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  1. S09.E06: Who Are You Now?

    Don’t ask me - I never figured that'un out. Maybe Reg had plans to turn Alexandria into a prison, and designed the walls to keep everybody in? ;)
  2. S37 Spoilers and Speculation

    Once again, @peachmangosteen, you have encapsulated my thoughts eloquently.
  3. S37:E08 You Get What You Give

    These Nullifier questions had already been addressed in another thread, but darned if I can remember where. As I recall from that previous discussion, though, the Nullfier’s focus was on the idol’s target and not its source. In other words - if John Doe played the Nullifier and wrote down Joe Blow’s name: If Joe Blow played an idol on himself, the idol was nullified. If Suzy Q played an idol on Joe Blow, THAT idol would be nullified. If Joe Blow played an idol on Suzy Q, the idol would be unaffected and Suzy Q would still have immunity.
  4. I’m vaguely positive on TTD, but primarily because (a) Chris Hardwick grew up in Memphis and (b) I like it whenever a Tennessee boy makes good. :>
  5. S09.E06: Who Are You Now?

    The Walking Dead Wiki states Reg’s pre-ZA occupation as “professor of architecture”, which may indicate a deeper-than-usual familiarity with the engineering-related aspects of architecture. Then again, it may not. ;) There’s no specification one way or the other of any familiarity Reg may or may not have had with civil engineering (the bridge guys), architectural engineering, or any other kind of -eering. If Reg was teaching architecture, though, I’d expect his course curricula to at least address certain basic engineering fundamentals - if for no other reason than to equip his students (the future architects of the world) to understand what their consulting engineers are going on and on about. :)
  6. Spoilers and Speculation

    Great! I’m printing off a couple dozen copies of this! I was needing new targets for the shooting range anyway, so this showed up just in time.... ;>
  7. S09.E06: Who Are You Now?

    They had one (Reg, Deanna’s husband) - at least until Petey Petey DrunkDoctor WifeBeaty killed him, that is. ;>
  8. Methinks TPTB assume a significant portion of their audience has issues separating fiction from reality. Come to think of it, I’m not sure how wrong they are about that.... ;>
  9. S09.E06: Who Are You Now?

    Easily explainable, but total spoiler territory.
  10. S37:E08 You Get What You Give

    My bad, then; back when Jeremy was making his allegations, I must’ve gotten Angelina “husband” references mixed up with John “fiancée” references. Thanks for the clarification. I get where y’all are coming from - really. :) It’s purely MHO that such a last-minute-grab “Christian - vote for John” explanation falls short of plausibility on several points: Under such circumstances (impending doom possibly being diverted by a last-minute lifeline being thrown his way), I’d expect a normal Christian reaction would be for him play “small” - to shut up, sit quiet, hope whatever unknown machinations are going on behind scenes will deliver his game salvation, and above all else not fuck it up by throwing a wrench into the works. Christian’s actions, though, were the exact opposite; he played BIG - repeatedly pointing out ALL the aspects which made him a big target, and in so doing emphasized them. These were not the tentative actions of a person hoping for a possible reprieve - they were the confident actions of a person who knew his individual safety was on lock, and looked to draw fire away from any of his allies. If we’re saying this was the act of a minimalist cabal (Davie and Nick - maybe Carl at most), then what about the rest of the Davids? You’d expect Christian’s reaction to be one of shocked relief, and simple shock on the part of Gabby and (possibly) Carl - but the David reactions were uniformly smiles, not shock. Nobody was surprised an ally had somehow been saved against all odds; they all reflected happiness that a plan had worked as intended. Lastly - and I cannot emphasize this strongly enough - Gabby kept her mouth shut throughout the entirety of TC. Look at Gabby’s last couple of TC performances; think she would’ve done this if she’d been under the impression her strongest ally was on the verge of grabbing a pizza at Ponderosa? Like I said, though, purely MHO - YMMV. Maybe we’ll find out at the beginning of next week's episode. :)
  11. How? The opportunity to play idols ends the moment Peachy pops the top on the Vote urn. The Nullifier is in the urn, which means it (and its power) are not revealed until the chance to play a second idol is long gone.
  12. S37:E08 You Get What You Give

    Was Angelina already married? I thought her earlier episode SO references were to a fiancé, not a husband, but I could very well be wrong.
  13. S37:E08 You Get What You Give

