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  1. General True Crime Shows

    I saw the baked head episode. Yeesh. Both parties at fault there for the escalation (not saying Brett deserved what he got - he most certainly did not). But he didn't need to be throwing his garbage on the other guy's (William?) property. Especially after he'd been asked repeatedly to stop, and after Brett's friend even thought he was being ludicrous and stopped coming around. And his putting those doors out with the garbage and then taking them back, acting like a jerk? If he wanted to re-use them (and I question if he did), then don't set them with the trash where anyone can take them. Around here, anything on the curb like that doesn't last long. Then Brett took it to the next level by smashing up other stuff he put out so the other guy couldn't use it. If you're not using it, and you know someone who can, what's the harm in letting them have it? I don't get that mentality. When you know you're dealing with someone who is unhinged, you don't keep poking the bear. He could have called APS or some veterans org when he saw the other guy slipping further away from reality. Instead, he kept fighting with him.
  2. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    It can. I know people who live in a gated community for retirees. They grabbed up a strip of land behind their parcel that belonged to the developer who built the community. They mowed the grass and kept the strip tidy. I didn't really agree with it, but they did it - no one from the developer noticed or cared that they were doing it.
  3. There's another post on one of these boards that goes in to that ep. Matt was being a butthead. They had already split by then and he had other places to be, and was pitching a fit. The kids were the ones that made dinner - he was being a jerk, and Amy snapped. Should she have handled herself better? Yes. But Matt pushed the buttons.
  4. No one ever accused Matt of being a real farmer, lol, but I was just more addressing the point that some people seem to have never heard of that concept.
  5. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    Horrible. Our neighbor at our last house was nice, but his grandkids were horrible. They'd sit on our back steps and throw knives in to the wood. They kicked open our back door once to the basement. They roller skated on our walkway and ripped off a back porch post - just terrible stuff, and we rented that house, so damage would have fallen to us. I was never so glad as when their son divorced the mom of those kids, and she moved out of state. We had a peaceful existence after that.
  6. Teen Mom was one of the worst concepts ever. Every time someone said "No, it's good because it shows how hard it is." Um...no. It shows girls getting pregnant, getting attention, getting on TV, getting paid to sit around and cause drama - not good. I've said it in the past, and I don't believe it was for this show, but we need to find a happy medium as society between shaming teen moms, as we did in the past (forcing them to quit school, etc), and making them rock stars. I cringe when I see photos of huge lavish baby showers for teen moms on social media. I cringe when I see parents bragging about how their pregnant daughter will have a big belly at prom and/or graduation (or their sons saying that about their girlfriends, as if it's a show of their manhood). I cringe when I see senior photo shoots with teens and their babies. Some of my husband's nieces got pregnant on purpose to keep their guy around - even after they saw other sisters/cousins go through it. They apparently think their guy is different (and they all take off - every last one of them). Their moms had revolving doors of men. None of those girls have the same dad, and none of their kids do. I just don't get it. I agree she mis-understood, but his sister didn't do herself any favors when she replied "YES!" to Chantal.
  7. I always felt they had an odd dynamic. They married really quickly. In that time, they probably thought they were each other's best prospects - it's a different world now, where they each now have averaged sized companions, and it's not considered freaky (by most people). I do believe they were attracted to each other at one time, but it slowly faded as each other's expectations were dashed over and over. Matt wanted a "yes" woman - someone who didn't argue and indulged his every whim. Amy wanted someone who was conscientious and planned things out, and didn't rush in to things without considering the big picture (remember: Amy is college educated, and has a degree in Hospitality and Hotel Management, so she knows a few things). Just my opinion. When you rush to marry someone you don't truly know, the shine eventually fades, and you're left wondering what happened - I've seen it time and again. Yep - she's the "Yes" woman he always wanted. No arguments. No fights. Yes, she was the farm manager, but that money wasn't hers. It didn't really affect her bottom line, so she had no real stake in not telling Matt exactly what he wants to hear. Or until Matt's real personality starts to come out, and she realizes that Amy may have had a point. Unfortunately, Matt's leg humpers will find a way to blame Amy. Sadly, yes. My mom grew up on a farm. You shoot old dogs because money was scarce to take them to the vet. My grandpa couldn't bring himself to shoot their old dog - she was over 20 years old. He asked the neighbor to do it. Same with a childhood friend. Their dad couldn't bring himself to shoot their old dog, so their son did it on his farm. Farmers that have livestock learn to distance themselves emotionally when the time comes for animals to be culled, but sometimes faithful family pets can be hard to do that to. When I heard that conversation about Rocky, I didn't bat an eye. It's not unusual where I live.
  8. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    I got the impression that the defendant was impressed with her device and was trying to help her out because she was sinking a lot of money in to patents, etc. If he really believed in her product, he might be willing to cut his costs down to help her. Happened to my parents. Their one neighbor moved in about 10 years after they did (they were surrounded by empty land). Their property is up against woods, and their line runs a few feet back in the woods. The neighbor got a half of a trailer from a tractor and wanted to plop it down and use it for storage, but he didn't have the room without bumping on to my parents property. So he started mowing their grass, clearing out some of the debris in the woods, etc. My dad kept telling him to stop, and he kept doing it. Finally, he brought in that half trailer and plopped it down on my parent's property. They threatened to get a lawyer, and he moved it finally. He was always a jerk. He knew my dad worked odd hours, and he would mow his grass while dad was sleeping, make all kinds of noise, etc. He accused my dad of poisoning his dog (but our dog died mysteriously before his - my dad would NEVER kill a pet). A few years ago, a FOR SALE sign went out front. My parents were interested in buying that house and giving it to us. But before they could even talk to him, he said his house wasn't for sale - someone played a prank and put a realtor sign from someone else's house in his yard, or perhaps it blew down there and someone thought it was his house and was being nice. He accused my dad of putting it there. Dude has issues, but lately he's been quiet, thankfully.
  9. Zach and Tori

