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  1. When they were driving through the town Jeremy said "Easter Sunday in Telluride" and then something about how it was deserted so they, being Jag drivers could steal stuff etc. so maybe because of the holiday it was already closed? I mean... that can't be true but maybe?
  2. It's an electric pressure cooker that can also be used as a crock pot and yogurt maker.
  3. OK everyone, 1) This is the Lu topic, please keep it to posting about Lu, if you want to talk about Bethenny take it to her topic. 2) We've already asked you agree to disagree and to stop going in circles. Posts have been hidden. Warnings have been issued. Please move along.
  4. Hey everyone! Please remember that discussion of politics (even politics of long dead presidents) is a no go at PTV so let’s try to steer the discussion back to Carole and whether or not she’s awful! Some posts have been hidden. It's time to move on. Thanks!
  5. Abuelita is the brand of Mexican Hot Chocolate I see up here in the north. It's good. It's no Ibarra but it still hits the spot!
  6. My sense from twitter is they all just think that the people who didn't like them are "haters" and don't do any self examination.
  7. Mine's similar to yours @DeLurker frozen leafy spinach (not the kind in a brick), frozen berries/mangoes/whatever frozen fruit is on sale, ginger, coconut water sometimes a scoop of greek yogurt, sometimes honey or a banana.
  8. Hey guys, lets remember that no matter how strong our opinions are we need to be civil to one another.
  9. While I totally agree with this I feel like I have to point out that Lu wasn't driving. She was just shitfaced at a hotel.
  10. I haven't had it done, but I've heard of it and am actively in the "looking into it" phase. It is definitely a thing.
  11. And here we go again! @Tara Ariano's pick for Winner: Mark Tara's Winner Tally: Donna 3, Steve 2, Tom 2, Cliff 2, and the one offs: Beth, Casting, Chancellor Arnold, Claire and Steve's colons because of all the root vegitables, Dean Shaw, Dick, Dr. Martin, Frankie, Grampa Silver, Hal, Jackie, Joy, Kelly, The LAPD (for once), Mark, Mariah Parker Lewis, Prof. Langley ley eley, Rob Samantha Sanders, Val, Valet Guy. Tara's pick for Loser: Kelly Tara's Loser Tally: Brandon 6, David 6, Kelly 5, Tracy 3, and one offs: David and Claire (together), Donna, Donna's nipples, Jason Priestly, Kelly's Gyno, Kerry Strug, Phil Harris, Sara (the grandmother's helper, not Sarah D. Bunting... though that's debatable since she's having to watch this...), Shiela, Val, the Writers. @Sarah D. Bunting's pick for Winner: Nat Sarah's Winner Tally: Dick 2, Sean Donnelly 2, Tom 2, and the one offs: Baby Deer, Beth, Bill Taylor, Carole Potter, Daniel's friend, Dean Shaw, Dick's dealer, Donna, Dr. Candyman, Felice, Fired Car Museum Guy, Frankie, Hal, Luther Vandross's Manager, Mark, the Nat/Prof. Langley/ely/eley tag team, North African Couscous, Ron Duguay, Rusty, Steve, Robber girls, Tony, Val, Wardrobe. Sarah's pick for Loser: Brandon Sarah's Loser Tally: Brandon 7, Kelly 7, Tracy 2, Donna 2, and the one offs: B-Sure Condom Corporation, Bouvier Brows, Camera 2, David, Dick, Dr. Martin, Mariah's Guardian Angel, Mark, Sarah (again, the helper not SDB), Steve, SWAT guys, Val's dad, the Writers for egregious retcon, and the one honorable mention loser of the season: Israeli Large Pearl Couscous
  12. We did. It was... not good? The filling was cold which was odd IMO, plus canned icing = blech anyway and yeah, adding cinnamon didn't make it better. The cake itself wasn't awful, because store bought angel food cake isn't terrible... if the filling was warm and maybe just like some chocolate ganache or something it wouldn't be terrible? I don't know why I'm trying to make this cake better lol.
  13. Here's apparently the only picture I still have. My friend is lighting the candles and I am now remembering that we couldn't find corn nuts or someone ate them before we finished... we were very drunk lol. Our favorite part was that we assembled the monstrosity on a Waterford crystal cake plate. Like real ladies.
  14. Did I ever post pictures of the Aunt Sandy cake my friends and I made one night? It was a drunken joke, we didn't think it was like, actually nice or anything... it was from the same show as the Kwanzaa cake but we did the one with apple pie filling and... corn nuts? (Sandy called them acorns like only she would.)