    Current normal TC vote tie-breaking protocol is as follows: A re-vote is conducted among all eligible voting players. A second tie vote results in a rock draw for everybody except the tie vote recipients, and the player drawing the odd rock takes the Walk of Shame. Basically, the rock draw is a punishment of the non-nominated players, for failing to come up with even a simple majority consensus. That’s the normal protocol; in this particular case it would not apply, though, because there wasn’t actually a “tie”; both vote recipients in this specific case were idol-protected, so none of those votes would have counted against them. In truth, the scenario you describe would not truly be considered a true “tie vote” - it would actually be a totally nullified vote, which is different. So - we’re on some fuzzy ground here, precedent-wise. My best guess? A second vote would be conducted - not as a re-vote, but as an original vote. Nobody would be able to write down the name of a player with immunity (in this specific case Dan, Christian and Angelina), and the immunity-bearing players would all be eligible to participate in the vote. No additional immunity elements (idols or advantages) could be played in this second vote. If this second vote resulted in a tie, then normal tiebreaking procedures would be invoked: a re-vote of the second vote, followed by a rock draw if necessary. I expect the immunity-bearing players would be exempt from the rock draw, but I could be wrong. In this specific case, though, I doubt the second vote would ever advance to the point of a rock draw. Each original tribe would simply redirect their unanimous vote at a different opponent, and the Goliath-targeted David (Davie, most likely, since he screwed up their initial plan) would head for Ponderosa.
  14. S37:E08 You Get What You Give

    Thing is, though, Christian had to have been in on the plan. Remember Nick’s words to Christian immediately after he told Christian the Goliaths were lying to him - “Just go on like you were planning to”, or something to that extent. At THAT point in time the entire David strategy was to vote Angelina, because the Davids thought the Goliaths were going to do the same. So Christian must have been privy to the plan, else he would have voted Angelina instead of John.
  15. S37:E08 You Get What You Give

    The Davids did split their vote - three for John (Christian, Davie, Nick) and two for Angelina (Carl, Gabby). The Goliaths did not split their vote, but they should’ve - more on that below. Ok, clarification time: Every David HAD to know every facet of the passion play that was about to go down - up to and including Davie’s idol play - for the David vote to have gone that way, else every David would have followed the last “plan” and voted Angelina. Carl and Gabby might technically be considered exceptions (since both did vote for Angelina) - but to leave them out would be unnecessarily antagonizing and serve no useful strategic purpose, while including them would more tightly cement the alliance and bulletproof it from Goliath overtures - so I expect both Gabby and Carl were in on the schtick as well. With the Davids splitting their vote the way they did, there were two possible scenarios which could defeat them - (A) a unanimous Goliath vote against a target other than Christian, or (B) a 4-3 split Goliath vote at two Davids. These options had to be defused at any cost - which leads to my last point... Oscar, hell; Christian deserved a fucking EGOT for his TC performance. Y’all did notice the following, right? Christian almost totally monopolized the David contribution of the TC discussion; with maybe the exception to Davie’s very first remarks about the previous TC, no other David uttered more than a few noncommittal sentences. With the exception of one early Davie mention of Alison’s previous-TC Jury management comments and a Brochacho reference by Christian, every Goliath-referencing statement by a David focused exclusively on Angelina. ALL Christian’s self-referencing commentary focused upon how badly he’d managed his threat appearance level - the target on his own back. Virtually all Christian’s Goliath-interactive dialogue was with Angelina, and of a quasi-confrontational nature. All of these were absolutely moves by design. Christian had to walk a very delicate tightrope at TC - painting as huge a target on his own back as possible (to defuse Scenario A) while simultaneously making it appear the Davids were considering NO Goliath vote target other than Angelina (to defuse Scenario B) - all the while taking care not to OVERplay his role, and expose the David plan. And Christian did so with the deft agility of a Wallenda. Oh, almost forgot - and the BIGGEST single indicator all the Davids were in on the plan? Throughout the entire TC discussion, Gabby never opened her mouth. It’s true. I went back on my DVR and double-checked to be sure. I ran the entirety of the TC discussion phase from entry to the start of voting, and Gabby never did more than nod. If for nothing else, somebody deserves a Nobel Prize for THAT shit. You and me both. :) I saw that and backed up the DVR to show it to the old lady. :> My hand to God: when Angelina started her “That was my plan....” whining in her TH, I turned to the old lady and -er- loudly stated “SHUT UP, JAN!” :D Angelina is married now; she was engaged at the time the season was shot, and they got married afterwards. Yes.