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  1. I agree with you. I think Sharaya J is Diddy's favorite. I think he threw Jesse under the bus last week and James this week.
  2. Unpopular Opinions

    I loved Mama Mia until the ending. I thought they should have revealed the identity of Sophie's father.
  3. Unpopular Opinions

    Have you seen Wreck-It-Ralph? That's my favorite recent Disney movie. I think Disney has gotten lazy between buying Marvel and Star Wars and remaking all their animated classics instead of creating new moving.
  4. Unpopular Opinions

    I Hate the Hunchback of Notre Dame! It's ableist and too violent for kids. Frollo tries to kill Quasimodo at the start of the movie and I loathe how Quasimodo has to watch Pheobus and Esmerelda fall in love after he developed a crush on her.
  5. Party of One: Unpopular TV Opinions

    I still can't believe Empire of the Sun won the Oscar instead of E.T. or Shakespeare in Love instead of Saving Private Ryan.
  6. Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind

    My heart broke for Pam Dawber when you heard her talking about him on Mork and Mindy and later on the Crazy Ones. I wonder if the drugs led to his physical issues. I never knew he had half brothers and had been in a relationship with Elaine Boozler.
  7. Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind

    I finished watching this. It's brilliant raunchy and heartbreaking. I thought his first wife was incredibly candid. I felt so sorry for the family and friens he left behind.
  8. General True Crime Shows

    I thought Oxygen's programs devoted to Ted Bundy were excellent. The Stranger Beside Me was the first true crime book I ever read. I'm amazed he was able to move state to state without getting caught. I doubt a serial killer could do what he did today thanks to the internet and cable news.
  9. Speechless in the Media

    Speechless was included in the Jeopardy category Tv Families last night. Unfortunately none of the contestants knew the answer.
  10. Jeopardy! Season 34 (2017-2018)

    I got Athena and Speechless. I love Wicked and squealed when Final Jeopardy was revealed. I was happy that they pronounced Stoughton correctly.
  11. TV Tropes You Hate

    I thought of another trope which needs to die the Evil Cripple trope. In this case it's people with mental illness rather than physical illness. Criminal Minds and Law and Order Criminal Intent are the worst offenders.
  12. Ice Cream

    Mint is good I also like the dark chocolate and peanut butter fudge.
  13. There will be a new Signed Sealed Delivered movie on July 15th. The title is To the Alter.
  14. Ice Cream

    I tried the Magnum dark chocolate raspberry pint. It's very good but there is no way you can get three servings from one container.
  15. James is my favorite. I think DJ Khalid is still annoying. They need to let Meghan give her opinion more often she made a good point tonight and Diddy and Khalid talked over her.