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  1. S11.E12: The Peaches of Tokyo

    That is all that needs saying. Marlo seemed so out of sorts not being able to set up her hotel room pop up designer shop. I hate wispy thin wigs. So I wasn't here for Marlo's struggle ponytail. Eva? I don't even see how it would be comfortable to travel with braids down to your ankles. I like the least amount of contact between me and public surface areas, especially when traveling. Seriously, you have to take care not to be sitting on your hair all the time, not get it caught in doors & escalators, not brush up against nasty walls and floors in public restrooms (or in the toilet itself) cause at the end of the day you have to sleep in a bed with that mess. I don't have a caregiver gene so I feel for Nene in that regard. Being sick and needing is one of my biggest fears. Having to be a caregiver to a sick person is my next greatest fear. That being said, Nene is a bitch. Count me among those who can't wait to see her get left next week. LOL!
  2. S10:E1 Meri, On Her Own...

    Where is Meri finding all these fellow catfishers? She had one flying in with her daughter (who canceled) and this other woman. She might as well start a club/lodge like the Elks but call themselves the Catfish (of course) and glue some whiskers to MAGA hats and call it a day. When her fellow catfishee was talking about being lonely, wanting companionship and falling in love, which Christine touched upon, I kept thinking "Meri girl, this isn't helping your narrative. AT. ALL." I myself am tired of them beating this dead horse, who must be nothing but fossil dust by now, but there was something oddly satisfying about it. If Meri wanted to control and advance the 'he was just a friend' BS narrative, she failed miserably. At this point, I don't know who she is trying to convince: herself, the audience or her family. Janelle's whole attitude of 'why do I have to meet this chick' was right on. How Meri wanted and expected that meeting to go: What was the this talk about Meri borrowing against the equity in her home? Didn't they purchase their homes with no interest mortgages? So I very much doubt they have that much equity built up. Besides her "marriage and family?" Surprisingly enough, so am I. Don't get me wrong, Kody is full of shit and he needs to be thinking about his kid's college expenses and his retirement when he is trolling around in a 2 seater sports car or buying those expensive hideous watches, but that doesn't mean he is wrong about Meri. Meri just doesn't want to be questioned or called to answer for shit! She says it was just a platonic friend so you are obliged to believe her and she needs money so just fork it over or else the wall comes up. Trouble is the wall is a fence made of mental slats and we can see behind them to the emptiness and rot.
  3. S06.E13 & E14: Tell-All

    These reunions frustrate more than they satisfy because they don't mention the one fact that could really kill all the BS a person is trying to spew. For instance, why won't or can't someone bring up the fact that it was Tasha's apartment to begin with that she, out of mercy, let her homeless, broke ass, wino daddy stay at?!?! Why? Why? Why? That would crack Eric's face with all his tough love garbage and that she needs to be an adult. She was and is when your ass was sleeping in your car fucktard. His broke ass had no business bringing 2 mouths to feed, when his ass ain't got the credit to get another place, so he kicks Tasha out of hers. What about 30 years old Leida and her son still living with and off her parents? Millineials are snowflakes Eric? Does this asshole know that the millineials weren't created in a vacuum. They weren't on the field screaming in the coaches faces demanding their little Adler get a trophy. His generation is to blame for whatever he perceives are the millineial shortcomings. Eric is gonna bigly regret alienating his daughters. Firstly, Leida is a user and will leave when a better more lucrative situationship comes her way. Secondly, this dude is the opposite of looking in good health. You know his drunkard, druggy ass is gonna need either a liver, kidney, bone marrow or something. The viruses, diseases, syndromes and conditions are looking for the smallest vulnerability in his immune system like: So telling when Eric said he couldn't rely on Tasha anymore. My hate is pure and white hot for Leida and Eric. I wish all the wasted energy hating Larissa and Colt would have been directed their way. Got off to easy and lightly. Utter fucking trash and the dregs of this show. STFU Fern. Not all parents deserve respect, especially those that prioritize puss over parenting their kids. Steven, I'm so conflicted over you. The abusive asshole powers are strong in you, but I love how you seem to be the only cast member whose foot stays on Eric's neck. Who the fuck keeps giving these cast members money on their gofundmes? For real, I need to start find ways to scam these suckers.
  4. S06.E13 & E14: Tell-All

