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  1. S01.E03: Hitting the Pavement

    A tub could be worked into existing drain line, the luxurious shower they wanted to do would have delayed the project by months. The Elinor lunch hiccup is just one of those social gaffes one gets caught in at times. Oy,. the prices of those condos in less than desirable neighborhoods SMH
  2. I didn't say the Mellencamps were old money, I said Teddi is more-so because she grew up in the wealth and what that pedigree brings. Most often the kids of new-money are usually accepted by the upper-crust because they're growing up in that world and would know the all the social-graces.clues.
  3. House Hunters Renovation: Tool Time!

    $1200 for that lousy banquette with no storage and a thin cushion. Had to laugh, when they were looking at the place and talked about a bathroom gut - $900 .came up on the the screen for a new cabinet. One can find something way cheaper than that. if on a budget
  4. House Hunters Renovation: Tool Time!

    Re: MA couple.....my, she was the Nervous Nellie about things Pet peeve, their DR flipped to become their kitchen - IMO, it basically became an inefficient galley kitchen because of the distance between work/prep area... with no real room left for a work island in the center I'd almost prefer an island w/eating with a narrower walk-space on the stove wall side , or flipped and put walkway on window side w/enlarged windows.
  5. Not sure how it works in the UK, but in US, don't companies get to write off $$ lost from something like bankruptcies/unpaid debts? Also, Dorit vs Teddi If wrong, pls correct, but isn't Teddi 'old money' compared to the other ladies... as in Money talks wealth whispers. Usually those of old money are less pretentious. Even if Teddi's upbringing was more lowkey, she most likely traveled, stayed in finer hotels and probably went to school with rich kids, plus she was really in the horsey world....she was around wealthy people
  6. House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    Playboy Magazine Designed my Condo Listing? http://www.annerossleyrealestate.com/edgewater-beach-penthouse-with-terrace/
  7. House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    Looking at some google pics of the bldg which tend not to be current, I'm not sure they installed it - surprised too the condo board was okay with it ETA: 2010 listing pics showed the chainlink
  8. House Hunters Renovation: Tool Time!

    They left the angled stained glass panels above the fireplace wall windows Side-eye about the fear of stairs and basements on these shows..yep, grow up! I suspect the dislike of stairs to the garage in this case had more to do with having little kids Speaking of stairs, I thought the revamped staircase to 2nd level needed a railing at the bottom
  9. House Hunters Renovation: Tool Time!

    Re: South Bay SoCal couple Hubby reminded me of a grown-up Brick from The Middle Thought exterior after reno was a miss I'm glad they didn't take a sledgehammer to the stained glass - not my style either, but somebody will like it. Interesting too, they left a couple of panels For what they ended up paying for the house, I suspect added room wasn't legal/permitted
  10. House Hunters Renovation: Tool Time!

    Thought the Denver couple were nice enough Kitchen, IMO, was a total miss w/wasted space esp the former nook area. If they needed more storage I would have put flr to ceiling pantry cabinets that weren't deep and just put a small bistro table with a pair of chairs so she could have company in the kitchen. I think the doorway from DR should have been enlarged - I also would have put in a small peninsula at the end of counter where 2 people could eat at
  11. House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    Argh - Chicago couple moving to the burbs They didn't say whether they had a car or not, but they sure do now.... that bike ride to train station in winter may be impossible.
  12. Is Siggy's hubby Michael Jewish? If not, don/t throw out you're a 'super-Jew 'if you married out of your faith
  13. S03.E04: Naughty Or Nice

    Since the Jewish population for the entire Chicago metro area(9.5+ mil) is around 300,000, probably no - even lower % for people that still speak/use Yiddish BTW, I've never heard the word either
  14. S04.E09: Sugar Daddy

    Strangest Christmas storyline on a series that I think I've ever witnessed. Meh overall
  15. S08.E06: Icarus Fell and Rusty Ate Him

    The guy that played the reporter covering Michael Jordan's statue severed arm, was Ryan Chiaverini,, a co-host on Windy City Live, a live local(Chicago) afternoon TV talk show Today, he as recapping for the audience what his storyline was. - On Fri he said he'd be on Shameless this Sun, but was sworn to secrecy about why . When he said it was about him covering the story about Michael Jordan's statue's arm being cut off,,,,there was a loud audible gasp from the audience. LOL