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  1. Black Panther (2018)

    Congrats Black Panther on a best picture nod.
  2. So today, I get back to the work building with a company vehicle to find that they still didn't plow the parking lot, so all the spaces are still buried in a foot of snow. I had to dig it out in the morning in order to use it. I decided after a few minutes after trying to get over a snowbank, to park in an open cleared space. However, about a hour later, my co-worker came to me saying another department was annoyed I parked in their "space", there aren't assign spaces, it is just where they like to park as it's closer to the door. I was going to move it but got pulled into a meeting. I honestly, just left as it was the end of the day and left the vehicle where it was. If they really wanted to move it, they could get the keys out of the office. It just really annoys me that nobody plowed the lot, where else was I suppose to put it. Anyhow, something that is annoying me, so I thought of this thread. I do plan on moving the vehicle first thing tomorrow, as I'll need it again.
  3. Kids Baking Championship

    I agree, she should have gone home. She would have if it wasn't for that reward (which is kind of unfair, as the other kid came in second).
  4. S02.E03: Trouble the Water

    It's actually my computer. The rest of the episode was fine, just that one fight scene.
  5. S02.E04: Scar Tissue

    I was thinking that too. Honestly I feel like the average person wouldn't give it a second thought. Obviously if you talk to him for more then a few minutes, he seems unstable.
  6. S02.E03: Trouble the Water

    I think I would have liked this episode more if I could see what was going on. The fight scene in the police station was so dark, I couldn't figure who was who and what was going on. Was anyone else confused? I'm kind of disappointed that they are turning the plot back to New York and to Russo. I wish it kept on the storyline with the religious cult as I feel that was left open. I'm sure they'll go back to it, but I rather focus on a new story than the villain from last season. It is also drawing out why they are after to girl for way to long.
  7. What's For Dinner?

    Due to the weather we are eating in. Luckily we have pasta, tomato sauce and cheese to melt over it :).
  8. S02.E01: Roadhouse Blues

    I'm not sure how I felt about this episode. I feel like there was way to much time spend with Frank and the bar tender. I wasn't sure why she was upset with him about not saying his "real" first name. I mean they met in a bar and it was clearly going to be a one night stand by both parties. It was clear that the bar was the kind of place where people go when they are running from something. It wasn't like they were already dating. That being said, I'm glad she lived. Anyhow, once it got the action, it was pretty good. Though seriously they send like 10 people to capture one teenage girl? Also you'd think that the police would have already been called as there was many witnesses and I don't think they were all killed. Actually, most of the bar goes (and the band) probably made it out during the fight and there was also probably people at the motel that would have heard the gun shots as well. So there would be no way the mob people could be over looking the scene, as it would be swarmed with police by that point. Just something that bothered me. Anyhow, I definitely will keep watching but I'm not sure how the quality will be.
  9. Discontinued Foods You Miss

    I'm going to miss SkyBar's. They stopped making them sometime last year.
  10. That probably is true but I think that Daredevil especially will go down as the better show. I think the budget isn't everything. A good show has good writing and acting. While I'm a huge fan of the movies, the writing and character development of shows such as Daredevil or even Agents of Shield is better than the movies at they have more time spent on developing the characters. To be honest none of the shows they proposed sound like something I'd care to watch. Loki's story has been told, Vision and Scarlet Witch bore me in the movies (I seriously fast forwarded their scenes when rewatching Infinity War) and I'm not sure what you can do with Winter Solider/ falcon that can't be done in a movie. Lady Sif, has already appeared a few times in Agents of Shield. I suppose they could just bring her back, as she worked well with that cast. And perhaps, I'm sort of hoping the shows flop as I still pissed that they cancelled Daredevil.
  11. Stargate SG-1

    I wish that was the ending too. That way Teal'c also got to stay young and that somehow all the characters remember what happened. Either that or none of them did. Thinking back, I never really liked how Teal'c story resulted in him aging and would have got rite of that all together.
  12. SNL in the Media

    I agree that Remi Malick will host if he hasn't already.
  13. I thought that he was too. I'm glad that they went with the one in the city that he prefered as he was the one who was living there all the time. He can go and maybe meet people as it would be easy to get places and have a comfortable place to retreat too.
  14. I just recently learned that in Weezer Hash pipe, they don't actually say "I got my ass wiped". Which is always what I thought it said. They actually say Hash Pipe, which makes sense since it's the title.
  15. The Harry Potter Movies

    I feel like this should have been an April Fool's day joke or something. And yes the bathroom in Chamber of Secrets was an old bathroom as it was build to cover the entrance.