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  1. S01.E10: Bluebeard's Castle

    Just finished this. I wouldn’t describe Joe as a serial killer like Ted Bundy.I think of a serial killer as someone who kills for killing’s sake- the thrill from the actual deed. Joe isn’t that into the deed. He feels like he is killing for reasons. I would describe Joe as a sociopathic domestic abuser. It’s about control, very classic for domestic violence. Maybe he isn’t sociopathic, actually, I think he does feel love. Psycopathic? Delusional?
  2. S16.E02: Bourbon, Barrels and Burgoo

    What is WF? i didn’t like that they didn’t find out about immunity until later. The whole point of immunity (to me) is to see how it affects dynamics as they are cooking, and often the person with immunity takes a huge risk and ends up winning.
  3. S16.E02: Bourbon, Barrels and Burgoo

    Brandon should have gone home. Every single thing was wrong on his plate and they called his biscuit, what, abominable? I couldn’t understand the judges’ decision at all on this one. Did they know they would be cooking outside in 91 degree heat? How does one heat-proof crust, anyway? I felt so bad for Natalie. Being nice always backfires. re: lambgate. Would there have been time for him to go get another meat, weren’t they at time? I think that may be against the rules. But it does seem that they didn’t choose strategically what should be put back. I wish they would have shown how much the other team’s lamb cost. Didn’t they also do rack of lamb? How come it wasn’t an issue for them? agree with above re: Nini dealing with Kentucky chef. Team Nini!!
  4. I wondered this too. Nicky kills the woman and her child. Jack can’t forgive him, but somehow still pulls strings to get him home safely. Nicky and Jack never speak again, and Jack never tells his parents the truth. 🙁🙁
  5. Younger in the Media

    Did y’all see this? He’s age-queer! https://www.facebook.com/338028696036/posts/10157648528246037/
  6. S04.E08: Episode 08

    How is it that Cole is ok hanging out with the guy who killed his brother?
  7. S04.E04 Episode 4 2018.07.08

    This episode was maddening. 1)HELEN, he asked you NOT to say anything to his parents tonight. It doesn’t matter why! You don’t get to make that call! 2) the whole reason Alison lost custody in the first place is for leaving for six months, and she was ill and needed help. Now Cole can just leave for six months without saying goodbye to his daughter, with no plan in place, and for no good health reason, and it’s fine??? 3) Luisa- no reasonable person would ask a mother to give up custody of her child so you can have citizenship. What? Why was everyone (Cherry, Luisa) acting like if Cole only loved Luisa he would do that. What??? No he wouldn’t.
  8. S03.E05: Episode 5

    Yes! Since when are he, Alison and Cole all BFFs? Last we heard from him he was pissed that they stole the restaurant out from under him. It was jarring to see him and Cole being buddy-buddy. What happened to the feud?? Perhaps something happened in that missing 2.5 years? I have been binge-watching this show for the past week or so and 3.5 was the first one I couldn’t really get through. I was terrified the entire time Alison was going to get caught with Noah and lose her chance with her daughter. It was incredibly tense and I ended up FF-ing to see what would happen because I couldn’t take it. I did see and was glad to see the part in which they sort of went over the fact that if Alison had told the police what had happened it would have all been fine. What’s the reason he wouldn’t “let” her tell the police? Well, the character didn’t really have one. It was all plot. But at least they acknowledged that!
  9. S04.E02: I Am Ashamed

    Ok- the ending with the 4 laughing around the table and then the sitcom closing music was brilliant. Was that closing music from a specific sitcom or just generic?
  10. Yes, totally. And I hate to say it is about looks but that was a big part of it too- I kept mixing up who was supposed to be Jane and who Diana; and the actor playing Gilbert... seemed like an entirely different character. I could have overlooked none of them looking like the characters if they had captured their spirit, as you say.
  11. Watching Fire and Dew. I didn’t see the other two. Can’t help but think they casted every single actor wrong. Made me appreciate the Anne with an E casting more.
  12. This really should be disqualifying for chief. This makes him DeLuca’s boss. Not ok.
  13. Kim's Convenience

    I watched both seasons in a glorious week. I spent so much time with the Kim family they felt like my own family. I found this show utterly delightful, and some hamminess that bothered me a little at the beginning (Appa and Shannon and Kimchee) mellowed as I grew to love the characters. And Andrea Bang is a standout as Janet. She seemed so real to me. I can’t wait to see Season 3!
  14. S05.E05: Week 3: Part 2

    Fastest way to turn me off... ”Because I’m an alpha, so...” wtf. If you have to state your alpha-ness you clearly are not. Is Leo on those female-hating man-first message boards? Uggggh Kendall. Please recognize your mistake next week and hope Joe gives you another chance.
  15. S05.E02: Week 2: Part 1

    This! I felt legit bad for both Colton and Tia. There’s no reason he should have to decide immediately if he wanted to get back with Tia... EXCEPT that they are on a reality show where they have to form relationships to advance. She was absolutely right not to waste her rose on him when he was being noncommittal. If they wanted to just explore the relationship with no pressure, they shouldn’t have tried to do that on the tv show. I relate to Tia - she is a people pleaser and should have told Becca from the beginning how much she really liked Colton. Now Colton’s feelings for Becca are what is going to keep Tia and Colton apart. But I also think it is clear his feelings weren’t that strong for her. She is making a conscious decision to cut that off and not be strung along— hope she sticks to it.