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  1. S03.E01: Resurrection

    Was I the only one confused by Nadeem suddenly coming in? I honestly thought Netflix jumped to another show and checked to make sure I didn't click something. It seemed to go on for ever and had no tie to anything until the end when he met with Fisk. I guess they wanted to give him background without knowing how to do it. Anyhow, I'm glad that Daredevil is back. So he has spend the last few months healing and the nurse helped him clear his senses so now everything is turning back to normal for him including his hearing. He is still got a bit to go before he is able to fight again. I did wish he would tell Kareen and Foggy that he's alive. But I guess he really didn't want to go back to being Matt, which is what he would be doing. Oh and I really liked the flashbacks as it filled in the gap between season 2 and the Defenders which was missing.
  2. All Episodes Talk: Who Are They?

    I just watched this show (well mostly binged it). I really like it. I hope it gets a third season. It kind of had a stranger things feel with the creepy lab and the sci-fi mystery. I think that Sarah and others like her are sort of themselves but can get turned evil by each other. Sarah after she came back was trying to be herself and clearly still cared about the people that Sarah cared about. Phil never cared about anyone but himself, so he went "evil" a lot faster and the same goes for Vic (he was the kind of guy who was already married to his job). I like that Charlie and Kristie lived, as they are my favorite characters. I like that Bow (sp) family got the money they deserve and that that story came to a good conclusion. The show did a good thing by not having James get back together with Kate right away. Assuming there is a third season, hopefully this stays put off for a bit. I was a bit shock that Kristie might be pregnant I feel like that came out of the left field. Wouldn't Alisa noticed this when she was examining her in season 1? I kind of hope they don't go this way as we already have Nia. Of course they put in a good story not to have to say where she is, as James said she was going to his parents. They also have a good alby of Sarah that she took off with that guy (Phil) as there was evidence that she didn't seem to want to be a mother, so no one would be looking for her. Anyhow, great show and I enjoyed watching it.
  3. I remember when I saw the movie I took that as "like don't try this at home". It it really isn't a joke and it is a serious issue.
  4. Wow that's disappointing! Season 2 was way better than season 1 in pretty much every way. Plus the ending showed so much promise for a third season. Maybe they'll make appearances in the other shows.
  5. Last week I saw a woman who got the $500 question wrong, which I've never seen before.
  6. All Episodes Talk: Charmed and Wiccan

    I always love revisiting the pilot. It shows how much did change from where they started. Which isn't a bad thing, as shows should develop. I'm not sure if Jeremy is the most creepiest throughout the show. To me it would be that demon who collects his victims by turning them into figurines while they are still alive (in season 4's "Size Matters").
  7. The Fantastic Beasts Series

    That's true. I wonder if a muggle-born student ever tried to use pencil. I imagine that if a family wanted electricity they could have it, but they'd have to live in a muggle neighborhood, which some do. I think the hardest thing would be giving up the internet while at school. I feel like today's hogwarts would have students sitting outside it's gates on their phones.
  8. Three Identical Strangers (2018)

    I just saw this yesterday. I knew some of the story, but I had no idea how dark it really was. That is really creepy that this agency did this study without telling anyone and leaving very little information about it. I didn't realize how much was involved with this. Anyhow, this is the kind of documentary where you can spend hours discussing. I would definitely recommend watching this to anyone.
  9. I haven't seen it but I was listening to the radio and the DJ's were discussing it. They said that there was a scandal regarding fans of Lady Gaga bashing the movie as they wanted people to see her movie instead. From what screen junkies said (in non-spoiler videos) it was good but different from what they thought it would be. I hope to see it at some point, probably on-damand.
  10. That would be an interesting twist. I hope this wasn't a spoiler that he dies.
  11. S15:E3 The Blind Auditions, Part 3

    I randomly caught some of this episode, and I agree no one really stood out as amazing. Also was it just me or Kelly is very annoying. She wouldn't stop talking when she wasn't even a chair turn. Also I much rather watch a battle between Adam and Blake.
  12. Comfort TV

    For me it is either Lost, Star trek (any of them) or any of the Stargate's. I love to escape into a sci-fi story, I'll generally watch a random episode as I've seen all of them.
  13. This episode was really sad without Tony's narration. I never realized how much it really added to the show.
  14. The Fantastic Beasts Series

    I'm actually also Jewish, probably should have started with that. To be honest, I didn't even know the character's were until after seeing the movie. When I found out, I was just happy to have our group exist in the Wizarding World. There really isn't any offensive in there. I think if this was a drama or something it would be way more important to portray all groups correctly. But this is a fantasy movie that should be seen just as that entertainment with a created world that is already loved. As for the time period, I do hope in the next one they address this as this will deeply impact their lives. Especially as world war 2 happens.
  15. The Fantastic Beasts Series

    I'm not sure what their religion has to do with what was going on in the story as for the cultural background it may be slightly different as they are in the wizarding world. I think it's okay to leave that stuff out. It's not like they were shown eating pork or something not kosher. I don't get why everyone cares what race this character is. We don't know her story, it will be revealed in the movie.