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  1. When I first saw that FJ clue, I said out loud: "I have no idea." After a little thought I came up with Dunkirk and would have had time to write it. Good job by Lakedra, up until FJ. Glad she pulled it out and didn't overbet.
  2. Yes, but I liked that FJ clue. It was something I didn't know but was able to guess (educated guess), and it was interesting. And it was the right level of difficulty for a FJ clue. If two out of three players get it, it's about right on the hardness scale.
  3. Is there any credible evidence there is an energy vortex in Sedona, Arizona? I very much doubt it because I don't think science recognizes energy vortexes/vortices. Jeopardy should not have a clue about a chapel on top of an energy vortex. Keep to the facts.
  4. I was wondering that. In common usage, people often just say Sgt Pepper's. But I doubt the judges would have accepted that response.
  5. What an ending! On the final DD, I said Rough Riders, just like Wilbur. Great minds thinking alike, except we were both wrong. FJ was an instaget, which was convenient because it takes 30 second to write out the full name of the album.
  6. People used to criticize the last TOC champion, Alex Jacob, for being so slow in answering Daily Doubles, feeling that he was stalling for effect. Maybe he was to some extent. But there is a lot to be said for taking your time and thinking about your response deliberately. A couple seconds of thought might have brought Spoonerism to Alan's mind. (I'm guilty, too, as I blurted out Freudian Slip.)
  7. The TOC was like the World Series: fun, good players, drama, a display of tactical virtuosity and strategic moves in times of uncertainty. Three teams won over 100 games this year, and I like to think of Buzzy, Alan, and Austin as the Astros, Indians, and Dodgers.
  8. Alan! Feel for you. I said Freudian Slip also. Bummer. I did get Montpelier, but it didn't matter much then.
  9. Buzzy is appearing without a tie! The world is gone awry!
  10. Yes, transsexual should have been accepted. There is no official definition of LGBTQ. Like words, acronyms mean what the community of users say they mean. I bet if you surveyed the public a substantial fraction would say the T stands for transsexual (and they are not wrong, because there is no official definition.)
  11. See, the writers know how to put together a hard game. So many stumpers today for three excellent players. I blanked more than usual, too. For FJ, I said iPad.
  12. See, the video they had up just before the start of the tournament showing all 15 contestants was charming and made me feel like I would be friends with all these people in real life. This video isn't as good. Alan needs to wear a tie, so he doesn't look like a 15-year-old. Not a fancy suit like Buzzy, Just a simple jacket and tie. I think Austin nailed the appropriate dress for male contestants.
  13. Alan is like greased lighning. I'm picking him to win it all. If he were right on that final DD (I was yelling Knights Templar! at the TV) he would have iced the runaway and not had to answer any more. Which is impressive against someone as fast as Pranjal. It worked out for Alan anyway, so all's good.
  14. Over at Reddit, they were talking about Austin's relative low level of activity in this game, and Lily (the real Lily) chimed in that after the game Austin admitted he hoped Andrew and Lily would "run a scorched earth campaign against each other". Which sort of happened with the missed DDs in DJ. Lily also speculated that Austin "got spooked by how much Alan was crushing him in the QFs and wanted to dial back his game."
  15. Close game. And close=good. For FJ I immediately thought about the pied piper. I couldn't remember the VP's first name but they would have given it to me with just the last name.