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  1. S03.E12: Chidi Sees the Time Knife

    I'm thinking this too, given her "oh shirt" expression at the end. Shawn's goal is to make the experiment fail, so he's looking to cause as much disruption as possible within the Judge's rules, hence the idea of Vicky in the Michael suit torturing the gang to put the heebie-jeebies into Michael. I'd say bringing Simone in to possibly upset the Eleanor/Chidi dynamic (Chidi's guilt over dumping her and Eleanor's attraction to her) could achieve that in the same way that bringing Kamilah in could cause conflict for Tahani even though they theoretically made peace with each other. I don't think Shawn has necessarily selected the worst people he's allowed to get away with. Loved that Jason was the one who jumped in and explained how life was so complicated on Earth now. That and his sweetness with Janet and hurt/confusion over newly-suave Derek (olive martini excepted) made him the MVP of the episode for me. If they're building out the back of Mindy's place, I wonder if Mindy will be able to interact with the new residents? That could add another dimension of chaos and work in Shawn's favour. No wonder poor Michael is a nervous wreck. Brilliant episode, and setting up really well for the Season finale.
  2. S04.E10: The Deep Heart's Core

    Yeah I don't recall it in the books either. But I reasoned that Claire may have told Bree with no expectation that she would ever meet Jamie. That was one of my faves too. Oh Jamie, haven't you learned yet? Did anyone catch how the other prisoner died? I thought initially of natural causes (exposure, dehydration) but then one of the Mohawk says something about moving quicker without him, which made me think that they might have killed him, but I suppose the comment works either way. Wee Ian was so perfect in this episode, I absolutely adore him. Sophie still seems to struggle a bit with the quieter moments but she's getting really good at the anger/stubbornness playing off Claire and Jamie. Really liking the back half of this season and how they're making the idiocy in the book more palatable. And Murtagh has to survive his inevitable confrontation with Bonnet because he and Aunt Jocasta are going to be absolutely delicious.
  3. S04.E09: The Birds & The Bees

    To be fair, when they built it, it was just the two of them plus wee Ian, so they probably weren't thinking about extra accommodation. Given how up himself William was, I can imagine the sulking if he'd been made to sleep in a hut. Brianna on the other hand I can see stubbornly (or politely) insisting on refusing to turf her middle-aged parents out of their own house. They do build a much bigger one later IIRC which I'm looking forward to seeing. I've given up rolling my eyes at how Jamie managed to build a perfect cabin with limited experience, glass in the windows and all the other mod cons. It's more realistic that he managed to build a larger house once there are dozens of settlers to help and provide expertise. I'd love to see the construction of this but I doubt they'll spend much time on it.
  4. Show Spoilers and Book Talk

    I assume the finale will be Ian volunteering to swap for Roger and the associated drama.
  5. S04.E09: The Birds & The Bees

    But Claire and Jamie only discovered the Jamaica portal relatively recently, and Brianna and Roger only know about the one at Craigh na Dun. I assume there was a 'Did you come through the stones at Craigh na Dun?' question offscreen, and I suppose when Bree said that Roger was returning to Scotland, they didn't think to have Claire mention other portals for time/plot reasons. They'll find the third - the one that Bree and Roger go back through - later on anyway. After dreading it for, well, a couple of years, the 'misunderstanding' was actually handled a lot better than in the books. Yes it was a bit convenient for Lizzie and Ian to happen upon Roger without being seen themselves but still. Whether because it was a conscious decision or done for time reasons, I'm grateful. Poor Roger, he was really banged up when they threw him on the horse. Great makeup. Hopefully there's a few more "for fuck's sake, really?" Gabaldon plotlines that get changed for 'time'. Despite her not looking like the character described in the books, I'm really liking the actress playing Lizzie. She has been a really good friend to Bree even if she unintentionally got her wires crossed. Loved all the domestic scenes with Jamie, Claire, Bree and Murtagh. Hoping there'll be more of this next year and less of the seemingly six-month long Highland festival. I particularly liked the scenes between Claire and Bree. After their arguments in the 20th century, it was nice to see the depth of love between mother and daughter, and Claire's horror when she finds out that Bree has been raped, and by whom.
  6. S04.E08: Wilmington

    Just caught up (Google Play being late putting the episode up again!). Totally distracted by Sophie's pink lipstick (are we supposed to believe she brought a pastel pink lipstick through the stones, or somehow located a similar shade in the 18th century?) but she did some really good work here, both in her fury at Roger's lies and the shock/frozen horror in the aftermath of the rape. Speaking of which, I though it was almost worse hearing it than it would have been to see it, the indifference of the bar patrons was chilling. The last scene, silent with her going back upstairs and the lights slowly dimming, was very sad. Honestly they could have ditched the rape and it would also have spared us the tiresome paternity plotline, much improving the show. It would also ditch the weird and frankly problematic stuff Gabaldon wrote about Bonnet/Bree in the future - bar her shooting the fucker in the head, that is (which I actually said to his smug face when he was 'paying' her the ring). I liked the hernia surgery and Murtagh's aborted highway robbery (as well as the reunion of Fergus and Murtagh). It was nice to see Claire save someone's life so efficiently, and get respect for it. I wonder what words were exchanged between Jamie and the Washingtons in the carriage - I do like these extra bits that are a surprise for the book-readers.
  7. Mars

