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  1. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    I take mine if I'm going to be gone for more than a day or two. I have a little netbook that I've taken, but it's old, and runs slow, and it can frustrate me more than help me. If it's just an overnight, or maybe two max, I take my tablet.
  2. Jones had plenty of bad stuff that took place in the US. He took off to Jonestown (Guyana) because the heat was on here in the US. For many years, he was abusing/beating parishioners (publicly, in front of others - some of it was recorded), taking people's money, and many other Miscaviage-esque things. And like Scamatology, when the authorities came calling, Temple members would be trotted out to say how much they loved Jim, how well he treated him, etc, and they'd back off. And we all know how well it went when the congressman went to Jonestown to see how things were...….
  3. Gordon Ramsay's 24 Hours To Hell And Back

    Back before his split from Marco Pierre White.
  4. Eric & Leida: Put It In Proper

    Indeed. Mr. Funky's cousin's kids all have issues. My heart breaks for the kids. The adults? Not so much.
  5. Trish Suhr. She used to be on a show called "Clean House", with Niecy Nash. They would clean up and organize people's messy houses. Trish was supposed to be a professional organizer. I actually learned some good de-cluttering tips on that show, like making boxes and tossing things in the boxes to make sorting easier, how to decide what should stay and go, and things like if you buy a new purse, you get rid of an old one, etc. I liked her on that show, but how she went from organizing expert to game show hostess is beyond me.
  6. S18.E12: Break On Through

    And his parents. And then he'd cry. And talk to them while doing it. His parents are probably in the beyond going "Oh jeez...not again". My husband calls Bret "Vanilla Ice". Mr. Funky grew up in a largely ethnic area, and said Bret would get his butt whooped trying to act like that anywhere but suburbia. We were both in high school (different schools about 2 hours apart) when the esteemed Mr. Van Winkle had his 15 minutes of fame, and he said that the general consensus from his schoolmates was that Vanilla Ice needed a butt whooping, and would soundly receive one if he ever tried to spend more than 20 minutes in a more diverse neighborhood, if he weren't a minor celebrity. There's a sketch on the old Chapelle's Show that makes fun of the show "Wife Swap", and there's a white kid around age 13 who is doing the whole gangsta thing, and the African American dad they swapped with drops him off in the worst neighborhood possible with his bucket hat and gold dollar sign necklace, and says something like "Well, here you go! These are your people! And tell them Leonard Washington is glad he got out! Goodbye!" and he speeds off. I don't see Mia making it to the finals. She's too young, and I don't think she could lead a Ramsay kitchen if she made all of the cute faces in the world. Motto seems like he's the kind who would rather be friends with his employees. Heather and Bret....just no. I would peg Ariel to be the winner. She's the only one who has what it takes.
  7. Gordon Ramsay's 24 Hours To Hell And Back

    Just like the Shanty. Their reviews were a little more dicey (and some mentioned the issues on the show well before the show was on, like hearing swearing and yelling from the kitchen), but they made it sound like the owner was incompetent and needed his wife to do things for him, when in reality, he owns at least one other restaurant in Allentown that has been there a long time and is successful.
  8. General True Crime Shows

    I don't know if it was new or a repeat, but the show that aired after the one with the woman who stayed with Anthony (I have sympathy for abused women and don't criticize them for not leaving so easily ,but seriously...….at what point do you chance it FOR THE SAKE OF THE KID YOU HAVE LEFT and just take off? And then to find out she was with another whack-a-doodle who killed another kid? Not much sympathy there.) was equally cray-cray. Did they say why his dad went from pastor to Satan worshipper? I looked up Manson Family 2.0 because I was curious, and like the woman who was abused by Anthony, there's more to their story. I don't recall the name of the guy they interviewed, but I found him highly sympathetic on the show. If his name was Scott, then he had a hand in some of the sick stuff that went on - more than he was letting on. The guy that "Pixie" married was of very low IQ, which makes what they did to him that much worse. When Pixie killed skipper, she carried his body around for days before they buried him (they made it sound like they buried him immediately on the show). I had some comfort to know they buried skipper and the guy that Pixie married (his name escapes me) together. They didn't run paternity testing at the request of HIS family because he believed that baby was his, and they felt it would disrespect his memory. I lived near Stark County Ohio during the time they took off, and I don't recall hearing about them at all. Also, the guy talked about how his mom didn't deserve what she got, and she tried to do her best, etc. Actually, she was abusing the daughters just like the dad was. Sick sick stuff. The parents both died in prison, and I hope it's very hot where they are.
  9. Eric & Leida: Put It In Proper

