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  1. S05.E12 Gone Girl 2018.06.21

    Last season when they were together he called her stupid and a child when she was asking basic questions about what he wanted to do in life, or leaving him to get an Uber because he was taking an hour plus. She should not still not be looking at his location but it’s not an a app, she literally just shared their location based on the fact that they were in a relationship with someone who lies all the time but it’s on his on his phone and he could also turn it off any time he wants. It’s shitty but he also controls her access. By the by Shep, Austen, and Craig were at the US Open golf tournament. And Craig kept S/A wanting for almost an hour to get the awesome golf cart service and didn’t apologize the dude is trash.
  2. S05.E12 Gone Girl 2018.06.21

    Those are the streets that are easily known not the place he is in now which other people have said is in Mt.Pleasant? I legit forget. not deleting because I didn’t mean anyone to post it.
  3. S05.E12 Gone Girl 2018.06.21

    Thank you so since none of them are the property he is in now in he might be renting.
  4. Probably not because the rumors can’t even get correct wjere Ashley was living.
  5. Dorinda’s issue is not that she keeps Morgan as her last name it’s that she uses that name, it’s townhouse, it’s borrowed buttler and the assorted trappings of an ex husband who’s divovrce has lasted longer than their 7-8 marriage.
  6. S01.E01: Pilot 2018.06.21

    I couldn’t stand Castle because I didn’t like Stana and one of my dearest friend being obsessed with her and trying to force me to like it so I liked this a lot more just because of Rachel.
  7. Top Chef in the Media

    Yep she did a farewell IG post and made hot chicken in her NYC place. Perhaps they are doing a larger finale than normal since they were very public about where and when they were filming.
  8. S05.E12 Gone Girl 2018.06.21

    I really need someone to pull up The info on whether or not Trav owns that house or if it’s just a rental for the show. There is a world of difference from his pristine historical remodel that was deemed not child friendly and these cold and not at all decorated rooms at this house. I am wondering if he isn’t as well off financially as he used to be. Paying off women for assaulting them can get expensive.
  9. Top Chef in the Media

    According to Padma’s social media they are done filming in Kentucky. No word on if the finale was already filmed or when and where it will filmed.
  10. S05.E12 Gone Girl 2018.06.21

    Prepregnancy she used to IG her workouts which were frequent.
  11. But they didnt just come out her about her eating they came after her about literally everything including the height of her asshole husband.
  12. If he hadn’t mentioned anything I probably would have assumed it was a repeat particularly with all the goings on this week.
  13. S05.E12 Gone Girl 2018.06.21

    He mostly doesn’t do that he basically just uses the preprogrammed embroidery patterns on his machine. However, he fancied himself a designer and has talked about starting a fashion line so it wasn’t a ridiculous ask and his effort was pathetic.
  14. What's For Dinner?

    Red beans and rice, so spicy and comforting.
  15. Not to mention it wasn’t like the guest helping clear speeded up the process by more than a few minutes and Adam hadn’t even started plating so it isn’t as though they have this incredibly tight service schedule that they follow.