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  1. Modern Family in the Media

    I put absolutely know belief in Ariel’s comments.
  2. Modern Family in the Media

    Hailey, Phil and maybe Mitch and Cam a little bit more are the only people who would give a shit that Dylan died other than worrying about how Hailey felt.
  3. Flipping Out In The Media

    This literally is how Bravo handles all its shows. The contracts are short term, his previous contracts have also expired before he got a new one. I think this is Jeff playing hardball.
  4. Even in previous seasons when his grandmother was on Lucy’s lack of training has been mentioned so this isn’t new and if there is one thing I know about Jeff it’s that dog is going to be taken care of well and will probably have to be rehomed but it will be in a great place. It’s not just Monroe he has other animals who are older and comfortable and bringing Lucy home might not be not best for anyone. I want Gage to run off with the swim instructor. His grandmother just passed a few weeks ago so long after the fight between the two that we hadn’t seen and after her lawsuit.
  5. Kathryn Dennis: On Her Own!

    One person sees elegant, another sees alien.
  6. S06.E03: I'm Also a Boat Captain!

    Yeah the reaction of everyone to the veal was weird. I mean I think the baby animals thing is ridiculous but at least that woman had a “reason” the other people just seemed freaked out by it before they tasted it. It’s just more tender beef tools, it’s not like it’s offal or something.
  7. S10.E03: A Sketchy Area

    She did used to be in a band. There was an earlier season episode where Claire and Hailey went to see her perform.
  8. Flipping Out In The Media

    The show hasn’t been cancelled the headline is extremely misleading. It might but it hasn’t been yet.
  9. Season 35 Final Jeopardy Contest

    4/5 last week.
  10. S01E04: Unclaimed Baggage

    To me not really. He doesn’t know Danny and Grace told him she had broken off the relationship and most likely contact and Danny would have no reason to think that he wouldn’t tell her. It’s not like it was a casual thing where it was brought up she found out from Danny within a few hours.
  11. Funny you should say that, Sara is a regular on the Milk Street podcast and she and Chris answer callers questions. He is frequently a dock to her but she more than holds her own.
  12. S01E04: Unclaimed Baggage

    See, I thought Grace was wrong on that. Ben and Olive do need to build trust. Sure if it became a pattern but one incident that helped her start to realize that she could talk to her dad is more important than Grace knowing. I mean Olive was an idiot for thinking that Danny wouldn’t tell her mom but I thought Ben did the right thing, especially when the only thing she tells him about Olive is “well that’s Olive,” so she definitely isn’t sharing all about her with him. This episode reinforced that I really don’t like Grace so maybe she and Danny can run off together. This is the first episode I actually liked Josh Dallas’s acting choices though he continues to remind me way too much of Chad Lowe.
  13. I didn’t because they repeatedly misrepresented what happened. They didn’t invite Shannon to stay with them, Kelly said Shannon was going to stay with them to stir shit and the look on their faces was just as NO as Shannon verbalizing it.
  14. The Ripert segment made me cry.
  15. S11.E5: Edward vs. Lewis

    New Hollywood was also an old flip of Jeff’s and it was they were renting with an option to buy and using it as their offices after they left Jeff’s other dream house on the hill and before Valley Vista. When they were renting the plumbing was an issue and it’s the house where Jeff declared that he was limiting bathroom breaks to only peeing.