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  1. @Mindthinkr if you're doing it from a phone my suggestion is (this is a clunky workaround but it will work) email the photo from your phone to yourself and when given the option for what size the picture should be select medium or small. Then go into the email and re-save the image to your photo album. Then use THAT one to upload here. (I think texting the picture might also work). ETA you can also upload the picture to you don't have to join. Just go to the site, click upload, select the image, upload it and then (this is important) right click and select "Copy Image URL" and take that url and just paste it into a reply here. That will also work.
  2. Yeah, they like, break a tile with a hammer at the HS reunion? The tile says Kelly's a Slut or something... you know, that tile that someone wrote that on back in the beginning of the show and Kelly was all upset and Mrs. Teasly let the graffiti stay for TEN YEARS and no one ever did anything and oh wait... none of that happened.
  3. It could be something as simple as "thought it looked cool" too. I have like 18 tattoos (or so... not positive. I've lost count) some mean LOTS, others were just pretty or looked neat etc. It sounds like a punk irony thing to me, the dichotomy of "love" contrasted with the violence of weapons... it may have nothing to do with liking guns. What else did she have visible? Was it this design? When Jennifer Hudson wore it she said it was "Time to turn all this violence into love" so there's that idea too. A famous soccer player (I guess) also has it as a tattoo, he says to him it means you have to fight for love. Best guess as a tattooed person? She thought it looked "cool" and "deep" because sometimes that's all it means.
  4. Kelly also shoots a rapist at some point right?
  5. My mom does this to me all the time. Offers me food that will literally kill me, or tells people "Lisin doesn't like shrimp" NO! Lisin can't eat them or her throat will swell up and she'll have to use her EpiPen and hope to not die. She LIKES them just fine MOM.
  6. Guys, we've now really gone down a rabbit hole of people tangentially related to Kyle. This is the Kyle topic. Please try to keep it to discussions of Kyle or at the very least her kids/husband. Not her nieces/nephews etc. who aren't even on this show at all. Thanks.
  7. Note, since these have dropped on Showtime On Demand please be aware that there will be spoilers if you have not yet watched the episode.
  8. Drogo TCS MarkHB aquarian1 Lisin
  9. I would say if you hated the pilot you probably won't like what comes later... it doesn't get "less" of any of that stuff and probably gets "more" in some ways. But you get used to it? I personally love the whole series which is also a controversial opinion.
  10. Yup. That's where it is for me too! Thanks!
  11. @David T. Cole this isn't showing up for some of us in iTunes. Please help! Thanks!!!
  12. NO LIVE FEED TALK IN EPISODE THREADS! Feed watchers who want to discuss current episodes should go here. To find out from Feed Watchers who won what comps go here. THERE WILL BE SPOILERS. If you have any questions you can pm me (@Lisin) and please include @CuriousParker in the PM. Thanks!
  13. Who won HOH? Find out here!