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  1. S02.E13: We Have Brought You Little Cakes

    Overall, I really enjoyed the hell out of Season 2 but I did dislike a few things. I kind of hope the show cools it with the extended music/singing sequences, it bored me when they did Les Mis. I consider myself a positive viewer just because I so badly want the show to succeed, but even I can admit I didn't fully buy Quentin and Alice's relationship until this season. Jason Ralph & OTD sold the fuck out of it: his loss, sadness, heartbreak, misery, love..just all of it. It was like they didn't truly appreciate what they had until it was gone. The scenes with Quentin & alternate reality Alice made me so sad for them. OTD is a good actress but I enjoy her more as regular Alice than I did as niffin!Alice trapped in Quentin's tattoo. I think I'll be a bit disappointed if the writers continue to keep Q & Alice apart for ridiculous reasons. I too think that Eliot doesn't exactly have the best chemistry with his new to-be husband but maybe that will improve in Season 3? Or maybe the writers will do the fun/smart thing and just have all of our main characters together going on a quest! Not too sure. I am interested in Fen now that she seems a little darker after experiencing the loss of her daughter. I know that the point of the story is more Fillory than Brakebills but damn if I didn't LOVE the scenes with Dean Fogg this season. He's just a great character I wish we could see more of on the show. I wish Margo was given more to do on the show. I've said this before, but I feel like the Fillory stuff is all Eliot's and Margo is just being wasted.
  2. S02.E12: Ramifications

    What the hell Julia? I guess she can't really be blamed in this situation though..but if I had that chance to kill Reynard, he would've been dead. Screw OLU. Yes, it was nice that Julia got her shade back but Persephone/OLU fucked the humans over yet again. Richard & the other FTB, even John & especially Julia deserved revenge by killing Reynard. He deserves nothing but death. I feel like Persephone was lying when she said there were consequences to killing a god. Maybe a big one, but Reynard is just a trickster. Quentin was kind of a badass in this episode (for him anyway..) and I LOVE that Alice is back :) :) little shade Alice was still adorable. I can understand why Alice would be mad about being back as human after having the endless knowledge and freedom as a niffin but to be fair, if she had a chance to bring her brother back w/ his shade then she would've 100% done it without a doubt. I might just be blanking right now. but did the show ever explain why exactly Mayakovsky is the most powerful magician on Earth? Family lineage or just because? I'm also confused about Sylvia. I feel like there has to be more to her story but since the season finale is next week, then maybe not. Is her dad someone we might meet next season? Was she always destined to die and she wanted her book to fix her fate? Poor Penny. I wonder if he's going to be in next week's episode?
  3. S02.E11: The Rattening

    I enjoyed this episode. I wish we could have had the chance to see more of the underworld but it was overall good. The little kids performing miracles in elysium were so cute and I loved little shade! Alice and little shade! Julia. When I saw that Julia brought back Alice's shade instead of her own I immediately thought about that being a really great thing to do for Quentin, but now I wonder if maybe Julia doesn't want her shade back? Richard and Julia's friends were back! They appear to be doing okay too, I'm glad they at-least aren't alone in the underworld. I enjoy Penny's library centered story-lines but I'm not sure where they're going with the poison room plot: it seems a bit late in the season to introduce something so new for Kady and Penny.
  4. S02.E10: The Girl Who Told Time

    Who is Alison? ETA: Oh, never-mind, I just realized you meant Alice! I don't personally see a Julia and Q hook-up coming any-time soon or ever. Q and Julia are those type of best friends that are just always going to be very close even though they might do horrible things to others and to each-other on occasion. He did have that huge crush on her in Season 1 that she thankfully did not reciprocate because if she wasn't feeling it then she didn't owe him anything romantic..but they seem to have moved forward. Margo and Eliot are the package deal it appears and I wish the show would give Margo her own plot, even with Fillory..she shares that story-line with Eliot. The writing for Margo is better this season and she she has the fun one-liners but I'd like more for the character. If anything, Alice's death has kind of really reinforced the validity of Q and Alice in a strange way (to me). I like that the writers didn't attempt to rush or gloss over Quentin grieving the loss of Alice. Also, it's nice to see that the characters acknowledged on more than one occasion the sacrifice Alice made with her life to get rid of The Beast. JMO though!
  5. The Magicians In The Media

    http://nerdist.com/see-what-the-magicians-are-up-to-next-in-this-supertease-exclusive/ Just saw the wondercon superteaser and I am even more excited now for the rest of the season than I was last week!
  6. S02.E10: The Girl Who Told Time

