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  1. The View: Week of 04/16/2018

    She could be though since the standards have dropped so drastically! My friend visited DC and posted pics of the White House and I was like, "Who even cares anymore?" Stormy could be running the country in an iHOP for all I care. Hey guys, haven't posted in awhile but I've been watching. Maybe I have blinders on, but I never find Joy as snotty as Meghan can come across. But the real issue I have with Meghan is her hair. I just don't know what to do to fix it. Some highlights and knock it off with the braids? It's just terrible and God knows she can afford a nice weave. The grind of a daily talk show will take it's toll on anyone's hair, but hers is just awful and sometimes her braids even spread to Sarah who is just a beautiful woman. Ok, I know this has been shallow, but I just look forward to Meghan's hair each show.
  2. S10.E05: Darlene v. David

    I was thinking they will connect Mark's death to Roseanne's use of painkillers, or maybe they think it's disrespectful to Glenn Quinn's family to have Mark die of addiction (from personal experience some families' are too ashamed). Becky seemed concerned about Roseanne so I thought it was coming from that point of view. I guess a very special "heroin" episode of Roseanne might be too much but that's what I would do since the drug is hitting the heartland so badly and Roseanne is in a position of poverty and bad insurance that leads to it.
  3. A little off topic but she does discuss the seeds of this show, here is a great compilation of Amy on Letterman
  4. I can't find it online now, but the police officer was the woman from Exit 57 who was in the "Office Crazy" sketch and is the producer/writer of this show too! Anyways, that sketch was hilarious, "I'm so high I can't get out of this chair."
  5. I loved "Was he drinking when this happened; where were you?".
  6. its friday night, gunna get drunk, gunna get laid, gunna be late on monday Sangria really is the worst.
  7. I thought Chassie was the highlight too. I've never heard of Cole before but on his Twitter he has a very funny video of him making fun of people interviewed in true crime docs that cracked me up. I thought the show was pretty funny. I wondered if they were running two episodes at a time to burn through them since they have no confidence in the show lasting. I don't either really, it's too weird but I have no idea what TruTV wants in numbers.
  8. "The View" Week Of 9/18/17

    I was surprised too since the season just started, it must have been a sudden decision. And she's planning a wedding, back in the day that's something the producers would have loved to exploit. I'd love for Elisabeth to come back, tbh, she was so fun to make fun of and I'd like to see her deal with Trump's mental instability and inaction.
  9. S01.E03: Living The Dream

    I wear a Fleetwood Mac t-shirt I made to the gym that says "But Never Have I Been, A Blue Calm Sea, I Have Always Been A Storm" and all ages seem to get the reference and it's not even one of their more famous songs! Stevie Forever! Ok, maybe not first graders. The ones I know are too busy pretending to be dogs. And what is crazy is Lisa Bonet still could have been cast in the role of Bonnie and it would have been believable all the guys are into her. What a family!
  10. S01.E02: Serious Mothering

    I could watch Reese Witherspoon get yelled at for talking in Yoga all day.
  11. "The View": Week of 11/07/2016

    I loved when Meredith just bluntly called this week a nightmare.
  12. All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    Maybe the other brother didn't want to be on the show since the lighting is so bad. I get ghoulishly lighting Keith, but damn the interviewees should have more flattering lighting if they ever expect me to agree to an interview.
  13. S01.E01: Meth(od)

    Damn the macho guy was hot.
  14. "The View": Week of 08/01/2016

    Raven looked (especially) weird today I think. Just bad makeup and lighting, but it was like they were highlighting her jowls.