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  1. I'm talking about this forum and the idea that people are not talking about her weight when they say she can never get a man. Claire walks said no one is talking about her weight just her behavior; I disagree.
  2. I don’t believe that-as long as people are calling her half ton, saying she is a pig, hippo, elephant etc, they are talking about her size. Can you show me examples of people who are not fat being called these names?
  3. S05.E12: My Big Fat Baby

    That’s true but some kids don’t have grandparents at all. I don’t this this will actually happen, just pointing out that as long as a child is loved and taken care of, they will be ok.
  4. S05.E12: My Big Fat Baby

    So many children live every day with horrible abuse-having a fat mother is not the worst thing that can happen. I don't think it will really happen but her child would have loving grandparents and lots of people to love him/her. I would rather have a fat kind mom that an abusive skinny one. And as a teacher I have seen every kind of parents- thin, fat, rich, poor, blind and deaf. The only children who do really badly are the ones with mean neglecting parents, even the poorest kids thrive if they are loved.
  5. Not every man hates fat women-most people who want to be in a relationship can find one. People come in all shapes and sizes and everyone deserves love, not just the skinny women in the world.
  6. Among the other things that bother me: what gives these men the right to have three or four wives and deny four other men the opportunity to get married? Maybe those guys want a wife, kids and planet too! It’s all ego driven.
  7. S09.E10: Confronting Meri

    All the talk about being safe and safe talk makes me stabby. I’ve seen that same thing on the other plyg shows too. I think it means these women are so emotionally stunted they can’t handle real conversations. I think I’m going to go to work tomorrow and say I won’t participate in any conversations that aren’t safe. They will probably think I’m nuts.
  8. S09.E16: The Crying Game

    At least they didn’t have Mike change his mind and decide to keep his old job, which seems to be a standard trope on TV.
  9. S09.E16: The Crying Game

    I liked it when Brick kept the doll and said “somebody has to care about the weird ones” aww
  10. S09.E09: The Longest Labor

    Kody is not employed as far as we know-if he had a job we would have heard about it. Janelle works occasionally for an online website/diet thing called Strive, but it doesn't appear she is making money on it. Robyn still has the online jewelry business but does not appear very invested in it and sales are poor. The show income is their livelihood and there is no reason at least a few of them couldn't work full time. Both Robyn and Christine have help in the home, Meri has no children at home and Janelle's kids are all in school. General laziness all around.
  11. S09.E09: The Longest Labor

    I'm one of the people who don't hate Meri and actually feel sorry for her. I also have felt from day one that the feud between Meri and Janelle is grossly exaggerated for TV ratings; they are not friends, but they clearly have many rational conversations and get along as ok as they could considering they share a man. I also think Meri and many polygamists actually, grew up very sheltered and naive and all of her ideas about true love probably came from Disney movies. And I certainly don't want to argue about this but: we have no idea what private conversations Meri and Kody have had. I don't believe for a minute that every word they spoke to each other was aired. So she may have apologized over and over about the catfish. I also have an unpopular catfish opinion: JO is a complete sociopath and I do not believe anything she says. Some of the items yes, but many could have been faked through photoshop or other means. She has shown herself to be quite good at faking things. I think Meri was neglected and made to feel not welcome, and she fell for someone who could give that fairy tale. Is is wrong? Maybe. I simply will never agree that a man sleeping with four women has some kind of high ground to stand on. Getting back to the episode: a lot of pieces seems to be missing. We don't know why Chistine's mother is no longer in the picture. Could it be that Christine wants her around to help take care of her kids? Who knows. I also think Meri and her mother did not really need anything from the sister wives and it was all for the show. Kody sees this as a way to get rid of Meri. I keep seeing posts that Meri should be taking care of Robyn or Christine's kids. Since neither of them have a job and both have live in help, I assume that is neither needed or wanted. And why is Meri considered useless when Kody is an able bodied man who neither works nor takes care of his own children? When Meri came in with Mariah and Audrey to see Maddie, I could see she felt like she didn't even have the right to knock on the door and see what was going on-that is how bad they are making things for her. Finally, I hope Maddie finds a different midwife if she has another child. As I mentioned before: it's not that there is anything wrong with a child being exposed to germs; we all are at some point. It's that the midwife made it a point to say a newborn baby needs to be exposed to bacteria and dirt and that a dirty bathtub is the same as being exposed to breast milk. Yes, women gave birth in all kinds of unclean places, but not all of the babies or mothers survived. I know of no medical professional that would actively suggest a newborn be exposed to a dirty surface. I also think she ignored the fact that at some point, Maddie's labor appeared to be in danger and instead she just sent the assistant who did nothing. I had my child in the hospital but a few people I know had midwifes and they all were very warm, supportive and there with the mother to explain everything. And they were also quick to suggest the hospital if there was any chance of a problem. Again, these people are both naive and trying to be 'outlaws', but don't risk a newborn baby.
  12. S01.E16: Pain

    I liked the final scene with Shaun and Kenny because it looked like Shaun was made aware of Kenny's past, yet he made the decision he still wanted him as a friend for now. I didn't get the impression Kenny was trying to pull off anything beyond taking Shaun's money out of the drawer. I really hope it won't go sour for Shaun-he needs friends. The last couple of episodes it seemed like the focus is slowing pulling away from Shaun. All medical shows turn into ensemble shows but this show is so unique in that it is showing a person with autism finding their professional way and I hope the focus can be mostly on Shaun. I felt bad for Claire and her mother (and that actress didn't look old enough), but I think Claire knew that her mother was never going to be more than a user. Still hate Reznick and wish she were a bit more circumspect in her ambitions. True villains are usually not so blatant. I enjoyed the two patient stories and always good to see William Moses again.
  13. Meri Brown and her Wet Bar of Tears

    At least she tries to make money-Kody refuses to work and he has no excuse not to have a job.
  14. S09.E09: The Longest Labor

    I wouldn’t trust the midwife after she said the tub didn’t need to be cleaned because after all the baby drinks the mother’s milk and has her diet. What does nursing have to do with a dirty tub . The baby is used to the mother’s bacteria, not ten other people and dogs. I think Maddie should have gone to the hospital.
  15. S09.E06: Meeting Mariah's Girlfriend

    The older kids have said Meri spent time with them when they were younger. I think it is a combination of them living in separate houses, Robyn and Christine moving in family members to help with the kids, and the divorce. She knows she isn’t wanted so why try?