    I don't think it's possible to restart the time loop because the watcher woman/ Jane Chatwin was murdered by Martin last season and she had the magical stopwatch that allowed her to do so...without her/it, nothing can be restarted or reset.
  7. S02.E10: The Girl Who Told Time

    So, first off, Margo majorly fucked up and it kind of annoys me that she doesn't seem remotely sorry toward Fen. Not okay. Second, the ending to the episode got me majorly excited for next week. Quentin and Julia going to the underworld for her shade! And what looks like a dragon! Yassss! The scene with Q and Alice from the 27th iteration broke my heart a bit. Poor Alice from that universe looks so exhausted and just emotionally broken. I really thought for a sec that Q would break Fogg's rules and try to touch Alice but he didn't. He said he loved her <3 I'm really feeling their relationship MUCH more this season than I ever did in the first. Chemistry is more apparent or something between the actors. Todd, Josh, and the librarian are some of my favorite reoccurring characters!
  8. S02.E09: Lesser Evils

    Ah yes, I do remember that being mentioned on the show. But how can Margo possibly be allowed to give away Fen's baby without any input from Fen? Don't magical deals in fairy-tales usually require the permission of the person who is directly involved (Fen or Eliot)?
  9. S02.E09: Lesser Evils

    I understand why Quentin didn't let (niffin) Alice out to kill Reynard, he's still in love with Alice and even though its not really Alice anymore.he still is holding on to a little bit of hope that she'll come back somehow. Julia doesn't really feel love or many emotions at the moment so she had no problem tossing Q to the wolves so to speak. It was harsh but nothing will come of it. One thing I didn't understand now that I've thought about it is how was Margo possibly allowed to make a deal to give Fen's baby to the fairies. It's not her child in any way, how can she promise it to someone? Fen is technically married to Elliot, doesn't that make her a queen too?
  10. S02.E09: Lesser Evils

    The new husband was on HEROES on NBC a few years ago. I can't quite remember his character name, but he did good work. Yes, Chris Gorham I remember from his days on Popular (Ryan Murphy's first show I believe) on The WB. Love the addition of these actors to the show!
  11. S02.E09: Lesser Evils

    Damn Julia, just..what the fuck? Hoping that Quentin will buy a clue and stop making endless excuses for his "best friend" because tonight she really screwed him over hardcore. Penny was the voice of reason tonight and it was refreshing to see. I figured out that Chris Gorham's character was going to be Reynard's son a few weeks ago so that was a cool reveal :)
  12. S02.E08: Word as Bond

    I really wonder what the hell niffin Alice is up to when she's in control of Quentin? Is she trying to help herself and her brother deep down? Is it all just to fuck with Quentin and a selfish pursuit? I felt awful for poor Quentin tonight. Jason Ralph did a good job at just making Quentin seem utterly exhausted, scared, and a bit crazy from being haunted by Alice. I did like that it was Penny who really took a closer notice and figured out that something wasn't right with Quentin. I cracked up laughing when Kady knocked out Quentin so Penny could get in his head.
  13. S01.E01: Somebody's Dead

    I hate annoying teens on television and holy hell is Reese's (character's) daughter annoying, disrespectful, and just downright awful. Good first episode, very intriguing.
  14. Archie is a legal minor and what Ms. Grundy did was statutory rape. If this was real life, her creepy ass would've been arrested for having sex with a student. As for Archie and Veronica/Valerie, it's 2017 and teenagers are allowed to kiss more than one person. He's a teen boy who isn't particularly astute, it doesn't make him a "fuckboy" as you so nicely described him for being a bit dull and tactless. If the writers decide to break up Betty and Jughead and make him asexual like some have mentioned from the comics, then so be it. Or they could stay together and go the distance. As long as they write what they think works well and don't pander to the overzealous audience, then it should all work out.
  15. Agree (if that's what the writers want). I've seen it happen way too many times (especially on CW shows). Shippers become loud on social media, starts demanding certain story-lines or couples to stay together, bully/threaten, and the shows end up ruined. Hell, I sure as hell hope none of the actors start dating each-other either, that's a sure fire way to ruin relationships on the show too when they inevitably break up and the awkwardness shows on screen.