    Ah, another year, another Tell Nothing. This show has truly reached the tipping point. The show used to feel more natural and had the right mixture of WTF, bitch please and point and laugh at the dummies. Now? It feels like manufactured BS with the thirstiest couples vying for a job on 90 Days Later and just garden variety narcissists exhibiting abusive behavior. Plus, why the fuck have I seen 2 cast member dicks? Ashley was promised the D every day but she forget to read the fine print. The D is community dick and anyone who can swipe right can get it. How ironic that Skinz Jr. doesn't know the meaning of the word 'monogamous' I feel like everything they do is an act in a play they poorly rehearsed. I was with the cast in disliking Coltee and Larissa for being so late, but for a different reason. Frankly, it took away focus from the people that really deserved to be dragged for absolute filth through broken glass, barbed wire and rock salt - Eric, Leida and Steven. Leida and Eric got off far too lightly this episode, especially Leida. She should've been eviscerated to such an extent that the only thing left of her on stage by hour 2 would be a pair of smoking fake Loubs. Leida can miss me with the crying, apologizing and saying she is a selfish bitch nonsense. Not only does she continue her antics to this day on social media, but during that unnecessary backstage getting ready BS, she stood there and said - she knows she wasn't wrong. Fuck off, you cereal box shaped bitch! Jonathan really ain't shit and I don't give a fuck if Fern is giving him grief and acting irrationally. I hope he can never stop for a drink at Starbucks without Fern blowing up his cell. He mentioned that they had to wait 1 1/2 years for a visa. She didn't get to the States until she was like 19, so she had to be 16-17 when they started dated. He is a fucking groomer. Fernanda gave me Pao Jr., vibes from about ep. 2 but I pushed them down because I didn't want to be biased. Now I see my instincts were right to begin with. I am not here for another round with some new bitch talking about her modeling cuhreer. Shamefully, yes, the show didn't really start to pop off until Larissa and Coltee arrived. I was rolling when Larissa refused to go out until she felt she looked her best compared to her enemies - very honest. I've felt the same way. Larissa was doing too much with Fern IG comment, but Fern was being a passive aggressive bitch with the age and weight shaming (and she popped off 1st at the reunion) so I call a draw on this one. They are equally heinous for different reasons.
  5. Stephanie looks like an older, more worn Olivia Wilde. They have very similar bone structure (mostly that strong super square jaw) as well as eyes, coloring, etc., Stephanie has more prominent eye bags though.
  6. S01.E05: Lord High Executioner

    He thinks he is being slick. This time he hid them in a decorative box in Debra's daughter empty bedroom. He did the same shit in his first marriage. Hiding his drugs in his daughter's dollhouse which seemed to be stored in the garage/basement (no longer played with). I think it is a sorta "last place you'd think to look for an addicts stash' type ruse.
  7. S06.E11: Where Truth Lies

    I guess Kolini isn't thrilled to be a father again?!?! LOL! Does Kalini not know how sex works? She has consensual, unprotected sex with Asuelu yet somehow through no fault of her own, Asuelu viciously and maliciously MADE her pregnant. Has sex changed in the last 5 years. Do males now come equipped with on/off baby batter button? Did Asuelu forget to turn his switch to off? Jay looked like an usher for Satan in hell on orientation day in that damn red suit. Tacky, tacky, tacky. Elvis officiant was funny though. Ashley's wedding dress was .... interesting. Lawd, the ink isn't even dry on the marriage certificate and Jay is already cheating? I guess a heavy sack needs constant tending by different sack handlers. I hope Ashley's friend gasses up the Vespa and comes a knockin' hard on her door again Eric vexes me to no end. So he had no control over how his daughter was kicked out of her own damn 'partment? I guess it was a dream I had when I heard him on speaker phone tell her to 'get her shit and get out.' Did he even give a fuck if she had somewhere to lay her head when she was cast out? Who am I kidding? Of course not. Father of the year offered to secure lodging for his 19 year daughter at a crack den motel. And he expects her to come to his Section 8 wedding after that? His broke bitch ass probably just needs gifts - toaster, towels and most importantly CASH. He hopes rational minds will prevail? So not Leida's then? Sure donkey, cast your children aside for a woman who threatens to leave you and go back to her country every time she doesn't get what she wants. Unconditional love is apparently not on the menu with their marriage. If Leida is his last chance at love, Sweet Jebus is he in trouble. I think he is confusing love with chronic and persistent anal spasms. Leida allegedly had a team of makeup artists and stylists on staff in Indonesia, yet she stays dressing like the Roseanne character in cheap looking oversized shirts and leggings LOL at Leida commenting on being alone at her makeup trial and saying Eric's daughter you know "just stopped talking to her." As if it was for no reason. Like Leida herself hasn't made it a point to alienate every single member of Eric's family? Haven't you heard?!?! Since this advent of social media, Tinder was added to the holy Trinity. Instead of The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, it is now The Father, the Son and Tinder. Tinder is now seated at the right hand of the Father.
  8. S06.E10: Backed Into a Corner

