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  1. S05.E07: Acceptable Losses 2018.06.19

    I really thought it was going that direction or more specifically was going to be all soyoate green. As they were showing Monty and Clarke watching them (and them not being aware they were in there). I was happily surprised this was not the case. What they were still doing was gross and horrible to the one that is still alive. And as said in the show this strategy would not end good as it will infest the one livable area. I was disappointed that Madi gave herself up like that. She could have continued to pretend that she didn't know how to fight. Of course Octavia isn't dumb and knows that she has survived 6 years on almost on her own and that Clark knows how to fight and would clearly have taught her.
  2. I watched the first Back to the Future yesterday. I still get happy during the scene when they all reappear in the picture. Even if it makes no scientific sense, it is still a powerful moment, the music adds to it.
  3. 2018 Winners

    I like how the lost sister is the worst episode. I agree mainly because this episode messed with the flow of the season and the show sets the bar so high. That being said, I'm glad Stranger things won good awards too :).
  4. I felt this way too. I chose not to vote if I hadn't seen any of the shows as I couldn't vote fairly. Maybe something that somehow indicates that you voted already? I sometimes would re-click something to find that I already did vote.
  5. It was really hard to watch this episode. My husband and I watched it when it aired. I kept thinking how long ago was this actually filmed. It probably was late 2017 at latest, as they had to editing stuff and the voice overs. He seemed normal in this episode :(.
  6. Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

    We should, doesn't Nebula have a ship. I assume Tony will convince her to take him home. I hope we see a few scenes with them too.
  7. S07.E14: Chimera

    I didn't like that they could survive in space either. As this didn't seem to make much sense. In the show it has shown that Odo uses oxagon. However, minor detail in a pretty good episode.
  8. I was shocked and effected by his death. I started watching him when he was on the travel channel. I was like 12 or so. I kept watching his shows from that point on. I haven't seen all the episodes and actually just recently discovered that a CNN app that had the last few seasons of Parts unknown, most of which I haven't seen. I was going to watch it on Thursday but didn't :(. Side note, I noticed Netflix is planning on taking the 8 seasons they have down next week. I wonder if they are still doing this? Anyhow, this was a really hard loss. I really looked up to him and saw how many people he impacted by not only his show but those who knew him personally. My heart goes out to his family and friends. I feel really bad for Eric as he was the one who found him :(. I feel like he will never get over it, hopefully someone is getting him help.
  9. In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    I watched this yesterday. I was in tears, especially the part when Anderson couldn't even finish his sentence. It really showed how much his co-workers a the network liked him. And how many people he touched.
  10. In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    I heard about Anthony Bourdain on the radio on the way to work :(. I was completed shocked and thought maybe I misheard, but then realized I didn't by the tone of the DJ's. It sounded like his french friend found him, was this the French one that has been on his shows? Edit: well that confirms it, it was Eric Ripert :(. That is really hard as they seemed like the were really close at least on screen. I really enjoyed Anthony's shows and was really sad to hear this. I know that he had a history of drug use, not sure about depression. Anyhow, my heart goes out to his family and may he rest in peace.
  11. Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

    I think that he was just messing with Thor. At that point he had all the stones, so it is impressive that Thor got a shot in at all. However, unfortunately it wasn't a a fatal shot.
  12. 2000s (CNN)

    I'm excited that this is airing this summer. They'll have to then wait a few years to make the next one, as this decade is still happening. I think the episodes should be: 1. TV (there are so many great shows such as Lost, daily show and many others that came out at this time. The rise of serialized shows and changes to comedies. Possibly the rise of teen shows, I can't remember if this was covered in the 90's show). 2. War of terror ( covering 911, the wars and the effect on the country socially). 3. national disasters (tsunami, Katrina). 4. politics/economy (Bush years, the recession and the election of Obama) 5. The raise of the internet mainly social media (youtube, facebook,ect). Maybe music, I guess they have always had it. Or movies. They could combine those, personally TV should be by itself though as there was a lot going on at the time.
  13. Why Do You Watch S.H.E.I.L.D.

    I started watching it on Netflix as I love the movies. I wanted to make my own opinion as I also heard mix reviews of it. Anyhow, I watched the first two seasons on Netflix and loved it. I actually didn't mind earlier season 1, but it really picked up after the events of winter soldier. I watched season 3 onward live. As I said on another thread, the characters are the reason I keep watching. I never got the hate Daisy/ Skye, she isn't my favorite but still a good character. Her relationship with Coulson is well written. I do however, feel like this season kind of destroyed some of the character's reputation and hope that next season will fix it. Especially Fiz, who always has been my favorite character. The show is far from perfect such as keeping Ward on way to long, hopefully he is finally gone for good. And I hope they bring Hunter and Bobbi back next season. I think while the show has it ups and downs, it still an entertaining show to watch.
  14. Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

    Who? I didn't get that one either. I liked that list. Though I think that Thanos probably had some sort of shield to prevent Dr. Strange from make portals on him. Also he had the reality stone, so if Thanos realized what he was trying to do he might be able make him think it worked before it actually did. I think that the Cap one will play a rule in the next movie, as he did almost get it off. And the one where Tony shots Quill was funny lol. Anyhow thanks for posting.
  15. Black Panther (2018)

    I finally got around to see this one (last one I needed to see of the MCU). I definitely enjoyed this movie. There were a few things that in my opinion stopped it from being as perfect as everyone seemed to make it to be. Mainly the villain, at first he was well written and story made sense from his pov. But as soon as he got power, suddenly he became a stereotypical villain who just wanted to kill everyone. It became very clear that he had no idea how to lead, and there would be no way anyone would follow him because of his clear lack of experience, plus being an outsider. I also don't see how that guy possibly would be in the military. I feel like he wouldn't follow rules very well and would have been long kicked out. They could have gone the crime/gang route, but they mentioned military instead. Anyhow, Wakanda was great and very interesting. I enjoyed learning about the characters that I saw in infinity wars more. As well as learning a bit about their culture. I feel the movie did a good job with explaining why mostly nobody knew how powerful they were. And how they were going to open it at the end (which I already knew from IW).