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  1. S01.E06: Amour Fou

    I...don't think that was going to happen. Peach wanted to use those on Beck. Instead she just used it on the dude. That was not something he was planning on happening to him judging by his verbal reaction. You would be surprised what a guy would let a hot girl do to him because he thinks he's going to get laid.
  2. S02.E04: Awful People

    I love how much Athena and Bobby are smitten with each other. She called Bobby her boo!
  3. This shit was fucking garbage. Bland story, bland acting, bland characters. It's like a mismatch of cw shows with marvel Netflix shows but in the most unappealing ways. I can't relate to any enjoyment gained from this. Nightwing's fight scene was pretty good I will admit.
  4. Because they aren't white. Of course, it's not getting traction.
  5. There is always more important news. It will never change what gets more traction in the media. And until it ever goes really bad, Kanye is easy to mine for comedy. Much like Trump himself.
  6. There would be nothing to dredge up if shut the hell up. Him making a fool of himself has been the biggest part of the news cycle for two weeks. There is no way he wouldn't be addressed multiple times.
  7. All Episodes Talk: All About the Divas

    But does he ever look happy though? Other than when he's with his former tag partner Cesaro? That's just TJ just being TJ.
  8. My favorite part of the Nutsa speech was Lewis grinding on her yelling, Yeah, tell her nuts! I wish these people would get off Moe's nuts while we are at it. As if he's the only person failing to find a match. Two of the people lecturing, Lewis and Kwasi, have barely tried at all. Damn these people are immature. Only with people in this age range would a guy who is kind, respectful, clean and a good cook is somehow a negative or something to throw in his face. Meanwhile, lets be obsessed about dudes that disrespect you directly in your face. Fucking idiots. And mtv, stop fucking with your formula. Stop trying to end shows with cliffhangers. This isn't Lost. We will be back.
  9. No problem. I end up following those vlogs more than actual show. I think you get a better look at how they operate as family this way and there is less manipulation. Also, more babies being babies!
  10. I liked this video of just the family hanging out. I know Dale gets crap for a lot of things. Chief among them is his attachment to Hazel but that's just a long list of things I think are overblown when it comes to the family. In clips like these (towards the end) you can see how sweet and play he is with all the kids. I think it would be cool if most people had a silly Uncle Dale in their lives. In many ways, he's completely harmless.
  11. S02.E05: Stuck

    It fell one tenth from last weeks rating. The same as it's lead in. It still won the time slot is getting superb ratings.
  12. It is really weird how gender politics work on this show. I don't really get. Men are constantly being told what to say and how to act wow certain women in the house give the guys the exact same treatment. How can they not see this? And why does Aimee need Kortni to tell her what Gus said? SHE WAS THERE. It goes to show how dumb the fight was. None of those women were listening to what Gus said. They heard Gus use overweight and Aimee in the same sentence. That was all. I'm also tired of Aimee using all this as a fucking crutch. Grow up already. Yes, you were in a shitty relationship. It's not an excuse to go apeshit anytime someone calls you a name.
  13. S05 E01 Steal From the Thief

    I think people worry a bit too much about what Disney owning something means. In the sense that some think Disney only runs family stuff. They have many different studios they own that do all types of content. They aren't going to change anything content wise. Shit, empire is tame compared to the Netflix marvel shows. It just comes down to what fox plans to do. Fox is pivoting towards more live content ( pro wrestling, live sport, music) so it just becomes, what else do they want to keep on roster. As long as Empire keeps killing that demo ratings network tv loves, it should be fine. Unless you are CBS, you can't afford to throw away hit shows these days.
  14. What the fuck are people in the house and Aubrey even talking about when it comes to Pauly. Pauly rightfully wants to leave because he's had it with Aubrey and she wished him dead. Why would anyone want to stay and deal with that?
  15. Yep that's exactly what happened and why she can fuck right off. She is literally always dishing what she can't take. People tried to call out Gus for his line earlier this season to Candace about her not being a real woman. I'm not also pro Gus but only jabs like that in defense. The girls in the house go to insult is telling guys they aren't real men. Get out of here with that. All the drama for nothing.