    Who the hell asked for that 90 day live episode?!?! I'm all up late and what do I get? Ashley's useless friend who provided no new info or insight in a dress with a mesh glory hole. Baby snatching Steven's mother figure who has only known him for 3 years telling me not to believe my lying eyes. Slimmed down Molly dressed like a blueberry with her bra hanging out. And the worst, Jesse in a whole tuxedo obsessing over himself and Darcy. Who can't stop talking about and obsessing over who exactly? Darcy's name keeps tumbling out of that coin slot of a mouth of his. Why get a new phone #, just to keep the old phone # he claims Darcy won't stop calling him on? He keeps his old number because Darcy's low self-esteem feeds his ego. This may be an unpopular opinion but I do like the 90 day live hostess. She is just the right kind of messy. I continue to advocate for her to replace Shaun at the reunions. At least the 90 day live woman appears to like and watch the show. Most hated 90 dayer? It is a race to the bottom between Eric, Leida and Steven but Steven manages to pull ahead by continuing to nonchalantly threaten to snatch a newborn out of a new orphaned mother's arms. Am I the only one who busted out laughing watching Ashley's friend drive off on a scooter? I was not expecting that. You come knocking at my door like that I am just gonna assume you came to get some i.e., came over to fight me and get your ass kicked. Still, everything about Jay and Ashley's storyline, feels just like well, a storyline and not genuine. Eric's dad looks more like he should be his brother. That is how badly Eric is aging. Eric is a piece a shit and I hope that barber de-greased and deloused his chair and equipment afterwards.
  9. Kenya Moore: Twirl! Twirl!

    The People exclusive with Kenya and her baby has been posted. Her daughter is beautiful! https://people.com/parents/kenya-moore-introduces-daughter-brooklyn-doris/
  10. S06.E09: No Way Out

    Apparently Larissa can put a price tag on a dream: $100,000. LOL! One thing I don't believe is Larissa saying that Coltey made Jorge like grand promises to keep her in luxury and buy her everything she wanted! I don't believe that. I can believe he promised to take care of her but within reason and his budget but that is not what Larissa heard or wanted to hear. Something about Jay and Ashley strikes me as very fake. I don't believe this was the first black guy she dated either. If I were a friend of Ashley, I would stop agreeing to be a bridesmaid in her weddings. How much money have these women wasted buying dresses for weddings that never happen?!? I found it interesting that Jonathan said that him and his mom used to be really close and talk every day but grew apart after his move and he became more self-centered. That is a big admission to make to himself and the public. Fernanda is one of the few likable people on this show.
  11. S06.E09: No Way Out

    WTF TLC?!?!? This isn't the light point and laugh fuckery I originally signed up for. I miss the days of yore when obviously scamming Tunisian love rats referred to their aesthetically challenged fiancee's looks as 'acceptable'; when owl statues were demonic; when 35 year olds embarked on modeling cahreers; and when repressed lesbians where Yoko Ono-ing Latin American boy bands. This shit here is DARK! I actively despise way too many of these people this season and it is taking the joy out of watching what should be a fun freak show trainwreck. I legitimately don't know who is worse - literal evil stepmom Leida; ain't shit Eric telling his own daughter to pack her shit and get out; or Steven plotting to snatch a newborn out of its mother's arms and abscond to the US with him. I can literally feel flames start licking at the side of my face every time Leida comes on screen. I've never actively hated a reality show 'star' more. As soon as she can't get what she wants she threatens to go back to Indonesia. Go bitch!! However, Eric really is worse because he he had a choice to stand up and not cave to Leida's BS but he chose the weakest path. You can see the moment when Tasha is crushed by her father disloyalty. WTF is Steven gonna do with a newborn? He would probably think the baby loves bottles more they he loves him and be upset when the baby was rude and didn't thank him enough for all the stuff he does for him. I'd fear for that baby's life if Steven was allowed to take him away from Olga. Coltee, Larissa, rage filled cousin and Debbie are all problematic to varying degrees. Coltee needs to stop sending Debbie shopping with Larissa. I get that he didn't want Larissa to go dress shopping alone but having Debbie being the budget enforcer as well as the credit card holder is just a recipe for disaster.
  12. S13.E20: Reunion Part 2

