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  1. General True Crime Shows

    Did anyone see Kemper on Kemper on Oxygen? I thought he was so creepy I don't understand how he was able to lure girls into his car.
  2. General True Crime Shows

    ID network is debuting new shows next month. The 90's the Deadliest Decade and People Magazine Investigates. They start November 5th.
  3. S11.E04: Three Shirts to the Wind

    Avery and Murphy are the best part of the show. I would like Avery to work with Murphy on her show even though they are both liberal the generation gap still exists. Murphy was right when she said she was glad cell phones weren't invented when she was younger.
  4. Criminal Minds Unpopular Opinions

    I think I have the unpopular opinion to top them all. Reid is my least favorite character. I think he's boring and I though his 'romance" with Maeve was a joke. Reid needs someone to tell him when he's wrong. Reid never should have tried to care for his mother on his own especially since his job required travelling. I don't understand the hatred JJ gets I don't think she's a mean girl and I haven't noticed a change in her personality since she came back. I love Prentiss and think she's doing fine as Unit Chief.
  5. S06.E01: Fugitive

    I disagree Adalind tricked Nick into having sex, Nick thought he was sleeping with his girlfriend not someone he hated. Rape doesn't have to be violent in order to be considered rape.
  6. S03.E02: L-O-N-- LONDON Part 2

    I had mixed feelings about this episode. I loved the Beefeater opening and Jimmy making a friend. I didn't like the JJ and Kenneth plotline since it could have happened back home. JJ went to meet his grandfather and had very few scenes with him that's a mistake. I'm sure they will figure out how to have Kenneth be JJ's aide in college.
  7. S11.E03: Hashtag Murphy Too

    That episode was brilliant. I think my favorite scene was Jessica and Murphy. Murphy realized that it really wasn't her fault and she could prevent someone else from being a victim. The scenes between Murphy and Avery are the best.
  8. S03.E01: L-O-N--LONDON (Part One)

    I loved this episode. The fake sitcom opening was great. Maya is definitely her father's daughter. I could relate to JJ having difficulty getting around London. When I was in college I went to England and Ireland with my sociology class. I was surprised to find stores in some of the subway stations but no elevators. I loved the scenes with JJ and Jimmy.
  9. I think some Harry Potter fans like Snape due to Allen Rickman. I wish Harry had met a friend of Lilly's I wanted to know how she progressed from hating James and Sirius to becoming part of her family.
  10. Exactly I never understood how you could excuse Snape's behavior toward his students. He hates Harry on sight not ever trying to learn what Harry knows about his family. He bullies Neville so much that he becomes part of Neville's bogart.
  11. S15:E1

    I thought this was one of the best nights of auditions in a long time. Kennedy was amazing. I believe she is 13 some kids hit puberty earlier than others. When my sixteen year old nephew went through puberty two years ago he grew several inches and his voice changed making him seem older than he really was. I'm sure the Voice checks ID in order to avoid a scandal.
  12. S37.E01 Appearances are Deceiving

    I agree with you. Last season we were told about Donathan's backstory and we were meant to sympathize with him. He became more of a jerk as the season progressed. Members of the Goliath tribe have also faced adversity you don't become a successful professional wrestler without starting at the bottom. Mike White has faced rejection before finding success.
  13. In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    I follow Mike Golic on Twitter. He posted that his former Eagles teammate Wes Hopkins died.
  14. S11.E01: Fake News

    Avery isn't Republican he's the token liberal on the fake Fox network. I thought the banter between Murphy and her co-workers was natural. The opening scene established that they were still friends and I thought it was sweet that Murphy referred to them as Aunt and Uncle to Avery.
  15. S11.E01: Fake News

    I loved every minute of this. The Hillary cameo made me squeal like a little girl. I loved all the scenes with Avery and Murphy. I remember on the original show Murphy loved Avery but wasn't a typical sitcom mom. I was so happy to see him follow in her footsteps and her pride in him.