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  1. Season 5 of KBC

    That's possible. I haven't really looked at the ages of the bakers. I understand meltdowns will happen here and there (even with adults!), but two per episode is well into "uncomfortable to watch" territory. Either way, this lies squarely at the feet of the producers. I remember the lunch-box bit, but I remember it being more an example of one type of impostor as opposed to a demonstration of exactly the thing they were going to do. I don't remember how the galaxy one worked, but if it was of that nature then obviously my memory ain't what it used to be ;-) .
  2. Season 5 of KBC

    Two episodes in, and I think I can now officially say that this season feels like a huge dropoff from the previous one. I like Taylor, but she almost feels like a ringer compared to the others. Too many meltdowns already, and it feels like Duff and Valerie are having to help much more than last season. Also, I don't remember ever seeing them give a full-on demonstration of how to do a challenge like they did tonight. That felt odd. Anyway, this season just isn't clicking with me yet. Was last season a fluke? Also: interesting that Davy busted out "the ceiling" to "what's up?", since I thought last season's Beverly had that trademarked ;-D .
  3. Dream Contestants

    While my first instinct was to answer "nobody, because this show has outlived its purpose", I did come up with something that could be interesting. In acknowledgement of the show's true endgame, they could change its name to "Food Network Judge". Then, they could invite a dozen food critics from local TV news, newspapers, radio, new media, etc, and have them compete. Then, at the end, if they decide to give someone an actual show, it could be a show of actual restaurant reviews instead of an hour of gushing over whatever place paid them to come visit. This would be interesting to me, honestly, since every place DDD or other shows visits gets the same level of fellatio from the host, and thus none of said fellatio winds up being meaningful. I lived in Boston for ten years, and there was a great show called "The Phantom Gourmet" on one of the local channels. It was an hour long, they usually did four restaurant reviews and a few other local food related segments, and the reviews actually came off as objective. They would occasionally give restaurants a failing grade, and effusive praise was relatively rare. The problem was that the show was turned over to the Andelman family, and over the course of several years the reviews went from four per show, to two, to one, to eventually none, and the show basically became one big festival of paid product placement for local business. The thing is, the show as it originally was was solidly entertaining, but when they started changing it by taking away the things that made it special, it became boring. That is what has happened with this show -- as originally conceived it was entertaining, but over time they've taken away all the worthwhile aspects of the show piece by piece until now, we're left with a boring, by-the-numbers show. The ratings may be there, but then they're also there for every other formulaic reality show that just goes on and on (Survivor, Big Brother, Amazing Race, etc), which makes me wonder: do people actually WATCH these shows, or are they just background / conversation fodder? Heck, how many people watch THIS show just so they can discuss it on social media (e.g. here on the boards :D)?
  4. S14.09 The Newest Star

    Well, that was eight hours of my life I won't get back. The second Bobby and Giada opened their mouths to announce the winner, I called it. Well, technically I said "oh, we're doing this again, I guess", and Mrs. Dewelar replied "looks like it". As far as the pilots, I thought Manny's was the best, if only because it was straight, by-the-numbers FN show. The problem is that if I'm going to watch Manny, I'm watching him for his infectious energy and different approach, not for another samey-same show, so it still sucked. Christian's show felt disjointed, and felt like he was making it all about him when Antonia was right there, and I know she's more entertaining than he was being. Plus, I don't really want to hear about Italian food from a lumberjack. Jess, who I still think gets way too much flack around here, was the worst of the three. She felt more like she was hosting a segment on a local news show instead of a food show, and I kept getting distracted watching her fiddle with her hair. Bleh. If there's another season of this, I may not bother.
  5. S14.E06 Shark Night Dinner

