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  1. He fostered the connection, beyond that there was no answer one way or the other. At one point I thought they were going to switch sides. Have Kylo turn light and Rey fall to the dark size. In that case both visions would be right. Rey's vision that she could redeem Kylo and Kylo's vision that Rey turned to "his" size.
  2. He might go off to offscreenville until the final episodes which film in April.
  3. I started watching this video last night and they mentioned Geoff Johns got demoted due to the JL Box Office Results.
  4. I was just thinking the same thing. There has to be a huge time jump for Episode IX, so the next generation of rebels can rise up.
  5. @MarkHB Saturday Detroit Lions KC Chiefs Sunday Buffalo Bills Panthers Ravens Jacksonville Viking Saints Eagles Washington Seahawks Steelers San Francisco Cowboys Monday Falcons
  6. That is true but, I don't think the payoff was worth the length of that story. Another thought anyone else pick up on a possible Rey/Poe and Rose/Finn relationship building
  7. After sleeping on it. Things I loved: Everything Ray. Her entire storyline including Kylo was entertaining, exciting and fascinating. Everything Luke, from start to finish Luke was wonderful. I especially loved the Luke/Leia reunion and Luke facing Kylo Ren. Almost everything Leia, I didn't like flying through space Leia. I loved Leia/Poe, that was a really great storyline and I'm fascinated by their relationship. I can't help but feel like they've become a surrogate family (mother/son). I really enjoyed Poe this movie, he got way more to do this movie and I enjoyed his story/character arc. I loved Kylo killing Snoke. I loved the team up of Kylo/Rey and I even loved the final betrayal (so to speak). I loved that in the end there was no saving Kylo. I loved just about every Kylo/Hux scene, especially when the little toad just kept repeating Kylo's orders and Kylo finally shot him a look. I also loved Kylo just force pushing Hux into the wall at the end. Things I didn't like I didn't like Rose "saving" Finn, I didn't even understand it. I don't know if I missed something about how Finn hitting the gate buster gun wouldn't do anything. I figured they should have taken the shot. I didn't like the teasing of Kylo/Rey in a romantic sense. I realized now that wasn't the intent but, it felt like they were, especially with the shirtless scene. I didn't like the hours of the feet just running away while Rose/Finn went on vacation. Things I hated The entire Rose/Finn gambling adventure that did nothing! Not only did that size question amount to nothing positive it actually damaged the fleet. If Rose/Finn didn't to go Vegas planet, Benico Del Toro wouldn't have betrayed them and the shuttles would have safely made it to the planet to hide. I also don't even get why Laura Dern kept it a secret from her officers. All in all there was more positive than negative in this movie and, the positives not only out number the negatives they also (for me) over shadowed the negative stuff. However, in the end I ended up not really having an emotional connection to this movie.
  8. Just got out of the Last Jedi and there were a couple of things that unintentionally reminded me of Rebels.
  9. Yeah I didn't come out of it pumped, excited, wanting to talk about it or re-watch it. I agree with the previous poster about that one scene
  10. I've seen special that he might be on the way out at FOX/XMen after the whole Queen movie stuff.
  11. Wild Ass Guess. Sexual Assault/rapist is either the life coach or life coach's son. Killer is the life coach's wife, protecting husband (money maker) or son (love).
  12. Do you think that fish out of water/time travel story might be repetitive of Bucky and Steve?
  13. I really liked the second episode. The humor was spot on plus I liked the further development of every character. We have two running storylines that are independent but, conflicting. Nick needs to save his daughter but, the Mafia plot is out to get Nick which may/will derail his goal.
  14. Kill FOX version bring MCU version back...that's my preference 😁 You have Wanda who's MCU powers originated with an Infinity stone. Maybe after the events of Avengers 3 and 4 she goes crazy and creates or brings in an AU where The X-Men/Mutants residence thus bringing the FOX stuff back into play? Or you have Guardians 3 and Warlock that could mess with the Time/Space/Reality stones to bring FF/XMen into the MCU? Or they could go a totally different way and have the X-Men born from events with Avengers 4. In this case mutants start manifesting after Infinity War 2 and start fresh, Prof X, Magneto the real First Class (Scott, Jean, Warren, Bobby, Hank) and have mutants been something totally new. Actually that would probably be the best because then you can easily tie Mutants/Anti-mutant agenda to people reaction to fear/hatred of Thanos and his war that came to Earth. Of course I have absolutely no idea how Avengers 3 or 4 will play out. Nor any clue as to when Marvel/Disney might even consider bringing Mutants or FF back into play.
  15. I don't think they know where any of them are in Continuity. They're still in the 80s? Deadpool 2 is scheduled for next year and supposed to lead into an X-Force movie. Deadpool is really the only R Rated X-Men series and is pretty separate from the main X Movies (at this point). Gambit is still planned? I think it just got a new Director. Dark Phoenix is filming. My guess is Disney/Marvel will introduce FF (Kang, Surfer and Galactus) into the MCU first, easiest to integrate and has had horrible versions so this would be welcomed by fans. They may keep X-Men separate or perform a reboot to introduce them to the MCU. I don't know that it would be a priority for them and probably wouldn't be something we'd see until after 2021 at the earliest. As for keeping Deadpool R I'm reminded of the same fandom bullshit surrounding Rogue One oh Disney would never kill protagonists! Disney is a company out to make money and Marvel studios is just one of their film studios. I think Disney will keep Deadpool movies R. Integrating Deadpool into the MCU i.e. having him show up in Spider-man or Avengers or Captain movies would end up PG 13 per usual but that's easy to do with Deadpool.