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  1. I immediately thought of the Air Force cadets, it was very similar. I think Cody was trying to make Toni happy by getting rid of her so called rival. I also think either he sweet talked Mickie into the car and then restrained her, or they just dragged her into the car. I don't believe Mickie would agree to go into the desert with the two of them. Toni was very unattractive in my opinion and was jealous of pretty Mickie.
  2. I'm in Chicago and we see them all the time. My college student son thinks they are a secret cult of some kind-lol! I have spine problems and looked into this. Not good reviews, very expensive and they only do a tiny part of the spine so you have t come back. I wouldn't go near the place.
  3. Charlie is always my favorite part of an episode "Don't talk about bears in public". He is one weird dude. Didn't like the commercials for diabetes medicine during the show- crosses a line somehow. And having Jack yelling at a baby was over the top for me- I hate it when people, even kids think babies are doing things in purpose. Guess I'm being cranky-but loved Rick Fox appearing at Dre's work.
  4. I'm Catholic myself and have no problem with Buddhas, candles or owls. I don't believe for a second Luis is religious or cares about her decorations. Most people I know decorate with various objects and different types of art. I personally dont know anyone who only has Crosses or bible verses in there homes, and I would actually find that creepy. If Luis is so religious, perhaps he should start with laying off porn, strip clubs, and dirty talk.
  5. I don't think we can decide May is special needs based on a few minutes of time on a tv show. Some children are not overly verbal at that age (and yes I was a preschool teacher with a master's in educational development). On top of that, when shows are filming young children they want to keep them busy, so they are not babbling over the dialogue, trying to touch the camera, or blocking shots, or crying or demanding something. I also see children of all ages and social stations being entertained by movies on a laptop or phone. I don't think we know that she never goes outside, never eats anything but fries, or has any physical or mental defects. I'm no fan of Nicole or any of these people, but making assumptions about a three year old on a few minutes tv is not right. My own son (now 20) talked up a storm at home but wouldn't say more than a few words in front of strangers. Luis looked high as a kite and I don't believe for a minute he is religious or cares about Molly's decorations. I also don't believe he is any kind of full time nanny for Kensley. I am willing to bet there is a full time nanny, and the show stages scenes with Kensley for dramatic purposes. I think all of these people coming from other countries should have long discussions on how they will spend there time since they apparently can't work for awhile. Luis is immature and will not be happy living with Molly and her daughters. I will say the same thing to him I would say to Azan. Azan: If you want a thin, athletic woman who cooks Moroccan food and loves Moroccan culture, there is an ideal place to find her: In Morocco. Ditto for Luis. I don't have much interest in David Poor and Annie or Josh and his fiancée. I dont like either of the men but I also don't think these women are guaranteed anything because of their wants in life. I'm not sure I see any of these people making it. Sometimes I like Andre, but if he can't let Libby go for two hours without a call, it is a serious problem. Even if she desires a dominant man-no one wants to be dominated 24/7. I also don't see Evelyn and David Spain making it. He is a 27 year old, fussy, fussy virgin and he will never be happy with Evelyn. I make fun of Evelyn a lot but I do think she is going into the marriage expecting sex, children, and a husband who will cherish her. I don't think she will get that in David.
  6. I thought Hardwick's reaction was odd and so was Yvette's. There was none of the "Let us help you through this" stuff and no one would come out and say Carl is basically dead. I also didn't understand Gimple refusing to specify when Carl was actually bit. I understand he is not truly dead yet, but it was more of a death then Glen being trapped on the dumpster. Gimble also implied there would be more of Carl's story-but if he is infected and dying how more could there be? He already wrote goodbye notes, and is clearing becoming quite ill. All in all, I thought everyone seemed pretty upbeat considering a child/teen character has received a fatal bite.
  7. When I saw Negan with Mr. Microphone, I knew this would be a crappy episode. I've seen a lot of comparisons to Lost (which is my all time favorite show by the way), but even Lost was smart enough to keep the lead characters around until the very end. Like others have said, I wouldn't have a problem if Chandler wanted to leave the show, but just blindsiding him like that is awful. Something similar happened to a friend: he put a down payment on a house and then heard rumors of layoffs. Before the house closing he asked his boss if he should go ahead with this and the boss said absolutely, only to let him go two days after the closing. In this case, there is no real reason for Carl to die at this time. Did they want to top Glen's death somehow? I did think Carl was bit in the previous episode, but then he was acting normal, so I thought I was wrong. I do think it is OK for people to still get bit and die-otherwise why have the walkers at all. But there is no reason for the storyline to kill Carl. I thought the series would end with Rick dying and Carl taking over as the new leader. Now, I am expecting all of the people we knew from the beginning to die and we will be left with all new people. I also could not tell what was happening. How did the Saviors still have a huge army? How did they regain the upper hand? How many times will we hear Rick and Negan talk about killing each other and never, do it? There was also one point where Michonne looked really sad and was looking around and I was convinced she was seeing Carl shambling by as walker-but nothing happened in that scene so I have no idea what it is about. The only thing I thought was well done: When Rick entered the tunnel it looked to me like Carl was holding Judith and so for a minute I thought I was wrong about the bite thing. Then we see that it was Daryl holding Judith and we don't see Carl until Rick gets to the end. I am sad and cried, but also curious in that Chris Hardwick didn't seem broken up and no one will come right out and say Carl's dying. Hmm.
  8. I like Tim but he comes across as such a pill during this interview. If he really hates the judges so much he should quit the show. He actually seems like he has some anxiety disorder too-hating presents so much he can't bear to open them . I didn't hear him mention even one good friend- he seems kind of sad.
  9. My response was to the comment I quoted which said maybe David is repulsed by sex and that is normal. Not wanting to talk on camera is normal, entering a marriage with a woman who wants sex when you don't is not normal. And he also said he didn't want to talk privately about it either.
  10. If he wants a marriage with no sex, he needs to be upfront about it and seek out someone else who is repulsed by sex. Evelyn is a virgin but expects a traditional marriage which includes sex and having children. It wouldn't be fair to go through with the marriage if he wants something else.
  11. I'm still stuck on the interview they showed with Katie. Along with talking about poison being a woman's weapon, she said something along the lines of "I'm going to prison for the rest of my life now" not "I didn't do it. " Everyone is making good points here though. I would like to know more about her personality and whether she was ever possessive or vindictive before.
  12. I don't understand why the son would want to kill his mother. Usually there is a financial motive or the son was being abused or in some cases, it would be a teen who wanted freedom. None of these apply here. The husband was a total sleaze but again no real proof. Katie seemed odd in the police interview when she was talking about poison being a woman's weapon, and it seemed like the letter she sent was trying to get revenge against Adam. This is a strange case for sure.
  13. My husband is a cop and not out of shape. As far as the picture above: everyone has a meal break and cops eat in between calls so you will find them grabbing a bite. They have to eat out or eat in their patrol cars. My husband's unit does have fitness standards but once the cops are close to retirement they usually are doing less strenuous things and often gain weight.
  14. You did when you said I blamed a victim for being abused-where did I say that? I said Azan is not trapped in his situation, he is not tied to Nicole emotionally, financially or through children and his desire for a green card is a want not a need.
  15. I was just thinking of this woman. I would love to find out more of her story.