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  1. Josiah and Lauren: He Has To Marry Somebody

    Or Michelle.
  2. The Duggars: In the Media and TLC

    I have the feeling the Duggars are sitting on a few announcements that they will reveal either when John gets married or when the show comes back.
  3. Josiah and Lauren: He Has To Marry Somebody

    I disagree that Lauren picked Si, because of Counting On/19 kids, etc. I think "she" picked him, because she was raised IBLP, grew up going to Big Sandy and the Duggars are part of the same community. Also her father seems to want to marry his daughter (and maybe even daughters or sons) off to the Duggars. Like a lot of these young girls/women, I doubt she'd be getting married if she wasn't a fundie. It makes me sad that these young women are pushed to make these decisions at such young ages. She is a pretty young lady and she probably will have a baby sooner than later.
  4. I've seen unmarried Bates girls wear skirts like that short (Carlin?), but many fundie skirts are just above the knee. They made a video. She died in a hospital. It's possible she tried to have a home birth, but that is unclear. Remember Joy and Jill Dillard both gave birth in a hospital, but both tried to have a homebirth. Jessa also was rushed to a hospital after the birth.
  5. She is wearing a jumper, but her hair covers the straps. I don't think there's a scarf; it's just the way the skirt hangs. I'm not a fashion plate, but I don't think those clothes are flattering. (Particularly the jumper). Fundie skirts are so short, compared to old Gothard standards. (According to her Instagram, that Jumper is in style. I feel so old.)
  6. Season 7 Discussion

    @cereality You were totally right about those ties. They looked like wallpaper.
  7. I knew Catholics who made similar jokes about wooden spoons. Usually I was led to believe it was a normal kitchen spoon. I think that oversized "spoon" is supposed to be a gag gift.
  8. I think I read somewhere there was some reasoning behind the Ys in the names. Jordyn was to make her name more girly, and the name is still relatively popular for girls. (Jordyn spelled like this was 162 in 2017 on the US popularity charts for girls.) MacKynzie (this spelling) is allegedly a nod to their accents. They pronounce Ben "Byn" and Kendra "Kyndra" so what not use a Y instead of an E? (I'm not southern, but would pronounce Kynzie if that's what she wants.) Anyway substituting a Y for an i or e is a fairly common spelling change.
  9. I think Spurgeon is still very cute, and I think Jessa will have another soon since they're young and don't believe in birth control.
  10. Well, except Carlin practically is at the grown-up table as she's engaged. It's really only single, noncommitted adults at the kids' table. Once they can go on double dates, they're grown up. Jana has more time to help wedding planning since she doesn't have a baby or have to help her husband flip houses, etc.
  11. They never had 21. Josh married (and moved out) before Jordyn was born.
  12. I wouldn't post a pic of the kids in the tub (don't have kids, but probably wouldn't.). I'd be careful if I had kids what I posted with them since they don't have a lot of control in what I post. That being said I think it seems like a nice bathtime to me. I took baths with siblings/cousins as a toddler and we frequently faced away like that. Usually someone watched and didn't play with us so they didn't get their clothes wet. The boys seem happy, and Sam is old enough to up in the tub. Jill seems to be there in case they need her. She probably washed their hair when it was hair-washing time.
  13. More likely as the oldest in her family, she bosses her younger siblings around.
  14. I can't tell where they are, but it doesn't look like a kitchen, restaurant, home etc. Why does it look like they're in an office building? My first thought was some kind of medical building, but I think that's just a weird light. That's a nice picture of Jill and her friends. She looks good there.