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  1. See Briana's car... Yes, I'll bet Vicki never lets them forget her generosity.
  2. I think it was Emily's dau who was barking at car window - that cracked me because I flashed on, Miss Crane: Your daughter barks. Roseanne Conner: Our whole family barks.
  3. Texas Flip And Move

    Did Randy's house--section bought from Snow sisters for $400....did it have a refrigerator? Also, the island with pedestal table covered in granite top was a miss - chairs legs will have to be cu t down to fit under. The bar chairs they used wouldn't even go under it
  4. I was flipping past QVC awhile back and caught Shannon's presentation - I believe it was 15 minutes w/Dave Venable, BTW, that time limit is not unusual for a OVC newbie, Shannon did a good job, didn't seem nervous and looked really good.
  5. QVC

    Had to laugh , the other night when Valerie Parr Hill was on w/Christmas, err, holiday decor, , there was a very audible sound of something breaking on set, neither host or Valerie reacted, then Valerie was messing with a tree and an ornie fell off and rolled away. Later, near another tree, you could hear Valerie using her foot to 'sweep' away broken glass.
  6. S01E09 Pre-Nuptial 07.30.2018

    What did Connor's girlfriend reply to the Pastor when he asked what she did? I could not make it out even after a few rewinds Also, who was the guy Greg was speaking to about Shiv cheating on Tom, and debating about whether or not he should tell him?
  7. House Hunters Renovation: Tool Time!

    Re Burbank to Winnetka CA couple I thought both were rather annoying - I liked the idea of the benchseat/storage that went on for miles, but it really limits you on changing furniture layout in LR I may have missed it, but did they have a TV in there. Yes they did open the kitchen, but I thought it was still kind of clumsy, Too bad they didn't have the $$ and swap the huge DR space ifor the kitchen, and thne incorporate odd-space and old kitchen area into a DR. speaking of odd-space, I could see it as a library with a table for casual eating, cards, games etc.
  8. House Hunters Renovation: Tool Time!

    Re: Denver couple Sad when you spend that amt of $$ to create something so bland, generic and meh
  9. S03.E05: Pies

    When he made the pie, I thought he may have used bottled Key Lime juice. Thinking about Paul and his critique of American pies/desserts as being too sweet, wouldn't one be an ass-- or very provincial/unsophisticated if one went to Szechuan, India, Thailand, and said their food was too hot & spicy? It might be too hot and spicy for him-- or me, but I would never be dismissive as it being less so. It's a cultural norm, same as Americans liking sweeter desserts....judge on that basis! I remember once reading about a well respected food critic who didn't like liver but would have to eat it on occasion as part of a review- she said she learned what well-prepared liver should be like in taste and texture to use as a comparison. Paul knows Americans desserts are sweeter going in - you judge on that. Same for disliking peanut butter, you may not like it, but learn the difference of when it's used well.
  10. S03.E05: Pies

    Curious, did Ryan get to use canned condensed milk or did he have to make it from scratch. Also, no pies w/graham cracker crust--quintessentially American, Would graham crackers be allowed?
  11. All Episodes Talk: Flipping In Flip Flops

    You do when they're a tax deduction.
  12. All Episodes Talk: Flipping In Flip Flops

    It all reminded me of a shower inset too... and not in a good way - I did not like it
  13. All Episodes Talk: Flipping In Flip Flops

    I thought they were quite pleasant together lastnight
  14. When Dorinda & Tinsley were watching Ramona and commenting on her flirty moves - I flashed on that bar scene in the orig About Last Night when Demi Moore & Elizabeth Perkins were rating their friend's moves
  15. Beachfront/Lakeside Bargain Hunt

    Probably polypropylene a man-made fabric and very durable, BTW, they're wonderful if you have pets & accidents. I don't recall the one shown, but catalogs like Ballard & Frontgate have outdoor carpets that look like ones used inside.