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  1. S01.E13: WORLD'S BEST DAD

    Wow! It was worse than I thought possible. They must have brought in armed security and forced the actors to be in those scenes and speak those lines! Once the kids were out of the house, they should have ended the show exactly as Gibson said in the 2nd or 3rd episode: "The President will give me a medal in the Rose Garden." Nothing in the final two hours made any sense. A state trooper working a computer for the FBI? The choopers flying toward a burning house that has no smoke coming out of it? Killing the first lady without any purpose? Buying diamonds for $500??? Sending kids to the army surplus store for no reason? The entire kidnapping ending up to have no purpose at all??? The final page of Gibson's notebook magically appearing at a cabin in the woods!!!!! Did Alice and White Rabbit leave it there??? The final episode should have ended in the tradition of Blazing Saddles. The actors should looked at the camera, apologized to the audience, and then lined up every NBC exec they could find and beginning beating them with copies of that script!