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  1. S09.E06: Trouble Brewing

    You could try The Good Place, or Game of Thrones. But honestly, even stalwarts like Sesame Street and the Simpsons are both more unpredictable than Masterchef! This was Gordon's idea, not hers. I point it out, because if it had been her idea Gordon would have lambasted her for making that decision and told her it's better to serve nothing at all than to serve half portions.
  2. All Episodes Talk

    While their relationship was probably a part of it, I think it's just as likely that inexperience played as big or bigger a role here. Casery did over $1.5mm in revenue last year and had a steep growth curve. To someone who is not an investor and doesn't have the business or financial experience to see the problems lying beneath the surface I have no doubt it looked like a good investment. (Let's also not forget that Marcus was willing to give $700k to the company.)
  3. S06.E02: The Casery 06.19.18

    Well, they were dating, which might explain part of it. I'm surprised Marcus didn't dig deeper into that. Also, on the surface this looks like a good investment - the business is growing fast and generating a lot of revenue. As to embezzlement, I'm no lawyer or CPA, but I think as the business owner the expenses would get categorized as an Owner Withdrawal. Having partners might complicate that but I don't think it could get classified as embezzling. Even if it somehow came to a lawsuit he would probably be able to argue they are valid expenses since all the ones we saw were for his "development" and "education" as a CEO (despite being hokum).
  4. S06.E02: The Casery 06.19.18

    Marcus: "You speak like you know everything about everything, and that's the one thing you have to change with me." Uh... Marcus... that's sort of your modus operandi. Yes, this episode focused heavily on the drama and personalities. But in this case I think they actually affected the business, as opposed to Marcus stirring up tangential problems where there were none. But seriously, Matthew, check your ego for a couple of weeks, get a huge deal with T-Mobile, and then go whine and cry and get out of the business. Why would you tear everything down before that deal happens? The show has always been a little wishy-washy with how Marcus' investments work. However, we know from previous lawsuits that he does actually conduct handshake deals and does actually give the money to the businesses. So my assumption about the $750k is that it is either 1) spent on debt and loan repayment, and not retrievable, or 2) Marcus still maintains his ownership in Casery but backs away from control and becomes a silent partner. Hopefully we'll find out more in the continuation, as that's one of the more fascinating parts of the show.
  5. S05.E03: Episode Three

    Or we're missing the obvious answer - Man With a Plan started out as a brilliant, hilarious, uniquely original show. Then it got destroyed by network executives. And then they got Matt LeBlanc. His ex-wife had briefly mentioned that boys from school were watching it and showed it to them. Kids their age all have cell phones these days anyway.
  6. S06.E01: TankFarm & Co 2018.06.12

    I don't believe it was the graphic tees that were in the "better" and "best" categories, but polos and button ups and flannels. All their graphic tees seemed to be the "good" category at $30. (Those are all still way out of my price range. $30 is about my limit for a dress shirt, most of my clothing was bought on clearance at Kohls or JC Penny.) Did Marcus say that having a product line in your store with your store name makes it look like a generic product? I... don't think that applies to clothing companies. Does it? I don't understand why someone would buy a shirt or a hat with a giant Tankfarm & Co. logo on it?
  7. Interesting. I've always believed that Marcus loves playing armchair psychiatrist and helping people deal with their personal issues. I could have sworn he'd talked about this before in interviews. This episode paints it a little differently. I suppose there's a line even he won't cross. It was fun to see a little bit of how Marcus and the EP interact with one another - who calls the shots, who's responsible for what, how they pick businesses, etc. I would have expected Marcus to have a little more control over the businesses selected. At the very least letting them know what kind of business he wants to invest in. But it is good to see that he genuinely knows nothing about the companies before filming. Amber Mazzola is only credited on IMDB as EP for 17 episodes of the show. Does anyone know if that's a mistake? It sure seems like she's been there from the start. Also to her credit: King of the Crown, Pretty Wild, Dirty Soap, and Millionaire Matchmaker.
  8. Masterchef tends to be close-minded about how they want things prepared. (Unless it fits the narrative otherwise.) Steak has to be medium rare or it's dinged. Potatoes have to be smooth and not lumpy. (I like mine lumpy, with the skins in it too.) Eggs have to be over-easy; scrambled eggs still wet. "But that's how I like to eat my food, and how I was trying to cook it" just doesn't fly. Heck, the Cayman Island contestant from the tryouts telling the judges, "that's how it is traditionally cooked" didn't even get a pass.
  9. There's a Masterchef channel on YouTube that has been uploading this season's episodes. I think this is a legit upload and not just a random person doing it.
  10. I think they think they do...
  11. Take Two in the Media

