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  1. S01.E01: Episode 1

    Ben has really found his calling as the guy eternally willing to spout empty Bachelor-style jargon on camera. *eyeroll* They all talk like that (the American ones anyway) to an extent, but last night he really seemed like the producers' pet reading from a script. I always thought Dean was hot, and I find his face and eyes very pleasing to look at. I'll also confess a weakness for dimples. He's kind of uninteresting otherwise, but whatever. I also wasn't really paying attention to whatever drama happened between him and Kristina and whoever else on BiP, so I have no opinion on that. Christian seemed a little too intense and weird with his "we have spoken, you are now mine" rubbish. Kevin(? - the one Ashley I was weeping about) is butt ugly. Luke has an unattractive face, and a dour personality. I hardly remember the rest of the guys. Meh. I appear to be alone in being happy that Eric went home though - I've always found him annoying for some reason. Especially after he went on that utterly silly "keep my name out your mouth!" tirade on his season. This show was pretty stupid (shocker, I know)...I don't know if I can muster the energy to pay attention to it. I do hope they keep the format where Chris Harrison doles out the roses though, ha!
  2. House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    Utah... Were those in-ground trampolines? At all three houses? I didn't even know those existed... Or that society still cared about trampolines enough that there would be one at all three homes, ha! The guy seems kind of douchey. He seems too into having every trapping he thinks "rich people" should have in a house... Oh well, if he can afford it, more power to him. And he definitely married up... She looks fantastic after five kids. Kudos to her! As big as those houses were overall, I thought many of the individual rooms they showed weren't as big as I would have expected. Like that dining room they showed in the one they picked - huh? It looked like a nook that was filled up by that six person table. And the master was nice, but didn't really look much bigger than ones you could find in houses a third the size. Plenty large, just not as extravagant as I might have expected in a house that extravagantly large overall.
  3. The Bachelor in the Media

    I just saw this and came here to post about it! Bizarre. Did she not tell her mother she was leaving to film the show? And/or use "going to work on a pot farm" as the excuse? Huh?
  4. House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    My boss has been complaining for the past couple years about how he wants to sell his 11,000 square foot house, but can't get a decent price for it because the demand for homes that massive has gone down so much. (Boo hoo, right...) That's a more extreme example, but yeah in general I think the demand for "bigger, bigger, bigger!" has already gone down quite a bit. Having said that, I think for the most part millenials in 15-20 years will be looking for space to raise a family, like generations before them. They may not want monstrosities, but I don't think they'll be looking for communal living either.
  5. S22.E02: Week 2

    I think that was him, yeah. I guess he was blond. Mr. Wovenloaf is like that - when he was a kid his hair was light blonde, but now it's dark brown. It got darker over his middle school years.
  6. It was nice that the people moving to Valencia weren't too demanding, but I thought it was weird how the lady seemed so unconcerned with the three kids, when it came to finding a home. The guy was worried about having enough living space, etc. But she didn't seem to give the kids' comfort a second thought. A smaller house/apartment is one thing, but she was content to stuff them two deep into those "bedrooms" at the first apartment that were literally the width of a hallway! She kind of acted like they were just extra luggage to tote around on her latest Spanish *adventure!*, but maybe it was just edited that way to play up the cramped-in-the-city-center vs. spacious-but-farther-out narrative HHI loves... I found the "We don't foresee retirement happening for us anyway, so screw it, let's move to Spain" explanation to be a little bizarre too.
  7. Thanks for posting. One of the comments on that article is supposedly Josh. Trying to refute her cheating denials. Interesting he made no attempt to refute the deadbeat dad accusations...
  8. S05.E12: I Now Pronounce You/Tell All

    I thought Andrei looked smoking in his tux...damn. I've liked his personality a lot, and have considered him on the better side of decent looking. But he cleans up well, and hair swept to the side was a drastic improvement.
  9. Yeah I think they still have to prove they're actually together for the 2 years (or however long it is). Them being married helps him not be immediately deportable at the end of the 90 days I guess. But it's not like he just gets to go on his merry way in NJ and never see her again... At least in theory.
  10. Elizabeth & Andrei: Ballroom Blitz

    Ha! Father "How are you going to support my daughter?!" Libby arrested for unpaid child support - I love it. What a jackass.
  11. House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    Just now watching the Memphis episode... "Scary woods people"? Wtf is wrong with this friend? Does she think this behavior is cute? I can't imagine valuing her opinion on anything. I'm guessing the drag racer lady doesn't - they just needed someone to come be dramatic for the show.
  12. House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    San Diego guy had a bit of a burned out surfer vibe, but also seemed really young. It's a good thing he's an ER doctor, because I can't really imagine many people putting their faith in him as their doctor willingly. (I have no doubts he's a fine doctor, but he just seemed so off in the ozone.) That first "modern" house they looked at should just be promptly taken back down. Whoever designed that thing made a terrible mistake. The shower was nice...that's all I got. The third house was lovely. The one they picked was blah on the outside, but I liked the inside. The people in Spokane - what on earth was that third house?? A massive storage shed with some haphazard walls inserted? That thing was a mess. I thought their house back in Colorado looked a lot nicer (at least from the outside) than anything they looked at in Spokane - I was kind of surprised at that. I would think if they thought his job opportunity was so good, it would have been one that enabled them to get something at least comparable to what they had in Colorado, especially since they hadn't had that house long and had done lots of work to it.
  13. S05.E08: Out Of Nowhere

    I agree. Makes no sense to me. I had a friend in high school that was adamant about not wanting to lose her virginity, but then also had no problem telling us how she had been doing anal with her 20-something year old boyfriend. It was ridiculous. I definitely don't think all, or even most, people who care about waiting until they are married are like that. But some certainly are. Also, not all Christians who think waiting until marriage is important compare non-virgins to "chewed gum" or garbage or whatever. The Duggars and their ilk aren't a representation of how average Christians think or behave. Not by a long shot.
  14. S05.E08: Out Of Nowhere

    What was her family required to do when David spent all of dinner trashing where they live? Say "gee, you're right, what a dump, thanks for enlightening us!"? Come on. I don't like Evelyn, but from what I've seen her parents and brother have been nothing but gracious to David since he arrived. And I personally have no desire to live in Claremont, but people from there having an affection for it doesn't automatically indicate some kind of moral failing on their part or a "stupid, xenophobic worldview." Evelyn's main failings are that she is annoying and bratty.
  15. S05.E08: Out Of Nowhere

    "My tacos aren't burning. Your tacos are burning. And that's why she's crying." might be my favorite piece of television.