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  1. Flagstaff schools start the second week of August. Maybe Christine wanted to get up there and get the school-aged kids settled in. Although that would be uncharacteristically thoughtful of any of them.
  2. Maybe the shoulders are off because she is standing with one toe pointed (as she usually does). Her eyebrows are off, too.
  3. Just realized that the actress who plays Kate will be playing "young Rosie" in the soon-to-be-released "Mamma Mia - Here I Go Again."
  4. River didn't actually throw anything . . . he batted at the Ikea light fixture, and it swung towards Pedro. Good thing it didn't break, or the AirB&B owners would be suing for damages. Father Chantel's name is Thomas. He was just mad because he had to stop eating wings to try to break up the fight. He was literally chomping away while Karen and River were on either side of him screaming at Pedro. Hope Pedro didn't break the table when he kicked it . . . the AirB&B owners WOULD sue for that.
  5. Meri Brown and her Wet Bar of Tears

    Probably house hunting for a place with a wet bar.
  6. Technically, it was 5 against 2 . . . but unacceptable for sure.
  7. Downton Abbey in the Media

    Awoke to this wonderful Facebook post . . .
  8. Never thought I'd see the day when the words "Twit" and "respect" would appear in the same sentence. LOL. Especially when the words "personal boundaries" are there, too. Now . . . "inappropriate" . . . that's our Twit!!! But you nailed it, @Laural. None of these concepts are recognized by Twit. Because, for her, it's all about Twit, all the time.
  9. Mindhunter Media

    Well, he sure pulled off "the look." Real Kemper on the left, Britton as Kemper on the right. How creepy was that guy????
  10. S01.E08: Metamorphosis 2018.07.08

    Beverly may qualify to be kept on via COBRA, but that's only for 3 years. She needs to get a good job with a company that provides her with her own insurance. Mostly, she needs to have NO need to communicate with her former husband.
  11. S14E13: Baptism By Fire 2018.07.10

    I agree about Mandy just not knowing what to say. If he wanted her to repeat something she'd already said, he needed to tell her that . . . not just look at her and wonder why she wasn't talking. Wild Bill's son is Zack Larson (currently on the BrennaA). He was such a great dad that his son doesn't even use his name. It makes me want to punch Bill every time he refers to Nick as being like a son to him. NO . . . he's not like a son to you. You just treat him better than you do/did your real son.
  12. My guess - Kody wasn't a big enough fish to satisfy his own ego in Las Vegas. When he walked around with his puffed-out chest bragging about his four wives, people probably said, "Nice. Excuse me . . . I'm headed to the strip to see the Cirque de Soleil." In Flagstaff, he can pretend that he's more important than anyone else because he'll be the only "in your face" polygamist in a town full of college students (who won't care about an old surfer wannabe). Can't you imagine him trying to run for town council and screaming about persecution when he doesn't get elected?
  13. When I watch Pedro and Family Chantal's scenes, I can't pick a side. It's like watching a fight-to-the-death match between Jack the Ripper and the Boston Strangler. I don't care who wins/loses. I just want them both gone, and society can go back to being a nicer place.
  14. Jeremy and Auj Poj

    Here's a Christian marriage counseling couple that is actually qualified to do what they do. I've heard them speak, and read some of what they've written. I respect what they say. Not so much Jer and Auj.