    Look and rewatch the episode, and you’ll se some of them. These are not mutually exclusive. They might be fancy, but Christian seems to have the ability to make them look like they came out of a dumpster.
  6. Just watched this episode, then came back to read this and lol'ed, because Celia actually called her Felicia! Too perfect!
  7. Last week Jess did well. This week she did not. None of the things she did well last week were components of this week's challenges, and I'd still defend her on the basis of those things if they were relevant. Just because I didn't find her pretentious or entitled at any point doesn't mean she didn't deserve to go this week based on performance, because she kinda did. I was referring to all the criticism of her or statements suggesting that she deserved to go based on her being pretentious, entitled, being a food novelist (and that getting old), wearing too bright lipstick, etc., not comments specifically about her performance in this episode. Ah, OK. I ignore those types of comments when I can, since I'm not a fan of pettiness. Thus, I have no idea if the any of the people making them now were defending Jess last week, and I have no inclination to find out :D .
  8. Last week Jess did well. This week she did not. None of the things she did well last week were components of this week's challenges, and I'd still defend her on the basis of those things if they were relevant. Just because I didn't find her pretentious or entitled at any point doesn't mean she didn't deserve to go this week based on performance, because she kinda did.
  9. Well, whatever magic Jess found last week disappeared just as quickly. Perhaps judging is just her wheelhouse, and everything else is...not. I didn't necessarily like her, but I also never thought nearly as negatively of her as it seems many people here do, which was enough to put her among my favorites on this turkey of a season. Which leads to the fact that the magic that left Jess left the show as well. After the reasonably good episode last week, this week was just flat out boring. When your show repeatedly aims for "train wreck" and misses the "train" part, this is the product. The Hotel Transylvania movies...exist, and I guess they're harmless, but I don't need them invading my space, and none of the resulting presentations were memorable. Then, in the forced-theme challenge, nobody seemed to really get it, least of all the person who picked the themes. Amy escaped because Jess was even worse at grasping the concept. And did Food Network really need MORE Alex Guarnaschelli? Because I am beyond tired of her now and am almost to the point of wanting to turn off my TV when I see her. Go Christian, I guess?
  10. S14.E04 Panic on the Panel

    Allow me to thoroughly disagree with the idea that Jess was motivated to say "piquant" by a need to impress anybody. I certainly didn't get that vibe from the pattern of her speech at the time, and she was doing a perfectly fine job of being impressive without busting out the ten-cent words.
  11. Favorite: Manny, because unlike almost everyone else he's fun to watch and can get a laugh out of me. Jess would probably be my pick for an actual show, though. Least favorite: Rebekah, always and forever, followed closely by Jason "BURGER BURGER BURGER" Among the remaining contestants, I'll have to also go with Katie.
  12. S14.E04 Panic on the Panel

    This was my favorite episode of the season by far. After all the complaining about Jason critiquing better bakers than himself on Best Baker in America, they decide to make it into a challenge. I approve. Anyone who was intimidated by the concept needs to go, because it's exactly the kind of thing they're being hired (if they're hired at all) to do. I hadn't seen Jess as a contender before, but she really brought it this week, which puts her at the top of my rankings. Katie, on the other hand, sank straight to the bottom. She was very fortunate to be paired with Harrison, who crashed and burned spectacularly, because paired with anyone else other than Amy she would have been in the bottom group. Hopefully those two are the next two out. I've also been liking Manny more and more over the weeks, but if he can't rein in his babbling -- which came back as horrible as ever during his self-critique -- he is not going to win. Really, that first challenge was a bit of a mess overall, and I think Jess may have been the only one who came out of it looking good.
  13. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    It always is, because the first two out are typically weaker players, and you usually want them around as long as possible -- both because they'd be easier to beat, and because they'd be the most likely to be grateful enough to be the back end of your alliance since you "saved" them. "Fair" would be a random draw, period.
  14. Just as there are reasons I wasn't :D . (Oh, and momentum is the force of the moving object...sort of...but now we're talking about Newton's Second Law...) (Sorry, I'll try to stop now.)
  15. That's half of it, yes. The other half is that a body in motion tends to stay in motion (or, more precisely, it will continue moving in the same direction and at the same speed) unless acted upon by an outside force -- e.g., friction...or evil producers or something. The term "inertia" covers both conditions.