    Bingo!! Not only was Shannon uber popular her 1st season, so many people were disgusted at Heather and Tamra for trying to gaslight her. While Tamra was no stranger to audience anger and ire, especially in light of naked wasted, social media was starting to show its power Shannon's 1st season and boy did they let Tamballs and Heather have it. Watching this "friendship" explode/implode after 3 seasons, I'm sitting here like: A blowup was inevitable, the only question was when. Tamra is a friend to no one. Her 'friendship' with Shannon would've never happened outside the reality show format as I don't see Tamra having any patience or time for such a high strung sheltered person. It can be two things. Listening to Gina talk or should I say 'tauk' I am reminded of how Bethenny once described Jill's voice as like a foghorn. Its awful and one of the worst I ever heard and this is coming from a NY/NJ gal.
  13. S06.E08: Ready to Run

    Kalini? So the dress is what is making it all too real for you now? The dress? Not when you spread it low and wide and lost your "virginity" to Samoa's answer to Patrick Starfish (RIP Spongebob creator)? Not when you had your feet up in stirrups and was delivering the result of spreading it low and wide to Samoa's answer to Patrick Starfish? But the dress is? An item of clothing overrides your 1st sexual experience and childbirth? Welp, I guess Miranda Priestly would be proud. Speaking of, if we were to make a parody of that hit movie and call it The Devil Wears Bridal, the star would be Leida. Nothing else to say about that demonic she-beast besides wondering if she smells of sulphur. Eric just seems determined to create his own personal hellscape with her. Vying for Leida's demonic crown is Steven. Who would have guessed that the somewhat bratty slacker we saw in ep1 would have devolved into the abusive angry beast we now have before us? I wanted to rage when he said 'you don't know about the stuff happening inside me" or some such shit. I wanted to shake him and say that just a mere 2 weeks ago literally 1/4 of her insides were on the outside so that the docs could reach in with their hands and pull out a human being so STFU about your feelings bitch!! I mean it is not enough that she was "raised" in a Russian orphanage and has no family support, she has to deal with his bitchassedness while recovering from surgery and trying to bond with, nurse and care for her child. WTF is Steve wanting thanks for shit he is supposed to be doing?!? He is supposed to be taking care of and supporting Olga and his son. He is supposed to be going out and purchasing food and meds for Olga and his son. He is supposed to be cleaning and washing. All because Olga can't and newsflash, neither can the baby. Has he been generous with the thank yous? Has he thanked Olga for carrying his son to term, going through labor pains, getting cut from stem to stern to deliver the baby, nursing him, caring for him? Is his thank you card in the mail? The only soulmates on this show are Debbie and Coltie. They make a lovely incestuous codependent lesbian couple. Deb knows what the fuck she is doing. She threw out that living in a senior community shit and watched Coltie slowly panic. Anyone notice that with every living suggestion Coltie threw out there, his ideas kept moving Deb closer and closer to him? From in the same neighborhood, to down the block, to next door to suggesting buying a house i.e., back to living under the same roof with her. I'm glad the scene ended there, I am sure the next move would have him just where he wants - back to living in utero.
  14. S06.E08: Ready to Run

    There are diamonds being forged in the bowels of the earth that are experiencing less pressure than the buttons on Coltee's shirt.
  15. Kenya Moore: Twirl! Twirl!

    Good luck to her with the haircare line, but really, her hair is genetic and unattainable via products if you don't have similar genes. Honestly, all haircare lines to this.