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  1. Vanessa Marcil is 50 years old! Get it girl! BAG is only 45.
  2. Could have been good to team Val and Gina up before Val left. They would have fought over Dylan though, unfortch. He has that effect on women.
  3. It's similar to how lawyers on this show make deals based on their "word". In addition to deals being airtight based on the word of a couple of lawyers, payments to said lawyers may be made in brunch.
  4. Yuck I hate Donna's nails so much. Those are also bad as a pedicure, in case anyone is wondering.
  5. "Wherever you subconscious takes you is your problem." Gina has been taking gaslighting lessons from Dylan. I am kind of impressed?
  6. Don't they only know Matt because he was dating Kelly? Why would they throw a brunch for him and his secret wife? And why would Dylan and Gina be there? They are barely dating and neither of them live there. It would make more sense for Kelly to be there than them. She is actually the only person that gives a shit about any of this, even if her feelings are that she doesn't like it. And so weird for Matt to be all lovey dovey in front of people he only knows because they are friends with the girl he is kind of dating except not because his secret wife is back for the time being. In real life, this would all be very awkward and Matt and Lauren would have their own apartment and would not be hanging out with his kind of girlfriends friends but not the girlfriend.
  7. S04.E22: Change Partners

    It's a question for the ages, isn't it?
  8. I am going to admit that I very much enjoy Aaron Spelling casting his former stars in these roles. I love that Bernie Koppell is in this. All of the "adults" he casts are TV vets from his old shows, all the parents and parents' friends and occasional doctors, lawyers, drug counselors, etc. They are good actors, and while too good for this shit, I am glad to see that Aaron Spelling was loyal to them and they got these jobs so they could keep their SAG cards and health insurance. It's tough out there for an aging actor.
  9. How could all of these things happen to Matt and Lauren in just 3 years time??????
  10. Why did I snicker at Luke Perry's tone at "His name is not Jose. It's Ramon."? Why did that come out of him so awkwardly?
  11. I remember the Lauren storyline being one of the dumbest and laziest thing the writers dreamed up. I am not a mental health professional, but I am willing to bet this is not how any of this works.
  12. Matt's wife was also Julia's rebel friend at the beginning of Party of Five. Why do I know these things.
  13. Yes, exactly this. Like, the DA is just itching to really punish someone but she can't because she promised Matt the mall lawyer! Until next time! Thanks for clearing up the Jesse thing. These people know a lot of lawyers.
  14. Is it normal for lawyers to offer their "word" in order to make a plea with the D.A.? Is that a thing? And didn't Jesse also make some cockamamie deal with the D.A. the last time Dylan got in trouble, to which he also lamented that a future client wouldn't get a deal because he used up all the deals on Dylan.
  15. Donna's outfit when Dylan knocks her into the pool is super cute and normal.