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  1. Death of a cheerleader is on Amazon prime for those who have that service. Tori plays the mean girl too well for it to be an act. She sucks acting. I will also always remember the one where Sharon Lawrence starts banging her best friends teenage son...Brian Austin Green.
  2. I can't say. It might have stayed in your reply box after you posted it. Sometimes you have to clear the box or it will stay there. It has happen to me before. It will ask if you want to clear editor or something like that. It's no biggie.
  3. Didn't you already state this thought days ago? Just making sure I'm not going crazy here.
  4. That's was supposed to say kicked a woman out.
  5. Corey's baby is not Alicia's. It's by another are you the one girl. Alicia just became a proud quasi stepmom weeks after dating Corey only for him to dip out right before coming on the show. They have no ties to one another except for the fact that Alicia refuses to get over it and move on. Joe is there because he's a ex. It's was only a matter of time before he showed up. But, for the most part, they aren't plucking people out of thin air. Who's knows what the point of this show is. It just exists to create drama from week to week. It ends when the show decides it's over. I would assume that at some point when they want the show to be done, they will let all of the people who are not exes choose one person from all the exes that have come on as their "chosen one". It's all nonsense though. There were never any rules laid out other than eliminations. I believe ex on the beach in the UK had more structure and I don't think you could vote out your ex. You had to deal with your shit. I might be wrong though.
  6. What's annoying is that seem to be digging to find reasons to not like Mike again while Ronnie is steady performing shitty behavior after shitty behavior. Imagine if Mike had clogged up the toilet that bad, kicked a woman out that one of them was hooking up with, cheated on his pregnant girlfriend or any of the other stuff he's done. They would ready to kick Mike out. Ronnie has always been a shithead and they just ignore it but when does anything wrong, he's a jerk.
  7. I don't care what's going on. If you spit on me, you have to die.
  8. MTV is not failing with this show. It's not a failure. It's rating are right in line with regular cable successes (1 and a half million or higher) and 1.2 to 1.0 in the previous 18 to 49 demo. It's been the top cable show of the night since it's return. It's a success story not a failure. Yes one might ask why because there is nothing here. But, nostalgia is a hell of a thing to the point where people are nostalgic for things not even 10 years old. Ronnie is such a punk bitch. It's pathetic how clearly jealous he is of every dude in the house thanks to his poor life choices.
  9. All Episodes Talk: What's Up Doc?

    Finished my rewatch. I legitimately think that there was never a bad season. Seasons with more troubling decisions than others but never bad. I've been of the opinion that a lot of tv related opinions get blown out of proportion through the internet and that reality isn't as severe. This is all left up to the individual of course. No one is wrong. But, it's just my perspective. ER was never bad. I don't even think there is a better days behind them scenario. Just different. There was tons good characters and quality writing post season 8. It was just different. I actually liked the growing focus on the medicine and teaching as time goes on. I think i learned more about medicine and how the different units within the hospital work in latter seasons than earlier ones. Yes, there is always a point where shows should end. From a overall big picture viewpoint. But, at the end of the day, the hospital was the star of the show. As long as the hospital doors were open, there were stories to tell. I don't think the sun rose and set with Mark as far as the show is concerned either. I loved him for sure. But, Carter as the center and even with Morris and Pratt, it still worked. I did see some pushing to be more sexy and soap operaish but I don't hold that against the show. They had to compete with new games in town. The most egregious may be Neela and Gates going at it front of glass windows in their fucking place of work. And of course, Ray was the one to see it. But, the show still excelled in spite of the reaching. When it's all said and done, Morris may honestly be my favorite ER character ever. His rise to being the heart of the ER is beautiful. I cheered all his accomplishments. I wanted the best for him. The penultimate episode may be when I finally figured it all out. How great he was with the heart transplant kids. So full of life. He was in love. So great with that little girl. I just him and Scott Grimes in the role. And i fucking hated him when he first came on. All in all, this was a truly rewarding rewatch. Doesn't get much better than this on tv. They want to bring it back, do a reunion, movie? I don't care. Bring it on.
  10. I don't read anything else into what you and he said than he's tired of the type of women HE meets. He meets basic club chicks all the time and it's not interesting to him anymore. Where he works and the brand of women he attracts leads to those types of women. He doesn't hate women. I think the whole reason why he had a actually relationship with Aubrey O Day is that she may be a lot of things but she's not a pushover. She's not starstruck and knows what she wants. I think he wants to be challenged. The typical women he meets on these shows are no challenge. On the non confrontation front, I think he's very calculated in his brand. He knows he sticks out as the easy going jokester. He doesn't want to mess that up.
  11. All Episodes Talk: What's Up Doc?

