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  1. I've been on that cruise itinerary on that ship. Yikes. And as to the pictures of her rubbing herself against the locals. Those poor people put up with a LOT for tips from cruisers. But SURELY there's a limit!
  2. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    Yowza! She should sue whoever did that to her lips.
  3. I have a couple of family members who are JWs. Nothing I see in their behavior makes me want to join up. The nicest JWs I've ever seen are the two ladies who sit next to their "Watchtower" rack at the local library. They're not allowed to actively approach people about their "religion," but they always smile and say hello. That's all I need from JWs.
  4. S27.E10: Week 8: Semi-Finals

    I usually don't watch very closely, but at the end of the dance with Gleb and Emma and other two, my first thought (knowing that both couples normally do the same thing), was that Gleb had "lost his balance," causing Emma to fall over. Then he decided to try to make it look like he did it on purpose. But from there, it appeared obvious that it was a camera-hog ploy. Don't know the guy's work all that well (hadn't watch DWTS for years), but I'm beginning to dislike him as much as others here seem to.
  5. S06.E03: Rough Landings

    I think the powers that be realized that they didn't need to have the super-cheap stuff now. People will come to Vegas as a vacation destination, and understand that they'll have to spend money. We're planning to go up there for hubby's birthday in March. Used to be you could stay on the strip during the week for about $25. We did find a room for $45 at one of the nice hotels, but now they've jumped on the "plus parking and resort fees" bandwagon.
  6. S06.E02: Young and Restless

    Have we seen any independent corroboration that Leida's father is a "famous surgeon"? We suspect her of exaggerating a lot of stuff. Might she be exaggerating that as well? Maybe he's a doctor . . . but the level of doctor who is a government employee . . . not a "famous" (well-paid) private surgeon. Are they just being quiet about the accommodations because they are polite, or are they in shock?
  7. Jeremy and Auj Poj

    She should have talked to Megan Markle for tips on not standing with the sun behind you for pictures for publication.
  8. S09.E06: Pastry Week

    I have white hair. Easy to color. Hubby helps by pulling the hair through the little cap so I can just do highlights. At our age, we just consider it as cheap entertainment. Which reminds me . . . there's still some pink dye in the bathroom closet. And I'm bored.
  9. S09.E06: Pastry Week

    Have we met?
  10. Jeremy and Auj Poj

    So they didn't pray fervently enough to get iTunes to do what Jer and Auj want them to do? The Bible also says that the "effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much." So what's wrong? Not effectual enough? Not fervent enough? Not righteous enough?
  11. S09.E02: Cake Week

    I think he said "pond" water.
  12. Easy to tell them apart. Natalie is the one with the fanny pack (which I've never seen on a dressed-up woman on a cruise ship) and the smaller butt.
  13. I so agree with you. BTW, we were in Delaware on vacation when the original Downton Abbey exhibition was at Winterthur. (Okay, it wasn't an accident. I built a vacation around getting to see the exhibition.) Anyway, the MOST beautiful costume on display was Lady Edith's wedding dress. The dressmakers had found a beautiful - but extremely fragile - wedding gown from the era. They cut out several pieces, including some exquisite hand-done embroidery, and used it as a portion of Edith's gown. The camera never showed how gorgeous - exquisite - it was. I'm looking forward to seeing it again when we go to the exhibition in Florida next month. We're driving from Orlando to Ft. Lauderdale, and I would NOT miss seeing the DA exhibition again. I've been told this one is even more wonderful than the one in Delaware.
  14. We just watched a couple of hours of the latest season of Great British Baking Show. And going from the sublime to the ridiculous, we will now watch a couple of hours of 90DF. Some might describe our taste in television entertainment as weird. We prefer the term "eclectic."
  15. I watch Cops . . . in some states, it's the person who DOESN'T have marks on them who goes to jail. The assumption is that they attacked the person with scratches.