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  1. Dear Jill, it only goes downhill from here. Just wait until he REALLY has to STUDY. He seems to be skating in these early weeks.
  2. S08.E09: Lauren Finds Her Dress

    She wasn't wearing it during her TH segments. No excuses there other than it was in for repairs.
  3. I'm pretty sure we discovered that their place is in Fayetteville, so he really has no "commute" at all. More evidence of Jilly Clingalong.
  4. Season 7 Discussion

    Yeah, this is what I heard as well.
  5. Season 7 Discussion

    Kelton is the oldest. I just assumed the sister was around Josie's age. I have no interest in looking up the Balka family tree.
  6. So when does he, you know, STUDY?
  7. Someone on FJ says that she made most of her pages private. But in that case, wouldn't you still be able to see the page headings, at least? At any rate, very odd.
  8. She may have been more comfortable at a home rather than a political rally. Although at a rally, shouldn't one have their campaign face on at all times?
  9. No, the pics came from the school's FB page. We can't hang this one on Jilly Muffin, as much as we would like to.
  10. The Duggalos: Jinger and the Holy Goalie

    That was her due date. Sorry if I seem argumentative or nitpicky, but she announced her due date as 7/18. The pic was at 38w4d, so a week later is like 3 days early. From this, I surmise that they had that 7/18 "due date" planned for some time. But it was only days early, not weeks.
  11. The Duggalos: Jinger and the Holy Goalie

    No, she was induced right on her due date with Felicity born the day after.
  12. I don't have a dishwasher (older apt gone condo). Give me the single sink any day! I've had experience with double sinks but just don't find them workable. I get the concept, but even assuming a dishwasher, if the sink is too small to accommodate pots and pans, what's the use?
  13. But God forbid, don't call her "sluttish."
  14. S08.E09: Lauren Finds Her Dress

    Lauren is so tiny, and those long sleeves swallowed her. Better to chop them off for a late June wedding, anyway.
  15. S08.E09: Lauren Finds Her Dress

    It was still ski season. However, someone knew about Chalby at the time and said it's a cheapo place.