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  1. I only watched this on hulu so I saw the extended scenes in teh first place!
  2. wouldnt it be so much easier for the foursome to escape to the medium place and wait there until Michael gets a new 'good place that is really the bad place' neighborhood to oversee and then transport the four of them into that neighborhood? He has the power to make the neighborhood into anything the foursome want.
  3. That was so good, I was choked up most of the episode. This show is the best thing on earth. Or heaven.
  4. I am crazy over this show but this episode was thte most difficult to understand, and it depended way too much on coincidence and happenstance. The four humans couldve burst out the truth at any moment - the fact taht all four of them kept quiet the whole time was incredible. Eleanor figuring out the elaborate clues in his roast was just absolutely miraculous. It couldve just as well not happened and they wouldve gone to the bad place and that wouldve been the end of it. Vicky may have not tried to take off the handcuffs. Janet may have been unable to summon Derek. Shawn giving up looking for the four humans and taking all the demons along with him on the train makes the least sense to me. where tdid they go? Whydid he leave Michael there all by himself - wasnt he getting promoted? Won't Shawn return next week and see he was duped? I'm all kind s of confused.
  5. The Blue Apron thing had me in stitches :D. The baptism at the end.... not so much.
  6. i'm still in teh first five minutes and i'm squeeing! Jonah and Kelly - adorable couple! Amy's jealousy is so bizarre. She didnt want to be with Jonah, did she?
  7. I stopped watching after the episode "Existential Dilemma" or whatever, but tonight I caught up on the last 3 episodes and am so glad I did, just in the nick of time! Now it's all fresh in my head and I'm super excited to see waht tomorrow brings :)!
  8. It was a surprisingly heavy episode for Christmas, and it seemed a tad disjointed, like it'd been written / filmed before any of the other stuff happened. THere was no explanation for Adam's absence, Patrick's absence, Victor's condition... I kind of want to know if Patrick & Christy, ahem, you know.
  9. I havent seen the last episode - but perhaps Victor ended up less disabled than first thought, but still needed Marjorie's help. But all of the above is true; if he was unable to walk he definitely needed some kind of nursing care.
  10. When he sat down next to adam I was amazed how similar they look. They could totally be brothers!
  11. I'm watching this weeks later, and my first reaction was... Stephen Weber... he's been in like, every show, and played everyone's straight man, dad, romantic interest... he's like the male MIssy Pyle :D :D. But it's always a treat to see him! Though isn't he REALLY old to go for Christi???
  12. I think that what Katie was doing - offering seats at the Bradford table to get donations - is a perfectly fine thing to do. There was, however, no need for her to get into the bitchy "westport moms' mode and become all snobbish. Bribing the principal was the last straw. What I don't understand is why she's so desperate to chair this gala. She is completely out of her element and has no real interest in being part of the in-crowd, so why can't she just get up and say she changed her mind and won't do it? Is is to make up for the fake pregnancy? Those snobs will get over it. She can never endear herself to that crowd anyway. ETA: I was going crazy where I knew that dark haired actress from. Sarah Rue! What a surprise.
  13. what? i'm confused. wasn't she pregnant last season???
  14. It's so much fun to see Kelly Stables' character - I loved her as Eden on The Exes. The chemistry between Kelly and Jonah seemed very natural. I think theyre a much better match than cranky, crabby Amy. The scooters were a hilarious gag. But... no Uber i nSt Louis? really?
  15. This is my favorite sitcom this season. I love this quirky family. lol. and it's always a treat to see Wendy!