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  1. Spoiler Discussion Thread

    Wonder if anyone is complaining that Ruby isn't a redhead like they did for Candice and Anna Diop. Oh wait...
  2. I was there for the latter part. Yes white women get criticized too for stupid shirt. I don't think it's a stretch or that I'm out of line that woc, particularly black women get that much worse. Uh huh.
  3. It was literally one line. A bit snarky, but disgusting? Funny that, that one line and brief moment of bitterness that lasted all of 30 seconds, from a black woman, is seen as such. Because she expressed a human emotion and flaw. Cool. For me, not buying a gift on someone's registry is rude.
  4. I assume you mean fans. Except generalizing an entire fanbase based on a couple of jackasses is unfair. Plus...this notion/insistence that Flash takes cheap shots at Oliver all the time....where? When?
  5. Didn't Joe just say that Barry didn't need to be like Oliver? Hardly damning words, but then again I mentioned Joe not being Oliver's biggest fan. Still just one character (and his stance isn't shared by anyone else on the team)
  6. Ohhh yeah. Right, I remember. That was a bit harsh...she wasn't that bad (they did fire her for a reason though).
  7. Relationships: Speed Dating

    The level of delusion..is mind staggering.
  8. I don't think any show insulted Felicity. Certainly not Flash, they still use her as someone who is both capable to help them and also willing to do so. I don't think Legends did and I don't watch Supergirl anymore so I can't speak for them, but it would be random to just mention her. Oliver? Sure, Joe did a few times, last one being three years ago but that's just one character. Gold standard..yea it's a bit...pompous, but it's only been said between them. I certainly can't speak for all WA fans but the several that I know never viewed her as a threat. Nor do we hold any real bitterness about the double wedding (which wasn't even the only reason of why we were upset...just the most symbolic one).
  9. Relationships: Speed Dating

    Earth two happened two episodes after Patty left, and one after she got hurt. So it was (imo of course) the beginning of the shift back to WA. Solidified I believe when Barry tells E2 Iris that he loves her. Sidenote: I've always found that moment to be a realization for Barry. That he still loved her (and never Patty). So the only WA breadcrumb was Iris fake "that's so great, she's great" when Barry told her he had a date with Patty.
  10. Spoilers and Spoiler Discussion

    I'm pretty sure Todd said "Legends" after Grant asked if the vow renewals would be on their show or another.
  11. Relationships: Speed Dating

    At the time not much, but two episodes later we find out that they're married on another Earth. We actually got a bit in those episodes actually. Iris reluctance to talk to Patty (jealousy?), their talk in that episode, and her getting hurt in the next episode (Barry being too slow to save her is his worst fear I think). Laurel may not have had a lot of screentime in season 2 but she had a near season-long arc with her downfall and alcoholism. It wasn't always written well, but it was there. Only Roy got something similar (besides Oliver). Season 3 was Thea's season more than anyone else.
  12. Spoilers and Spoiler Discussion

    Why can't it be Nora?
  13. Relationships: Speed Dating

    And yet the replacements for Al & Miles had them breakup not through mutual understanding, but because Lana was a literal walking kryptonite. I disagree. I don't want to point fingers...but one of the actors wasn't matching the others...passion for lack of a better word. That was in one of her last eps right? I always took that to mean she really didn't know Barry. Even Cisco knew from a comatose Barry that Iris was his....something.
  14. The Flash in the Media

    Something needs to happen with her character...leave or shake it up significantly. I believe they said that all of Nora's reactions to the characters last season will be explored, and she was pretty suspicious of Caitlin (Harry was in the scene too but he's gone now).