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  1. Indispensable Kitchen Gadgets

    This may be too late but I have this one and quite like it. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00H4O1L9Y/?coliid=I24P3DZP5ICD0U&colid=27GBUEMB1UCXG&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it. It's not specifically a Panini press but it does the job.
  2. OK guys. Lets just all watch our tone when disagreeing with people here. Nothing is being removed (yet) but at this point with no new questions or information it seems that we're veering dangerously close to a dead horse here. Please please please keep in mind that 1) everyone is not required to agree, 2) that you're very unlikely to change someone's opinion and 3) when disagreeing you must be respectful of your fellow posters. Thank you! Make it nice!!
  3. I really do like it. It's got some major staying power too. It does rub off on cups and stuff though, it's not a true matte that doesn't kiss off. But still.
  4. Ha! Too funny! I just pulled mine out to check and it is in fact Napa Vineyard! It is pretty intense... here’s me wearing it (please excuse the fact that there’s nothing else on my face!)
  5. This topic is now unlocked, but please remember to watch how you all speak to each other. Also please remember to keep discussion to the episode at hand.
  6. Guys, this episode doesn't even air until tomorrow and we're already two pages in of (mostly) off topic discussion including you all being rude to each other in replies. I'm locking this thread down until tomorrow, you're welcome to post in the other threads, but please remember to be respectful of your fellow posters.
  7. Food Confessions: We're Not Here to Judge

    I believe that is because there's a poll in there. I think polls broke during the upgrade but I thought they were fixed. Anyway I'll let someone know in case they're supposed to be but aren't! OR not. Never mind. Worked for me. nothing to see here.
  8. Their lip crayons are also legit good! Long lasting too, and matte. I always get compliments when I wear mine and it's the cheapest lip product I own.
  9. S01.E04: Tribecalvania

    I’m on Dish and I basically only use the DVR so I’m now thinking it maybe just didn’t pick it up because I feel like while I was watching Vanderpump Rules I saw commercials for it but nothing recorded so I forgot about it. Oh well! Now I have something to watch tonight!
  10. Baaarrrf. I'm gonna need Delish to take a step back. Also I need them to stop putting milk in these things... you could probably convince me to do a shot of fruity pebbles infused vodka or something. But aside from a white russian I'm just a hard NOPE for milky alcohol. (oh, or Irish cream, but that's different).
  11. S01.E04: Tribecalvania

    Me! Yes, sorry guys, I'm in the DC area and neither of these episodes have aired for me so I thought it was on a break because of the Olympics.
  12. The children who appear on this show are fair game. People can call them ugly and that's ok. People can call them beautiful and that's ok too. What you all are not allowed to do is be rude to each other. Posts have been removed.
  13. Guys, please remember to watch your tone with each other. You're totally free to snark the housewives all you want but remember to be respectful to each other. Thanks!