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  1. Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

    Same. I'm so glad I went to a showing with an audience that was so into the movie, totally heightened the experience for me. There are some podcast /video blogs I listened to for reviews where their audience only clapped once. Once! What?! I think my audience was so hyped up from Cap's entrance ( I couldn't believe how loud they were) that Falcon and to a little lesser extent Black Widow (I think because how she entered so fast) got cheers from everyone too. Tho Thor coming in in during Wakanda was by far the loudest. This was also the first time hardly anyone (maybe even no one) left before the credits were over, that's never happened before when I went to a Marvel movie either. Everyone just sat waiting.
  2. Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

    I'm so glad I went to a showing with the die hards on opening night, the audience was awesome. Iron man , Cap , Thor, they just had to appear and the cheers were so freaking loud and the end was nonstop "nos" and gasps. I do feel like they played a lot of the Wakanda scenes in promos but that was also probably my fault for watching every damn thing that came out. I wanted a little more. Overall thought it was non stop, with moments that really packed a punch and with well placed humor sprinkled in. The wait is going to be way, way too long for the next one. Awesome movie and job well done to get here. I will be going to see it again.
  3. Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

    I don't know how they are going to manage all the characters they are fitting into this movie. I'm trying to keep my expectations in check, but the closer the movie gets, I can't help but get hyped up, more and more. Can't wait.
  4. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    I didn't watch today...but I'm all for it! I wish they would. I think it might be the best self containment possible. Carly, Sonny and Jason only causing turmoil among themselves and the rest of the canvas can have a break. Would love it, easier to FF too.
  5. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    It was nice having him gone. Everyone moved on and there is no reason for Sam and Liz fans to want to fight over him. Going back to general hitman with a hard of gold that everyone loves will be so disappointing.
  6. S02.E09: Chapter Nine: The Gate

    The highlight of the season was Will for me. The actor was so so good. Glad he got a chance to shine when he didn't have that much to do last season. I thought he and WR were great together. Steve has also become a favorite. Loved him with the younger kids. Unpopular I know but I don't like Eleven and kind of enjoyed her separate from everyone this season. Overall very enjoyable season, binged it in one day.
  7. S03.E06: Certified

    So did Laurie commit suicide or no? I'm hoping no, but with Nora's scuba diving story (like mentioned above) and her giving her lighter to Kevin, I'm confused.
  8. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017)

    I liked this one better than the first. Both are great movies, but I'd go back and see this one in the theater again I had such a good time. Enjoyed all the characters, liked them all being more fleshed out. It was visually a stunning film, good music, funny and hit all the right emotional notes for me. Well done.
  9. I just don't like Jughead and every episode that dislike grows. I know.... very unpopular. Jughead has problems/issues but he isn't the only one. I don't fault Veronica for wanting to know what's going on with her Dad. Especially if he is having people kill for him. So Jughead can slow his roll with the hurt and betrayal, he isn't the only one with the messed up home life. And Veronica took all the blame for what went down (jughead didn't even consider her his friend last week) so I don't get the big betrayl. Archie while a moron was doing it for decent reasons, he was looking out for his friend and Betty didn't tell the truth but if she did he probably would have reacted the same way. I cant with the poor, poor Jughead every week. And Betty and Jugehad are in love and she is never talking to Archie or Veronica again? Haven't they've been dating for like a month? She didn't even know it was his birthday. But she's gonna toss her supposed life long bff and new bff out the window? I guess its realistic for a teen show though. The two of them were trying my patience tonight. I wish I dvred so I could FF, I'd probably would have tolerated them better lol. Cheryl is awesome and as entertaining as ever and I can't wait to see what she does every week. FP was framed, kinda of predictable. I did like Mary putting Alice in her place with the line of I'm going to have fun with both my dates. That was nice.
  10. S01.E10: Chapter Ten: The Lost Weekend

    Jughead annoyed the hell out of me tonight. I don't particular care for him most episodes but tonight he was just too much. I get it, kid's got problems, wants to be the rebel loner, doesn't think he is normal.... but dude your friends are kind of effed up and flawed too, so get over yourself. I thought he was a real dick to Betty too, she had good intentions, they went bad but she was doing everything for him, so relax. Cheryl entertaining as ever. Kinda dug Archie and Veronica. I really liked Veronica tonight and for once was interested in her family drama. Poor dumb Archie got one hit after the other, kinda felt bad for the guy.
  11. S01.E07: Chapter Seven: In a Lonely Place