    It's hard to say how the police will go. There's a ton of evidence that Leida is mentally unbalanced, and there's also evidence that Eric has addiction issues, and is a giant asshat. Mr. Funky's one cousin (who I have mentioned before - not sure if on this forum or a different one) had a baby fairly young, and the father took off immediately after her finding out she was pregnant. When that little guy was 6, she married a guy she worked with that was old enough to be her dad. Everyone told her not to do it. He had zero to offer. Completely unattractive, made David Poor look like a fitness model, and was just "slimy" (hard to explain). The first thing Slimy demanded was that she give up rights to her son. He was not his child biologically, and was mixed race. And she did it, without hesitation (a relative raised him). They then proceeded to have a bunch more kids. They made decent money at work and bought a house and whatnot, but the company eventually went belly-up, and neither had any type of education that would carry them to another career where they could make that kind of money. They lost everything in short order, and shuttled the kids around between couches of family (who would eventually throw them out) and shelters. They finally managed to secure housing, but it was always precarious as they bounced from one low paying part-time job to another. I felt badly for them, but they milked it for all it was worth with any type of agency they thought they could get something from. One night, they were fighting (not unusual) and she posted photos of bruises on social media, and said she took off with the kids. I secured help for her by calling the local battered woman's shelter (where they make you disappear until you can be secured - it's a secret location, etc) and they put me in touch with one in her area. She thanked me. But she never followed through. She instead went to live with a relative who would actually have her.....for a time. In return, he fought her for custody of their kids. They were all sent to a foster home. The oldest one found someone to take her in, and she no longer speaks to her parents. It went to court. The judge actually found in favor of her husband. She acknowledged she pulled a knife on him (I did NOT know this). She said it was so she could get away because he was threatening her and hurting her. He said yes, he left some of the bruises, but it was in the process of getting her to drop the knife. She didn't, and he eventually let go, and she took off, with the knife, and got in the car with the kids and drove off. The judge said they needed to not be together. He got custody of their remaining kids (3 or 4 - can't recall anymore) and she was given supervised visitation. I don't know what happened with their fight, but the judge said he appeared to have used better judgement and that she was unstable. The judge told them to stay away from each other. She trashed him all over social media. Eventually, some of her kids were allowed to return, but some didn't want to. Still, her first Christmas on her own and with some of her kids, I sent her a gift card so she could buy them presents. I suggested she buy them clothing, etc. She blew it on the most stupid crap she could find, and that had to be hard, because I have her a gift card to a store similar JC Penney's, where I figured she'd be less tempted to blow it on crap (instead of something like Wal-Mart, where there was no shortage of stupid crap to blow it on). I was wrong. And I didn't help monetarily again. She bounced from job to job. She blamed everyone for her issues but herself. It got tiresome. All the time, she's being drama queen #1 on social media. I eventually unfollowed her, when I discovered she moved back in with her husband. The one who she claimed abused her (by that time, I had gotten a better picture of the situation from others - neither is innocent, but they need to not be together). So if this went before a judge, they could go either way. If they believe Leida that he abused her, that would be one thing, but she admits she pulled a knife, and Eric wrestled it away from her. He should send Eric back to wallow in his apartment, send Leida's ass home, and send Ahhhhllllesssss to his "dad" in Japan, because you know Leida's family will let her see him.
  10. Similar case. People's Temple had all of their parishioners sell off all of their worldly goods and give the money to Jim Jones, who then brought people down to Jonestown in waves. And while he still had parishioners back in the US, he would send movies back showing just how "awesome" Jonestown was (complete with smiling happy members saying things like "Hurry here! We miss you! This is amazing!", ensuring no one would want to stay behind, or change their mind. He also split families up, ensuring others would come to be with them. Once they arrived, those who survived tell horror stories about just how bad it was. Long hours of work. Sleep deprivation. Constant suicide drills. Mind games. One meal a day, and those who survived talk about how it was usually rice in milk, and that when you'd put the milk in, all of the bugs would float to the top. Jones too recorded everything obsessively. The final meeting at Jonestown is horrible to listen to. There were clearly people who didn't want to die and spoke out about how unfair it was to the children, but Jones was undeterred. I hope it doesn't take a massive tragedy like Jonestown to bring this crap to light, but I fear it just might.
  11. I wondered the same thing, and I think it's very likely.
  12. She has quite a few fans here. I'm not sure how, because I can't stand her, but it is what it is.
  13. Not just that, but in the past, I worked for a collection agency. The owner had been in the business for over 30 years, but every now and again someone would throw something so outrageous at us that owner was just "Well, that's a new one!" and he'd laugh. So it could be that way with the "You can use your money in your next lifetime" comment, which to me was so outrageous that I could see long-timers be all "Whut?". Plus they tend to keep Celebrities and normal Joe's separated, so it's possible Leah never encountered some of this crap. Her reactions can come across as over-the-top, but I believe it's genuine, and just her nature.
  14. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    I thought it was said that she tried to run her own business and failed. But I could have misunderstood.
  15. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    The lady in the bike case was likely incorrect. O don't know their state laws, but I know here, when a merge lane has a red light, you cannot proceed through if the coast is clear. But the bike rider embodied everything I dislike about bike riders and gives good ones a bad name. Mr. Funky rode bike for years when he was in school - he didn't have a car and his mom refused to take him anywhere, so it was a bike, or a bus pass in the winter. He said he hit a curb once and damaged a tire like that, and combined with the dent, he believes the bike rider rode straight in to her side. As for consignment lady, she apparently doesn't understand that sending something to consignment means not only that they'll keep a percentage, but you're essentially giving them license over pricing, to a degree, and she'd have never gotten what she thought her stuff was worth under the best case scenario. If she had good business sense to begin with, she wouldn't have been taking things to consignment (I agree with JJ on that one). That absolutely does NOT mean that the defendant was right at all. Her cats are either overly territorial, or she has too many in one location, and it's 100% her fault that the cats peed on the clothes. Those prices were outrageous as well - designer dog clothes (and they do exist) don't cost that much. I always shake my head at people who want to gripe about thrift stores. They whine about how they dare charge $2 for something they got for free - pure profit!!! They're getting rich off of people's good nature!!!! People need to get a grip. In many instances, the money left over after rent and paying employees goes to fund some sort of program. I know there's a meme going around about salaries - it was debunked eons ago. You have to sell a lot of $2 items to pay the bills.