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  1. S37:E11 So Smart They're Dumb

    I thought it was interesting that Christain's letter from home was from his Dad, but the visit was his girlfriend. Deliberate on Survivor's part. you can know someone has a gf but I agree it was the feeling that she was robbed of feeling "special"...
  2. S37:E10 Tribal Lines are Blurred

    Like others have said, sitting here comfortably at home it seems incredible that the Davids would vote out Carl now. Clearly the better move was to keep him around, especially if he's that annoying. All the talk of the tribes meshing or whatever is over stated. Now the Goliaths can consolidate and suck in someone like Gabby (who'll they convince is a mastermind and should vote with them) and they are back on top. But, it's just indicative of the difference of being warm, rested, and well fed and observing vs tired, hungry, and grungy and in the thick of it...maybe the thought of even a few more days of Carl was magnified as being intolerable. Plus, paranoia is always around. but clearly, they jumped too soon....all Christian did was convince a Goliath to vote out a David....doesn't seem like a smart move.
  3. I worked with Vietnam vets on a psych ward. My observation is that the true sufferers of PTSD became hermits. They don't want to interact with the public. some move into the wilds. they don't want to talk about Vietnam at all, they prefer isolation. So it may be that Jack tried to maintain a relationship but his brother chose to stay isolated and did not want to have a relationship with his family. Jack may have tried but realized this was how he wanted to live.
  4. S09.E08: Evolution

    in retrospect now I see they did. you didn't spoil it for me. I'm just disappointed because I thought that would be a great way to take the show. Except for when they went to the CDC and with Eugene's charade about knowing how to cure it, they have never done anything with the actual virus.
  5. S09.E08: Evolution

    so the zombies aren't evolving???? they are just weird peopled dressing as zombies? now the series has no interest to me at all. The idea of an evolution was really interesting to me and might have been a good way to pull this show out of the rut. now it's just more of the same....yuck.
  6. S09.E08: Evolution

    I agree with all that's been said. There has been no decent character development of newer characters for ages. We still don't know what makes Negan "tick". Gabriel expressed that frustration in this episode saying how he's been trying to find anything in Negan. Episode after episode of Negan pontificating and not one iota of insight into how he became that way. Jesus was about the only character I still cared about largely from long past episodes, nothing recent. Carol seems stuck between being Mrs. Cleaver and her old badass self (really like the fire last week). But her hair is awful. Surely, it must be harder to manage in a time of less shampoo???I kind of like Siddiq because we know his back story, but it makes no sense when you have one real doctor that you send him out routinely. Daryl is still Daryl but he needs people to play off....the only intriguing thing is the walker evolution....but if they drag that out forever, I won't be around.
  7. S09.E08: Evolution

    It might mean bad agents....perhaps the ones that are killed off are costing the show more money and/or they are more talented and have more opportunities waiting????
  8. S37:E09 Breadth-First Search

    I didn't mind the celebrations especially in light of the moment last week when the Goliaths were assessing the David's members and the scene showed Davie and Carl and the Goliaths blew them off as any possible threats. One flaw in the Goliath's Strong position is that if they picked off all the Davids, they would be left with all these strong players capable of winning individual immunity--a lot of competition. So if one flipped, they could be the strongest player on the weakest physical team and in a better position to win individual immunity.
  9. S09.E05: What Comes After

    the scenes with Shane and Herchel were wonderful. reminded me of why I was so addicted to this show. Will give the rest of the season a chance, but have my doubts (although Grey's Anatomy has reinvented itself with new characters and is still on).
  10. S01.E06: Unexpected

    my thoughts exactly. I've watched until now in the hope they would be advancing the Jon side of the story. I'm really annoyed they led us to believe something would be revealed. The rest of the cast are just so incredibly whinny. the show didn't give the viewer a chance to get to know these people before piling on the angst. and cliche after cliche. Did anyone really think she was going thru with the abortion? or that the child wasn't Eddie's? I think I'll just read episode recaps to find out if they ever let us know anything about the suicide.
  11. S09.E04: The Obliged

    I've always watched these on DVR but it was must see TV at the soonest possible time. tonight I fast forwarded thru parts. that's how far it's fallen.I'm so sick of Negan and all he entails. the Lucille bit is laughable. and has there ever been such a worthless character as Jadis/Anne? Just end this train wreck already.
  12. S09.E01: A New Beginning.

    I hate Rick's hair. Looks like he just walked out of a salon.
  13. S20.E39: Head of Household #15

    yes, I understand but it was seen once. I just object to them showing the entire thing.....I'm sure Sam had a lot more crazy moments than they showed but they chose to keep hers to a minimum. no, not Swaggy and no fan of Bayleigh, either. I just felt repeating the entire thing was cruel. JMHO.
  14. S20.E39: Head of Household #15

    I kind of felt sorry for them replaying Bayleigh's entire melt down. I thought it was cruel. They could have shortened it.
  15. S20.E38: Live Eviction #14

    I couldn't help wondering how sincere Angela's declaration of love are......she knows that some BB couples have managed to make money after the game. Amazing Race, being called back a lot. I think Tyler's love is sincere but I just wonder if there is an element of calculation in Angela's.