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  1. Pet(s): Photos & Discussion

    On Dasher on Dancer on Prancer and that vixen Alli...
  2. I'm almost certain I saw Leeanne's ears twitch and horns come out of her head during the rehab story.
  3. MLB Thread

    Every one looks great in that uniform!!!! :-) Ok, except maybe Bob Stanley......
  4. S06.E11: Let Them Eat Chicken!

    Maybe if the guests ate more poultry they’d be better dancers.
  5. The people are vapid but the scenery is great so I'll still watch.
  6. S07.E02: Hope and Pride

    Low rent Bond villain Kristen is my favorite Kristin. And I've never seen Arianna as excited by Tom as she was by that laundry unit, I've never liked her more....
  7. It really did seem that Tams quieted down once it looked like she broke Shannon. OC does reliably make me question why I watch at the end of every season, soooo, they're consistent at least.............
  8. Emily’s “Shut the fuck up!” pointed finger of doom while she is trying to come off as the sane one is very amusing.
  9. Does Shannon owe Tams money because, geez, she is unhappy with her! And was there a contest to see whose face could look the most like they were sucking a lemon?
  10. S03.E16: Party Fouls

    In the choice between Leeanne and Brandi I'm picking a vat full of wine.
  11. S06.E09: Insult to Injury

    “I’m giving my two day notice and by that I mean I won’t do any work after this conversation.” ”Wait, why are you all being so mean to me!” Note to Caroline, when you screw people over they may react poorly.
  12. It almost seems like Vicki watched the season and didn't think she was true her natural fetid core and decided to double down on her innate horribleness at the reunion.
  13. Gina and Emily just seem so superfluous at the reunion. Every time they talk my mind converts it to the sounds the teacher makes in the Charlie Brown specials.
  14. Pet(s): Photos & Discussion

    Someone is ready for the holidays....