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  1. S07.E08: Episode 8

    It has. And I agree, it was a nice final episode after a pretty weird season. I believe it has, in fact, been renewed through Season 9, which means at least two more seasons are to come.
  2. S07.E03: Episode 3

    I wish I had thought to make that call-back in the recap to Sister Evangelina's last act of service to a patient. The comparison is striking. I asking myself if they're purposefully trying to make a statement about how the bonds of community are dissolving through the years. Even if that's so -- to have a NUN ignore what looks like a neglected, battered kid? It's rough.
  3. S07.E01: Episode 1

    In the UK version, they do show her arriving at the East End tube station with her suitcase and her fur after quitting the strip club.
  4. Enjoy this time of clean living!
  5. S06.E12: Open Investigation

    I missed this part of the ep because my TiVo cut off. WHAT? Paris, girl. Where are your friends? Multiple sources say they are actually NOT engaged, that she is merely his "social media person." Make better hires, Don! Then again, other things say they ARE getting married. Since he confessed to beating up his ex wife recently, maybe they deserve each other?
  6. S06.E02: Episode 2

    I'm always an advocate for public libraries, so check there for the DVDs. They did Strong Poison, Have His Carcase, and Gaudy Night. But do not make the mistake of watching the ones from the early 70s, with Ian Carmichael as Peter Wimsey. IMO - terrible! Back to CTM - do you think we'll ever get a story with Sister Winifred? Do we know any of her history? I've seen the Ian Carmichael ones. I did not love them. I keep expecting some huge reveal about Sr. W, but thus far she is mere exposition device.
  7. S06.E02: Episode 2

    I really hope do. She was awesome and they could use someone to pick up more of the district nursing. YES, She was the very best Harriet Vane. STOP THE PRESSES. When did this Lord Peter series air and where and how can I watch it right now this minute today?!
  8. S06.E02: Episode 2

    The flower scene was cut for the episode that I saw. Is there anyone out there who could summarize it for us? Sister Julienne was arranging flowers (not fancy ones, probably a gift from someone's garden) in a vase when Sister Ursula came in and basically said Nonnatus House didn't have time, and was not the place, for such frivolities from now on.
  9. S01.E18: Moonshadow

    Totally. Jack and Rebecca's last exchange should have been her half-smiling and musing, "I wonder who you'd have met on that blind date," and Jack/Milo's immediate and ringing reply: "I never do." As a mate, as someone married for more than 15 years, you'd know each know in your gut if that were true. As Jack's mate, you'd know that's really why he loves you: because he's never doubted that he does. It might not be what you wanted but it could be enough; it looks like it will have to be. I 100 percent agree.
  10. S01.E01: 706 Union

    Greatest comment of all time.
  11. S01.E01: 706 Union

    Yep. The two of them are also cousins of Mickey Gilley, if you can believe it! Lewis and Swaggart are double first cousins, related through maternal and paternal lines. Lewis and Gilley are first cousins. Gilley and Swaggart are first cousins once removed. ~Aaaaaaand, that's what I like about the Soooouuuuth.~
  12. S01.E01: 706 Union

    OMG, is this a show that only exists in your mind or something that is already on paper? Either way, I'M DOUBLE-DOG HERE FOR IT, because that is GENIUS.
  13. S01.E16: Memphis

    "A man who was sober for many years, and in that time, learned a lot about himself." What a sober, humbling, powerful perspective. It was a great gift that William exchanged with Randall and Randall's family (including Rebecca and Kevin). He was an artist, and they heard him. He had been a son, only, and they received him as a father. They were receptive to the wisdom spun from a difficult life, by a soulful man -- what William had left to offer the world, as he prepared to leave it. This makes all of Randall's family William's heirs. "This makes all of Randall's family William's heirs." That's lovely, and I wish I had said it.