    There are actually quite a few places giving very generous maternity leave now. And if she's teaching at a school with a teacher's union, it could be built in to their contract.
  10. Jeremy and Auj Poj

    Yep. I suggested that with the earlier histrionics about her having to eat out. You only need an electrical outlet. You don't need a kitchen. I make crockpot tacos at work every Cinco De Mayo in my cubicle. I make lovely roasts in the crock pot as well. I don't know what kind of insurance they have, but I can tell you that I've had a number, and ZERO will pay to remove colorless bumps or skin tags unless there is good reason (ie: they get infected, they turn color, etc). That bump on her chin isn't completely visible unless she turns a certain way. Plus, depending on what it is, it could create issues. I have had tons of moles removed over the years - my mom has had melanoma (even without being in the sun) and her brother died from a melanoma on the base of his scalp that infiltrated his brain stem. My husband also had skin cancer that I became aware of because it got a dark spot in the center, got "crusty" and scabby, and he complained it itched. It was in a spot where he wouldn't have gotten sun exposure. So I got concerned when a small mole on my upper arm got a dark center, and appeared to be crusty, and itched. She took it off, but warned me that the type of mole it was, it could leave a keloid, and sure enough, it did. So for a small mole removal (that wasn't cancerous, thankfully) I have a huge ugly raised scar. :(
  11. Zach and Tori

    It does happen sometimes. It happened on that Gypsy show when it was on years ago. They featured a girl marrying in to a gypsy family (she wasn't born gypsy) and they had to do some elaborate stuff for the community in the form of a show, and the girl was mushmouthed, and she let one rip, but it was hard to tell at one quick listen that she said that. I haven't watched this ep yet, but I'll try to pay attention. Plus, Tori has a decent job (unlike her sister-in-law), and if they invest their show money wisely, they'll be just fine. It doesn't appear that Matt and Amy mis-spent the money that would have been allocated for the kids (and I wouldn't expect them to).
  12. I am very confident that the parents were either told that the children were doing important stuff or training, and couldn't be disturbed and/or gave them "updates" on what they were doing that had vague information. I remember seeing on a cult show once (but I can't recall which cult - maybe Scientology) where the parents got newsletters complete with photos of what their kids were doing, but the photos were staged, or generic, and didn't actually show their kids. The newsletters said the kids were having fun and doing good stuff, but in reality they were doing forced labor and living in horrible conditions.
  13. Yes. They blasted Van Halen's "Panama" at Noriega for something like 24-48 hours straight on a loop. They blasted music and annoying sounds at the Branch Davidians in Waco. She can just do what my husband's niece did (who never did one iota of stuff with her baby - just parked her in front of the TV while she played on social media all day, picking fights with girlfriends of her baby daddy, and other people, and causing general drama) when it comes time to register May for school and she's hopelessly behind: take her from doctor to doctor until one says the child is on the Autism Spectrum (out of like 10 doctors, 9 said there was nothing wrong with the child except that she was neglected with regard to her early development). That was a double win for niece - she gets paid by the state to stay home and take care of her needs (even while she's in school) so she doesn't have to work. All of husband's nieces followed in their respective mothers footsteps - all of them had kids out of wedlock (each has more than one) and had them young (usually first one under the age of 20) and the fathers of their kids are all different.
  14. To be fair, she said the DRESS was pretty - not that Nicole looked pretty in it. https://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-live/video/velvet-jones-school-of-technology/n8852 They probably didn't have permission to play the other person's voice.
  15. Disappeared: All Episodes Talk

    Yep. Generally 5-10 years, then they will cover a suicide - prevents people from taking out big policies and then killing themselves in short order, or murdering someone to make it look like suicide. I always look at that. My husband had threatened in the past, but it's usually an empty threat for attention. However, it is something I look at, just in case. I just got around to watching the Amy Bradley episode. I didn't realize that was her mother in the promo for the show that always grates on me (her voice - "Faaahnd yer chaaaaald"). I feel badly for her - I really do - but she's wasted so much money on nothing. I have a feeling Amy fell overboard in an intoxicated state, and will never be found. That picture that they showed of the woman on the beach in the swimsuit - taken from far away - proves nothing. She kept saying "She had Amy's tattoo!" but you couldn't see anything in that photo. It could have been a shadow, or an anomaly in the photo (like orbs, etc).