    Funny that this article mentions the show's similarity to The Grinder, but fails to mention that it's exactly like Castle. I've never watched any of Rachel Bilson's show, but I've liked her well enough when she's guest starred or been in movies. If they can capture a little bit of the charm of Castle this might be an okay show.
  12. I suppose that's possible, but I don't think it's the case. The Resolute spoke about jumping away - indicating they still had FTL capabilities. The egg drive that ended up on J2 was from Robot's ship, which had been crashed on the surface the entire time. I thought the Resolution had their own drive, Robot came to the Resolute in his own ship with its own drive, which then crashed on the planet with all the Jupiters. His drive then attached itself to the rover thing and made its way to the J2. There's probably a third one on the new robot's ship too. Of course, it's entirely possible that there is only 1 drive, and everyone who knows how the Resolute's FTL capabilities work is dead and they just don't realize their engine is missing. The real question is whether we'll even see the Resolute next season? If not none of this matters a whole lot. They spent a fair amount of time developing a few of those characters, and while I wouldn't be heart broken to lose the Dhar family, I did really enjoy the Watanabes.
  13. Despite the original leader of the Resolute (the one who interrogated Dr. Smith) being a military Captain, the entire program seemed to be a civilian one and not military. At the very least, the people being sent to populate the new planet were not governed by military. Ergo there was no rank for any of the characters on the planet - they were all civilians being transported to live on the new world. The fact that John was in the military was entirely tangential, as was the fact that Maureen designed the Jupiters and the Resolute. The Jupiters were really only there for the first and last leg of the journey - from Earth and to the Resolute, then from the Resolute to Alpha Centauri (at that point... converted to habitats?) They appeared to have no contingency plan for emergencies and thus no command hierarchy. (Also, there's no way the Resolute would be commanded by a Captain / Navy Lieutenant. It would almost certainly be captained by a Colonel / Navy Captain.) Agreed about Will. He's not winning any awards but I never felt like he dragged down the show. That's a pretty good mark for a kid his age. The way I read the worm hole was that the Resolute opened it and traveled to the planet they all crashed on. Presumably they panicked when the robot attacked and opened it in an attempt to escape, entering the wrong destination. Or perhaps they opened it inadvertently. Either way, the Resolute is able to open a wormhole like that because they acquired an alien egg drive like the one that took over J2 at the end. They picked this up during the "meteor" crash in the flashback, and it was the "recent advancement" that Maureen's boss hinted at. So once the Jupiters were collected the Resolute would have opened another wormhole to Alpha Centauri. Now the Jupiter 2 of course has its own and can take them anywhere it wants, or hopefully if Robot returns, anywhere they want.
  14. S01.E09: Resurrection

    I disagree. They've already killed one character, so the idea that no one could possibly die doesn't ring true. Regardless, cinema rarely builds tension through making you believe characters you love could die. (What TV shoes regularly kill off known characters? The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones are the only two real examples here.) The intent is to build tension by making you feel what the protagonists feel. If the protagonists believe they are in danger and could die or suffer then it should make you respond emotionally. I think the show did a great job with this when Judy was stuck in the ice in episode 1 - and obviously they won't kill one of our core characters in the very first episode. They did a pretty good job when the parents were trapped under the tar. (I wish that John and Maureen had given more thought to what would happen to their kids if they perished in that scene. That's likely what would be running through any parents' head.) Here... I thought the use of silence was fascinating and effective. But the characters never really showed a lot of fear, and they were never focused on, so it was more atmospheric than personal.
  15. S01.E07: Pressurized

    Honestly, if you can't overlook details like this then Lost in Space is not the show for you. It favors adventure, fun, and effects over logical consistency and scientific rigor. I figure the lake instantly freezing in episode 1 should have given that away. If you can turn your brain off and simply enjoy the ride it's a lot more fun.