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  1. For those wanting to "search" for the original post. If you click on the arrow in right hand side of the quote box it will take you to the original post. Not that this fixes the wibbly issues but it does make it faster to find the original quote!
  2. Ok, so it looks like Christmas is only going to be "out" on Wednesday. She just told everyone what was happening. From the reactions I initially thought they were pulling her today and sending her back on Thursday but it sounds like she's just going to be gone all Wednesday and back Thursday in time for the live show.
  3. My husband and I just spent the past 30 seconds or so screaming "COFFEE MAKER" at the TV while everyone in the kitchen failed to notice it was overflowing all over the place. On the bright side they apparently requested real cleaning supplies and now have bleach and paper towels in an effort to combat the ant problem.
  4. Sorry for bad news everyone but Zooey the sweet tripod kitty passed away just now. She was fine this morning and then just went quietly this evening surrounded by her people which is all I could ask for I suppose.
  5. I'm looking for the exact same thing! Hope we find it! I have had no luck yet.
  6. Stop. Snarking. Each. Other.
  7. Just a reminder of the no political talk rule here at ptv. Anything about politics that isn't brought up on the show (twitter/Facebook don't count as on the show) will be removed. Thanks!!
  8. 2 to DL Drogo (TCD, Lisin) 3 to something witty this way comes... sorry. I'm sleepy.
  9. I can vouch for Mark. That's all I've got.
  10. In other words, if you all can't agree to disagree please just ignore each other. You're never going to change anyone's mind here on this issue. In short.
  11. We had Ledo's on Thursday! It's my favorite but my husband doesn't love it so he gets the stromboli and I get a small pizza and then have lunch for the next day too. I grew up on it and he didn't so I think that's why I like it and he doesn't? I don't fully understand not liking it lol.
  12. So... technically there's 20 place settings? If you count the 4 on the counter. That doesn't mean anything right??
  13. Yeah, there was a point where I was convinced I was using the wrong list because I could not believe that Hobo Clown Ray was also this season.
  14. Polls open at midnight tonight :) They'll be open until midnight Friday night.