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  1. Pet(s): Photos & Discussion

    We decided to celebrate fall by going to the beach...
  2. Pet(s): Photos & Discussion

    Alli is soooooo jealous!
  3. Sue calling herself a "foodie" made me happy with her ptarmigan Korean dumplings.
  4. NFL Thread

    I wonder who sticks with their team longer: Josh with the Patriots or Jordan Matthews with the Iggles? I would guess Jordan since, if I remember correctly, Carson was pretty bummed out when he was traded.
  5. A good way to convince me that I was totally in the wrong would be to have Vicki defend me...
  6. Pretty much every scene Vicki is in I spend hoping somebody trips her.
  7. “All this happiness Merely from a glance in the park So much happiness So much love” RIP Marin, you were a joy.
  8. NFL Thread

    Unless you're Doug Pederson....
  9. S03.E17: Reunion Part One

    It’s a prototypical BRAVO reunion: You regret the ones you miss and regret more the ones you don’t.
  10. S03.E17: Reunion Part One

    Jamie and Colin might as well just leave and have themselves a fun night in the city.
  11. NFL Thread

    A tie in week 1 just seems weird.
  12. Tennis Thread

    It is always nice to see a first grand slam for someone but I really need Serena to win just a couple more to kick that jackass Margaret Court out of the record books!
  13. Tennis Thread

    Does anyone remember the last time there was a game penalty in a Grand Slam final? I’m watching with 5 people and we’ve got nothing. We’re guessing McEnroe just because, McEnroe...
  14. S03.E07: I Fall To Pieces

    I feel like I’m watching Wynonna and Doc fall to pieces over the loss of Alice. The how and why of it makes sense but it does not necessarily make the viewing of it the most enjoyable at times.
  15. Tennis Thread

    The Serena commercial isn't the favorite thing I've ever seen but I'll take that all day every day over the Roger Rolex commercial. At least Serena did give birth and had to recover from some pretty significant complications. Roger, dude, you didn't win those matches for the game you did do it for yourself personally. No shame in that but come on.