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  1. All Episodes Talk: The Dating Game for Creeps

    On the Bachelor and Bachelorette, they get to know the contenstants over weeks or months and so do the viewers. We get to pick our favorites and guess which ones the lead will pick. On this show, we don't get to know anyone, so the only thing to pay attention to is the answers to the questions so we can guess how the answers affect the choosing process. If we know who will be picked the second the women come out, there is no point in listening to any of the question rounds or even watching at all. Not everyone likes or is attracted to the same thing. Some people also choose who they want to marry based on common values and personality as well as looks. Obviously this is not the show for that, but I don't think any of these people are serious about marriage if they only care about looks.
  2. S01.E08: Rad Fatties 2018.07.16

    I'm disappointed with the show as well but we have to keep in mind the show is supposed to be a satire and the characters archetypes. Plum and the women of Calliope house represent woman treated poorly by society (fat, scarred, transgender). Plum taking the "Y" medication is supposed to represent all of the women who are medicated by the health industry rather than listened to. Kitty represents modern media which calls for unrealistic standards, Stanley represents all of the rich businessmen who think women are theirs for the taking. I am really annoyed that they included the rape. Not only does it mean Plum is taking a step back but it's telling all women out theire that might want to take a chance-don't bother you will just get raped. As for Plum daring to desire a thin man-first off she didn't seek out this man. Verena set her up the date. She has never said she wouldn't date someone fat-she was in a place of not dating or seeking to date at all. It is telling to me however, by how many people are suggesting some variation on who does she think she is to date a thin man? She should only date a fat man! Anyone is free to date anyone who wants to date them back. This kind of prejudice should be what the show is all about, but it is too muddled with the Jennifer's and even with characters like Dominic, who we don't really know and who has no purpose (as of yet).
  3. All Episodes Talk: The Dating Game for Creeps

    The thinnest, prettiest women will always be picked. Don’t believe any of these will work- I only watch because it’s on after the Bachelorette.
  4. The blond had the deepest voice I have heard on a woman. I agree the daughter looked blown up with fillers.
  5. All Episodes Talk: Picture It. PTV. Today.

    They were in early to mid fifties when the show started. I always felt the same way you do. I am in my mid fifties and my friends and I all work and still have kids at home anywhere from 9 to 20. Those of us like me with a college kid expect them to be home for summer,spring break etc. I would never move away and leave them with nowhere to go. Obviously some people had kids at younger ages then and now but they still should have college age kids or young grandchildren they cared about. I think it is a great show but ‘Golden’ is more 80 than 55.
  6. Season 5: All Episodes - Got Nose?

    Elf guy already had procedures before going on TV. Risking blindness for something he will probably be sick of in a few years is crazy. Trying to have color removed from your eyes is one of the craziest things I’ve ever heard of. Where do these people get the money for all the travel and surgery?
  7. After seeing how filthy these kitchens are, I would never go to these restaurants. People that let things get that disgusting are not likely to change their ways. The owners, sous chefs and staff all saw that filth and did nothing about it. These 24 hour changes won’t last in my opinion. It’s the same thing on Bar Rescue. The owners are alcoholics who don’t care and we are supposed to believe they sober up in one day. Almost all the updates on that show indicate the places closed or went back to their old ways. I think it will be the same here.
  8. S01.E07: Monster High 2018.07.09

    I agree with everything you said. One reason I really disliked the book and now the show is that it showed the Jennifer's as an acceptable way to protest and went as far as executing a woman who chose to work in the porn industry. On the show, Joy Nash makes a wonderful Plum and my interest is in her much more than Kitty or the Jennifers. I also feel the show is telling us to feel sorry for Kitty when she was 100% behind marginalizing Plum and feeding into the whole beauty is all mentality. As someone who was thin for her whole life until about nine years ago, and am now fat, my eyes have been opened to the rampant fat prejudice and shaming that goes on everyone (especially in anonymous forums like this). A personal example: My husband and I went to the same doctor a few years ago because we both suffered back pain. My husband was sent for an MRI, given a prescription for physical therapy and offered a pain reliever. I was asked to try anti anxiety meds. Period. As it turned out, my husband's back pain was temporary, mine was due to severe spinal stenosis, impinged nerves and multiple bulging discs, but it took going to several doctors to get the MRI. Plum and others like her face this crap every day.
  9. S01.E07: Monster High 2018.07.09

    Verena is talking about the intuitive eating concept, it’s been around for awhile. Geneen Roth has written several books on. The theory is that you listen to what your body wants and eventually you learn to eat right. This never worked for me because I’m more of an emotional eater rather than eating junk/large portions. I think it could be helpful to Plum to make food choices based on what and how much she is hungry for, rather than over indulging or starving herself.
  10. Bobby looks like John Boy from the Waltons. Tristan looks like Jay Z, but they should have eliminated him based on his skin color comments. Dave is attractive, Amber and Danielle both have a harsh look to me. I think they could have found better couples but I have to give it a chance.
  11. S01.E07: Monster High 2018.07.09

    I can see him questioning her attitude and anger. I was talking about him being upset she was canceling her weight loss surgery and drinking a shake which he specifically mentioned. We hadn’t heard anything earlier about her having health problems, so it struck me as out of character. I agree he would wonder about her disappearance and general state of mind.
  12. S01.E07: Monster High 2018.07.09

    People take anti depressants for everything from anxiety to fibromyalgia-it doesn’t mean only bi-polar. I’m not even sure the pills she was taking were specifically named. This is a satire, so everything is exaggerated to make a point. Plum is on a journey and her various changes are a part of her path. I thought it was out of character for Steven to bring up weight loss. He seemed to be the one person who loved her as she was. We never saw her huffing and puffing. I never believe the faux health concerns. Prove to me you are questioning everyone you know who has diabetes, cancer or anything else then you can talk to me about my health.
  13. All Episodes Talk: The Dating Game for Creeps

    I really liked Anthony, he seems like a great guy. Too bad all of this seems so fake.
  14. She didn’t say she never wants to wear a short dress. She didn’t want one for her prom or wedding. And she doesn’t need to lose weight unless she wants to. She seemed very nice, not sure why there is so much animosity.
  15. She was unhappy at prom because all of the dresses were too short. She actually can’t do anything about her height.