    I feel like an idiot because I just realised why the dog was called Marvin (Marvin the Martian). Glad he lived though! Much more action this week, and the usual 'end on a hopeful note' wrap up of the season. I wonder if there'll be a next season now there are CLOUDS?
  8. S04.E07: Down the Rabbit Hole

    Good episode, and I didn't even notice the lack of Jamie & Claire. The kid overboard was brutal but I can understand why it was done - but Bonnet looked positively gleeful, which is sickening. Mind you the actor is so charming that I can't help but like when he's on screen, even knowing what he does later (probably in the next episode judging by the trailer). It's like mother, like daughter with Laoghaire's reaction to the Beauchamp/Randall/Fraser women. Mind you she was nasty, but didn't go actually apeshit until Bree (why!?!) mentioned that she knew there would be a fire and that she could save her parents. I mean, yes it's only 300 years ago but people were still pretty superstitious, I don't get why she wouldn't have just said "I need to be with them," or at least "this wise woman said...". Plot, I suppose. At least we got to meet Joanie, who was awesome! I liked how both Roger and Bree were dressed semi-appropriately, but still looked like hastily thrown together costumes. Nice work from the wardrobe department. Loved the Frank bits too. I've always been a huge fan of Tobias Menzies and it was nice to see him again, especially showing what a great relationship he had with Bree. Blubbed like a baby when the ghost of Frank showed up at the docks, giving his 'blessing' for Bree to depart for the new world and her birth father. He looked proud and happy.
  9. This was pretty good, but the major issue I had with it that it emphasises that none of Sabrina's mortal friends bring much to the plot (a reflection on the writing rather than the actors, who are fine). Harvey is boring as fuck and Roz and Susie are just...there. The show would honestly be better if it just concentrated on Sabrina's family, the various witches/warlocks, and the other supernatural characters. Really liking Sabrina's developing frenemy relationship with the weird sisters. And where did they find a perfect child version of Kiernan Shipka! I actually did a double take.
  10. S04.E06: Blood of My Blood

    I really lost the thread of that plot in the books, which is why I thought it was a really smart move to have Murtagh be a regulator rather than introduce new characters who won't have any connection with the audience. Hated that scene. To be honest, the Jamie/Claire sexy bits are the least interesting part of the show for me.
  11. Mars

    THIS! Did we ever get a shot of the dog alive? Engineer lady did look upset but then she did nearly die in that very unrealistic "the moment the life support cuts out everyone will die" segment. Also the dog was perfectly perky all along so clearly he didn't get the memo that he was supposed to be out of air.
  12. S04.E05: Savages

    Very behind now because Google Play saw fit to completely screw the uploads of the latest season. Awesome to see Murtagh again. The Mueller story was as tragic as it was supposed to be. I kept shouting "it's not YOUR land!" every time Herr Mueller was ranting about how the Indians wanted 'his' land. The bit that most got me was Claire sitting awake with the gun, jumping every time the wind howled through the trees. That must have been absolutely terrifying! Surprised anyone would confront The White Sow though - glad she's made an appearance. Cried like a baby when Murtagh and Claire embraced.
  13. Mars

    Huh, I didn't notice any Trump bashing. The climate change analogy was supposed to relate to us screwing up yet another planet after we've almost reached (and have possibly exceeded) the tipping point on this one - at least that's the way I read it, thus explaining the reactions of some of the IMSF crew to Lukrum's actions. With the reindeer I thought that climate change was mentioned as "look, here's yet another bad thing that's going to happen" rather than this trying to be a direct analogy in the drilling instance. The main thing was just 'here's an unexpected outbreak of disease' IMO. They could have used digging up plague victims in London or something (which does happen, and they have to take suitable precautions against the bacterium). I do think that they are spending a long time on the Earth-bound segments, but I guess it's cheaper to interview people than to do CGI/sets for the fictional sections. I'd rather they concentrated on the science of survival/terraforming, but eh. Like you say it's Nat Geo's show. The plot was overly simplistic again and it was obvious that , but I guess it's not going to change. Also predictable was Also are Spanish guy and French doctor just okay now? That all got apparently resolved with a single snog last episode when it seems that it should have at least played out for a while.
  14. Mars

    I did say 'a chance', not that it was guaranteed. I do like what Musk is doing (Bezos is playing catchup IMO and has a way to go to start driving forward) even if he's a complete dick sometimes (or frequently) and am a big fan of SpaceX. What political commentary has been creeping in? I haven't noticed, but then I do watch the show while doing other things.
  15. That looks like it could be a lot of fun.