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  1. All Episodes Talk: Now We're Talking

    This clip made me laugh because I had just gone thru the McDonalds drive-thru and they had a sign on the window advising customers that they will no longer be giving out ketchup with their fries unless the customer asked for some. So I guess this lady "was just asking for her ketchup."
  2. THE VIEW": WEEK OF 11/12/2018

    I would bow down to Meghan if she would tell Whoopi to stop being so annoying with her opening. Guess she's not as much of a "straight-shooter" or "tell it like it is" as she'd like us to think.
  3. THE VIEW": WEEK OF 11/12/2018

    Because Sara's family cares about her well-being. Meghan causes stress. I, for one, think Sara is easy-going and just let's meghanspeak slide off her shoulders. Joy is the one I'M worried about.
  4. THE VIEW": WEEK OF 11/12/2018

    Definitely Whoopi's. His sweater was clean as he walked out, dirty after he hugged Whoopi. But she don't wear at no makeup, y'all! (I really don't think she's ever said that, but it seems like something she'd say.) Oh, yes, she was! You love the military so much, why don't you join it, Meghan! My mind always goes to Resting Bitch, as in resting bitch face
  5. "My mom won't pay for my cellphone or insurance cuz she's afraid to see me succeed.." Oh, the irony!
  6. S01.E19: The High Road

    I know you're talking about Stephan, but you could easily be talking about Kyler. I don't think Kayla is dumb. I think she is scared. If she goes against Stephan she knows he is capable of killing her. An order of protection is just a piece of paper. It's just gonna infuriate him. For her peace of mind, it's better to just keep him on her "good side." Really, it's a double-edged sword. I used to live this many years ago.
  7. "The View": Week Of 11/5/2018

    I agree. He should have given up the mic when she went for it, not have a tug-a-war over it. He acted unprofessional, as did Trump. And I think the fact that he initially refused to give up the mic is grounds for him being banned, suspended, evicted, grounded, or whatever it is he got 🤷‍♀️. Piegate: I'm Team SHS. Who cares if she baked, or bought it and is trying to pass it on as her own? It was very middle-school of April Ryan to call SHS out on it. Just roll your eyes and make a snarky comment about it to your closest friend, like I do when friends post their homemade food pics on Facebook.
  8. "The View": Week Of 10/29/2018

    So what? Who cares? I know, inappropriate. So what? Who cares? I like Abby and I think she's so pretty. I might even have a girl-crush on her. I once tweeted David Muir because I felt he was making it all about "his ratings" instead of showing compassion for the victims of the Stoneman Douglas survivors he was interviewing on the day of the shooting.
  9. "The View": Week Of 10/29/2018

    Honestly, no. I think Whoopi still dislikes Sunny and her Pollyanna ways. I think the only reason Whoopi seemed to enjoy deferring the legal question to Sunny was because she already knew the answer and she knew it was going to go against Trump.
  10. All Episodes Talk: Now We're Talking

    I'm a teacher dreading going in to school tomorrow. It will be a day of kids in costumes, costume parades, classroom parties, not to mention the candy, candy, candy, which then brings forth the hyperactivity. Then I get to go home and do the same with my OWN kids. THEN I have to go back to work the next day. So, yes, we were discussing this topic in the teacher's lounge today and we all wished Halloween was always on the last Friday of the month. For me, that would be ideal. Not on a Sunday, Sara!
  11. All Episodes Talk: Now We're Talking

    When they were talking about how tough it is to reach out to a friend that's going through something, I was interested to know who's reached out toJulie. My guess would be Sheryl only.
  12. Bridget is the mom, but she wants to be "the friend." Doesn't she realize that (most) teenagers shun their parents. It's just a part of growing up. She'll come back to you, Bridge, don't worry. Unless you continue heavily laying on the guilt and showing no compassion when she is crying on the couch next to you.
  13. S07.E17 I Still Do?

    I don't necessarily think that gym guy was bad-talking Amber. Maybe Dave just doesn't like the fact that his friend has been intimate with his his wife, that he has seen her naked and at her most vulnerable. Dave knows Amber has had previous sexual partners and that's ok, but one of them being his friend is not ok with him. I totally get it. I, too, wouldn't like to find out that my husband used to date my friend and i wouldnt say it's because of immaturity or insecurity. It'd be more of a case of boundaries. Are Dave and I oddballs for thinking this way.
  14. S07.E17 I Still Do?

    I stopped watching this show about 3 episodes ago because boring and predictable, but I sure did miss those adorable dogs, especially Henry. I noticed Danielle dialed down the eyebrows. I wonder if she didn't like how harsh they looked on TV.
  15. "The View": Week Of 10/22/2018

    I'm a Libra, but I must not be under a Sagittarius moon. Unfortunately.