subject. No I dont need to be schooled on the subject. My point is that with most things, I can get a handle with what the general consensus will be. Not everyone will agree of course but the general opinion seems obvious. With this show, it almost never makes any sense to me. I was gobsmacked by how shitty this episode was. I could see a few bright spots but that was it. The audience didn't even seem that into it. But, it gets praised by the majority it feels. There is always this major split with this show. This season has been general garbage but I could at see some episodes where I knew it would get a pass. Just didn't expect it from this one. Not to the degree it has. I genuinely like snl and defend it but it has been off it's game this season. This episode just felt like one of the worst examples of it.
  6. Saturday night live has to be the most puzzling shows ever. Just the way it's viewed. How was this episode in any way enjoyable? It's was virtually unfunny and awkward from beginning to end. I don't give a damn how enthusiastic a host is at this point. Is it funny? That's what I need. I'm glad Jason had a great time. And always seems like a great guy. But SNL can miss me with this lazy bullshit.
  7. S05.E09: Had It From My Father

    Young Shine preaching about being with one woman. Hilarious!
  8. I also disagree about Shawneice's make up game being. She's like a clown when she puts lipstick on. I just don't find her attractive at all. She seems like a good person though.
  9. S05.E07: Friends Without Benefits

    My main takeaway from this episode is that they seem to have finally got a good handle on Ruby. Mainly, she works best with the kids. But, that little twist that she was helping diane was really sweet just like her bonding moment with junior earlier this season.
  10. Ha. That's not true at all. Simply because some people are never happy. Also, a lot of people don't want to be with perceived pushovers. He just lucked into getting someone that is more than happy to take advantage.
  11. Oh no way they do it now. But, back then they were totally thinking about if they could make it work. It wouldn't have then or now either. Dan with his wife's younger sister. That's some character assassination shit for all involved.
  12. Not saying your thoughts on Crystal are wrong. None of it makes it any less sad which is all I meant. I'm not shocked that she's in a position like this. It's just sad. Yes. It was episode where behind the scenes, they were already testing the waters to see if they could do the show without her. All the way back then she was such a pain, people wanted her gone. People like to talk about how innocent the moment between them is while being so sweet and it was but I also think it was a deliberate attempt to see if the show could pivot in that direction.
  13. S32.E21: Reunion Part 1

    His real name is Nick. He wrestles with Miz. But, I'm sure they thought Dolph would be the perfect name for this man when it came time to rename him. You would be very wrong about the weave/extensions thing.
  14. It feels like it's illegal to even suggest the father involved in conception have any rights or be able to share in the decision making. Actually this tracks with the show since Jackie deciding back in the day that the father of her child will not have any involvement in its life when he did nothing wrong and just wanted to support. That was somehow behavior that was never called out. Crystal working in that sleazy spot period let alone at her age may be the most depressing part of this reboot.
  15. New York

    Imagine someone looking like Cyn begging for dick. Damn! I also get exhausted just hearing about people bragging they have sex 5 to 6 times a day. I love sex but no thank you.