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  1. Spoiler Discussion Thread: The Sequel

    Mia isn't Oliver's half sister, she's a street kid. Thea/Speedy was Arrow's answer to Mia/Thea and they did a twist making her Oliver's sister/half-sister (probably because Oliver was younger on the show and had a living parent). Jeff Lemire brought on Emiko during S2 of Arrow (Thea birth reveal Nov 2013, Emiko introduced March 2014). Since Lemire also introduced John Diggle to the comics in 2014, it's a good bet that Emiko was added because of Thea on Arrow. So it's full circle, Mia --> Thea --> Emiko --> Emiko
  2. Spoiler Discussion Thread: The Sequel

    i think it's hysterical since Emiko was a comics answer to Thea Queen, now Arrow is bringing in Emiko. That's also a stupid ass title, i'm shocked they'd give that away in the title.
  3. Good Omens: Book Vs The Show

    I read a few Prachett books before this (my friend is a huge Prachett fan) and they were OK but, I loved Good Omens and was turned onto Gaiman's books because of it. I have to say i think Gaiman is the better writer (of the two). Of course Prachett didn't lead me to Good Omens, I read the book because back in S5 of Supernatural all people could talk about how the show was doing an homage to Good Omens (Demon Crowley, Angel Castiel, The Horsemen, etc).
  4. Small Talk: The Quiver

    Idris Elba with first choice, Chris Evans with my alternate answers (places where i had 2 options that i liked). I'm not complaining about either result
  5. In the Media: Let's Hear It for the Boys!

    Thanks for the Explanation, I know nothing about this comic. I read somewhere that it's really explicit. Ironically I heard 2 of my coworkers talking about it, saying the same as you, that they don't know how they can capture the book.
  6. Ratings and Scheduling: Hail to the Gods

    Shame about All American. As the 2nd oldest show on the CW, Arrow isn't doing too bad below Supergirl but, above Black Lightning.
  7. S07.E01 Inmate 4587

    One step closer to the SPN/Arrow crossover the actors want :) yeah the sound was once again an issue, had to crank the volumn up and still missed the first part, only caught the Run Will
  8. S07.E01 Inmate 4587

    Just checked IMDb, I knew that Inmate (the one Oliver beat with the weight at the end) was the Golem from Supernatural.
  9. Spoiler Discussion Thread: The Sequel

    She could be anti-vigilante because of how it impacted her growing up. I read a Beth interview last night (TV Line or EW) where she mentioned that the flash forward would reveal how the present action impact people in the future. It could be that having grown up with vigilante parents, seeing them hurt, scared, fighting, fear of them dying or even how being around them put Maya in danger makes her hate that life and want to rebel against it/them. Most of this is pretty standard tropes for Comics, hero journey's, etc. Parents are kidnapped/killed/missing prompting kids to begin their hero journeys (seek out mentors/helpers). Kids grow up in "the life" only to rebel against it and then something happens to their parents which lead them back to their home/life/powers they rebeled against and realize through their journey to save/avenge people that this was the life they were meant to lead all along. As for Oliver's fate, my guess is he's recently gone missing/kidnapped/been injured
  10. S07.E01 Inmate 4587

    I think it was more about getting the emotional reunion for Olicity and put Oliver in a different headspace. Ultimately they wanted the surprise she survived aspect over showing how she survived.
  11. Spoiler Discussion Thread: The Sequel

    Faked death ala The Dark Knight Returns. Or disappears and presumed dead. Only question...is he alone or Olicity/OTA missing together?
  12. Season 7 Live Posting Thread

    I went with Massachusetts
  13. Season 7 Live Posting Thread

    The Glades, totally Roy
  14. Season 7 Live Posting Thread

    And Roy on the island and I can't believe you people suckered me in to tuning in
  15. Spoilers and Speculation

    well they wrapper up the Murder Mystery and killed off the hottie Zack in 3 episodes...there goes 2/3 of the reasons i was watching