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  1. I wasn't paying close attention to see where they were but I did notice the pillow Yes, Carol's sofa is now blue - her redecorated apartment was featured in AD magazine awhile back ETA https://thezhush.com/home-tour-carole-radziwills-renovated/
  2. S10.E09: Knee Deep

    From what I remember, Natalie & Roseann show were on the outs - Natalie wouldn't even do commentary on the DVD's, but Roseanne and Natalie would never diss one another. As far as I've ever heard, Roseanne was always good to her fellow castmates - it was production she'd have issues with.
  3. House Hunters Renovation: Tool Time!

    I suspect that's why they paid what they did.....always remember...this is TV! Unless it was an as-is cash purchase, I can't imagine any lending institution not wanting an inspection.
  4. S09.E22: Split Decision

    Yes - see Amazon link upthread Keeping forgetting too, Bricked worked at Spudsy.
  5. S09.E22: Split Decision

    Is it possible Brick had Amazon giftcards?
  6. Oy - $13,000. to install a sprinkler because of a convoluted building code ,- though it was worth installing to keep the place a 4bdrm. Some other observations... Why no basements? I know it would have been a bit more $$, but it would have been good done in the new build Getting a bit tired of their general front of house kitchen placement Also, it was an attached garage, I don't recall if you could enter directly from the house.
  7. I seem to recall in a design forum a conversation about books being page side out--Jo does it on Fixer Upper, the consensus was there aren't any legal issues w/showing spines of books - it's just aesthetics. I do agree w/biabiak - it is a cleaner look to have just the white of the pages showing. I've also seen books all have the same dust jackets too. As for Jeremiah, I think he went to LA at 19 to follow his dream and probably didn't want help from family - or they refused to help because they wanred him to come back home. Madonna did similar w/she went to NYC w/little $ to follow her dream.
  8. S09.E05: Stripes and a Stripper Pole

    My first reaction to the HO w/strange puffy sleeve top is that it reminded me of Snow White
  9. S05.E05: Pulp Friction

    When a guy gets into his 40's - esp 50's, you get random stray hairs growing around your eyebrow area, so you clean/groom it - it can be shaved or plucked. You can also use electric or battery operated devices designed for this purpose. BTW - this isn't really shaping the brows Eyebrows on older mean also grow in length and need to be cut or trimmed down
  10. S03.E18: This Is Now

    Yes, it was the verbal "Snap out of it!" ETA: I was okay with Natalie's angst about her son until she went off on Dr Charles, you know, the guy who identified the shooter
  11. S10.E06: No Country for Old Women

    This had to be one of my favorite episodes - it felt like an old show. Love this Jackie I wonder if because this was the 9th/ last episode, if we find out in upcoming, Bev getting kicked out wasn't due to sex, it was because she ran out of $$ - remember, she went into the senior residence when she was 63....27 yrs ago! That can use up a lot of $$ and I can't believe their old house was worth that much.
  12. The mom could also use her walker in there as well, but yes, they probably meant a wheelchair. Considering health issues affect little people, probably not a bad thing to have,. That's probably a good shower for somebody older too. Yes, even though master bath was narrow, it did increase the value of the home adding a 2nd bath and also getting a master suite, Too bad in the kid's/guest bath they didn't add a skylight. I like the mural - it reminded me of de Gournay paper
  13. Hunky carpenter Craig https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_VWTseL0vv4
  14. I did laugh when Dennis said he had to stand by the chair. Also, you can rent your house out for 2 weeks/yr and not have to pay taxes on it - considering it's the Hamptons, that can quite a bit ETA - Did some googling, looks like it's so
  15. Show has some good cred - John Wells Production