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  1. S04.E07: Hell No, Dolly!

    IIRC, he wasn't a demon but a particular type of ghost that is the spirit of a deceased, very evil person. "Mike the Spike" is a created for the show serial killer that Ava recognized from her vast memory of serial killer facts, by his choice of victims and MO, (stabbing young blondes, I think it was?). So, "Mike" was the evil ghost of an evil serial killer Ava had heard of in the course of pursuing her hobby.
  2. S12.E07: The Grant Allocation Derivation

    Just don't use an LED bulb. :-)
  3. S12.E07: The Grant Allocation Derivation

    Professors get drafted into administrative tasks all the time, but usually this sort of thing would be done by a committee, not one person with unquestionable authority (especially since the money didn't seem to be earmarked for a specific department). I guess we are supposed to accept that the amount was small enough that that would be overkill. A lot of budgets are effectively "use it or lose it". (If you don't spend your whole budget the powers that be assume you didn't need it and give you less next year). So often there's a rush to find ways to spend money at the end of the fiscal year. Though I've never seen management afraid to make the call on who gets what, they rather like it, I think. :-)
  4. S10.E06: On the Same Paige

    Cousin Oliver is on the phone with your (meta)explanation. :-)
  5. S10.E06: On the Same Paige

    They slipped that in, then she diplomatically said it was because he would feel too guilty. Both can be true, and she apparently believes both.
  6. S10.E06: On the Same Paige

    Pretty sure cancelling a class midterm because too many students drop is not a thing. For example, it's tremendously unfair to the remaining students in the class. Classes do get cancelled before starting if not enough students sign up, but that's a very different situation. </reality> I felt like a couple of rejected Frasier scripts were the basis of this episode, though without the artistry of escalating farce that Frasier could pull off. It was weird how the Jay/Gloria misunderstanding was resolved immediately after setting it up, though I agree with the above comments that it's refreshing that Gloria is just not worried about Jay cheating on her. They milked the Dunphy misunderstanding longer, but then took an odd turn. I am uncomfortable with how Phil was "vindicated" in what should have been an embarrassing moment for him. The writers like Phil, I guess.
  7. Tales of the Titans: The All-Episode Thread

    Humorless grimdark is not my favorite approach to this material. I'm not sure why DC keeps betting on the Zack Snyder aesthetic when it hasn't worked out so well. It's also a little disappointing that Raven has gone from the agent of bringing the Titans together in the original Wolfman/Perez storyline to a "little girl lost" who needs protecting. The latter was can still be a fine story, but it's well trod ground, whereas the former would be a little fresher and included some moral compromises and ambiguities that are exactly what the show seems to want to portray but struggles with?
  8. S12.E06: The Imitation Perturbation

    Technically, free speech would be written on the "bill of tights", but it's a family show, so let's not be that precise. ;-)
  9. S12.E03: The Procreation Calculation

    Yes, but Raj said he wanted romance anyway. So essentially, she was saying, "hey, even if this was arranged, it can still be romantic too. Let's shoot for both." I don't have a problem with her doing that (especially if she thinks Raj will be a good husband and worth meeting halfway, so to speak). It was the way she did it (a single showy gesture) and how well it worked on Raj, that I have a problem with.
  10. S12.E03: The Procreation Calculation

    That's my point. It was a relatively easy if showy gesture. That's a very juvenile conception of what romance is. For all of Raj's flaws, I thought his ideas of what romance is and why he craves it were more sophisticated than that. I thought wrong, apparently.
  11. S12.E03: The Procreation Calculation

    I would have preferred if Anu had just asked Raj on a romantic date instead of doing the public proposal thing. Maybe I was giving Raj too much credit; I presumed he was looking for a genuine romance, not a Rom-Com "dramatic gesture", but he seemed pleased with the latter.
  12. Team Asteroid Clubhouse

    "When is he going to release another album? We loved the first one." :-)
  13. Team Asteroid Clubhouse

    So, all this time we were rooting for the asteroid, it had a completely different agenda. For all we know, this was just about contacting humpback whales from the very beginning.
  14. S02.E13: Get Ready

    So much for propagating the species. I thought it was Bass's job as cruise director to arrange all that, but I guess he decided space shuffleboard and unlimited freeze dried shrimp was good enough? Salvation Deleted Scenes: Nora: Bass is coming for me, I’ve been chosen! [Points gun at Jillian, then turns to face intruders bursting in] [Alonzo shoots Nora. He is apparently a better shot than her.] Alonzo: They told me this was way out of my jurisdiction as a DC police detective, but I thought, ah f*ck that, it’s the end of the world baby! ============= Darius: Don’t launch the nukes! The asteroid won’t hit Earth! Harris: What? But the calculations… Darius: It took me two seasons to realize it, but Liam is a huge dope. His math is all wrong! Harris: I wasn’t prepared to believe you, but at last you are making sense. ============ Alycia: Nero isn’t a person, it’s a mask, worn by the current leader, on a rotating basis, I was next in line. Liam: You know what this means, don’t you? Alycia: Oh no, please no. Liam: Oh yes…Tess, Karaoke mode. [Sings] I, I will be King And you, you will be Queen Though nothing will drive Samson away We can be Neroes just for one day We can be him just for one day ========== Jillian: What’s it doing? Darius: Hovering Grace: Like a humming bird! Harris: If it’s not an asteroid, what the hell is it? History Channel Weird Hair Guy: I told you it was aliens! Klaatu: Now that you have successfully exiled your evil overlords on that primitive space ship, your planet is welcome to join our galactic federation. Darius: You could have contacted us and we wouldn’t have tried so hard to destroy your vessel, we thought it was a deadly asteroid. Klaatu: We thought about giving you a call, but the roaming charges in this part of the galaxy are murder.
  15. S02.E12: Hail Marry

    Even if you vaporize the whole thing, the gas cloud doesn't just evaporate harmlessly in all directions. All that momentum and kinetic energy) is conserved, the cloud of gas plows into the atmosphere at the same average velocity and same total kinetic energy as the original asteroid. The gas isn't unimpeded by gravity, it continues to fall towards Earth, just like the original asteroid was. It defies our intuition based on everyday experience, but that's because the numbers are huge. It's a lot of mass moving very fast, no matter what phase it's in, it's going to do some damage, unfortunately.