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  1. S05.E02: Week 2, Night 1

    This! I felt legit bad for both Colton and Tia. There’s no reason he should have to decide immediately if he wanted to get back with Tia... EXCEPT that they are on a reality show where they have to form relationships to advance. She was absolutely right not to waste her rose on him when he was being noncommittal. If they wanted to just explore the relationship with no pressure, they shouldn’t have tried to do that on the tv show. I relate to Tia - she is a people pleaser and should have told Becca from the beginning how much she really liked Colton. Now Colton’s feelings for Becca are what is going to keep Tia and Colton apart. But I also think it is clear his feelings weren’t that strong for her. She is making a conscious decision to cut that off and not be strung along— hope she sticks to it.
  2. S06.E13: Be Free

    Why all the defense of Bayley? Whether he meant to or not, he killed Poussey. It is up to every person to make sure that when you are defending yourself against someone, you aren’t *also* accidentally simultaneously crushing someone else to death. I don’t think Taystee was holding out for a first degree murder charge; she just wanted it acknowledged and him to be held accountable in some way. Bayley himself wanted to be held accountable! agree that her idealism has been her downfall- thinking she could keep negotiating, thinking she could take her case to trial. These mistakes that led to her tragic ending are based on some hope in humanity that she has gradually been losing. Taystee to me remains the most relatable character (at least since Poussey’s death). I loved seeing the backstory between her and her guard friend.
  3. Seeing the trial would be super interesting. I would just like to know if they went on trial together or did one sister flip or try to blame the other. Agree- My first inclination was to wish I could google the “little Debbie murders” to get the whole story!
  4. he was making out with Annaliese in the shadows, am pretty sure!
  5. I don’t mind the new Anne, but she comes off very young/immature, unlike Meghan Follows, whose Anne seemed older and more thoughtful. If I were the show I would wait a few years before having Gilbert show any romantic interest. It seems really unrealistic in this version, just because she seems so much younger than him.
  6. The Bachelorette in the Media

    Hmm, Kaitlyn said on her podcast this week that it's not true and she took off her ring and gave it to Shawn so that Shawn can "re-propose" the real way. I guess time will tell!
  7. S05.E05: Big Little Liza 2018.07.10

    Exactly! the oldest millennials are 38 now. Not exactly a huge gap there.
  8. S05.E05: Big Little Liza 2018.07.10

    This may be dating me as an oldie, but as someone nearing Liza’s real age, “age queer” is hilarious. Brilliant. Brava, show!
  9. Can you imagine how hot and sweaty they must have been, riding camels in the desert? Then they get into a nice, refreshing, 104 degree hot tub? Probably with little camel hairs and dust floating around in it. With a nice view of a chain link fence and the pleasant smell of camel manure. You couldn’t pay me to go on that date.
  10. S02.E13: Day 492

    I think this is one of the most brilliant shows I have seen. I love it so much; it has everything good from The Good Wife with much less baggage. I agree they really came into their own this season. It is quick, witty, funny. And I really am not sure if CBS could get away with this spot-on political analysis if this was on the main channel. Granted, I have similar political views to Diane; but the whole hallucinatory feeling of living in Trump’s America was a big win for me- I relate to that on a daily basis, and the idea that we can try to keep our little corner sane. I love Rose Leslie so I didn’t mind Maia last year as much as everyone else did, but I agree this year they used her the right amount, and I found myself also enjoying Lucca much more. I also LOVE Liz - she is a huge boon to the show, and her relationship with Adrian is interesting. All the partners have way better chemistry now than they did with the previous woman there, who I was not interested in at all. There were a few things that felt unresolved at the end of the season... -they never said what happened with Maia’s cheating, and her wedding planning, as someone above mentioned. - are they really going to let Lucca say she only wants three days of maternity leave with no commentary? As the mother of two young children with a demanding career- this is a major feminist and political issue that there is no support for working moms, and for Lucca to assume that she can’t make partner unless she practically ignores the fact she gave birth, without anyone correcting that assumption, is gross. I hope they deal with these issues next season.
  11. Aaack. I got a minute past when Kimmy invited kabir into her office and had to stop. Couldn’t with the sexual harassment jokes.
  12. The Bachelor in the Media

    Nutty, I thought the exact same thing and posted as much in the Bachelorette thread. I felt really sad for her and disturbed both by the terrible events in her life and the tone of the interview- she definitely was not the vivacious person she once was. She seemed almost childlike. I also thought she might have been on something.
  13. The Bachelorette in the Media

    I just listened to the Reality Steve podcast with Meredith and I was deeply disturbed. Meredith's season of the Bachelorette was my favorite because of the true and beautiful love story between her and Ian. I remember her on Bob's season and in her season being vivacious, talkative, full of personality. It's clear she has been through a really difficult life since then - the assault, the breakup with Ian, the death of both of her parents, alcoholism, an abusive marriage, and all of this seems to have really taken its toll. She said she still drinks. The interview is about an hour long. She actually composed herself really well during the discussion about the assault, but as the interview went on, it seemed like she was really out of it and I wondered if she was on any substances. She said she still loves Ian. She is apparently doing well at work (about to become a catering manager at the restaurant) and loves the place she lives in Portland, so maybe she was just speaking slowly because it was a hard topic, but I couldn't help but feel like she's just a shell; it was depressing. Reality Steve treated her kindly and it seemed he didn't want to take advantage of her.
  14. S05.E07: Episode Seven

    Right, how could they leave us hanging on Carol’s job? At least did she get her old job back?
  15. S03.E07: Sarah from College

    This was a great episode. I thought the Sarah character and storyline was interesting, bittersweet and sad. It seemed realistic that there were still some feelings. It made me wonder more about how and why they broke up a month after getting engaged.