    I'm sorry but that whole plain crash more ridiculous than anything ER ever did. Top off by a character being eaten by woods after they died. In terms of departures Grey's got lucky in that they had multiple people happy with where they were at. ER found a way to bounce back quite well though.
  12. All Episodes Talk: What's Up Doc?

    Yeah it brought up in a entertainment weekly article that dropped the day Abby was leaving that Maura wanted her killed off. I had no idea. I was trying to make sure Mekhi had actually said he wanted killed off, which he did. They worked on how he would be killed off together. What hurts upon rewatch in a different way is how obvious it is that Pratt is dead meat. He's in love and ready to get engaged, he's about to become the chief, everyone respects him and things are great with his little bro. We make fun of stuff like this now. When you can see a character death coming a mile away. I also forgot to share my love for two matter year recurring characters, Hope played by Busy Phillips and young Harold. Harold was so dopey but so sweet. And he had a full arc instead of just disappearing. Hope could have been a joke of a character but Busy killed it as she always does. I hate that she left and how they did it. Why start a LONG distance thing with her and Archie if they were going to break them up two episodes later abruptly? Morris has two of the most bizarre end credit stills seeing as those are usually dramatic moments. One is him after he just masturbated after phone sex with Hope. Gross but funny. The other is him in the middle of being shocked for two minutes straight. I think with actors wanting to leave, it' a actor thing. Wanting to leave in the most dramatic way possible. Mekhi said he couldn't see Pratt leaving like well I'm off to a new hospital. Bye.
  13. All Episodes Talk: What's Up Doc?

    It's not even really a gender thing. Creators of shows can't help themselves sometimes. People were constantly drooling over Luka and Doug too. Whether it's justified or not, it's tiring. The Neela propping got out of hand but I love that Parminder got a chance to be a leading woman with a strong sexuality. Women of her nationality don't always get that. It's insane to me that by season 4 of episode 15, Pratt Luka and Abby are gone. The longest running cast member for most of the last season is Neela who came in five years prior. Compare to Grey's who has nearly half it's starting cast still in tact including their lead character. ER gets a lot of crap for killing off characters but more than one death was honoring their actors wishes. Edwards and Phifer clearly wanted to have grand deaths. Maura actually wanted to be killed off too but there was no way they could that off on top Pratt's death. She said it in a interview after she left. Ramano almost had to be killed off. He became insufferable by the end. They could have dropped two helicopters on him for all I care. Props to Paul's acting but I couldn't stand him by season 10. That shot of Pratt with tears streaming down his face while he basically knows he's going to die will never leave my memory. That's pure horror. Speaking of which, watching Abby fall back into alcoholism will always be as well. Especially her drunk at the bar with everyone there. It's like actually being forced to watch a car crash.
  14. S08.E24: Unicorn Poop 2018.06.11

    She can be lazy and not be obliged to take care of her. It can be two things. But, since we never actually see her doing literally anything, looking after her niece is the least she could do. How have Jennelle and David not had a serious meeting with child protective services by now? Their terrible parenting is documented. No research or questioning needed.
  15. I don't hate the splitting up seasons. A lot of Netflix shows run too long but I often feel the need to finish the run. With splitting up I can do a quick binge and then not have to worry for a while and the show doesn't overstay it's welcome. Even I didn't enjoy this run as much as I hoped, being able to say it was a quick 6 episode run made it go down easy. 10 to 13 episodes of something that isn't totally clicking for me in a row is not fun.