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  1. I was thinking more of actual active superheroes (so I personally wouldn't count Adams or Paltrow in the same way I didn't add Anthony Hopkins) but YMMV. If anything the ageism for the guys is that they have to be 30+ - the only younger actors I can think of are Tom Holland (21! I feel so old) and Ezra Miller (25).
  2. Replying in Mind Your Surroundings thread.
  3. Replying to Primal Slayer's News & Media post: Not disagreeing with you (both about wanting Kathryn and about them wanting a younger actress), but boy you've got to love some old-fashioned Hollywood sexism: Robert Downey Jr (53) Mark Ruffalo (50) Benedict Cumberbatch (41) Hugh Jackman (49) (Okay no longer plays Wolverine, but was doing so well into his forties) Michael Fassbender (41) Ben Affleck (45) Paul Rudd (49) Dave Bautista (49) Chadwick Boseman (40) Jeremy Renner (47) There's lots of big names who will be there before their franchises run out of steam too (the Chrises).
  4. Just got a press release about the movie. Definitely returning are Phryne and Jack (obviously), Dot and Aunt Prudence!
  5. Hap and Leonard in the Media

    Well, fuck. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/hap-leonard-canceled-at-sundance-tv-1111922
  6. All Episodes Talk: The Odd Couple

    Agree about the ending - too abrupt and seemed to wreck the narrative. A shame because this was easily the best season, if incredibly hard to watch. Reynolds' death was satisfying if only because the character was so cardboard. What happened to Sneed? Did he die in the flood? I saw him clutching a wound (knee?) but nothing after that. I hope he made it - that was a badass shot to take out Reynolds while hit. There had better be a Season 4. I love this show.
  7. S01.E07: Nora Inu

    I assume Meth is short for Methusalah.
  8. Altered Carbon Anticipation

    They normally drop at 6pm AEST (GMT + 10) which will be in an hour fifty from the time of this post.
  9. S03.E11: Uncharted

    Well I seem to be in a minority as I'm really enjoying these episodes, compared to the seeming interminable wait before they left Edinburgh (I personally thought the print shop episode was a helluva waste of an extended episode), but then I'm more here for the adventure than the romance. That said, I did feel it when Jamie and Claire reunited on the beach - Sam and Cait do it so well. My favourite part was the bit in the wedding where Jamie gave Fergus the Fraser surname - I must admit to a tear or two. The look on Fergus's face said everything. Turtle soup was a close second though. I'm loving Willoughby in the show after the cringeworthy portrayal in the books.
  10. Doctor Who in the Media

    I hadn't heard of Bradley Walsh, but when I read other comments about him I had the same concerns you have. Then again, Catherine Tate was primarily known as a comic performer when she was cast, and she's my favourite companion. The same could also be said of Matt Lucas and I loved Nardole, so I'll reserve judgement. The outfit? I think "Smile, nod and back away slowly" would be my best first instinct but I'll wait to see it on screen before passing true judgement.
  11. Show Spoilers and Book Talk

    Is anyone else concerned that we only have six episodes left of the season and a lot of plot to get through? I can't help thinking there's a substantial amount of stuff that could have been compressed in the early part of the season. Are they going to cut off the season before the end of Voyager?
  12. Show Spoilers and Book Talk

    I don't mind Murtagh being alive at all, it's a small sop to my heart after losing Angus and Rupert even though I realise that they had to go to illustrate the horrors of war and the destruction of Scottish culture. I'd rather he join Claire, Jamie & Young Ian at Fraser's Ridge than replace Duncan Innes, who seems to be more of a plot point in Jocasta's story than a character in his own right, but that's just me. Some parts of the Fraser's Ridge story got quite boring (how many times did we need to hear about Claire tending her vegetable garden?) so I'm happy for another character to liven things up. Heck, they could do an entire episode of Murtagh versus the White Sow.
  13. S01.E08: The Defenders

    Another thing that bothered me, but it's not unique to the Defenders - why were all the scenes in the pit so damn dark? I was semi-tuned out because all I could see were a lot of bodies moving around. I realise it's dark in real life, Mr/Ms Director, but that doesn't mean you can't give the impression of darkness without actually having everything too gloomy to make out.
  14. S01.E08: The Defenders

    I was freaking livid that Matt died trying to redeem Elektra of all people that I was too angry to give a crap when the building was collapsing around them. Then that scene with Karen and Foggy waiting for him to walk in the door almost killed me. Then he's alive, and I had a microsecond of 'yay' before I realised that most likely Elektra is also alive. If she's around for DD S3 I'm out. Horrid character, shitty writing and a terrible performance. Luke on the other hand was redeemed for me. Maybe it was the exasperated big brother/little brother thing he had going on with Danny, maybe it was his sense of humour - more quippy, sarcastic Luke please. Coulter does that well. Jessica was MVP of the show though - would love to see her interact more with Matt.
  15. S01.E05: Take Shelter

    This is what I don't get. When sad piano was playing as she was lying down in Matt's bed, I was all "WTF? She was a terrible human being when alive, don't use tired music cues to try and make me feel sympathy for her now." The Matt/Elektra stuff is dragging this down the same way it dragged Daredevil S2 down, sadly. I hope she dies and stays dead this time (which given the Hand talked about 'the last of the substance' being used up, I'm guessing she would). Either way, just RESOLVE it already show or I'm going to start FFing Elektra bits in the final episodes. I did like Matt saving Jessica, even if the snark was spoiled in the trailers. Heh,, yeah, that was funny.