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  1. I hated this episode due to lazy writing. This show doesn't understand special education. In Cheater Kenneth should have been taught to write what JJ says and not to coach him. The school should have provided him with adaptive gym classes and tutoring while he was in the hospital. If he was missing classes he should have been a sophomore instead of a junior when the show began. Speechless gets it right when discussing accessibility and attitudes toward the disabled there is no excuse for them to get this wrong.
  2. I hate to add to this list but Celtic great JoJo White died at the age of 71. He won two titles with the Celtics during the 1970's.
  3. The writers didn't know what do with Nick when he wasn't a Grimm. He had no backstory and the writers didn't let him grieve his mother's death. He was always faithful to Juliette and would never have cheated on her with anyone.
  4. Dylan's personality has changed since last season she's not as angry and frustrated. She's my favorite character after JJ.
  5. I liked this episode. I enjoy seeing Maya and Jimmy together. I'm surprised it took two seasons to get someone to say that we spend too much money on special education that's a common attitude in real life. I wasn't surprised that JJ might not be able to graduate the show has stated that JJ hasn't always been challenged at his other schools.
  6. I gave up on Haven when it stopped being about a quirky town and they gave Audrey all these different names and personalities. I gave up on the X-Files after the reveal that Samantha Mulder was dead all along and Chris Carter was determined to put Mulder and Scully through Hell.
  7. I liked this episode. I loved the Maya-Jimmy subplot. Usually in sitcoms you can't see what the lead couple sees in each other with them you can. I love their dog. I think JJ doesn't like the dog because service dogs respond to verbal commands and JJ can't speak. Ray annoys me because he tries to pretend to be someone he isn't.
  8. I liked that we saw more of the grooms and that there wasn't a huge focus on the budget of each wedding.
  9. I saw on the Cozi schedule that the Nanny will be airing on that channel. I wonder how they can show the same programs as the Hallmark Channel. I've noticed that there share Columbo and Murder She Wrote.
  10. It wasn't unusual for men to be married to much younger women during Laura's lifetime. I think she probably wrote about her childhood honestly but Rose and the book publishers changed things because no one wanted to read about a less than heroic Pa. Laura would be horrified to learn that her life story had changed to accommodate the tv series.
  11. Amanda Tapping is the awesome Helen Magnus from Sanctuary. If you are looking for a new science fiction series I recommend it highly.
  12. I'm sorry Mojoween. It's tough to lose a loved one but it's worse during the holidays.
  13. The Patriots are the current Super Bowl champions and that means they will get high profile games. Also the AfC has many teams under 500 so their games won't get moved to prime time.
  14. I liked this episode but I didn't like seeing Ray get rewarded for his manipulative behavior. He's the one who started a fake charity in JJ's name and tried to pretend that his girlfriend and her brother were his siblings. I thought JJ's date was pretty nice I I was impressed that she could read his board and didn't turn the date into inspiration porn.
  15. I don't blame Maya for not working when her kids were younger. They would have spent part of their income on childcare and it would have been difficult to find a sitter comfortable caring for JJ. I think Maya could find work advocating for other special needs families.