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  1. They were only soy dogs the second time she did them last night, I guess they told her she needed to use up what was already in the fridge before they restocked with more hot dogs so the second time she did it she used the soy ones since everyone had already had a real hot dog like 10 min. before. She also said she used old buns that round, I think they had both "regular" buns and potato buns and everyone likes the potato buns best.
  2. OMG and then it turns out to be so much worse! Jason= unitard punishment - including a huge helmet that weighs "14 lbs" (according to Jason)- has to yell "I'm so extreme!" when prompted Mark= won a trip to Colorado for 2 Paul=chained to Christmas for 48 hours - in tandem skydiving outfits including helmets which they can only remove when shampooing hair Alex=curse of making hot dogs when commanded - in a camp counselor outfit, she must set up an entire tend/campsite, then grill hot dogs for the whole house then clean the grill and break everything back down every time they play a trumpet. Whole thing takes about 30 min. from bugle to everything packed back up. Elena= won $5000 Matt=won veto and got an Outback dinner. Invited Raven and Paul (and, because of Paul's punishment, Christmas)
  3. Not yet but man... that sounds super exciting if it works! I'm probably going to try it. I'll post if/when I do.
  4. FYI we combined the most recent poll topics into one. All the votes were transferred over but this is cleaner forum wise. Thanks!
  5. is this gonna kill things?
  6. wonder what's gonna happen
  7. *whispers* you have my hair. Hi hair twin! :)
  8. Hey gang! I know we've had some insane news drop on us But... let's keep it out of the episode thread as it's not really relevant. Aside from him being her rose... I guess now he's her thorn.
  9. Just wanted to drop in to say that you all are allowed to ignore posters you don't like! There's a couple of ways to do it. You can either hover your mouse over their name and then select "ignore user" from the pop up menu. Or you can click on your name/icon at the top right of any page and go to ignore users and enter in the username you'd like to ignore. Ultimately our suggestion is to not feed into stuff you hate seeing.
  10. Oh it looks like @saoirse did the reCREWting... ;)
  11. @MarkHB no clue what the Crew was. I was recruited to it as well but never got any more info other than that I couldn't talk about it. Who recruited us??
  12. He doesn't have pitbulls they're Presa Canarios I believe. They are scary looking dogs I suppose... but also Paul is tiny so keep that in mind lol.
  13. He also uses nail clippers to trim his mustache and side burns... so there's that. It's weird.
  14. Agree with what everyone else has said @Spaceman Spiff! Hope things get better! @MarkHB blood party? I don't really know the etiquette. But yeah, we just killed a bunch of people when we recruited @Drogo back in GoT so, I guess this worked!
  15. 2 to DL Spaceman Spiff (MarkHB, Lisin) 2 to finish him.