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  1. People on Bravo have mentioned things in their contract before.
  2. She tried that and he escalated the dogs. He isn’t just doing them at her he is doing it to Brooke and Kasey who are both creepily falling for his obvious games.
  3. And her cuff. Hannah’s label dropping is annoying as shit but Brooke asked to borrow them. Also, while it’s clear Joao and Hanna hate each other and it’s an issue for Brooke she places 100% of the blame on Hannah alone and that’s crazy fucked up.
  4. He does his annual I quit but it’s probably true this time because he was fired
  5. Guess I know a lot of uninformed Mormons because they still refuse. That said his wife, mother, and sister were drinking fireball so clearly he is around people who drink.
  6. Vincent is on Dax Shepard’s podcast. He doesn’t have great things to say about CI, saying it’s one of the worst decisions of his life. It’s probabl about the 1 hour mark (it’s a long podcast). https://overcast.fm/+L15PDbTC8
  7. His mother and sister were pounding the fireball and he drank a Diet Coke last week, caffeine is also a no go. I think I am done with Gina. She wants to be loud and have opinions but she doesn’t want anyone to judge her on her opinions. I mean I 100% agree with her about Vicki being shady in the Michael/Kelly situation but it’s still me judging her opinion and they have had two dinner where they were all together and she brought up both times her age and she doesn’t have to wear spanx/only has her fresh face. That is being a judgemental asshole. Also, for the millionth time on these shows you have never seen your friend in Long Islands weird vagina. It’s her labia, by the description most likely her labia major, why do women on so many shows not know their own bodies!
  8. S02.E05 Paintballs of Fire

    I don’t understand Hannah and Louis when they are together they seem to barely know each other. She has more chemistry with Daniel. I mean it could be that she is closing herself off intentionally so she doesn’t get hurt because she actually did seem emotional when she was talking about it to her friends.
  9. His eyes are wide open so he most likely isn’t sleeping.
  10. The Good Podcast

    There actually was an official Lost podcast for a couple of seasons. They had interviews with Lindeloff and Cuse as well as the cast.
  11. Which is why I said the third one to be on the show not that there were currently three interracial couples on the show.
  12. House Hunters Renovation: Tool Time!

    There was a bench for sitting down so I think it was designed to be used that way not standing.
  13. He’s already there.
  14. Wait so everyone was there except for Karen?
  15. Food Network Star Alums

    I forgot about Jamika from the show but caught the Let’s Eat and good lord that show is really, really bad.