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  1. That's been the rumor for the better part of two months now. I posted a reminder about it just a couple of days ago.
  2. I took that as sarcasm. Lord knows, Beth is a master at it.
  3. That was probably during a break. You know they don't tape straight through, right? 😀
  4. The stupid moron had an exclusive deal for HER OWN WEDDING complete with signage at the church, etc.
  5. Michelle and JimBob aka J'Chelle and Boob

    She wore sheer hose (or both hose at all) to Josiah's wedding. Black hose with that horrific dress would have been her biggest fashion fail to date, topping even the tin man monstosity.
  6. I'm Team Nobody.
  7. I figure in a 10 episode season, recycling your five ICs twice, that we'd see one loss per rotation. We've already had the two losses, so the final two contenders don't stand a chance.
  8. The timing doesn't line up. Garrett was born 6/8, their anniversary is 6/21.
  9. What did you say?
  10. Josie is closer in age to Mack than Jordyn. It's interesting that she also didn't attend the sewing camp. Ramp up the speculation bus w/r/t possible LDs.
  11. I think that might be too much for her at once. Baby steps.... 😀
  12. Nice, but Mechelle would still find a way to frump up the scandalous scooped neckline.
  13. This emphasizes that the dress is made for a teen/20-something (pushing it) who is not well-endowed. This dress would be best suited for Hannie. cross-posted with @GeeGolly. Goes to show we're right! 😀