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  1. Chit-Chat

    I never see Girl Scouts,i guess thats good for my waistline.
  2. S09.E14: Written in the Stars

    Its extremely common to have student phone numbers for group texts, projects, etc. or at least be able to access them through an online student directory. He didnt get Haileys number from Alex and I fail to see a conflict and neither would the university.
  3. Jeopardy! Season 34 (2017-2018)

    FJ was an IG because Turkey and Greece have been fighting over various islands since befpe Turkey existed.
  4. Its because its one of the new wave of podcasts that are strictly promotional and so isn't that interesting because the whole point is only for people ro buy the book.
  5. Just started. My parents friends were briefly members.
  6. Perhaps not physically but personality wise they certainly can be and perhaps what the mother was hoping for.
  7. Also it gives women control and life choices.
  8. That's because they were allowed a lot more leeway and choice.
  9. S09.E16: Wine Weekend

    One thing that annoyed me is that Gloria is pretty memorable and Ronaldo worked with Pepper on Mitch and Cam's wedding so I find i5 unlikely that they wouldn't have previously met.
  10. What's For Dinner?

    Ham and split pea soup with Guinness brown bread, super tasty!
  11. I made her Guinness brown bread to go with ham and split pea soup. It was quite tasty.
  12. S05.E16: The Scrunchie Rule

    It was a really bad idea to bring back Lainey who is awesome and I miss dearly in an episode focusing on Roommate Erica who is annoying as fuck and I hate with a passion.
  13. Typically "A closer look" is about the story of the day and "check in" is broader stories but currently because it's all Trump scandals all the time there is a lot of overlap.
  14. House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    My friend who lived in a small apartment and loved pool had a top made for it and used it as a dining/work table when not inuse as a pool table.