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  1. This disturbed me to no end. Seems like poor planning on the producers' part. It is the moment they truly turned their backs on their fans. They couldn't get one scene and goodbye makeout sesh between Val and Dylan, for old time's sake? It makes me wonder if they didn't want to spoil their "Kelly is Dylan's soulmate and he can't have any other normal relationships with any other women as long as she exists and vice versa even though they hate each other" theme they had going on.
  2. Wouldn't the janitor at the rich, elite Beverly Hills high school have taken care of that back in 1993? I mean, the school has a fricken valet.
  3. in 1999, my roommate got pregnant (WHOOPS!) and actually did float the idea of having the baby and then returning with it to our apartment, where she would raise it. We were both 22. So I was kind of the Donna in the situation. I laughed in her face and spelled out for her that she was going to have to return to her parents' house in North Dakota, because everything she said was completely crazy. I mean, you're going to keep working your office manager job and pay for daycare and stay up all night with me as your irresponsible 22 year old roommate coming and going and doing whatever I please? Cuz I sure as hell was not going to alter my lifestyle. And still pay rent and half of our bills? So, she moved to North Dakota and I believe she is still there.
  4. This show does not remember when Kelly had that life-changing experience working with Jimmy at the AIDS hospice, when she learned all about gay people then. And wasn't there some dust-up with Brandon and Steve and the president of their frat turning out to frequent gay coffee houses? I can really see how lazy the writers and producers had gotten, and I feel kind of sad about it because High School 90210 really was the shit. If you were a teenager in the 90s.
  5. I believe she wanted to leave the show to be on another show- Fastlane, was it? And I think Jennie Garth's husband at the time was on it too?
  6. Yes, I suppose she wasn't in on the fact it was Rush's real baby it at the time. But that whole thing rolled out so awkwardly, Steve hardly got his head around the fact that he was adopted, then he went straight into finding out his birth mom was dead, then finding out Rush was his real dad all along and Rush knew it and didn't say anything, so he's like adopted and not adopted but the real story is that his family is a bunch of drama queen jerks. Too complicated to offer any practical advice to Kelly and that baby she wants.
  7. I don't mean to interrupt your excellent rant about everything that is wrong with this, but Steve doesn't truly qualify as an adoptee, as Rush is his bio dad and the whole thing was a lie.
  8. S05.E22: Let's Val Kilmer This Car

    I KNOW! I can't imagine going through something like that as a teenager, it was hard enough at it was, what are kids doing?
  9. Not to mention he is dating a drug addict! He keeps company with drug addicts! And yeah-- wouldn't that have come up at some point when he was arrested? Wait was he arrested? I can't remember, and this just happened over the last two episodes. But anyhoo, at some point they would have run Noah's ID and would have found his questionable record. Plus, wouldn't the press be interested, since he and his family are such hot shit?
  10. According to this show, Val will always have to answer for her mistakes. During the same time period of Valerie's sins against the group, Steve was an amateur thief, unabashedly cheated his way through school, lit Kelly on fire, dabbled in drugs, cheated on girlfriends, womanized in general, has often been a shitty friend and is an excellent liar. None of that is ever brought up in anything other than an "Oh, Steve, boys will be boys context. As for Brandon- he just finished cheating on Kelly, drove drunk once in high school, is generally unpleasant and is often judgemental of his friends. But he's an upstanding citizen who deserves another chance.
  11. Is it normal for dentists to stock Vicodin? Don't you need to go to a pharmacy for that? Maybe things were different in the 90s.
  12. If only. He manages to insert himself via video when David and Donna get married, even though he never talks to them after he leaves Bev Hills for good. And I'm pretty sure he is a condescending little shit in the video too, and everyone fawns all over him even though they have not spoken to him in years and he can't even be bothered to come to the wedding of the century even though all these knobs showed up with gifts to his cancelled nuptuals.
  13. I totally used to do my hair like Donna's jellyfish thing, back in the day. Hers is way exaggerated though.
  14. Steve is so full of shit with that throw a frat party nonsense. Claire owned his balls for like 3 years.
  15. Another word Noah pronounced peculiarly was the name of composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, aka "Mozzarrt"