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  1. Did anyone else notice that Tatiana's runway outfit was literally just a black version of Katya's entrance outfit? My first thought was 'Girl, this is All Stars. Don't wear a less distinctive copy of something another contestant has already worn'. Which also gels with Michelle's critique, that it is probably a fairly off the rack basic latex dress form(which she didn't even have modified to something more notable like Katya's soviet version).
  2. S08.E07: Shady Politics

    I don't really get the idea this was a super bad snatch game. It wasn't one of the best, but season 2 and 3 had terrible Snatch Games(where in both cases the cast didn't entirely get the concept of impersonation, IMO). Season 4's was only saved by Willam, Sharon and Chad, the rest were some of the worst the show has had. Season 5's really only had Jinx, Alaska and Roxxy, Season 6 and 7 were anomalies in having a lot of people who clearly worked on their character and had a lot of back and forth between them.
  3. S08.E07: Shady Politics

    I feel kind of bad for Thorgy that the point where she really loses the lip sync completely is when Chi Chi's pearls break and she stops to make sure Chi Chi is okay, they try to edit around it but you can see her fussing with Chi Chi just barely in frame and before she does the cartwheel it's clear she's collecting herself back to performance. So even if she did lose the lip sync, she's a great person who cared more about the other person on stage than winning.
  4. S08.E07: Shady Politics

    While a good number of his models are hung, being porn stars, go go boys and nude models, Andrew Christian also sells a line of underwear padding.
  5. S08.E06: Wizards Of Drag

    Given that the makeover challenge is generally a make up first, everything else second challenge I think Robbie hit the bottom two because his make up has never really been good and when translated to another person, still not good. Usually the queen to go in this kind of challenge is either one with questionable make up skills(Joslyn, Jaidynn, Pandora) or who's make up looked /horrible/ on their companion(Coco, Carmen, Kenya).
  6. Queens of Season 8

    I think everyone did. Chi Chi is in the weird place of not really having a hook, she's not a comedy queen, look queen, pageant queen, fishy queen or genderfuck queen. There is a definite feelin that she hasn't coalesced what her drag is yet. And most of those kinds of contestants aren't very strong and go early. But she's very smart and adaptable and it's kept her head above water so far. Though so far Acid Betty going so early was the only real shock for me, since Dax, Laila, Naysha, Cynthia and Robbie all hit me as people not long for the game.
  7. S08.E06: Wizards Of Drag

    I'd agree that the lip syncs haven't been great this season, but I wouldn't put them anywhere close to season 7(seriously, i'd put most of season 7's lip syncs around the same level with Dax and Laila).
  8. S08.E05: Supermodel Snatch Game

    I wouldn't say that is a bad idea for a queen with very limited budget but ability to hand create looks though. Making looks when you come on the show means you have access to a lot more material and tools than you otherwise have, all for free. It does mean your looks aren't going to be the most fabulous thing ever, but in this case if you can't afford a good cone bra or lingerie set making your own is going to be at least on par with the cheap stuff.
  9. S08.E05: Supermodel Snatch Game

    IIRC, they know all of the runway themes beforehand so they know what to bring to the show.
  10. S08.E05: Supermodel Snatch Game

    So looking at those..
  11. S08.E04: New Wave Queens

    The pictures they see don't include the queen's make up. The only reason they know about Bob's head drip is that they were informed about it.
  12. S08.E03: RuCo Empire

    Yeah it was a extremely tacky time to make that comment, even though I do think Trixie is one of the worst make up jobs on the show(I understand the transformation she is trying, it's just flat and powdery and doesn't work at all).
  13. S01.E12: Malec

    I have to say I don't really see why Alec would be attracted to Magnus. When Alex was telling him off for being very pushy in a very shitty way while fully aware of the difficult position Alec was in I was like 'Yeees! Tell him off!'. Magnus's pushiness and lack of boundaries would be understandable to some degree if they were in a relationship of some kind before everything started, but they're not even past the vaguely flirting stage and Alec hasn't even shown attraction to him.
  14. S08.E04: New Wave Queens

    While I think Chi Chi could have been more part of the team and tried to up lift it.. at the same time I think her deciding to distance herself from it is understandable. She's the most talented of her group, but they were looking to exclude her ideas because she doesn't have as expensive clothes as them which clearly means she doesn't know what she's talking about. But then if you're teamed with Derrick and Naysha the first thought has to be 'fuck, we're in the bottom', because really even if Chi Chi had worked together and turned her pussy all the way up there is no way she could have compensated for Derrick and Naysha. I imagine at best with Derrick's Britney we're going to get a Coco's Janet. That is a pitch perfect but completely uninteresting rendition of them as a pop star. At worst we could get a Alyssa Edwards as Katie Perry where all the references just bounce off without a bit of humor. But given how Derrick is almost robotic in his lack of effect, emotion or humor on the show so far, i'm not expecting him to be able to turn it out for Snatch Game.
  15. S08.E04: New Wave Queens

    While I think ChiChi can conceptualize looks well(her looks in the first two episodes and the Empire challenge were all perfectly fine), her last two runways were really bad on pure concept/craft staging, like how her bra in the roller skate runway was a good 3-4 inches too high. You can totally get away with re-wearing the same clothes and shoes and wigs week after week(just look at season 7), you just need to know how to conceptualize it well. Now how Derrick Berry gets away with clothing just as badly conceptualized but more expensive i'll just file under 'Rupaul wants this bitch to stay like Pearl and Fame'.