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  1. I think also she had a bad experience or something, because on one of her True Tori whatever they were called shows (and yes, I watched them all) she goes to the doctor about them and he's basically like "these are terrible, leaky, hard and too old and they're probably making you super sick you have to get them removed" and she freaks the fuck out to Dean about not wanting another surgery and how scared of surgery she is... but apparently at least a few years ago she still had those same implants in. Which is not healthy right? Like I'm pretty sure you are supposed to change them out every 10 years?
  2. Yep, @biakbiak and @forumfish nailed it. Chuy's creamy jalapeno is the BEST. This is the copycat recipe I use, and it's fine... good even for people who haven't had the real thing, but it's still not perfect. Thankfully there's one near me now so I can get the real stuff even though I don't live in Texas anymore. My brother says to add a little juice from the pickled jalapenos which I have to try. Maybe that's what I'm missing.
  3. Oh no! He was clean though! Sadly this is probably a good thing though. For him hopefully not dying I mean.
  4. He's the surgeon in Season 7 Episode 2 and so maybe he stays around for more episodes? It freaked me out because I was like "that guy looks familiar" and I looked him up and OMG it's Joe!
  5. This is completely unrelated but I've just started watching Supernatural Season 7 and Joe is in it and is now a silver fox and it's making me feel so old!
  6. I need a deck re-stained, send them my way when they're finished with the car and floor!
  7. I'd read that cooking blog btw.
  8. Yep, that too. Mexican parsley, Chinese parsley and cilantro are all the same. And as @forumfish said it's also the plant that has coriander seeds but they taste totally different. I personally love cilantro. My brother is the GM at a very popular Tex Mex restaurant that has a "famous" jalapeno ranch dressing that is chock full of cilantro and he always laughs when people who gulp that dressing down then demand the rest of their food with no cilantro because they "are allergic" and he has to be like "you just ate a crap ton, so if you're allergic we're in trouble" and then they say "well, really I just don't like it at all" and he's all "again, you just ate a bunch..." obviously if it's not already mixed into something they'll leave it out, but some of the sauces have it in them when they're made at the beginning of the day and it can't be removed. If you don't like something it's one thing, but if you're allergic it's another! I hate that people just say they're allergic when it's really just a preference thing. And back to TJ's I'm still sad we don't have one close to my work anymore (I moved offices) because I really miss going in there to grab fun and interesting things for lunch.
  9. I really like them! There's a TON of variety, I tend towards more silvery or, for some reason I really like an orangish nail... but they have tons of colors and most are what I would consider unusual. I also like the formula though, it dries fast and goes on smooth which is kind of all I ask for. I will say I stopped swatching because I think opening them makes the polish goop up faster than normal? Because they're 5 free so I think they get gloppy faster than OPI etc. if that makes sense. But I've still never had a problem with them. I sound like a Julep shill! I promise I'm not! But if you want to try some send me your address and colors you like and I'll send you some. I just have SO MANY and I haven't even done my nails in like 4 months so they're going to go bad before I can get through them all!
  10. Guys, this forum and more specifically this topic isn't the place for in depth discussion of the ethics of veganism/wearing fur/vegetarianism/etc. please take that discussion elsewhere. If you want to talk about Lisa V take it to her thread and remember to leave politics out of it as well. Thanks.
  11. Previously.TV is currently working on a comprehensive User FAQ - in the meantime, we'd like to point you to a few places that will give you an overview of how the site works. First up is our Welcome Topic which explains some of basics, followed by our site-wide golden rule: Be Civil or Be Gone. The following are more specific guidelines for some issues that arise most commonly: Do we discuss politics and current events at Previously.TV? The guidelines we use when it comes to discussion of LGBTQ conversation Personal information for actors, celebrities and well known people You may also post a question in the Questions Forum, if you don't find the answer you're looking for.
  12. I think I just passed out! The fact that he said "do some scenes with Shannen" made me happier than it probably should have.
  13. Snark the show not the posters please. Thanks.
  14. Guys, please remember to snark the show and not each other. Thanks.
  15. I have SUPER sensitive skin but I've found this O.R.G Mineral Peel Face is great at getting rid of my flaky skin without making my face angry. I got it in the Fab Fit Fun box and I'm in love. The one product I will definitely repurchase.