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  1. They clearly didn't know what direction the movie was going to go or specifically the shocking ending. Or they didn't want to spoil it, in case someone watches the show and didn't see the movie (which was no one ;) ). They mention stuff regarding New York, however that was frankly a minor battle in the movie. My guess is they didn't really find out until after filming. Hopefully they do address it in season 6. As it is airing long after the release of the second movie.
  2. Phoebe Halliwell

    They mention her being in college a lot in season 3. She first interacts with Cole (outside of the courtroom) on campus. I feel like she mentions studying as well in other episodes. I vaguely remember her graduation episode but I couldn't think of which one it was. I never liked how they made her a celebrity. It didn't make any sense that she would get that famous that quickly. I think they should have kept her job the same but not have her become a workaholic or famous.
  3. The Harry Potter Movies

    ^me either. That is cool that they are playing them somewhere.
  4. Something that happened 6 yrs ago. Sure it was horrible what he said and I don't support it obviously but people should be allowed to change. He hasn't done anything like that since and apologized for it. This happened before they hired him in the first place and it was already discussed. I'm not sure the details of it but to me someone should be allowed to develop and change for the better.
  5. I also find the categories interesting. Would Star Trek count? I've always took them as spin offs. Of course if you get something like Star Trek Voyager, it has it's own characters and is set in the same universe. If has cameo appearances from existing characters but they aren't main characters.
  6. http://ew.com/movies/2018/08/05/dave-bautista-return-guardians-galaxy-3-nauseating-james-gunn-firing/ It's nice to hear that kind of support. I'm not sure what Disney would do if the whole cast followed him by basically saying they will legally show up as they are contracted to but don't want to be there and would like to be dismissed if they original script written by James Gunn wasn't used.
  7. TNG in the Media

    The sad thing is I thought this as soon as I heard the news :(. But I believe he is healthy, so hopefully this will not be the case. I am excited about this show. It does seem like they have no idea what it'll be about. But with Pecard it should be great. It would be cool if they got Michael Dorn to reprise Worf at some point. I believe he at one point was interested.
  8. 2000s (CNN)

    Me too :). I used to have mugglenet as my homepage. I liked this episode. I liked how it mentioned the different websites and technologies that really impacted me as I was a teen at the time. I couldn't remember when Steve Job's died, I thought they were going to mention that. It must have been this decade.
  9. Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

    I only watched the first 2 minutes, this seems like it should have been an outtake as oppose to the actual movie. I can see why they cut this.
  10. Was the announcement that Clark Greg is directing? He's apparently is directing the first episode of season 6.
  11. A good interview with the cast at Comic Con. Sadly there was no panel though.
  12. A video of the panel from comic con. They talk about some interesting stuff regarding season 2.
  13. The major difference between Roseanne and James Gunn is that her comments were recent. His were from 6 years ago. While what he said is very wrong, it was a long time ago. He hadn't said anything like that since as far as I know. This stuff apparently was discussed when he first got the job to direct GoTG and clearly it was dismissed then. Clearly he was targeted as this had no reason to resurface. There is a bigger issue going on which is can some one evolve and get better. From what I read he was great to work with and most of the cast liked working with him. I recently watched watched screen Junkie's cover of it. They bring up good points and discuss the situation. Edit: Someone already posted it.
  14. I hope he's not like that. Because to me he is still Kirk from Gilmore Girls :). I wonder if he would get to still act in the movie, he wasn't a main character and I suppose his "captain?" was killed in the second one. So he would have no need to return as he isn't part of the guardian crew. I can see this going either way. But if they were planning on having him, they still should as so far he had nothing to do with it.
  15. Ant-Man and The Wasp (2018)

    That would be awesome!