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  1. S04.E02: Baby Shower

    I could sort of understand where someone might make Jim/Pam connections with Amy/Jonah (though I see them as very different characters), but I simply don't know how one could compare Dina and Garrett to Dwight and Angela. Dina has some remote similarities to Dwight, but Angela and Garrett... are both people. And that's where the similarity ends. In other words, let's not wait until the finale to get them back together! :-)
  2. From what I've seen Kristina gets a ton of hate and not much love, so most fans are right there with you. I didn't hate her as much as others do. But I certainly didn't like her. Unfortunately she gets some significant stories over the final few seasons, and her character doesn't really improve. (I also watched the show after it aired!) Drew is one of the more under-served and underdeveloped characters in the show. I don't think he has issues beyond that of a fairly typical (Hollywood-ized) teenager. He's smart but shy, a little awkward, not very confident in himself, and tends to fade into the background of his outspoken family. Without spoiling anything I will say there are many more great Sarah and Seth moments yet to come! I'm pretty sure that Rachel (sadly!) does not make any more appearances. Just have to assume that somewhere along the way she quit and moved on. Curious what you think of Zeek and Kamille, and of Julia and her clan!
  3. S11.E02: The Ghost Monument

    That comparison is a disservice to Hunger Games! (And that coming from someone who's not overly fond of it.) In HG they outsmarted the game master. The competition needed a winner to serve its purpose, so they forced his hand into letting them both win, or to not have a winner at all. In this episode of DW, they simply threatened the race master with physical harm. I would have been perfectly satisfied with a HG finish, but what we got was something much less.
  4. S11.E02: The Ghost Monument

    I loved JW in the first episode, and I'm still all in on her, but this week her delivery sounded... like she was constantly out of breath. Maybe that worked better for me last week because she was questioning who she was, so there was a bit of "internal monologue" leaking out that made it more interesting and often funny. It just felt like she was in over her head this week, which is such a strange feeling for The Doctor, especially during such a run-of-the-mill plot. Also, she went SO quickly to doom and gloom when the TARDIS didn't appear! Since when is The Doctor such a defeatist? This may have worked better if she had been without her TARDIS for longer and this was her last chance of getting it back. The TARDIS dispenses cookies, which is awesome, and that's all the good I can say for it. There are salt crystals everywhere! And more salt crystals! It looks like a new age version of the Fortress of Solitude. And for some ridiculous reason a miniature spinning TARDIS. What? And I know we were only in it for a few seconds, but it seemed so claustrophobic, especially after 12's Tardis was so awesome with its expansive balcony. While the "boys" went off to repair the boat, Yas was left to empathize with the female racer (Angstrom?), who started to open up and then stopped herself saying, "I barely know you." 5 seconds later in the boat she then opens up to everyone. It was clunky. And speaking of Yas (Yaz?), she again seemed to fade to the back for most of the episode. The planet was supposed to be the laboratory of researchers forced into developing groundbreaking military equipment, that was so terrible it wiped out even microbial life on the planet, but the best we saw were tacky robots with the accuracy of Stormtroopers, Doctor Strange's cape turned into a plot-expositing bad guy (alternatively, the Magic Carpet from Disney's Aladdin), and a field of acetylene gas. Speaking of which, I'm not sure digging the "holes" in the sand did anything, people. That probably sounded great on paper but should have been cut once they saw how little impact those holes had. They're killing me with these on the nose public service announcements. I don't need my TV show characters to face the camera, wink, and tell me, "don't forget to brush your teeth kids!" Last week it was knives, this week it was "brains always beat guns every time", next week it will probably be the importance of using crosswalks, and after that how the illicit ivory trade is endangering Earth's biggest land mammal. It's one thing if you want to show brains beating guns, and that's worked great for DW, but you don't need to bash me over the head with it. Seaking of which, you should probably have an episode on the dangers of taking a club to the head. (Also, let's get real here without getting into the politics of it... last week the Doctor said something like only idiots carry knives. This week the Doctor points her sonic screwdriver at the evil blanket for 2 seconds, declares nothing is working (why would it, the sonic never works on wood/cloth!), and then Angstrom pulls her knife and cuts the blanket off. What an idiot!) I'm not sure why anyone is ho-humming about figuring out the Ghost Monument was the TARDIS. They showed us that 30 seconds after we learned about the existence of the monument. It wasn't meant to be a big mystery. The comedy is really hit or miss. The sunglasses from Audrey Hepburn or Pythagoras seems like a great setup for a joke but the puchline failed to deliver, making it feel like the Doctor just likes to name drop. The Call of Duty scene was cartoonish in all the wrong ways. But "come to papa... or is it come to mama?" was great. The resolution to the race was just lazy and dumb. Two people cannot win! One will be left on this planet to perish... unless you threaten to find your way off this desolate, inescapable planet, track me down, and destroy me. Then and only then can two people win! I loved the setting and the scenery in this episode. The shot of the ship landed in the dessert was just fantastic. I loved the race master as a character and wouldn't mind seeing more from him, as he's obviously extremely rich and powerful. The plot was a fun, classic setup, even if the execution was poor. The Doctor's reaction to the TARDIS was just about everything a fan can hope for.
  5. NFL Thread

