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  1. S08.E06 Return to Murder House

    Maybe Sarah Paulson directing helped as well?
  2. S09.E06: Face It, You're Gorgeous

    White Castle has been in Chicago area for many, many, decades - in fact, I think there was a scene in Saturday Night Fever where they're eating in a White Castle - I remember sitting in the theater amazed they had White Castle in NY too
  3. S04. E01. Hella Duplicitous

    Sully Stapleton looked he ate well between the seasons
  4. House Hunters Renovation: Tool Time!

    Yeah, love to know their backstory... ;-) BTW, I was waiting for a big "It's fabulous" from 'boyfriend'
  5. House Hunters Renovation: Tool Time!

    RE: Port Aransas Daughter Tilda was way too 'on' - I wonder if she thought it was an audition? That said, they seemed like pleasant people Oy, they needed to enclose up the area w/the 2 beds. Obviously they didn't think it through about if somebody wanted to stay up and watch TV in the LR. I did think the mosaic tile patch was a clever solution to stretch the tile they had
  6. S02.E04: What Big Ideas

    Yep - and later on too it skipped. It seems almost every eppy I have issues - same was happening with Sharp Objects I have DirecTV
  7. On Southern Charm, Patricia was shown unwrapping her $100,000+ 'investment' Birkin ETA: http://www.bravotv.com/the-daily-dish/patricia-altschuls-birkin-bag-is-worth-how-much
  8. S09.E02: Mo White for President

    Neal Bledsoe - he played Debra Messing's chef boyfriend on The Mysteries of Laura, Smash, Ugly Betty,. He was in something else more recently but I can't find it on IMDB, hell, his Shameless role isn't even listed - I saw his name in the shoe's credits.
  9. House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    RE Chicago couple If memory serves, the first house shown, was the house that was ren'd in the pilot episode for Kitchen Crashers Alison Victoria's upcoming new HGTV series Windy City Flip The old house they were trying to save collapsed during demo and new was built https://www.housebeautiful.com/home-remodeling/news/a7181/hgtv-star-stop-work-citation/
  10. When I see Carey in her TH's - I keep thinking Ziggy Stardust
  11. Yep https://www.imgmodels.com/adamkenworthy
  12. House Hunters Renovation: Tool Time!

    Are you thinking English Tudor, because there is French Tudor style too.
  13. House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    Yes, Evanston has a wonderful downtown in general--and since it's a university town, it has a younger vibe that would appeal to her. Maybe she didn't want to eat where she shits--i.e., working in Evanston? Younger sis was annoying,
  14. S06.E18: The Visions of Norman P. Horowitz

    Scopolamine was used as part of the plotline, on a recent episode of Take Two on ABC It was used as a roffie on the two leads. One of the things I'm enjoying more and more about Elementary is how they're really ramping up Sherlock's eccentricities and quirkiness.
  15. S06.E18: The Visions of Norman P. Horowitz

    Directed by Lucy Liu