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  1. Didn't Gladys leave FP BECAUSE she didn't approve of his life? The serpents and the drinking?
  2. S05.E06: The Icicle Cometh

    Overall, the arrowverse the actresses throughout the 5 shows aren't very strong, albeit they've gotten stronger with the addition of BL women and JKP on the Flash. DP, all women on Arrow, CL and MB to a degree are all various shades of weak on the acting side tbh. Hey, if they want to show that the on and off training Oliver got over 5 years (mostly off) is enough to beat Nyssa every single time, then Laurel getting training from Ted and then Nyssa should be enough to hold her own. I digress though.
  3. S05.E06: The Icicle Cometh

    That's interesting you say that...because I find both CP and all actors/actresses on BL to be tops and much better than Panafaker. I actually think Flash has strong acting overall with the exception of the aforementioned and Hartley (and Keiynan back when he was a regular)
  4. Relationships: Speed Dating

    Yes, exactly. Especially the part I bolded.
  5. The Flash in the Media

    Maybe, but the whole OTF vs others is already there for the snowflakes. This just adds. Plus she's no issue with the three men on the other side.
  6. The Flash in the Media

    Oh, I wouldn't put anything past Panafaker.
  7. S03.E05: Chapter Forty: The Great Escape

    Not to keep this going too long...but the Black Hood plot disappeared for like...7 episodes. That kinda disqualifies it from being an A plot imo.
  8. S03.E05: Chapter Forty: The Great Escape

    And when it became hers (even though Archie became involved when it was the A plot from 2A. From that point on it became Archie and Hiram (hence the cliffhanger being another move in that war). When Jason's murder stopped being a sideplot for Betty and Jughead, Archie was right there in the thick of it.
  9. S03.E05: Chapter Forty: The Great Escape

    KJ/Archie was involved in the main plot last year, which alternated between Black Hood, North vs Southside and Hiram Lodge...he was at the forefront of all of those plots as he was in season 1 with Jason Blossom's murder.
  10. S05.E03: The Death of Vibe

    Theoretically, they shouldn't be able to outfight Nyssa...yet it happens far too often in Oliver's case.
  11. Ant-Man and The Wasp (2018)

    What exactly made T'Chaka a worse father than Scott? A bad brother and uncle perhaps but he seemed to be a good father to T'Challa.
  12. Of the "kids" I would agree.
  13. It's absolute bullshit that Iris and Felicity aren't crossing over. Especially the former for me as she's only done it once (and it was quite...lacking). Plus a Lois-Iris-Kara (and maybe Clark) scene? So much for "journalism is important".
  14. In the Media: The Riverdale Gazette

    He did get pushed back from the Black Hood arc...but then it also stopped being the main plot when he wasn't involved imo.