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  1. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    No, some of this I saw on BBAD and the rest was around 3am and reported by Jokers Update. He also told Tyler he couldn’t wear the Hilton Head sweatshirt in the house and other things.
  2. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    JC’s sexual harassment of Tyler continued on thru the night; -You are the love of my life and in the real world Im going to tell you what to do and you’re going to listen -I’m going to slap Tyler during the night and pretend I’m Angela -Listening to your speech made me want to vomit. I love you I really despise JC.
  3. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    Sam seems like maybe she had some romantic interest in Tyler, but that didn’t really come across. Sam made herself different from the other houseguests in many ways, slut shaming, hiding in the HOH room, hiding out and refusing to socialize. Despite her comments about Kaycee, I still think she cares about Tyler. I think he really likes her as a friend and kept her as long as he could. I wish JC would have left instead of Sam, but Level 6 is too afraid of his nastiness, which has now backfired.
  4. S20.E37: Fast Forward; Eviction #13

    JC’s speech once again demanding Tyler say he’s gay and give JC a kiss would be called homophobic and ranted about if a straight person kept insisting a gay person isn’t gay. I dislike JC for many reasons but I am firmly on the anyone but him train. I think Sam still feels close to Tyler and would give him her vote. Neither Kaycee nor JC made any effort with Sam and Kaycee hasn’t made effort with anyone besides Tyler and Angela beyond being a nice friendly person.
  5. S04.E07: Something Stupid

    This! My husband is a cop and it was incredibly offensive to read that all cops are uneducated, ignorant etc. My husband’s department only hires people with college degrees, most of them work more than one job and they are the same as any profession: most are hard working, decent people.
  6. All Episodes Talk: Celebrating Diversity

    When I got married, I signed a form like that at the church but also signed a separate marriage license. They may not have wanted to show the legal license because of personal details. I just think we don’t know.
  7. The One With the Thing: All Episodes Talk

    Continuity error I think-Chandler would have mentioned if Ross were married his Freshman/sophomore year of college and other flashbacks show him clearly single in college.
  8. S20.E36: Head of Household #13; Nominations #13

    They try to play it cool around other people and are totally different when alone.
  9. S20.E36: Head of Household #13; Nominations #13

    I kept thinking she was going to fall out of her awful looking top.
  10. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    Sam makes so little effort to join in with the other guests. Last night they wanted her to stay and make ice cream with them and she refused and went to bed. Between that, the rambling and crying , something is wrong. On another note, I can never sleep and watch the feeds on and off during the night. I noticed a couple of time like last night when Tyler and Angela are moving up and down under the covers ;), the camera moves away and focuses on someone sleeping for around 10-15minutes and then comes back. Do we think they actually have some decency and are giving them a bit of privacy or is it all coincidence?
  11. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    Angela is too giggly and smitten looking for this to be all fake on her part.
  12. S20.E34: Power of Veto #11

    I don’t like JC but I felt bad he had no family member message. He saw Kaycee’s supportive dad and brothers and felt bad. Why did Sam’s brother look like he came from a Crackerjack box?
  13. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    Sam looks so lonely and sad talking to herself on the hammock. She is not doing well at all . I wish someone would come and cuddle with her for a bit.
  14. What Are We Currently Reading?

    I just finished Mary Kubica's When the Lights Go Out, and I can't remember the last time I was so annoyed with the ending of a book. I have enjoyed all of her previous books and I like it that she is a local Chicago author, but this one was just bad.
  15. Anyone else feel different about Friends now...

    I really loved the ending, with one last look at the apartment and then them going out for coffee. I think the show did a good job of spreading the ending out over the last season and just letting the last episode be a gentle goodbye to the fans. I have the DVD's and watch them almost every night before bed and I always get a little misty eyed at the last scene.