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  1. Vote for your favorite death here! We lost this poll to the Awards gods so please vote now and we will announce the winner Friday!
  2. 2018 Winners

    Thanks to EVERYONE for participating, from mods to posters alike, this is so much fun and we can't do it without you! For those of you stat nerds (like me!) we've unhidden the results of the polls so if you want to view who came in second etc. you can head back over to the voting area to see that. And we'll do a write up later today or tomorrow here as well. Thanks again! And congrats to Game of Thrones and The Good Place! People love shows that start with G!!
  3. Guys, please remember to keep your snark pointed at the show/cast members and not other posters.
  4. All Episodes Talk: Tread Carefully

    Coffee literally just came out of my nose laughing at this. Thank you!
  5. This is a function of the software, it either shows you everything (all the results) or what you get now. We'll see if it's tweakable but if not we can definitely post a list of nominees.
  6. @The Crazed Spruce is absolutely correct, as noted in the text of the award, there are multiple nominations for a show and more than five nominees in some categories due to ties in the semi-final round.
  7. Indispensable Kitchen Gadgets

    Yeah, the theory is that metal reacts with the lettuce and it turns brown but if you use a plastic knife that doesn't happen. I also was gifted one and while I think it's mainly silly (I generally don't even cut lettuce at all? I tear it.) it does work. It's not something I would go out of my way to buy, especially because I also don't tend to make salads way ahead of time, they're usually the last thing made right before serving so the whole turning brown thing has never been an issue for a variety of reasons, but the knife does indeed cut lettuce and so I can't be too mad at it.
  8. All Episodes Talk: Tread Carefully

    I... I legitimately think it's just as plausible that it was an owl. I am not kidding. Owl Theory is just as reasonable as the prosecution's case imo. I'm not saying it's impossible that he did it, I just think the prosecution did a terrible job. Admittedly I'm wrong (in part at least) because he was found guilty but... I'm holding fast to the owl theory. It explains everything so well.
  9. I am living for the bye-bye Brandon countdown @Kimmykun . I thank you for your service!
  10. Guys? I just really miss Fastlane. We should all be watching that instead.
  11. Vote for your Favorite Villain here!
  12. Vote for your Favorite TV Moment of the Year here!
  13. Vote for your Favorite New Show Of The Season here!
  14. Vote for your Favorite Character Redemption Arc here!
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