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  1. S01. E01. Perro/Oc.

    I agree with you. I'm finding this show pretty flat, not sure I'll keep watching either. It reminds me of the later seasons of SOA where they just kept piling on extra plots all over the place (side drama with the Chinese, a random shootout that has little connection to the rest of the plot, the Juice saga that seemed to never end, etc.). But at least with SOA we knew the characters by then and were somewhat invested. With this show, I feel they have jumped right to piling on plot lines, at the expense of character development. And also every show is an hour and a half... I thought SOA went noticeably downhill once most the episodes were extra long and Sutter stopped having to edit himself for the one hour timeslot.
  2. S01. E02. Escorpion/Dzec.

    Yeah I really expected that to be more of a problem... Miguel looked slightly taken aback by the question, but then just moved on. Why would the random (as far as Miguel knows) Mayans prospect even know his wife's name, much less think he's entitled to ask about her? I thought it was odd nothing came of that.
  3. Tennis Thread

    If people don't agree about the value of a particular tennis article, it means they are "dog whistling" racists? Ok then.
  4. House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    I don't get the "I have to win!" attitude either (and unless it's just for tv, I'm sure it extends to more in their relationship than just house hunting...). I get being happy if the house the two of you choose has features you really wanted, but the need to "win" whether the other person likes it or not is so ridiculous and selfish. When Mr. Wovenloaf and I were looking for our house, there was one in particular I loved, but he didn't like it and hated the location. So I forgot about it and moved on - why would I want to strong arm him into living somewhere he doesn't want to be? In the end we ended up with an even better house we both love.
  5. S01.E07: Falling

    Apparently the small town they shot it in is in Georgia. (And I remember that about Ozark too - I wonder why Georgia is the go to for pretend Missouri footage, ha!) The house used for the exterior of Adora's house is in Northern California. https://www.bustle.com/p/where-was-sharp-objects-filmed-the-show-totally-took-over-a-sleepy-town-9727229
  6. S01.E07: Falling

    Richard's reaction in the hotel room.... Eh, certainly not his finest moment (to put it lightly), but I'm not really prepared to write him off as some horrible, no-good, misogynist, etc. based on it (however en vogue such responses to male infractions may be at the moment...). Was she obligated to not sleep with anyone else? No. Does seeing someone you care about in bed with your 18 year old murder suspect still sting real bad? Yeah, I'd assume so. People lash out, it sucks but it doesn't always mean they're horrible people. And let's get real, if the genders on this were reversed, and Camille was hurt by what she saw and said mean things to Richard about it, nobody would be mad at her. Frankly I'm bothered more by his weird snooping around about her medical history than I am about his poor reaction in the hotel room.
  7. S01.E07: Falling

    Even if they didn't want to arrest her, they could have just wanted to question her. Which I think would have been a reasonable response to finding the reporter covering the murders with the guy they just arrested for the murders. Especially since she knew they were looking for him. (I don't really fault her for not turning him in...but I can see how the situation would warrant some questions.)
  8. S01.E06: Cherry

    Yes. She tells Camille she actually saw the word "cherry" cut into her leg.
  9. S01.E06: Cherry

    I also got the impression it was a more spaced out thing. I think she said something along the lines of "this is where they would bring the cheerleader of the week," but I just took that as a turn of phrase, not that they literally did it once a week.
  10. S01.E06: Cherry

    Yeah, I think she rummaged around in the grass next to the road and found it though. If I recall correctly, she threw it away towards the end of one episode, and then the next episode started with her in the ditch looking for it. I was confused about what was going on, but I think they showed her holding it, with the screen all cracked, after she climbed out of the ditch.
  11. S01.E05: Closer

    In addition to the darkness, his hand (the location of which I may or may not have paid particular attention to during that scene) was strategically placed to block the view.
  12. House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    The one next to it had just been demolished.
  13. Flip or Flop Las Vegas

    I could not stand the mural in that condo. What on earth. Frankly all that guy's paintings looked hideous to me. And a giant face looming over the bed? Stop! This is the first episode of this show I've seen...I shudder to think that garish mural was her idea of a tamer design.
  14. That's how the student housing when I studied abroad in Wales in college was. One person rooms, each with their own sink. Then a separate toilet room in the hall (and yes the lack of sink in the toilet room grossed me out....how could that door handle not have been a biohazard...), and another separate room in the hall that had the shower and a bathtub. There were no sinks in the "communal" areas. They weren't old buildings, that's just how they were laid out. I guess maybe if that Antwerp place had been geared towards students and/or multiple roommates at some point, that may be why it's laid out that way.
  15. I only watched half of that episode, but the thing I couldn't stand about her was how, when she wanted to make a point, she would look over at the guy with a real serious look on her face and glare at him, then talk to him in a weird lecturing tone. It was reminiscent of the way a teacher would talk to a third grader who won't pay attention in class.