    There's a lot about Shurmur's playcalling that bugs me, but that one was a fairly typical NFL coaching decision. Nearly every other coach would have done the same thing. Take the 99% success-rate field goal, and be down by only 1 score. Or take a gamble at the touchdown, and if you miss you're still down by 2 scores. If you make it, you're still down by 1 score. There is certainly a case to be made for being more aggressive in this particular situation, based off how our offense was playing and the weapons we have available, but it's not quite as cut and dry a mistake. Unlike some of his other gaffes...
  6. S04.E02: Baby Shower

    It's worth rewatching just for her delivery of that line, which was impeccably awesome.
  7. NFL Thread

    The Giants had a busy off-season. It's important to keep in mind that this is essentially the first year of a rebuild... there was a lot of turnover. In general the draft looks pretty good, but many of the free agency moves are questionable. Offense Dropped the 2017 starting RT Bobby Hart Drafted starting LG Will Hernandez Picked up Nate Solder as our new starting LT Moved Ereck Flowers to RT, then dropped him during this season in favor of the undrafted Chad Wheeler* Allowed our starting RG/LG/RT Justin Pugh, a first-round pick, to walk; and also another former first-rounder G D.J. Fluker. Signed RG Patrick Omameh Traded C Brett Jones to the Vikings and made Jon Halapio the starter, who was injured and put on IR a couple weeks ago to be replaced by John Greco. Also released our previous starting C, Weston Richburg, who had been a second-round pick. Added veteran RB Jonathan Stewart, who only played a few snaps and then went on IR after a couple games Picked up WR Cody Latimer, and released Dwayne Harris Drafted Barkley #2 overall. Defense: Signed starting LB Kareem Martin, and released 2017 starter Devon Kennard Added CBs Curtis Riley and B.W. Webb, while releasing Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and Ross Cockrell Signed DE Josh Mauro who was suspended for the first 4 games of the season. Replaced the Punter Brad Wing with Riley Dixon Claimed and released nearly every punt/kick returner in the league Drafted both LB Lorenzo Carter and DT BJ Hill in the third round, both who have played a significant role this season. Drafted d-lineman R.J. McIntosh in the 5th. He has yet to play due to a non-football sickness/injury (not sure of the details here) Spent a 4th round pick on Kyle Lauletta, a QB who has yet to dress for game day but may be part of the future. During the pre-season, released 2017 3rd rounder Davis Webb. Traded DE Jason Pierre-Paul and released DE Romeo Okwara Used a 2019 3rd round pick in the supplemental draft to pickup CB Sam Beal, who was placed on IR in the pre-season * whose Wikipedia page currently says:
  8. Eh, that's just because (1) the companions have outgrown their role as vessels through which the audience can experience the Doctor, and have become characters in their own right; and (2) writers feel the need to consistently up the stakes. If you look at any long-running drama (2) always becomes a problem. How many times did they save the planet/galaxy/universe/time in Star Trek? (Almost as many as in DW). On a different scale but the same premise, every cop show eventually gets to a point where the cops are saving the city from a nuclear bomb, or taking down the most notorious serial killer ever; hospital shows eventually deal with plague outbreaks, or some sort of huge disaster which affects the entire city. And it always gets personal - the police officer's wife was targeted by the serial killer, the police officer's brother was the serial killer, the doctor's kid was affected by the plague. And so on. With DW the same thing happens it just gets exacerbated. There's now 50ish years of DW upping the stakes. Then you add in the fact that your main character has essentially been the same character for 800+ episodes, you realize it's so much easier to write character development for a companion than it is for The Doctor, and it's easy to see why new-Who companions are so important to the world/galaxy/universe/time/reality. My biggest hope for the new show runner is that he can somehow escape (2) while still telling a compelling story. It's okay if The Doctor doesn't have to save the universe twice a season every season. It's okay if The Doctor is simply having adventures, or dealing with small problems that only affect a few people.
  9. NFL Thread

