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  1. S36.E10: It's Like the Perfect Crime

    Des is lucky she made it this far considering she looked through Stepanie's bag and didn't get caught. If I were play Survivor I couldn't trust someone who did that. I'm glad the women are winning immunity considering they aren't having luck finding immunity idols.
  2. In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    I hate to add to this list. According to the Boston Globe Gil Santos Patriots radio broadcaster died at the age of 78.
  3. Jeopardy! Season 34 (2017-2018)

    The final clue was the Nutcracker and Hannah won. Please Jeopardy no more spoken song lyrics that category was awful.
  4. I saw this article on Yahoo but it said that Kate was going to have a baby boy. I thought the Royal Family didn't announce the gender ahead of time?
  5. S02.E18: N-O--NOMINEE

    The problem with having JJ fail in addition to not following his IEP is we never see JJ in class. Is he struggling due to slacking off or does he not understand the material? That's another example of poor writing.
  6. S02.E18: N-O--NOMINEE

    I agree It was stupid for the family to get a dog when they knew it was a violation of their lease, Dylan is old enough to understand why they couldn't have a dog. This episode as well as the episode where JJ was held back are examples of bad script writing.
  7. Party of One: Unpopular TV Opinions

    My vote for Marty Stu is Reid from Criminal Minds. He's a genius who everybody loves and everybody wants to protect.
  8. Party of One: Unpopular TV Opinions

    I think Mary Sue is code for any female character I don't like. I've never understood the hatred JJ gets.
  9. New Episode Talk

    I thought the voices for Kermit and Fozzie were perfect. I loved the call backs to the original show with Camilla and Staller and Waldorf.
  10. I loved the opening to One Angry Maya it was great. I'm so tired of the Ray and Taylor storyline. His obsession with her isn't funny it's creepy. I hated that Ray only wanted to spend time with his family only when he isn't with her. I haven't forgiven Ray for pretending that Logan and Taylor were his siblings. I felt sympathy for JJ in both episodes. Disabled people aren't always seen as potential love interests so I can understand why he would to keep his disability a secret. I didn't like the Maya storyline about her father. They never explained why she was so angry. Did her father cheat on her mother? Did he marry someone young enough to be his daughter? The writers needed to give more details.

    I thought the opening sequence was great. I love JJ and Dylan together I think she isn't competitive with him like she is with Ray and that's why their relationship is so touching. I thought Aaron was rude to change plans with JJ at the last minute he never checked to see if the new theater was accessible which would have been tough for JJ. I agree that Ray's obsession with Taylor was creepy and not funny. I think Jimmy realized for the first time that he was jealous of Kenneth's friendship with JJ. Kenneth does spend more time with the DiMeos than he should.
  12. S02.E14: E-I--EIGHTEEN

    My post should read when JJ was with Troy. I could relate to JJ I had a hard time adjusting when my younger siblings got their driver's license and I couldn't due to poor eyesight. I think it's hard for JJ to talk about his frustration with being disabled because he doesn't want his family to feel guilty.
  13. S02.E14: E-I--EIGHTEEN

    Exactly I felt so sorry for JJ when he was Troy was describing what he did on his birthday and JJ's birthday party. If JJ was able bodied he could go for a drive and no one would think twice about it.
  14. Party of One: Unpopular TV Opinions

    I think I have the ultimate unpopular opinion. I didn't like Mr Rodgers Neighborhood growing up. I loved Sesame Street and the Electric Company instead.
  15. Laura Ingalls Wilder's "Little House" Series

    I think Laura earned more money dead than alive. The Little House books were published during the Depression and the 1940's when no one had much money. Laura probably wanted to save money for her medical expenses. I can't blame Laura for keeping her money after supporting her family during her childhood.