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  1. It seems this group can't have a good time unless they're having a horrible time.........
  2. Night time nap on the beach. It was a busy day....
  3. S05.E14: Ho, Ho, Ho 2018.07.12

    Eh, I'll cut both Naomi and Craig a bit of a break this season. We all know that couple that broke up and then spends about 18 months devolving before they get their shit together and truly move on. But next season it's on!
  4. I enjoyed the relative lightness of this episode but it did kind of feel like a filler episode before the Wagnerian Opera of the second half commences.
  5. I’m trying to wrap my head around what Carol speed dating would look like. 30 seconds of coversation followed by a toke, some chips, a nap and then on to the next? The mind reels....
  6. This crew makes the Mediterranean as toxic as Love Canal. I wonder if the European Union declares it their version of a Superfund site after each season is finished filming?
  7. I make my mom fly up to “babysit” Alli...
  8. S14.E07: Week 7 2018.07.09

    These guys make milk seem interesting.
  9. Do you drink Corona Light with a jumbo drinking straw?
  10. My opinion is admittedly biased because Judy Kuhn is my spirit animal but I did see both productions so I think I can bring something to the table other than my giddiness over that voice. I do think the show benefits from being a one act as opposed to two, it almost feels like a fever dream as a one. I loved, loved, loved Judy’s interpretation. It cast aside the unfortunate mole issues and Fosca always seemed to be the smartest person in the room. Her cleverness in opposition to provincialism, family, circumstance and geography was heartbreaking. Giorgio stood no chance against her seething intellect. And by god that voice.
  11. Turn right, now!
  12. Happy 4th from Alli and special guest star Rory!
  13. S14.E06: Week 6 2018.07.02

    I just couldn’t reconcile how such a miserable cretin like Chris could ever deserve such a wonderful and attractive......coat. That was a nice coat.
  14. Somebody took today off...
  15. S05.E13 Game Changer 2018.06.28

    I really think Thomas was envisioning pushing Ashley in front of a polo pony when he was, barely, talking to her. But it might’ve just been me envisioning pushing both of them in front of a polo pony while watching this.