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  1. S10.E01: 10s Across the Board

    I'm new to this show, but I'm was watching the marathon. This show seems cool! I thought Kalorie had a better outfit and did slightly better in Lipsync, but the Lipsync was close for me. I felt bad for Vanessa Mateo. Loved seeing Christina! I don't watch the voice so it's the first time I've seen her in a long time.
  2. And the Quiverfull movement. There's a possible complications from having so many kids, especially so many so close together.
  3. Fixed for you. Anna gave birth to their second child (Michael) on the toliet.
  4. We snark on the Duggars for their insane registries, but insane registries seem to be getting more common. For example, this woman I know registered for all these power tools, furniture, electronics, etc. I know people can register for what they want and sometimes the stores give discounts to make it more affordable. But it seems like a lot to ask for what you're asking for a)stuff you won't use that much or b) stuff that $90.00 or more. So this woman has a lot of stuff that costs around 100 bucks and multiple items over 200 dollars. It wouldn't surprise me if she was a Duggar fan, because her ex's family always reminds me of the Duggars. She also has gift cards on there. Si and Lauren have fewer expensive items than this woman. But all those quirky signs. One or two of the better signs would be cute. Do they really need one that says "Toliet"?
  5. That was Lauren Swanson's mother. Lauren S. is engaged to Josiah. They are a bit like Kendra's family and Mrs. Caldwell seems young enough she could have more. However, she hasn't been pregnant since Kendra started courting as far as we know.
  6. I think women/girls are allowed to hug each other. I've seen the Duggar girls hug their sisters and Michelle gives hugs. They only side hug their brothers/father, possibly because of the Josh situation. It was sad just typing that out.
  7. I couldn't find that section of the blog. What horrible sinful days? on the blog, it says Jill was saved at 4 years old. She was homeschooled by her fundie religious parents through high school. Then married in her late teens. (Like Joy, Kendra, and Lauren). Maybe David R had a past?
  8. I've been lurking at FJ and they posted screen shots of the webisode where Joy gives birth. As someone without TLCGO, I learned the following things from their screen shots (screengrabs). 1)Not only did the Forsyths not interfere, but some of them were present when Joy was in labor at home. His mother and sister were hovering over Joy when she was trying to give birth. As were many other people. 2) Her sister Johannah was there. She seems young to be there. I'm glad no one tried to get me to witness a birth when I was her age. 3) There was an unidentified blonde woman there, who seems to be a midwife.
  9. I tend to think there was another midwife who didn't want to appear on camera. It makes sense. What midwife would want the world to know it took her 20 hours to realize the baby was breech? Hospitals are probably better imo, as they are better equipped when things go wrong. Also many people tend to live farther away which means more travel time there if things go wrong. There's always traffic near the hospitals near me.
  10. But we've speculated before (particularly Jessa with Spurgeon) that the midwives didn't want the publicity and that's why the family made it look like they were delivering the baby. There may have been a midwife there(Theresa?), who didn't want to appear on camera. So Jill played the part.
  11. Jessa didn't tell them. They have "inside sources" who claim to know she's pregnant. But this is a speculation/"our sources say article" not a official she's telling them. Considering they were suing In Touch, they probably aren't ready to give them an inclusive even for $. It wouldn't be surprising if she was pregnant, because that happens to people who don't believe in birth control. But this article isn't proof and she may not be as far along as they say.