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  1. Reminds me of another gentleman who had a radio show: https://www.mprnews.org/story/2018/01/23/keillor-workplace
  2. S05.E22: Let's Val Kilmer This Car

    It's Sixteen Candles!
  3. You are right. Seems at this point, writers couldn't even follow their own train of thought for two consecutive episodes.
  4. I assume the smoking is a contrivance designed to dovetail with the revelation that Kelly's grandpop has emphysema, a swelling of the lungs, caused by years of smoking. Matt is just that insensitive that he would suddenly take on this habit, to defy Kelly and also to give her something more to be bitchy about.
  5. So Matt smokes because Kelly's grandfather has emphysema, right? Yet another thing she can be a bitch about, I presume. I am having a hard time suspending disbelief at Noah turning down Gina for Donna. Everything Gina is saying is true, Donna is spoiled and does have incredibly high standards. He has no reason to believe Gina is stirring up trouble, and she's so pretty that Prince cast her in his "Most Beautiful Girl in the World" video. Plus he has proven over and over again that he is not a stand-up guy at all, in the slightest. Seems to me he would just go for Gina and be done with it.
  6. Perhaps Samantha Sanders is just way ahead of her time, because the scarf placement is exactly like Captain Phasma's in the new Star Wars trilogy.
  7. I think this is very in line with Dylan's character. He was probably only looking for Brandon though.
  8. Ha, I have not thought about this in years, but my mom is the original Denise's mom. When I was 17, summer before I moved away to college, I was pretty sure I was very mature and was hanging out in bars with my fake ID and my very mature friends. We all looked 17. These were bars that were fine with it, though we were pretty sure we were pulling off the greatest scam of 1992. Anyhoo, I met a dude who was 23, and thought nothing of giving him my phone number so he could call me and ask me out on a date. So I of course lived with my parents, so it was our house phone- no such thing as my own phone, and none of us even knew we could get pagers, we were a naive bunch. I think I saw him a few times on the sly, but I never had sex with him, as I am not that kind of girl! But the poor bastard had the misfortune of calling the house when I was not home, and my mom answered. My mother is no fool, and could tell by the sound of his voice that he was an adult man and not a teenager. She laid into him immediately and told him I was 17. The difference is, he was not even as stupid as David, and told her he knew I was 17. So THEN she amped it up and let him know how disgusting he was for trying to "date" a teenager. When I got home, she told me all about it, and I didn't talk to her for the rest of the summer, but did not see the guy again. Now that I am a mother myself, I am grateful to her for stopping this in its tracks, and grateful that she didn't tell my dad, who would have chopped this guy's balls off.
  9. More proof that the writers for this "young adult" series were firmly in middle age when they wrote for it. Not The Beatles fault.
  10. And We Might See Them Again

    And Burt Reynolds, as himself. Would have still been a better regular character than Noah or Matt:
  11. And We Might See Them Again

    Reviving this to talk about Elaine Joyce, who played Candace, the realtor for the Walsh house. (She was also a well-respected Broadway legend in her prime). Turns out, she married Neil Simon after her stint as Brandon's realtor. And now, she is Neil Simon's extremely wealthy widow- he left her two luxury apartments, $12 million cash and all of his manuscripts. You go Candace! You may have been a shitty realtor, but look at you now!
  12. This stereotype-filled Sophie storyline is terrible. It's like an homage to every other story on every other medium about a girl trying to make it in "the industry". This photo shoot is a direct knock-off of Coco's story from "Fame", except I actually felt for Irene Cara. Even the photographer was a better creep.
  13. I feel like they tried to make it seem like Steve and Janet were just regular working people in Beverly Hills, paying the bills, making car payments, presumably paying rent? It really was never clarified. Show really got away from the "these are the rich kids of Beverly Hills" premise of the series.
  14. I am not positive my kids know what my first name is. As for Jason Priestley- I have a faint recollection that he ultimately left the show because of some beef with actual Aaron Spelling. I can't remember exactly. It probably doesn't matter.