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  1. Ashley & Jay:

    We're almost neighbors! **Waves out of window, about 50 miles north of you**
  2. As Seen On TV: Does ANY of this crap work?

    My dad said it does work, but it's really expensive. Most people I've talked to say that their claims are greatly overblown (about constantly breathing in dangerous stuff).
  3. SoClean. My dad has one. They're over $300. He said he only bought it because he had leftover money to spend on medical stuff and he was intrigued. My husband and I both use CPAP, but their claims of breathing in dangerous stuff are greatly overblown, unless you use tap water in your humidifier (distilled is recommended). The bearded dude you referenced gets on my nerves. "The AIR SCHMELLED SCHANITIZHED!".
  4. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    We should ask the pre-med student!
  5. Homespun Marketing: Local Commercials

    Yep - he's Gus Groundhog. I think they just wanted to differentiate him from Punxsutawney Phil.
  6. Jeremy and Auj Poj

    Shame, Humility, Self-Awareness, Taste...….
  7. Some people just don't have that knack. I was always good at going to a thrift store, spending under $10, and coming up with a kick-butt Halloween costume. My mom was also good at it, and so was her mom - they didn't have a lot of money when my mom was growing up. My mom stopped buying store bought costumes when they got so junky in the late 70's/early 80's that she was repairing them before we even got out of the house. But I know lots of people who would rather fork out money and just buy something because they either don't have the knack, or the time.
  8. S11.E03: Hashtag Murphy Too

    I did tell my mom on a number of occasions. She would sometimes go to the school and complain, depending on what it was, but they would constantly tell her that I brought much of what happened on myself. She didn't believe that, but she saw she was fighting a losing battle, and told me that as much as it sucked, I had to keep my head down and my mouth shut because nothing that she could do would help. I finally just stopped telling her anything because there literally wasn't much she could do about it. As for the diet, my mom was always dieting, so I just assumed she would be OK with it (when I mentioned it several years later, it turned out she was not). I thought I could trust the one guidance counselor. I asked her to write me a recommendation for a scholarship because I had gone years with an undiagnosed learning disability that gave me bad grades. She put it in a sealed envelope and gave it to me. I didn't open it. But I also didn't fill out the paperwork correctly, and the whole thing was returned to me as one large packet, and when I was looking to see what I did wrong, I saw her letter. She actually wrote - in a scholarship recommendation -that my poor grades were, in her opinion, the product of an ongoing weight problem, and a very unstable home life. She never once mentioned the late diagnosed Learning Disability. It made me sound like a loser, and none of it was true. I threw the paperwork in the coal burner, and I never mentioned it again. I was too embarrassed to send it back in.
  9. S22.E02: A Boy and a Priest

    For me, it's that it has gone from being a new different show every week, which rarely harkened back to prior episodes to this long drawn-out continuously not very funny storyline that left a lot of things hanging (memberberries, the weird stuff about ads) and just doesn't have the same vibe it used to. I don't necessarily think it needs to be cancelled, but re-tooled, perhaps. It's not necessarily the politics itself that gets me, but when pretty much every show out there nowadays has some sort of political bend to it, I'd just rather see some randomly funny stuff (Plane'arium, Mexican Staring Frog, etc).
  10. S11.E03: Hashtag Murphy Too

    I too keep them in date order, so I can use the oldest ones first, lol. I sit in the middle, just like I did when the show was originally on, and I find this show a lot funnier than I do most any other show on TV that takes on politics, which is pretty much every show out there anymore, in some capacity. A comedian friend of mine said that politics is lazy humor for many writers, and for most shows, that's entirely true nowadays. At least this show was always about politics, and seemed to poke fun at the institution of politics as a whole - every administration got some ire. BINGO. Most strong women I know well had some incident that made them strong. I always got the impression that Murphy had a privileged upbringing, and that her parents were largely absentee (but I can't remember a lot about the early eps - will be DVR'ing them when they come back around), so I could absolutely believe that she really had no clue what she was walking in to. A trusted adult lavishing praise and attention on her could have blindsided her. Also, the rush of winning a prestigious award could have also clouded her judgement. As for Miles, he seemed to know the where the rules would land but was looking for a firm "yes or no" so he could be confident he was making the right decision. As someone who has a brain that sometimes doesn't shut off, it rang true for me - I will often try to find validation from someone that my line of thinking is correct, or my brain continues to run and manufacture "what if's". I will agree on the ICE joke - I didn't much care for that - just didn't find it funny. Exactly. The show had enough lighter-hearted (but no gut-busting) moments that it balanced out. While I never had anyone lay a finger on me in a sexual manner when I was younger, I spend my school years being mistreated and verbally/mentally abused by a few teachers/school workers. I would tell people, but they either didn't believe me, or just shrugged their shoulders, so I finally just stopped talking about it. I saw one the other night for the first time in almost 30 years (former school nurse - horrible shrew of a woman, who, along with the fat old girls gym teacher, insisted I go on a school supervised diet because no man would ever want someone who looked like me - the gym teacher was much fatter than I was, FYI). I hadn't given her much more than a passing thought the last number of years, but the second I saw her, I heard it all in my head. "Get on the scale. Oh...you only lost 1 pound since your last weigh-in. We'll just have to reduce your calories again, unless you want to admit you're cheating on your food diary." God, I hated her with the power of a thousand suns. I just wanted to run up to her and shake her, and say "How could you do that to a teenage girl who was already struggling???". I messaged my best friend from high school. She got back immediately and asked if I was OK. I told he that she can't control me anymore, and I would be fine, but that I found it amusing her husband was not handsome, fit, or thin. Cranky old bat. Still, the rest of the night I just felt ashamed and terrible, even though I shouldn't have. It just evoked those old feelings.
  11. S11.E02: I (Don't) Heart Huckabee

    They both started on Broadway, and were co-stars in Sondheim's "Company". I love that show - I have the album, and love Beth's song "Not Getting Married Today" - I was a competitive speaker in high school, and I would listen to it on headphones and whisper/mime the words to warm my mouth up. Charles Kimbrough was also awesome in "Sunday In The Park With George" (also Sondheim).
  12. All Episodes Talk: Mom

    Honestly, I don't miss the kids. Especially Violet and her crappy attitude. I always thought the "mom" reference was to Bonnie.
  13. S22.E03: The Problem With a Poo

    Yep - pretty much what they accused Family Guy of doing in the episode where they said manatees wrote their jokes. I can't stand Family Guy either, so I've REALLY not been enjoying the last few seasons where they're just running one long drawn-out story line.
  14. And for driving the cost of drugs up to unaffordable cost. Someone has to pay for all that advertising.
  15. Yeah, it wasn't really pleasant, but I'm not sure how they are supposed to get the word out about new features either.