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  1. Aaack. I got a minute past when Kimmy invited kabir into her office and had to stop. Couldn’t with the sexual harassment jokes.
  2. The Bachelor in the Media

    Nutty, I thought the exact same thing and posted as much in the Bachelorette thread. I felt really sad for her and disturbed both by the terrible events in her life and the tone of the interview- she definitely was not the vivacious person she once was. She seemed almost childlike. I also thought she might have been on something.
  3. The Bachelorette in the Media

    I just listened to the Reality Steve podcast with Meredith and I was deeply disturbed. Meredith's season of the Bachelorette was my favorite because of the true and beautiful love story between her and Ian. I remember her on Bob's season and in her season being vivacious, talkative, full of personality. It's clear she has been through a really difficult life since then - the assault, the breakup with Ian, the death of both of her parents, alcoholism, an abusive marriage, and all of this seems to have really taken its toll. She said she still drinks. The interview is about an hour long. She actually composed herself really well during the discussion about the assault, but as the interview went on, it seemed like she was really out of it and I wondered if she was on any substances. She said she still loves Ian. She is apparently doing well at work (about to become a catering manager at the restaurant) and loves the place she lives in Portland, so maybe she was just speaking slowly because it was a hard topic, but I couldn't help but feel like she's just a shell; it was depressing. Reality Steve treated her kindly and it seemed he didn't want to take advantage of her.
  4. S05.E07: Episode Seven

    Right, how could they leave us hanging on Carol’s job? At least did she get her old job back?
  5. S03.E07: Sarah from College

    This was a great episode. I thought the Sarah character and storyline was interesting, bittersweet and sad. It seemed realistic that there were still some feelings. It made me wonder more about how and why they broke up a month after getting engaged.
  6. S03.E08: Stunt Show

    I was really surprised to see that there were no ramifications from Gus’s “I’m taking her home, with or without you.” I wasn’t expecting them to wake up together the next no without mentioning it.
  7. S22.E10: Week 9

    Yes- I noted the same thing in an earlier episode. I think she is depressed too. Lack of enjoyment of fun or novel things, extra time worrying, in her head, etc. I hope she is getting some help now.
  8. S22.E10: Week 9

    I can vouch that it is pretty smelly! But very cool. The Islas de ballestas are also known as the mini Galapagos. A waste that they spent the whole time making out instead of paying attention. Oh, I am pretty sure it was a cover- but it was just so well used. I would like each date paired with a 90s cover, please.
  9. S22.E10: Week 9

    I thought Roy from The Office. Man, I love Peru. I am reliving my honeymoon. There is nothing like the colors of the desert by the ocean in Paracas. also, I love Lee Ann Rimes. Those two things made tonight’s show worth watching. I don’t get what any of these women see in Arie. I am a wrong reasons watcher and unspoiled and cannot wait for next week.
  10. S22.E09: The Women Tell All

    Please refrain from hinting about the spoilers for those of us unspoiled! I have to say, this *did* do its job of getting me excited to watch the next two weeks to see what happens. My two takeaways- oh Krystal. I felt bad for her. She wasn’t an evil person on the show. I found her pretty entertaining and harmless, though annoying. thought the women and Ari were all extra mean. Maybe I just need to hear all the tape to understand. I was happy to hear about her brother. - Marikh did not come off well at all getting all defensive about the glam-shaming. I had hoped the previous segment was a joke they were both in on, but no, she was dead serious.
  11. I'm a Bibs fan but she was so harsh to Jordan on the reunion show! "He was on chapter 8 and I was just reading the title." It honestly didn't seem on the show that they were THAT far off or that he would be so wrong to ask her what was next for them. He handled it like a super gentleman. Way to go, Jordan. Please come to Paradise!
  12. Best bachelor reunion show ever!!!
  13. S01.E01: Episode 1

    I’m pretty uncomfortable with the vote-off system. 2/3 of the African Americans and half of the Asians were just there for the wrong reasons, huh?
  14. S22.E06: Week 6

    I thought that was super telling! Arie has been ready for her to go since last week and only kept her around for the producers’ sake for the 2-on-1.
  15. S22.E06: Week 6

    Yes to the third; Taylor Nolan, recent psychology grad on Nick’s season. She is famous for loudly calling out Corinne for her lack of emotional intelligence and in doing so showing a bit of a lack of grace and emotional intelligence on her own part, with a heap of condescension as well. She has a Bachelor psychology podcast now.