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  1. All Episodes Talk: Orange is the New Yuck!

    Baby stories will end..... then it will be Toddler Tales !
  2. All Episodes Talk: Orange is the New Yuck!

    A big chunk of those are courtesy your local affiliate. I haven't really watched the 7-9AM Today in years, but was always aware they did 5 minute cut-aways to the local stations at :25 and :55. Years ago, those five minutes were 3+ minutes of local news, maybe a minute of local weather, and 30 seconds of commercials, sometimes two 15-second quickies. Last week, I wanted to get an update on a local story, so turned on the TV. The ratio was totally flipped. Maybe 30 seconds of local headlines -- basically one sentence snippets bringing no value at all. The weather lasted barely 30 seconds. The rest was local commercials.
  3. Live With Kelly And Ryan

    It's been pretty clear that they are both joking about the matter. For half a year, she teasingly mocked him about being a "cusp" millenial, although that was a stretch Now it's just part of their often not-too-well-executed schtick. I'm not sure anyone aspires to be a millennial.
  4. The show survived for decades before folks knew the comings-and-goings. If anything, the last 20 years of DOOL has taught us that no one really ever goes away permanently.
  5. S11.E13: Happy New Year

    The show was always plotted and scheduled for 13 consecutive weeks. "Burning off" implies showing a New Years Eve episode in July. Episode 13 appeared right where it was scheduled to air. I think the show has a chance for another 13-episode renewal, perhaps to air during the second half of next season (Jan-Feb-March of 2020), which is in the heart of the 2020 Presidential Campaign. Then again, not so sure the show could be written and produced in near real-time to stay updated with current events. There are major things working against it. It's the lowest rated CBS sitcom. TBBT is ending, and Mom is in peril of being canned due to salary negotiation, so CBS may want to clear the slate and try a new approach. CBS already has two renewed shows it hasnt scheduled (Man with a Plan and Life In Pieces). And most of all, the new leadership regime at CBS. I think there is a solid chance it will get renewed.....for CBS All Access. I think Madame Secretary is headed there (as Madame President), so CBS might want to position Candica Bergen with Tea Leoni and Christine Baranski.
  6. All Episodes Talk: Orange is the New Yuck!

    I had to google it just now. Only watch a movie maybe once a decade. Not even the ones shown on TV.
  7. S10.E10: Stuck in a Moment

    Ditto. However if you google around, it apparently has been a semi-major issue for awhile. Perhaps it's a regional thing from somewhere. Honestly, I thought maybe it was a drug thing with the kids these days (aka "reefer"), especially since that wreath appeared so tiny/awkward/ugly. And wreaths made of marijuana are apparently a thing these days, although mistletoe replacement is a more common thing (so common that a senior citizen on Days of our Lives just bought a "sprig of mistletoe" which her FBI grandson correctly ID'd as pot). https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20101222183821AAQ9HaI&guccounter=1 http://www.thejustinjohnsonshow.com/tag/reef-vs-wreath/ https://wreefs.com/
  8. All Episodes Talk: Orange is the New Yuck!

    KLG has wanted to leave for a year. NBC execs begged her to stay. https://pagesix.com/2018/12/11/execs-begged-kathie-lee-gifford-to-stay-on-the-today-show/
  9. All Episodes Talk: Orange is the New Yuck!

    Kelly Clarkson already has a lucrative deal to host her own daily syndicated talk show, starting in the Fall 2019. Syndication is where the big bucks are. Then again, recent history is littered with failures by almost everyone: Katie Couric, Meredith Viera, Nate Berkus, Harry Connick, Tyra Banks. It's been two years and out for most. Kelly Clarkson has vowed to do more variety, so that may help. Ms Trainor did not impress when she co-hosted last week.
  10. Kathie Lee Gifford

    This weekend, 120 Tennesseans get to see The Movie. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/then-came-you-exclusive-movie-pre-viewing-presented-by-kathie-lee-gifford-benefitting-modern-widows-tickets-52679538919 Since it seems they are intent on making this a "franchise", it will get sold to Hallmark? or Up? Cannot imagine it being a general theater release.
  11. Dynasty (2017)