    I really like Cheryl, she amuses the hell out of me, owns her ish and still has a little bit of vulnerability that I can root for her. I missed her last week. Enjoyed every scene of her this week. I thought the scenes with Jughead and his dad were super heavy handed along with the scene of jughead in the sheriffs's office. Wasn't feeling it and I'm not enjoying bughead as much as I thought I would. Felt like betty was kind of shoehorned into some scenes that were about Archie/Jughead and their dads. I think Archie means well but always says the wrong thing at the worst moments. But I still like that he and his dad are good people. I don't find them as boring as most do. Glad Jughead is living with the Andrews for now. I did like the opening scene where everyone was discussing Polly and how everyone was together and them all at the end, I want everyone interacting more. Probably shouldn't leave your murder board out in the open at school.
  12. Season 2 Discussion: All Episodes Talk

    The whole season kind of dragged but that episode sure escalated quickly. Particular JB and his daddy. Hope the doctor is ok. I can't with Dax and Victor,,,,the acting, the story, its painful to watch. Then adding Brody? Uffa...rough. I actually liked all the sister scenes. Usually Annie and Shelby annoy me, but they really weren't half bad. Still like Bonnie so I hopefully she doesn't get arrested like everyone else in that town. The DC scenes I paid no attention too so I'm not really sure what happened there. This show is so bad, it was harder for me to watch it this year, but for some reason I had to see it through.
  13. S06.E10: Riders on the Storm

    That was a clunky hot mess but it could have been so much worse that I'm ok with it. I'd actually have no problem ending the series with this episode because it can only get worse and I was quite satisfied with Scott, Stiles, Lydia and Malia's end. I don't care about Liam, etc. I wanted Stiles' reunions with his friends and family to have a little more focus but Teen Wolf rarely seems to care about that. Unpopular but I enjoy Stiles and Lydia and I have enjoyed the progression this season, tonight was kinda rushed.......but I'll still take it. I wish they fit in a scene with Malia and Stiles and more focus on him and his dad instead of the million fight scenes with the ghost riders. Enjoyed all of Scott and Stiles. I like Melissa and I like Argent but I don't care too much for them together. I wish they had more Scott, Stiles, Lydia and Malia together, fighting the lame baddie instead of them all separated and actual scene of substance with them at the end. All in all it had enough moments that I enjoyed to be a satisfying end.
  14. S06.E09: Memory Found

    I really enjoyed this episode, well all but Theo. I wish the Sheriff could have stayed behind with Liam. I, like some mentioned above, thought it was more Scott, Lydia and Malia all finally remembering Stiles that opened the rift, because if his father didn't do it, I don't think any one particular friend did. I kinda figured it was all the important people to Stiles finally remembering him, starting with his Dad starting the ripple and when everyone had their memories it was open. But maybe I interpreted wrong. The flare scene from Motel California is one of my favorite Scott and Stiles scenes and did like all their many flashbacks, made me miss the earlier seasons of the show. While they might not have ended the episode with Sciles they got the most time dedicated which I did appreciate. I did like Lydia's and Stiles flashbacks and Lydia's realization of feelings. I thought that was well done. Also enjoyed Malia and Stiles too, they should have been having little flashbacks all season. For this show I was pleased. I watch episodes like this and I don't know why Scott, Malia and Lydia don't get more focus. I really don't care about pack 2.0 at all.
  15. S06.E05: Radio Silence

    This was the best episode of the season for me, mostly because none of the newbies made an appearance and it focused mostly on the originals that I actually care about. I need them to keep this up. Its also super refreshing to see Lydia in scenes with Scott and Malia, exploring their friendships and not having her attached to some character's rear I don't care about. The last scenes in the jeep hit me in the feels. The only originals left. Nice. It was also nice to see to have Stiles back on screen. I did enjoy the episodes he wasn't in, lawd knows enough of the female characters have be MIA over the years. Though I'm sure the loss will be felt more as episodes go on with it being the last season and Liam and company get even more airtime. I like Stiles and Lydia and thought almost every season left little seeds for them possibly happening and growing their friendship. I don't think its out of the blue, and think its probably got just as solid a foundation as any other couple on the show. I'm enjoying it so far but it could always go south. I think there is a three week break before the show comes back., everyone goes on winter hiatus these days.