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  1. her hat appears to also be a Love Your Melon hat, just like Jinger.
  2. Derrick looks like somebody in that picture, but I can't remember who. It's the hair, the expression, and the shirt. In other pictures, he looked sicker, but that is one of the worst photos I've ever seen of Derick. Actually it's just the worst. Look at his arms (around the wrists) in his shirt. His wrist is tiny. That doesn't look healthy to me (ymmv).
  3. So sorry! That's one of the saddest things I've ever read. From other posts you've done, you seem to be in a better place now and I wish you the very best in life.
  4. Or just find another network.
  5. His parents-in-law, Jessa and Ben, Jinger and Jeremy, joy and Austen all have guns or have been seen firing them. Also a couple months ago Derick liked a post that turned out to be in context critical of Michelle, JB, and Josh. The tweeter had tweeted up a storm and including an old picture of Josh, Anna, their first three kids and a gun. So if he doesn't have one lots of them floating around when he visits his in-laws.
  6. Ahhh, that's true. Also it was Swiss/Israel honeymoon. The show is probably safe.
  7. They would? Assuming their parents were willing to provide free childcare while the girls worked some sort at the kind of job described. That free childcare could stop if JB decided they gone too far from their beliefs. It's a mistake on the girls' part to assume it'll be there forever.
  8. The pillow is upside down.
  9. Which fansites are these? I thought the fans were endlessly loyal. I have no real knowledge of why they turned on Jessa and Joy if true they've turned, but I would guess it has to do with Jessa's housekeeping and maybe the rumors about Joy? It's stupid to turn on Joy over rumors. They have no idea what JimBob and Michelle had paid or not. My guess is with so many kids they probably got quite a bit of help from JB's parents (Mary) or maybe even Michelle's father when he lived with them. I'm annoyed that they blame the girls for losing the way. It says a lot about their fans they're worried more about the girls turning out too wild than Josh (who freeloaded a lot of stuff during the early years of 19K&C) or Michelle and JB after Joshgate I. I know they're probably biblical christian patriarchs...
  10. Jill is more likely to see her daughters copying her mannerisms as a) a successful result of her coaching them or b) imitation, which is the highest form of flattery.
  11. I'm pretty sure they had three? Although the only one I've ever seen is Jeremy. He's their baby.
  12. How far along is Jill? She looks really skinny for a pregnant lady, especially an older lady pregnant with #13. It's hard to tell how much that Christmas concert actually cost. I'm hoping it was about ten bucks or less for the two of them.
  13. I don't see why they need to hide. It would be good for ratings and their reputations to tell the truth no matter what that is. I too think she got pregnant right after she got married, but it doesn't matter too much either way. I think lying about this would ten times worse than just admitting if anything happened, because they've lied before and it came out. I think the more they lie, the more they damage their reputation.
  14. I think it's two people, because the shoe faces in the wrong direction from the red shirt. Then I noticed for the first time they're in a church or room of a church (probably not where the service is held). I'm sure many people are more observant and saw it says Proudly with Jesus, People help(?) Each Other, People Change the World before I noticed it.
  15. I googled Sarah Reith. I remember she was on the Duggars show, wearing frumpy clothes and very thick eyebrows. (no judgement, just observation) Now her clothes look modern, she wears make-up and her brows are different. She looks good. According to the web, she and one of her sisters are around thirty. She has a band with her siblings (three of them all grown up). She seems to be having fun. She doesn't seem to be nannying. She and her sisters seem very independent for their beliefs, but good for them! They do seem like a country song come to life, but not necessarily a fundie one.