    As best as I can remember -- and it was very weakly explained -- she somehow learned that Fallon's Lookalike Prostitute (FLP) had been with Liam's Uncle when he died. Michael Culhane had gone to NYC to pay off the prostitute. FLP was hysterical about the death and needed cash to *disappear*. The white haired lady snapped a photo of him paying off the FLP. She also had somehow retrieved the only signed copy of the contract from the Dead Uncle's. White Haired Woman traded that signed contract for "one favor" from Michael. She arranged a cover ID for him, sent him to an illegal high-stakes poker game, and facilitated the Feds storming the room. Michael Culhane had been startled to find Jeff Colby at the illegal game and when Jeff was lingering with a prostitute of his own, Michael initiated a fight, getting them tossed from the room only seconds before the Feds stormed the room. Culhane had to break down and tell Jeff about the White Haired Woman when she declared that she wanted him to host a high stakes poker game, in which she would get a big chunka cash. Jeff agreed to host the game at Monica's new club. He and Michael thought they had entrapped White Haired Woman, but one of her other minions destroyed the videotape/file. So White Haired Woman has the the twosome under her thumb: Culhane is trying to protect Fallon from being tied to the FLP and the Dead Uncle. Jeff is trying to keep Monica from losing her club. Both are idiotic reasons and the whole story is inept at best. The show went through a few weeks with scads of older women being uber-bitches. That only added to the confusion. There was Liam Van Munchkin's mother and Dead Uncles wife. And this White Haired Woman suddenly appeared out of nowhere. It was mega-confusing (made even worse when White Haired Woman doffed a dark Velma-from-Scooby-Doo wig this week to pretend she was a recording label executive). It's as if they knew they needed a counter-force for Fallon (not named Alexis) and were trying out casting options in our face. Dead Uncle's wife was never heard from again. And Liam's Mama turned more whacked out than devious. So out of nowhere, White Haired Woman appeared. I don't think we know if she is a Fed (on the take) or just a criminal. The good news is that by hanging out with Culhame, Jeff Colby has learned how to dress.
  12. Dynasty (2017)

    I am still holding out hope for a new Cristal/Krystle/Crystal every season. This 2.0 version is not impressing me at all. Her involvement seems pointless. Then again, most of Linda Evans' seasons on OriginalDynasty were rather pointless too. I don't miss the twerpy Liam Van Munchkin at all. Smarmy and smirky is not attractive. The whole "sell the business to out of town dynasty" plot seems really dumb. Maybe they thought no one would believe the current versions of Blake and Fallon actually being competent/believable as business scions. I'm OK with Sam raising Little Blake. And look forward to Manny the Manny.
  13. FYI: This Just In: Murphy Brown in the Media

    It will depend on the 18-49 ratings for the other CBS sitcoms. The timeslot replacement "FAM" sounds like a dud, though Thursday night viewing will spike once football ends and the series finale hoopla for TBBT skyrockets. Since 2019 isn't an election year (and doesnt seem to be an impeachment year either), the timing may be off for another season.
  14. S10.E08: Kids These Days

    The show is expected to return for Season 11 next year.
  15. Flipping Out In The Media

    The cameras were rolling. That was the plan, the intended plot. This is not reality, it is planned reality. I have no doubt that the co-executive producer, Mrs. Pulos Nassos knew that the *drama* was coming and was all in. Was there any other reason to suddenly trot out a Leah Black "Here is what a business is" seminar for the staff? The season was rather lackluster. There was no Zoila drama. There were no design dramas. Their out of state travels were yawners. The focus was more than ever on Jeff's immature and unrealistic dissatisfaction with his on-camera staff. They spent, what, 4 of 10 episodes on the TweedleDum and TweedleDee who were babysitting the endless rebuild of last season's home base. Every season has to have a storyline and a dramatic cliffhanger. Mrs P N has barely been visible for most of the season. I do believe that she probably had some *feelers* out for a role in one of Nicolas Cage's schlockfests, though it could have been as minor as bumping into the spouse of a casting director at Mommies and Me. Regardless, she is responsible for her own career. It turned out to be a dead end, or really minor inconsequential bit part, or most likely, something that she would have had to successfully screentest for, up against dozens of other actresses. She probably never even mentioned it when it came up (especially if she was with Jeff one day a week). But it was a convenient "counter attack" to launch. I do think that Jenni showed up at the cafe, prepared to film a season finale scene, though she expected it to be along the lines of "you know, Jenni, we have been though so much, and I cannot imagine you not at my side" apology/non-apology. They would each crack a few insults, laugh a bit, make up, and toast to the New Jeff Lewis Design. Instead, Jeff saw this as an opportunity to ditch the whole "Flipping" format/name/brand --which Jenni co-founded, co-produces, and earns a chunk of cash. Rude? Yes. Crude and unfair? Probably. A successful water-cooler worthy moment? Absolutely. The most tragic thing to ever happen to Mrs Pulos Nassos? Not likely. Especially if she was involved roughly 30 days a year. The whole matter seems to have achieved the goal of keeping the show in the headlines. The google still spews out endless new links of articles about "ending long term friendships" with both parties heavily quoted nearly TWO WEEKS after it happened on air. Plus Jenni has done a good job of reminding everyone that the show was her idea. I think Bravo is done with it, unless they decide to morph it into The Real Housewives of Flipping. But I also bet that Jeff and Jenni appear on screen together many many many more times.