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  1. S11 Ep10 - The Final Flip

    Jeff will keep going through employees over and over because he has no respect for them and doesn’t want them to succeed. He has trouble even letting Gage pick out a light fixture. He lives to berate and bully people including his clients. He will never be more successful until he can stop treating his staff like crap and actually value and nurture their talent. And why is there so much eating in this show?
  2. All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    Yes, I used to teach and we had one stay at home dad like that. Always hung around longer than needed and the moms were always offering to help him with pick up or baking for the class party cause it’s so hard being a stay at home dad ( somehow it’s harder than being a stay at home mom I guess )!
  3. All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    It seemed like everything was about the dad in this story, and we learned very little about the victim Michelle. They spent too much time on the ballet stuff and seemed to be implying Michelle wasn’t a good mom because she didn’t take her to ballet. It was hard to believe that Karrie would go along with murdering her mom in such a brutal way. I agree this needed a two hour story.
  4. S11.E09: Destructive Criticism

    The staff are in some kind of pattern where they are so happy to have someone else in the spotlight, they go along with it. Jeff is nasty to his employees and nasty to his clients. Like most bullies, he knows who will take his crap and who won’t. Gage enjoys it because at the moment it isn’t him getting yelled at. What was the weird snippet of Megan crying on the plane? Was she scared because of turbulence? It seemed strange that ut was followed by her getting yelled at for attending to her daughter. Unlike Jeff, her daughter isn’t locked up in a nursery and things happen.
  5. I didn’t like the snobby woman who won last night, especially after she said the other woman must have watched her videos to get the idea to make Mrs. Claus. Like she is the only one to make that! I thought the advent calendar seemed too hard for the time given. I really liked the offbeat one with the turquoise colors.
  6. S06.E04: I Know What You Did

    Each season I am convinced at least one of the stories is made up with actors and this time around I think it is Leida and Eric. There is no way a wealthy, highly education woman would not look into where she would be staying, how this relationship would help her goals of being a doctor and how her extended family would fit in. I think both she and Eric applied to the show to get some bucks and for her to get acting creditionals. She is not 19, there is no reason for her to not check out Eric's situation. Her parents also don't look or act wealthy. Wealthy people would have rented a hotel room instead of staying in Eric's 'cottage'. I also think the messy house was enhanced for this purpose. I felt and still feel the same way about Angela and Mike and seeing her with nice hair and clothes only supports my view. I dislike everything about Colt and find him unattractive in every way, physically and mentally. Again, I fail to understand why Larissa would come to America without asking for pictures of where they will live, what she will do all day etc. I can understand it if people are very, very poor but the way she complains about everything leads me to believe she is not. I don't have a problem with Jay and Ashley or Mike and Olga yet. They seem like people who met in person and fell into love. I don't like Kalani and her family but I'm not crazy about Asuelo either. He didn't seem to make much effort in trying to support or see his son until he was contacted by the show. He seems very simple and likely won't last with Kalani I don't have anything much to say about Jon and Fernanda. It's not Jon's fault she can't drink in the states, and I'm not sure what she expected to find here. I think if you are coming here for a green card and don't care for the person, everything will bother you. If you are in love you will find a way to work it out.
  7. S01.E10: Bluebeard's Castle

    I feel sorry for Paco and think he will turn out just like Joe. He has been subjected to violence most of his life, Joe advocates violence and is his male role model and it seems like he spends a lot of time alone either at Joe's apartment or hiding out somewhere. I think the actor plays him very emotionless, which is kind of how you get when you witness violence again and again. I think Beck did what she could to get out. I would imagine being imprisoned by a serial killer who keeps a box full of people's teeth would unnerve you to the point of hysteria. I think she tried to do what she could but became panicked in the end. I think her writing out the story of Dr. Nicky was maybe a little too convienient to the plot. I didn't hate Beck. She was immature and selfish and finding her way in the world, the same as so many people her age. But she wasn't a criminal like Joe. I never made too much of any of the cheating, because she and Joe were not together in any legitimate way. He stalked and lied to her and she never really made it clear she was in love with him and they were exclusive. Of course Joe demands all his obsessions be true only to him, but Joe and Beck never had a real relationship imo. Dr Nicky had no business having an affair with his patient, and in that case I blame him because he was in a position of authority there. I love dark subject matter and read a lot of thrillers. But I do feel creeped out at stalkers and how easy it is for them to take over your life. I hope the second season will have something different than Joe stalking and killing more people. I also don't want to see poor Paco as Joe's killing protege. I will have to think about how I would want the next season to go, but for Joe to just keep killing isn't it. I do wonder how Joe, Mr.. Mooney and Ethan support themselves since it doesn't seem like the bookstore makes a lot of money. Joe could be making money by buying and selling rare books, but he seems to spend very little time actually at the bookstore unless he is in the basement.
  8. S01.E10: Bluebeard's Castle

    I found this episode very disturbing. I didn’t want Beck to die and while Penn makes a good Joe, I can’t root for a man who stalks and murders a woman. Sad for Paco and what he has seen in his short life. Since I’m a writer myself, I enjoyed seeing the writing storyline.
  9. Season 9 Live Posting Thread

    Michonne’s son looks 2 or 3 years old. Liked crone Carol, not ready for new people .
  10. S01.E07: I Dare You

    From what a couple of people tell me there are all kinds of different deals people make regarding music rights. In any case, Eddie was probably hoping to sing with the guy or open for him not be an obscure song writer.
  11. S01.E07: I Dare You

    This was a storyline on several episodes of the show Nashville. People buy the rights to songs from unknowns all the time. People who are even moderately successful want to be known for singing a song and sell downloads and want the song to be exclusive to them at least initially. I’m a writer too and wouldn’t let anyone buy my work but it’s a whole different medium.
  12. S01.E07: I Dare You

    I think the guy who wanted Eddie’s song wanted to buy the rights to the song and Eddie would not be able to sing it anymore. It was probably the right choice to sell but people feel strongly about the creative process and Eddie still wants to perform himself. I like but don’t love the show. I think it is natural to ask a loved one or close friend to fight for their life but in this case Gary hasn’t known her long enough. I feel like the character of Maggie is kind of shoehorned in to everyone ‘s life and it doesn’t really work for me. Deliah’s son comes across as much younger than he is supposed to be, so it seems odd to me for him to be dating or making his own transportation plans without his mom knowing.
  13. I didn’t like anyone but there is no way you can have a thoughtful conversation on this on TV. Any time you mention you are not sure a child is transgender, you are shut down. It was interesting that the child didn’t live with the mother for years. I wish Phil would have suggested an independent psychologist look into this because I’m not sure the mother wasn’t trying to get attention for herself. I didn’t like the uncle either.
  14. S10.E07: Did the Chicken Cross the Road?

    I liked Mitchell as the gentleman farmer and the chicken names. I like all the Dunphy kids and wish them well. Also like Jay but Gloria just annoys me.
  15. S02.E07: Trial & Error

    I kept thinking medical device lady is going to steal Devon’s watch idea- just don’t trust her. I pretty much like everyone on this show and it is my favorite medical show right now. I like the way it shows the money making side of medicine. I do wonder about the Julian character; is it normal for her to be spending so much time at one hospital? Do hospital’s agree on using one product and the sales rep just hangs around like that?