    That's the plight of so many of the best players, isn't it? Because they get drafted early, by bad teams, a big part of their careers are spent toiling away in despair. Pundits like to point out that drafting a QB in the first round is a 50/50 crapshoot, but the reality is most of those QBs with so much promise are being tossed behind awful O-lines, with few support players, and bad coaching. They're being setup for failure right from the start. Then everyone acts so astonished when a mid-round QB drafted by a good team does well (Russell Wilson, Dak Prescott), or when a late round RB comes out of nowhere to tear up the league. The only difference with Barkley is that he's so good he is a 1-man wrecking force. Nearly everything he's done this season has happened despite the QB and without the help of the offensive line. Just look at his 9-yard run last night and then his big touchdown run. It stands out how great he is because the rest of the offense has so many glaring faults. The Eli situation is weird because sometimes he looks SO good and other times he looks like... well, last night's Eli. I thought the difference came down to the scheme the Giants were running. Because how they played the Texans and the Panthers looked so very different from how they played the Saints and the Cowboys. The Eagles game seemed to lie somewhere between the two extremes yet he looked absolutely terrible. The drop off is like nothing I have seen before from another quarterback with so much experience. I don't think he's completely toast, but the coaching staff have to figure out how to consistently get good Eli to show up.
  10. Season 7 Discussion

    Let's go for the hat trick and replace Eve, next!
  11. The Middle in the Media

    The flash forward from the end of the Middle really will cast a shadow over this show. We know that no one Sue is with will be long-term because she ends up with Sean. And anyone she is involved with will inevitably be compared to Sean, which is a no-win situation. If they're not as good as Sean people will hate the pairing; and if fans like that person more than Sean they'll want her to somehow end up with him. Maybe somehow they will find a way to rewrite Sue's flash-forward from the Middle in the pilot episode. Unless Sean will be playing a role in the new show... Some better names from the comments on TVLine: Sue Being Sue The Year of Sue
  12. I'm not sure if everyone moves through these particular neighborhoods, rather there are neighborhoods for whatever it is you need to resolve from your life? I imagine there's another neighborhood for people with anger issues, one for people who were materialistic, and so on. Although if true, it's not totally clear to me what the common thread was for Riverside and Oceanside.
  13. At one point (Matt Smith I think), the Doctor says, "I never know why. I only know who."
  14. I believe she said in one of the clips that there were a few stunts that they wouldn't let her do. But the leap from the crane WAS her and she was actually 60 feet up (on a wire, of course). Big kudos to her! I don't believe he transported out of there. I thought he was turning into goop because of the DNA bomb that transferred into him, which he then set off. Pretty sure he's dead dead. (But certainly more of his kind could come, if he was supposed to be their Leader and never returned.) Hey now, Amelia Pond was a cop! :-)
  15. NFL Thread

    The state of the NFL all these offense records are going to come tumbling down. We'll have to start a second record-keeping system based on how long players hold a particular record.