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  1. As someone who can't stand Marcel and hopes that he never comes back to the show even as a diner in the background I couldn't be more pleased that he is gone.
  2. It's just a special week that might be repeated two or three times a year like off the grid or some of their other soecial weeks.
  3. As a severe emetophobe I could not enjoy this episode.
  4. Spicy black bean soup which thanks to the Instantpot came together in about an hour (ten minutes of active time) with dried non presoaked beans.
  5. It seemed that she and Gage actually had a good relationship from their conversations but since he said they are going to wait a year or two who knows where she will be in her life and maybe they realized that having someone local would be better for them. I think it's great that there are women who will be gestational carriers but wanting to do it repeatedly is something I can't fathom.
  6. Weird I do it all the time for a few different desserts I make frequently and mine still have a tinge even when i completely pulveruze them and looked different than the cookies they were using.
  7. Jeff said that was still the plan, they have several embryos with the same egg donor and the next would be a boy with Gage's sperm.
  8. The cookie crumbs they had didn't have any white, it was all dark brown.
  9. Today they made a peppermint chocolate torte and the recipe called for "mint cream chocolate cookies" for the crust, I am clearly blanking on what kind of cookie they were avoiding naming, anyone know?
  10. Baker City is a pretty sleepy town of less than 10k.
  11. Yeah I liked that show, there were actually several different showsmwith rhe theme. However, I only found them interesting when we saw the finished product. If they did HH Renovations Out of the Box, I would be all over it.
  12. Folks: Season 2 is upon us and we wanted to know if you would like to continue to have individual episode threads or one thread for all of season 2? The poll will be open until January 12th. The new season starts on January 14th.
  13. And Maya fits into the funny people group better than Garrison!
  14. I was sad that I'll be Me and Glen Campbell was a ts, the documentary is very good and the song, I'm Not Gonna Miss You is absolutely heartbreaking.
  15. According to the internet the building that was shown last night, the old creamery in Baker City, OR was indeed sold for $50k in the summer of 2016.